India must stay with Quad. It offers space for economic consolidation, strategic autonomy

Simultaneous elections proposal goes against basic principles of the Indian Constitution

Global Hunger Index offers a needed reality check for India’s big power aspirations

Digitisation provides an opportunity to strengthen industry-academia ties

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Hobbling Mr Sharma

By labelling demand for autonomy as anti-national, top BJP leaders undermine NDA government’s initiative in Kashmir

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Stars are born

The Under-17 football tournament did the hosts and the participants proud

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The great unifier

India owes an immeasurable debt to Sardar Patel’s leadership, vision and pragmatism.

On the Loose: Old But Bold

Age doesn’t make everyone weary

October 30, 1977, Forty Years Ago

JP on Janata Jayaprakash Narayan, in an interview, has said that the Janata Party has done “nothing extraordinary” so far, and wants the Janata Party governments, at the Centre and the states, to do “something which will make an impact on the people, and make them feel that a change has taken place”. He is […]

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So who’s afraid of disruption?

Traditional boardrooms need to listen to the younger employees, customers.

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Stirrings of change

But Saudi Arabia needs to do much more to convince the world that it is serious about reform

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Dark journeys

Goa’s scars from coal transportation highlight regulatory deficits. The government must urgently address them

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Walk like a great power

India must negotiate US-China rivalry based on nothing but its self-interest.

Why did the Arab Spring begin in Tunisia?

To this day, the question, “Why Tunisia succeeded?” is being answered in very different ways by scholars, researchers and commentators.

Defamation, not at the cost of gagging free speech

The curtailment of an individual writer or author’s freedom of speech and expression should never be lightly viewed. Any person who feels that his good name is being tarnished is entitled to vindicate himself by filing for damages. But to gag the press is illogical.

Dialogue as diversion

The Kashmir problem must be solved politically. The appointment of Dineshwar Sharma as interlocutor underlines that the government views the state only through the prism of security

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Workplaces that include

Private sector must take the lead in ensuring LGBTI rights. Promoting equality also has real business benefits

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Next Door Nepal: The clash of institutions

The conflict between the judiciary, Opposition and government goes deep

Out of my mind: A costly utopia

India copied the Soviet model of economic development. Investment was made in machines to make machines, rather than in agriculture or consumer goods, because that was how the Soviet Union had become industrialised in a single generation.

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Gained in Translation: One big scandal

To murder the ones who raise questions or speak up their ideas and thoughts has become commonplace.

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Inside Track: Major goof-up

Either someone from the Rashtrapati Bhavan media department who wrote the speech’s first draft was ignorant of the confrontation between the BJP and Congress over Tipu Sultan’s legacy, or else, as seems rather unlikely, President Ram Nath Kovind is genuinely appreciative of Tipu’s role in Indian history.

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Fifth column: Why India is lawless

Next week marks the anniversary of one of the worst episodes of politicians colluding with the police and officials to allow the massacre of innocent Indian citizens.

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Across the aisle: Ignore Thiruvalluvar at your peril

Recapitalisation is a half-reform done three years late, as pointed out by the Chief Economic Adviser on October 25. According to the CEA, it has to be accompanied by — I would say preceded by — banking reforms and tough governance standards. There is no word from the government on these concomitant reforms

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Nitish hopes the Sun God will smile upon him as he organizes Chhath

The unkind would say that Nitish knows he has lost his stake in national politics, which is why he has to look for issues that can keep him politically relevant. Perhaps, the symbols associated with the Chhath puja can help.

Forty Years Ago: October 28, 1977

India had cordial relations with all countries and the Soviet leaders understood this. Asked about the Soviet reaction to India’s improvement of relations with China, Morarji Desai said talks in this regard will have to take place between India and China.

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Dystopia, Privatised

China’s Social Credit System, India’s Aadhaar show consumerism subverts privacy

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Hearing the silence

The Weinstein controversy has broken a deathly hush. Film industries in India must confront their own truths

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Reign of King Xi

World may need to worry about his pursuit of the ‘China dream’, fuelling of nationalism through military adventure

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See the viewer

By its conformity and undue deference to authority, Indian TV does itself a great disservice

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Conman’s legacy

The Telgi scam spurred the state to secure and modernise government documents

How the future was compromised

NPA crisis was accentuated by court judgments cancelling telecom licences and coal block allocations. An overzealous CAG, bloodthirsty media, myopic Opposition hurt India’s progress

Killers of Kurram

The Canadian hostage drama means Pakistan must confront the reality: Haqqani Network is not confined to North Waziristan

Rahim’s synthesis

In polarised times, Abdur Rahim could be a national icon for his syncretism

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Pakistan stuck between Afghan rocks and Indian hard places

Pakistan’s strategic position in the region is being squeezed in an elegant symphony of coordination between the spies and generals that run US foreign policy, the Narendra Modi establishment in New Delhi, and Ashraf Ghani in Kabul.

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Despite Tillerson, US won’t abandon Pakistan for India

There is no new US policy towards Pakistan and there won’t be one soon. As long as the US has troops in neighboring Afghanistan, it will be reliant on Pakistan for logistical support, transit, and—perhaps most importantly—Islamabad’s influence with both the Taliban and its affiliated Haqqani Network

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Why they die young

Oppressive social norms are behind rising suicides among the youth.

A monumental bailout

Bank recapitalisation plan is a necessary but not sufficient condition for reviving growth. It must be accompanied by structural changes.

My knowledge of dispute resolution leads me to believe that disputing parties need come to an acceptable ‘mean’ — that is, they have to be reasonable and pragmatic rather than sticking to ‘extreme’ positions.
Valley dialogue with a difference

Centre’s initiative on Kashmir will become meaningful if the Hurriyat Conference is involved in the process. Government should take a step further, reach out to Pakistan.

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Look beyond Af-Pak

US is reconsidering India’s role in Indian Ocean region. A rejig of US policy in South Asia is in order too

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To Vijay Sir, With Love

Watching ‘Mersal’ in a Delhi theatre is stressful and amusing for a fan