U.R. Rao's work laid the foundation for India's satellite programme

Capping stent prices may affect indigenous research, innovation

Mithali's team stole not only hearts but eyeballs as well

More than the Doklam issue, Bhutan worried about hydropower deficits

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Like a bee gathers honey

GST will reset the basic rules of taxation. It is an illustration of PM Modi’s transformative reforms. Modi is on a transformative agenda, the fruits of which will be borne by this nation in a few years’ time. He is setting India’s basics right with a futuristic vision.

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Towards unfreedom

There is little cogent or visionary opposition to the decimation of India’s secular and tolerant tradition

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Right jab

Trump is wrestling with the media, in real life and in the photoshopped cartoon world

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Taking the high road

In reaching out to reassure its minorities after a spate of hate crimes, Britain has displayed how a mature, multicultural democracy can navigate the faultlines that threaten to cleave society amid terrorism and the rise of bigotry.

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Momentous journey

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Israel visit marks many significant firsts. He is the first Indian prime minister to visit the Jewish state — the trip marks 25 years of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

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June 30/July 4, 1977, Forty Years Ago

Ramachandran met him. MGR, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, will hold the portfolios of public administration, police, prohibition, industries and Hindu religious endowments, according to the list submitted to the governor.

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A Glimpse Into Hell

Byculla jail riot must trigger important inquiries into the institution of the jail. The temerity that the woman prisoner, Manjula Shetye, demonstrated in complaining about missing items in the food allotted to her ward defied a central expectation from a prisoner — submission and silence.

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Don’t write off Lalu Yadav yet

At another level, any voice raised against the ruling dispensation in Delhi has to now deal with not only the BJP, RSS and several of their other social-cultural affiliates but also government agencies such as Income-Tax authorities, the ED and the CBI.

Venkaiah Naidu,
Why are India-Israel ties so special?

Despite Modi’s admiration for Israel’s achievements, the structural differences between Indian and Israeli national security situations, their worldviews and the absence of explicitly shared enemies limit stronger strategic rapprochement

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June 30/July 3, 1977, Forty Years Ago

Saudi Arabia and the UAE refused to step up price of their oil by 15 per cent in two stages at the Doha meeting, with a 10 per cent boost to go into effect on January 1, 1977 and a five per cent boost on July 1, 1977.

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Discomfort Of Home

Only recently have I begun to feel that what I say or what I think does not matter

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The missing learning curve

We need to build institutional memory, improve decision-making. Let’s start with data

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Caught off guard

Incidence of vector-borne diseases in summer shows up Delhi’s lack of preparedness for monsoon

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In a new regime

Implementing GST will require the coming together of all stakeholders. Sections of Opposition must not repeat midnight churlishness.

Venkaiah Naidu,
Irrigation tips from an arid country

Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Israel should build on the partnership between the two countries in water management

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Over the barrel: An energy warning and lesson

Developments in Australia and Qatar highlight India’s need to diversify sources and develop an integrated systems approach to planning

Next Door Nepal: The decentralisation test

Kathmandu will need to cede space to the elected local bodies

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Ghettoisation not in my name either

Pune cannot take for granted its reputation of being a safe and secular city. #NotInMyName has given it the opportunity to look within

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Out of my mind: The last frontier

Make no mistake, if Babasaheb Ambedkar is being honoured by all parties, if Dalit candidates are sought after, it is because the Dalit vote bank is a formidable one. With 18 per cent of the population, Dalits are one of the largest minorities.

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Fifth column: Good speech, but not enough

The Prime Minister said last week that nobody had the right to take the law into his own hands. So what he needs to do now is investigate why it is mostly in states ruled by BJP chief ministers that we have seen so many incidents of cow vigilantism.

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Inside Track: Flying phobia

Recently, PM Narendra Modi asked Uma Bharti to fly to Tel Aviv as part of the preparations for his trip to Israel on July 4. Bharti suggested to the PMO that the secretary in the Ministry of Water Resources should go in her place.

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GST rollout: Get Set for Turbulence

The worst tendencies of the Indian State and politics and business have found their way into the design of the GST that was launched yesterday. Many of the flaws in the design were the result of forced political compromise, writes P Chidambaram

The world is in turmoil

With the US distracted and the Trump administration preoccupied with the various probes into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 elections and the alleged obstruction of justice by the bumbling Donald Trump, one can no longer look to the US at all.

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June 30/July 1, 1977, Forty Years Ago: President Poll Talks

The Congress Parliamentary Board had authorised Chavan to have fuller talks with Desai and negotiate with the ruling party on the presidential election. CPM leaders E.M.S. Namboodiripad and Samar Mukherjee called on Desai, later.


A black, pregnant woman, Williams declares her presence against the invisibility demanded of blacks and women

Letting go

Cabinet approval for strategic disinvestment of Air India is long-delayed and extremely welcome

Face-off in Doklam

Beijing excels in art of alienating potential friends. New Delhi must tread cautiously — there is much to lose from escalation

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The Imran leap to maturity

India-Pak cricket in the ’80s helped navigate a way out of bigotry

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Junaid, my son

So was he to those who travelled with him on the train that day. Yet they left him to die

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Women, Interrupted

They have had to bear the brunt of religious zealotry in Pakistan

In Good Faith: A secular ethics for our times

Education can contribute to inner disarmament. It must instil human values that promote compassion, warmth and an appreciation of the necessity of dialogue

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A hollow symbolism

BJP projects itself as pro-Dalit by making Ram Nath Kovind its presidential candidate. It won’t work

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#NotInMyName: Let’s reclaim India

Who are these people, who protest against so-called beef-eaters, killing helpless human beings? There is not enough outrage, or rather none at all, when it comes to the powers that be. It’s like Junaid’s death and that of others in past lynchings, never happened.

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The PM’s Trail: Is this my country, the country of Bapu?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s angry remarks at Sabarmati about those killing innocents in the name of the cow doesn’t seem to be shared by the CMs of states where the killings are taking place.

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Engagement in a time of turbulence

The arrival of China as an increasingly significant setter of global standards may be uncomfortable for India but is near-inevitable and needs to be planned for.

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Eyeball-to-eyeball in the Himalayas

Re-establishing Tibet’s geopolitical centrality in the trans-Himalayan region and breaking the special Bhutan-India bond is an important geopolitical goal for China in its competition with India in South Asia