The idea that India is socialist is a mockery of the idea of socialism

Four years of PM Modi; at the end of much mulling it was his two biggest mistakes above all else

Inside Track: Tangled web

Ghettoisation and Disturbed Areas Act are dividing urban spaces in Gujarat, pushing Muslims to the edge

Only one word: decentralisation

There are no costs involved in moving towards a more federalist structure called the United States of India — only benefits.

Letters to the editor: Letter of the Week

The meeting between US Ambassador and Gujarat Chief Minister has been hyped both by the media and political parties.

Bangle boxed

The BJP’s attack on Somnath Bharti’s misogyny reveals its own sexism.

Halfway right

Sebi’s effort to tighten norms for corporate governance does not go far enough

Troubling performance

As AAP stakes all for the Lok Sabha contest, it will also be judged on its record in governance.

Tainted but worthwhile

Michael Ignatieff failed at politics, but strongly defends it.

Stretching the rulebook

The Congress will have to explain how passing the Telangana bill with inadequate representation
from Andhra Pradesh in Parliament will help the state or its people.

Fuelled by ignorance

The AAP-led debate on gas pricing betrays a lack of understanding of the industry

National Interest: India Stinc

That’s what India Inc smells like these days if you go beyond the pepper spray.

Parliament vs parliamentarians

Wrangling between government and opposition has paralysed the 15th Lok Sabha. Anti-corruption bills have fallen by the wayside.

Cap on China will dilute Olympics

But diluting the Olympic mix, just to take the sting out of the Chinese challenge, ends up downgrading the Olympics itself.

Blaming the question paper

What the nation wants to know is, how does Rahul Gandhi propose to achieve what he and the nation want?

Gas and hot air

Delhi’s chief minister does not appear to realise that at the heart of the gas pricing policy lie questions of energy self-sufficiency and security.

Semi-column: Indian industry on a sticky wicket

The big question for them will be how the government manages its fiscal position in the next fiscal, at least till a new government is sworn into power in May.

Housing dispute

The repeated adjournments in the 15th Lok Sabha are condemnable.

Shrinking the distance

India and Australia are forging new ties through education and investment.

With an eye on inflation

Inflation-targeting framework is the way forward for India, which is opening up its capital account and moving towards a flexible exchange rate regime.

Between cup and lip

Politicians leverage technology to project an illusion of presence, openness — as in ‘chai pe charcha’.

For my aam aadmi

Delhi government’s power subsidy divides the people into AAP sympathisers and others.

Parliament is shamed

And so is Congress. The ugly scenes in the House on Telangana mirrored the party’s failures of leadership.