Karl Marx taught us to look at not what the facts say, but what they do

A year after Yameen: Investigations into my son’s assassination in the Maldives are enveloped in secrecy

The creeping communalisation of Manipur’s society is picking up pace

Communist unification in Nepal has created a behemoth that threatens and reassures

Silencing of liberal India

Courts, publishers, educators and professional offence mongers are to blame.

View from the left: Parliament stalemate

Parliament stalemate Some political parties are attempting to use Parliament to further their campaign, the CPM journal People’s Democracy said. An editorial claimed that the “manner in which this session has been conceived and structured, created apprehensions at the outset about the government’s intention to use this session more as a launch pad for its […]

Chinese takeaway: UPA’s Record

The Manmohan Singh government sought to build on Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s quest to find a political settlement to the boundary dispute with China.

Intolerable surrender

With the publisher’s cave-in on Wendy Doniger’s book, the republic of ideas and debate shrinks again.

Taking fresh guard

IPL’s credibility takes yet another hit with the Mudgal report. Will the BCCI act now?

Broken from the start

It is already evident that Sushil Koirala’s days as prime minister will not be easy

The pipe dream of peace

In Pakistan, the Taliban is negotiating in bad faith. Its choice of interlocutors for talks and list of demands confirm this.

Semi column: New Rahul as an old repeat

After all, it is not everyday that we see a political leader asking people what they want — certainly not of tribal women.

Protest and quit

Kejriwal forgets that as chief minister he has responsibilities — in addition to his own convictions — towards the people of Delhi.

A fresh start for microfinance

But consumer protection and redress cannot be left to the industry alone.

What Rahul wants

His vision of devolving power, empowering panchayats, is lost in the din .


Rowling’s Harry Potter revisionism sparks questions about authorial intent and reader interpretation.

A PM for Nepal

Koirala’s election ends weeks of confusion. He must focus on restoring stability, delivering the constitution.

Not hiring now

Slow employment growth is a grave challenge. Political urgency to address it is missing.

‘An atom bomb explosion, a GSLV going up is very little science. Real science is in small labs. Small science takes science ahead’

Bharat Ratna Prof C N R Rao is an institution when it comes to science in India.

China’s historical amnesia

Moderates are losing hope in a system unwilling to face its past.

How we were ruled

Authority rested largely with local communities, not in a remote king and state.

Pulling back is hard to do

After two stalemated wars, Obama is right to shore up the domestic foundations of US power. But he also needs to tend to its international foundations.

Internet realpolitik

Issues of multilateral internet governance must be kept separate from cybersecurity and espionage.

Semi-Column: Ishant not consistent enough

While Ishant’s bouncers did more harm than good, Wagner used it as a surprise weapon — Shikhar Dhawan’s dismissal a case in example.