India must stay with Quad. It offers space for economic consolidation, strategic autonomy

Simultaneous elections proposal goes against basic principles of the Indian Constitution

Global Hunger Index offers a needed reality check for India’s big power aspirations

Digitisation provides an opportunity to strengthen industry-academia ties

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The Swachh marathon

Journey to a cleaner India will not be a sprint. Communication campaigns are required, gentle and positive approaches should be promoted.

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China’s watershed moment

The 19th Party Congress has re-identified the ‘principal contradiction’ facing society. There will be consequences

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Teachers don’t preach

Haryana government’s deployment of teachers as temple priests is symptomatic of a disquieting set of priorities

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Khichdi unleashed

The government puts its muscle behind the recommended food for convalescents

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Forty Years Ago, November 3, 1977: Emergency power-cut

Kishan Chand himself deposed that Indira Gandhi was present at the meeting, held at her house, when the orders were given to disconnect the electric supply to all newspapers in Delhi.

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A quicker justice

Settling criminal cases involving politicians requires urgency. But the experience so far with fast track courts raises questions

Will Army come to the aid of all abysmal infrastructure in Mumbai?

Commuters will, no doubt, be impressed at the Army’s speedy construction. But that is yet another short-term goal. And it will be met at the cost of commuters’ belief that the second successive Mumbaikar to become Union Railway Minister will have a long-sighted vision to redeem the city’s lifeline.

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I am the khichdi, and this is my moment of glory

The Khichdi Story: From the high peaks of Himalayas to the serene backwaters of Kerala I withstood your constant demands for moulding me as per your needs. As you battled each other in the name of caste and religion, I stood there sternly uniting you as the one-pot meal suited for all.

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In Himachal, a septuagenarian vs an octogenarian fight for the hot seat

Certainly, there’s never a dull day in Himachal politics. Even if Dhumal wins the state, the question is if the BJP will set aside its retirement rule at 75 years for him, when he turns this old in only two years. And if and when that happens, will Dhumal be succeeded by J P Nadda?

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CIC won’t give J&K info on its hydel projects

Both water and information controlled by governments and their agencies are public goods. They must be readily accessible to the people on demand. Nobody should be allowed to claim proprietorial rights over either of them. Yet the CIC brushed aside all these arguments and ruled in favour of continued secrecy.

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Telescope: A dog named Pidi

Everyone is talking about him. He’s bow-wowing viewers everywhere.

Xi Jinping, China internet czar
Xi Jinping rises to conquer

Behind the ascent of the powerful leader in China run deep insecurities in party and state.

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From Lenin to Xi Jinping

How the Chinese Communist Party has buried the revolutionary spirit of 1917

Keep The Army Out Of It

Diversion of the armed forces for routine civilian tasks has long-term costs

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Queen’s English? Chup!

If the Oxford English Dictionary carries on like this, the Queen in question could only be the Rani of Jhansi

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A bridge too many

Employing army for non-emergency tasks — as in Mumbai — sends out troubling signals. It should be an exception

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Forty Years Ago, November 2, 1977: Shukla before Shah

Romesh Thapar, editor of Seminar, the magazine forced to close down during the Emergency, was critical of the government’s brutal application of censorship when he appeared before the Shah Commission, but also lambasted journalists for not standing up for press freedom the Emergency.

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Proof of the pudding

India’s surge in ease of business rankings is commendable. But the real test will be revival of private investment

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Where credit is due

Despite problems with the methodology of the rankings, India’s 30-spot jump in World Bank’s Doing Business Indicators is remarkable.

Losing Jantar Mantar is like erasing our growing-up years

It was at Jantar Mantar that I watched Maya Krishna Rao perform her powerful “walk” in response to the December 2012 rape; heard Imphal-based protest musician Akhu sing about oppression; and saw two men kiss each other passionately and without fear.

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Ease of Doing Business in an uneasy India hides, not reveals

This high ranking should be seen in the context of India’s dismal 143rd rank in Index of Economic Freedom and 79th rank in Corruption Perceptions Index. We need to look at a business environment from multiple perspectives to gain a broader understanding of what is happening on the ground.

Tipu Jayanti,
View From The Right: Tipu, the tyrant?

The Panchjanya article begins with claim that Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s move to “glorify” a barbaric ruler like Tipu Sultan only shows the Congress party’s malice towards Hindus.

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A duty to be tolerant

The rise of intolerance is alarming. Dissent is smothered and self-censorship takes its place, endangering democracy itself.

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An unequal passage

Delhi metro’s fare increase prices out the poor. Those arguing against offering subsidies ignore the multiplier effect of an affordable mass transit system.

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Saudis on the move

But it is not yet clear if the headline-grabbing decrees will add up to reform or mirage

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Take it slow

Government will need to curb its zeal on Aadhaar till the constitutional bench gives its verdict

November 1, 1977, Forty Years Ago

After hearing several witnesses, the news agencies and the I&B ministry, Justice Shah confronted Shukla with the likely scenario of the merger drama, put together by him on the basis of the evidence recorded.

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Facing storm tides

For India, the passage through Chabahar is full of possibilities — and challenges

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Xi Speak

The personality cult has returned to Chinese universities

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Why Talks Won’t Help

As long as the army calls the shots in Pakistan, it will continue the conflict with India

SC to hear plea on measures to curb air pollution on Dec 1
Complete the justice

SC verdict is an opportunity to close loopholes in the child marriage act.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi shakes hands with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe in Tokyo, Japan in 2016. (Source: PTI Photo, file)
Raja Mandala: New equations in Indo-Pacific

Japan’s plans to draw in UK, France into its alliance with India, Australia and the US will reinforce New Delhi’s partnerships in Europe.

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Arrest of a journalist

Due process in the Verma matter is needed if Chhattisgarh is to leave behind its murky record on press freedoms

October 31, 1977, Forty Years Ago

The Emergency was good as a “shock, treatment and self-discipline”.

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The Liberty To Love

In light of Hadiya case, freedom to marry who you want must be a fundamental right

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Extend and pretend

Banks can play that game no more. But recapitalisation is not the reform that is needed to prevent a recurrence