As old ideological divisions break down at UN, Delhi must promote practical solutions to global challenges

Civilian officialdom acts as a check and balance in the ministry of defence

Inflation is down by 700 bp since 2013, policy rates have declined by 200bp; and you are still wondering why GDP growth is slow?

Issues of uniformed women in jail administration require urgent attention

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From plate to plough: Tall tales for farmers

The first time the PM had shared his dream of doubling farmers’ income (DFI) was at a kisan rally in Bareilly on February 28, 2016. A day later, the finance minister talked about this goal in his budget speech.

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BJP has many plans in Tamil Nadu, but it doesn’t know Tamil politics

BJP little understands the social dynamics of politics in the state, grassroots influence of social justice movements, and the ideological basis of Dravidian movement in the state. Dravidian parties may have lost sheen with time but the ideological contents and ground realities are intact.

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1947 and Bangladesh: The third unknown history

The partition of Bengal in 1905 was a good example. East Bengalis were mostly peasants, mostly Muslims, mostly resentful of Kolkata and popular with the newly arriving Muslim middle class. In 1906 the Muslim League was formed in Dhaka which gave Indian Muslims a political voice.

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Out of my mind: Forward to Nehru

It would be a great step if the MGB were to propose that it would return the PSU banks to the private sector as was the case in Nehru’s days. Indeed, all the nationalisation of Indira Gandhi can be reversed as well as the remnants of her permit-licence Raj.

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Inside Track: Nitish’s choice

Singh, a Kurmi from the same region as Nitish, is a retired Uttar Pradesh IAS officer who worked with Nitish both when he was railway minister and later CM. After Singh retired, the JD(U) nominated him twice to the Rajya Sabha.

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Fifth column: Waking the deaf

I had come fully prepared for debate with people who I knew had the exact opposite worldview to my own, but what I had not come prepared for were hostile personal comments instead of debate.

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Across the aisle- India at 70: The curse of caste

How and why the caste system has survived through the centuries is a puzzle. Why did the Kshatriyas and Vaishyas, who had power and money, accept the Brahmin as their superior? Why was the guru invariably a Brahmin?

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No kissing the Supreme Court

While analyzing the right to privacy, the Court has also expressly overruled the infamous ADM Jabalpur case, and has also made certain comments in respect of the section 377 case that is currently pending before it.

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August 26, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Ambassador to US

The political resolution adopted by the Congress Working Committee, however, affirmed that it certainly did not have intention of condoning corruption in any quarter.

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Playing, healing

Thousands had queued up five hours before the start, shouted themselves hoarse through the evening, joyous at the return of cricket, and later congregated at the roundabout where Pakistan cricket was wounded.

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Curtailing the legislature

Delhi HC has limited Delhi assembly’s power to hold the executive to account

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Caste in new moulds

The OBC is an umbrella category that, at the Centre, clubs together nearly 5,000 castes that are at different stages of social, political and economic advancement. It is a reasonable assumption that the better empowered castes in the OBC list have cornered the benefits of reservation to the exclusion of the rest.

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A grave abdication

The case dates back to 2000, when the Punjab & Haryana High Court took notice of an anonymous letter making allegations about “sexual exploitation” by Gumeet Ram Rahim Singh, and ordered the CBI to investigate.

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Punishment of Ayesha Gulalai

On the first of August, Member National Assembly (MNA), Gulalai, accused him of sending her messages of seduction from his protected Blackberry cellphone in October 2013.

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Beyond good and evil

Morality runs counter to human nature. Creating consciousness has been the Indian path

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How we define Assam’s flood problem

… is crucial to any attempts towards addressing it. It will require a careful consideration of the history of the state’s complex encounter with floods

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This thing called privacy

One salutary consequence is that the right to privacy cannot be curtailed or abrogated by merely enacting a statute but can be done only by a constitutional amendment after complying with certain constitutional prerequisites.

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Panchkula violence: Haryana CM Khattar has some answering to do, especially to judiciary

Gurmeet Ram Rahim case: At least 28 people were killed in the violence by the supporters of Dera chief as paramilitary troops and police personnel deployed outside special CBI court before the judgment failed to prevent the crowd buildup and the resultant mayhem.

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The Urdu Press: Board’s shortcoming

Hindustan Express, in its editorial on the same day, has remarked that “following this judgement, the BJP is trying to emerge as the greatest sympathiser of Muslim women and expressing its pleasure at its effort to save Muslim women from the sword of triple talaq hanging over them.”

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Privacy, dignity, sexual autonomy

The right to privacy was a constitutionally accepted and applied right recognised by an interpretative device of the Supreme Court since 1975. Over the decades, more than 30 decisions of the apex court applied privacy as a bundle of rights that permitted liberty of thought and action.

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Right to Privacy: Fundamental rights redefined

From seeing them as distinct compartments against which to test laws, to understanding them as a cumulative whole, to now seeing them as boundaries which guarantee the dignity of a free individual in a modern republic, the courts have come a long way.

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August 25, 1977, Forty Years Ago

Singh issued the lengthy clarification because he thought press reports that thousands of political prisoners were still in jails created an impression that the Janata government or his Ministry was dragging its feet.

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Right to Privacy: A Brake On Government

Right to privacy judgment finally consigns the Emergency to the past

Right to Privacy: A right for the future

Supreme Court upholds right of individuals to choose how and where they want to live and work, and pursue their dreams

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Heart and grit

Wayne Rooney showed both, each time he played for club or country. International football will miss him

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Right to Privacy: We, the private people

With the landmark Right to Privacy verdict, SC expands the individual’s fundamental rights, etches firmer boundaries for the state. It also shows an admirable capacity to self-correct

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Right to Privacy judgment will ensure more rigorous analysis of Aadhaar’s impact

While the position of privacy as a fundamental right was uncontested till 2015, the importance of this decision cannot be emphasized enough.

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Technology and the law: SC verdict on right to privacy is a major relief

Infringement of privacy, therefore, by state and non-state actors has come to be a real danger of contemporary times and it required a strong articulation as a fundamental right and it is a major relief that it has come from the Supreme Court.

Tax, in the bigger picture

GST avoids the challenge of shifting to a higher proportion of direct taxes

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Sharing the future

India and Nepal must build on the socio-cultural foundations of their relationship to meet the economic and ecological challenges of the 21st century

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Ava Keishing

The Manipuri leader rose above ethnic and regional divides. It was a remarkable political life

The Trump discontinuity

His new Afghan strategy could be a game-changer for South Asia. There is an opportunity for India

Repair and recover

During PM Deuba’s visit, Delhi must convey the message: Ties with Nepal are more than transactional

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August 24, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Bansi Lal arrested

Former Defence Minister Bansi Lal was arrested in his hometown of Bhiwani on charges of embezzlement of Haryana Youth Congress funds totalling about 5 lakhs

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Encounters In The Dark

If governments want, they can discourage the dishonourable practice

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Injustice process

Lt Col Purohit’s dysfunctional trial is the norm in terrorism cases in India. Consequences are toxic