A single empowered agency is needed to fix accountability for Delhi’s pollution crisis

Forest Rights Act is not an obstacle to growth. Its non-implementation will be politically counter-productive

The Hawking paradox: How are we to be moral in an indifferent universe of big bangs and black holes?

By undermining judiciary, PM KP Oli has indicated his totalitarian ambitions

The invention of culturomics

In English,the “-ed” past-tense ending of Proto-Germanic,like a superior life form,drove out the Proto-Indo-European system of indicating tenses by vowel changes.

A New York nanny replies

Keep the faith,self-appointed human rights liberal. Where would we be without you?

Network problem

Recent assassinations of two members of the Haqqani network could indicate a rift with the ISI

Letters to the editor: Wise decision

Apropos of the editorial ‘Better judgment’ (IE,December 30),it was wise of the Union cabinet to clear the proposal to grant the judicial appointments commission constitutional status.

Rainbow cities

On the urban street,disparate voices are forging a new politics


It was the year of political change. It has set the template for 2014

One man’s fast reminds Punjab what it could easily have done

The authorities woke up when the crowds began swelling at the Amb Sahib Gurdwara in Mohali.

AAP can’t speak for India’s cities

The six megalopolises account for over 23 per cent of India’s urban population.

Do elephants have souls?

The best magazine essays of the year

More than the sum of its runs

For the Test to fulfil its potential for great cricket,teams must be given more time to prepare.

‘We were never a force of the city-state of Delhi. For us,Delhi was a deliberate choice’

Yogendra Yadav spent the most part of Christmas Day meeting individuals,nearly 60 in all,involved in people’s movements across the country.

Letters to the editor: Nine lives

This refers to the editorial ‘Spirit of inquiry’ (IE,December 27).

Beijing bonhomie

In 2014,Delhi should focus on overlapping areas of interest.

Counting on cities

Why a new player like Kejriwal can,but a PM aspirant like Modi shouldn’t.

A season to settle debates

Federer may not be comfortable being forced to watch,rather than influence

Spiralling trend

The perspective of what’s good and convenient for rural women cannot be decided by urban women or by politicians who want to do good.

The People of the Year

PM Manmohan Singh’s only lasting legacy in 2013 was to add to the collection of sardarji jokes.

Too late for change?

Judging from Rahul’s speech to FICCI members in Delhi,he appears to have seen the light.

Out of touch in Rajasthan

Rahul Gandhi has been in hyperactive mode after the drubbing his party received in the Assembly polls.

The changeover year

At first,the Congress pooh-poohed the idea of a prime ministerial candidate.