The implied Piketty savings results are out of any known ballpark

RBI has been accommodative: Compare real interest rate with ‘natural’ rate

CISF is doing a commendable job with airport security. It needs to keep innovating

Imran Khan doesn't hide his links with soothsayers. Is this association just spiritual?

‘States with a lack of expertise deal with wild tigers in an incorrect way’

At a time when the conflict between humans and tigers is at an all-time high,National Tiger Conservation Authority Member Secretary,Dr Rajesh Gopal has a novel idea — a sub-cadre dedicated to wildlife. Dr Gopal,who has been a part of tiger conservation for 30 years,shares his views with Neha Sinha. •How do you think a wildlife […]

Hasan and the sea of stories

Khalid Hasan,who died last week in Washington,where he was the special correspondent of Lahore’s Daily Times and Friday Times….

Uh oh,we’re in trouble

Women have a hard enough time as is; TV magnifies those woes

Spot the difference

Bangladesh,lazily considered Pakistan Lite,is now taking decisive steps to choke radical Islam….

Will it work?

Benefits will be restricted to the interested parties alone: politicians,bureaucrats,card printers and contractors….

Too late

Kalyan Singh’s efforts to forge an alliance with the SP are a blatant example of unscrupulous power-mongering.

‘Where do you live?’

Coomi Kapoor | Blog Bytes
“Where do you live?” is a common query after an introduction. Sometimes it is a simply a way of figuring out a person’s social standing. Stereotypes spring to mind depending on your address.

Here We Go Ram Again

It is election season. And so Ayodhya has to return as a subject of discussion. The crisis continues to signify a breakdown of our legal and constitutional arrangements.

What’s wrong with the referral system?

Daksh Panwar
Tendulkar went on to fall to dubious leg-before decisions in the two matches that followed,and the streak ended only when he decided to sit out in the next.

Wardrobe query

External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee was taken aback when a woman from Chandigarh in a slinky black dress…

A field day at work

I have always been chary about HR initiatives in any company.

Obama’s real test begins now

It is hard to imagine that Barack Obama has not been President of the US forever.

Time for administrative reforms

The arrival card I filled on the flight back to the Motherland had a mysterious new question.

Taking dynasty out of democracy

‘Why Democracy Is Struggling in Asia’ was the cover story of a recent issue of TIME magazine.

Bhutto death inquiry

More than a month after Benazir Bhutto’s first death anniversary…

Job of watching TV news doing a job on jobs

You have a job,a part of that job is to watch TV news for an op-ed column,a part of TV news now is,and will be for sometime…

It’s a dog’s life

Killing stray canines taints us all. Sterilisation is the way ahead

letter of the week

In a letter this week (‘Fickle ties’),S.K. Shah from Delhi argued that,given the speed with which alliances are formed and broken,ideology or principles interest few….

Hillary picks Asia for first trip abroad

C Raja Mohan | Raja-Mandala
Washington ended speculation on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s travel plans by announcing that her first assignment abroad will be in Asia.

Abhay Deol is a braveheart

Harneet Singh | Fully Filmi
Be it the daring climax scene in ‘Ek Chalis Ki Last Local’,the pitch-perfect performance of ‘Manorama Six Feet Under’ or the brazen chor act in ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’,Abhay has acquired the badge of being the most fearless actor on the circuit.

Downgrade UPA’s fiscal management!

Bibek Debroy
Towards the end of February,CSO will disseminate figures for Q3 of 2008-09 and one will know how bad the slowdown really is.

The worst-dressed Indian team?

G S Vivek
Established,popular faces of world cricket were in their official T-shirts,mixed with a variety of accessories.

Courting contest

Controvesy and the Padma awards have gone together for many years,we have done little to stem the erosion of prestige of India’s premier civilian honours.

Backwards logic

Reservation for Muslims only help an elite sliver

When the flesh is weak

The PM’s heart surgery was an open matter — but it wasn’t always so with heads of state

Fickle ties

Politicians enter into one political alliance at breakfast; switch to another at lunch and cosy up to a third over dinner….

Federer needs to change his game

Deepak Narayanan
I remember desperately wanting Nadal to challenge Federer for the top spot in 2007,even though he himself kept saying,and still does,that the Swiss superstar was the best the game had ever seen.

More than words

Shreya Chakravertty
After more than 20 years in charge of Manchester United already,manager Alex Ferguson could easily fill books with football formations,smart transfers,and how best to impart the ‘hair-dryer’ treatment.

Vijayan charge sheet

The editorial of the latest issue of Organiser,titled ‘Corruption taints CPM beyond repair’ reads: “It is not the first time the CPI(M) is facing corruption charges….

‘A change in the selection procedure for the appointment of CEC and ECs is necessary’

It would add prestige to the Commission
if the commissioners are chosen through a procedure in which the President has the benefit of getting a recommendation from a committee that will reflect a bipartisan consensus

‘It does not appear appropriate to have retired CECs and ECs joining political parties’

In an increasingly fragmented polity where multi-party coalitions are becoming the order of the day,the role of the Election Commission as a neutral umpire providing a level playing field is assuming ever greater importance


Uthra Ganesan
LTDP is the latest buzz word in Indian sport — it stands for Long-Term Development Programme,a grand idea to make the country a sporting power.

Everyone says I’m fine

GS Vivek
Cricketers such as Yuvraj and Sehwag who can pick their bats after a week and start whacking the ball around.

Job losses: figuring it out

Bibek Debroy
The Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) has said there will be 10 million job losses in the export sector by March.

Untimely affair

General elections are due in a few months. Therefore,the move by the CEC in recommending Navin Chawla’s removal could not have been more ill-timed.

Search CBI’s soul

An article titled “political manipulation of CBI” in the latest issue of CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy…