Our founding fathers were driven by learnings of the past, turmoil of the present, possibilities of the future

The tide began to turn in Maya Kodnani's favour when Amit Shah defended her

Till the end, Justice Rajinder Sachar spoke up for rights of fellow citizens

Plagiarism at the World Bank?

Vintage Jose

Mourinho, a manager who has earned the right to be ranked among the best, knows exactly what to say to get his way.

Pre-poll populism may hit ‘fragile’ economy

The fresh wave of pre-poll extravaganza could ensure that India continues to remain under watch.

An insider’s view, an outsider’s eye

From caste to Gandhi, the Rudolphs’ lifelong study of India stands out for novelty and impact.

The Great Game Folio: Sindh festival

A fortnightly column on the high politics of the Af-Pak region, the fulcrum of global power play in India’s neighbourhood .

A democracy and a kingdom

The socio-economic and infrastructural transformation has been remarkable. The political landscape has also undergone a remarkable change from monarchy to democracy.

Another front

The only viable alternative to the UPA is the BJP-led NDA.

View from the left: Coalition matters

On the contrary, the large number of regional parties and those representing various sectional interests is only the reflection of the vast diversity of India’s social reality.

Six bills, twelve days

Plans to pass anti-graft laws during the current Parliament session are ambitious.

At the table, with Taliban

Nawaz Sharif’s team has a judicious mix of voices.

Shame and redemption

Modi, Rahul, Kejriwal have spoken on discrimination against Northeast. They must stay with the subject.

Lost and not found

Government and opposition must introspect on the squandered opportunities in the 15th Lok Sabha.

JMM often bitten, never shy

Shibu Soren announced Savita Mahato as RS candidate, then changed its mind. In 2008, Soren nominated Delhi’s Kishori Lal rather than his son; he lost. In 2010, JMM chose K D Singh, who is now with Trinamool Congress.

Whose Golden Jubilee?

The second is more peculiar. UTI MF has not been around for 50 years or even anything close to it.

Now Cook needs his Fletcher

A little conversation with Sourav Ganguly and John Wright might help.

‘The Delhi rape was a moment of learning the world over. We are all grateful to everyone who came out, demonstrated on the streets’

Writer and activist Gloria Steinem has been involved in feminist and social justice movements for over 40 years.

Sorry isn’t enough

I beg to differ with the writer that the courage to admit culpability helps in getting closure for tragedies.

The good grid

A national power grid will need skilful management

On the leeward side

Can the rupee and the economy withstand the current turmoil in the global economy?

Primary showdown

The Congress primary in Mangalore has led to a face-off between two party heavyweights, shone the light on a new dynasty in the making

Enigma of return

Slowly, inexorably, buffaloes always come home.