The communal conjuncture in Karnataka calls for more than policing

All data on education outcomes must be in public, not just the processed ones

Amended SC/ ST Prevention of Atrocities act is yielding results

Memories can rouse a social group. And they can be a source of hurt to others

Carrying a lamp for Leander

Leander’s long career has outlasted big changes in Indian tennis

One-third quota,double vision

There seems to be an impasse on the women’s bill. It can easily be tackled

A soap opera in space

The new Star Trek movie is less about the original geeky franchise and more about human drama

Survey of India

Venkaiah Naidu’s views on the BJP debacle are interesting. However,the party would do well to conduct….

The factory factor

UPA-II’s first policy victory has already happened. It has defeated cynicism. The president’s address to Parliament…

The errors of Swat

Militarily,the Pakistan Army has achieved swift success in securing the Swat region from the Taliban.

Shanghai second fiddle

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would surely have wanted a substantive first trip abroad in his second term.

Parties in the street

White and green are not just colours in Islam,(and Iran) but also,now,statements.

President’s address

The lead editorial in the latest issue of CPI(M) mouthpiece People’s Democracy describes the President’s address to the joint session of Parliament…

The age of inclusiveness

The very effective theme of the Congress in this parliamentary campaign was inclusiveness.

Re-reading the future

Here is a quote. “There is need for carrying out organisational changes in the existing set-up of the machinery of government.

Keeping the mandate

It needed a veteran journalist with a historical perspective to caution the euphoric new leadership….

Ready to Bing in the new?

Microsoft gets some of its mojo back with its new search engine,but it’s no Google-killer

Lok Sabha or charm school?

Parliament shocks us with its perfect decorum,and words can’t convey the Twenty20 excitement

Police reforms: When,how?

“The Indian National Congress recognises the imperative of police reforms…..”

Words matter

US President Barack Obama should be complimented for building bridges with Muslims….

Inclusion & imagination

One-size-fits-all policy won’t harness India’s strengths

Delivery is in the detail

Creating universities is the easy part. Reforming HRD ministry will take more doing

It’s showtime once again!

The moment it was announced that the profit sharing standoff between the producers and the multiplex owners has been resolved…

Talking to Pakistan: Four Lessons

As New Delhi grapples,once again,with the question on when and whether to talk to Islamabad,here are four lessons that stand out from the recent history of Indo-Pak diplomacy.

Obama’s candour in timeless Cairo

Barack Obama’s speech in Egypt on Thursday is quite simply one of the most important articulations….

Obama needs some more lessons in Islam

The day before President Obama set off to win Muslim hearts and minds last week,I had an interesting conversation about Islam….

The changing post-poll landscape

The new Lok Sabha is taking shape and so is the future strategy of the Congress. Meira Kumar as Speaker is obviously Congress’s answer to Mayawati and that is a big throw for the next UP and Bihar elections. Giving NCP three jobs is meant to buy them over for the Maharashtra elections which are […]

Doha Law Conference

The conference organised by the Qatar Law Forum last week in Doha attracted large number of lawyers,judges and jurists from different parts of the world….

Lalu’s quota quote

Asked what he thought of the new Lok Sabha,Lalu Prasad Yadav pointed out that there were fewer men and women who were sons….

Guardian Bees

Imagine the following scenario: you are travelling abroad. You check in and proceed for security check up inwardly groaning at the ordeal that awaits you.

All ministries matter

One needs to understand that ministry portfolios are all about public service….

PDS home delivery

Ideas from Nashik on real food security

Lalit Modi,Obama and Australia

One of them would be that Barack Obama didn’t watch NDTV 24×7 interviewing Lalit Modi.

‘The question now is not whether nuclear energy is clean,but is it sustainable to provide power?’

In Germany,22 per cent of power comes from nuclear energy.

Unjust justice

Angered at the release of Jamaat ud Dawa founder Hafiz Saeed,commentators in Pakistan…

Where the matter rests

It is mentioned in the report that on the matter of impeachment proceedings against Justice Soumitra Sen of the Calcutta high court….

Downing Street countdown

Brown was to be the meltdown’s saviour. The expenses scandal changed all that

Regulating regulators

Why regulatory reform cannot wait

Not a well-behaved woman

Kamala Das wrapped herself in many provocative selves,but she was always a singular force

Vers libre

Kamala Das forged a new language for Indian poetry — intimate and subversive