PM Modi's response to Kathua and Unnao highlights an absence of moral leadership

India’s liberalisation regime focused on removing poverty, but strains caused by inequalities are sharpening

Recent events in SC are about judiciary asserting itself against executive's overreach

Curbing stubble burning is about inducing behavioural changes in farmers

Putting out the guarantee

NREGA has been set back by poor programme awareness and uncaptured demand

Who owns my story?

Depiction of socially vulnerable subjects raises questions about the politics and ethics of cultural production

One report card is not enough

Efforts to measure learning outcomes are hobbled by disagreement on the instruments. But there is no one best way

Game over

A laser will zap space junk out of orbit. This is not a gag

A grim responsibility

In handing out death sentence, court must not be — or be seen to be — swayed by public sentiment

Scandal so routine

Election-eve turmoil in the RJD didn’t draw much notice. It should have

Letter of the Week: Heal thyself

The AAP talks about change and accountability but, by the same logic, it has to be accountable for its own actions.

National Interest: Main hoon aam patrakar

No point asking why Kejriwal is threatening the media. Where were the questions when he was playing them?

Holistic Healing

Kejriwal’s ‘scripted drama’ in Mumbai irritated Zee, which levelled some credible complaints too

From the Urdu Press: Muslims and Polls

The unfortunate incident in Meerut would have been forgotten had it taken place in normal times.

Pope Francis, superstar

He has raised expectations that he can bring major change to the Roman Catholic Church

The many stories of Konan Poshpora

The press council report is the most exhaustive and detailed account of the alleged incident

Tsar Vladimir and the Russian renaissance

By 2114, Putin will have joined the ranks of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, Tsar Peter the Great and Tsarina Catherine the Great

Choice in Crimea

A dialogue between Moscow and Kiev is the best and only way out of the crisis

Grim, still

Index of industrial production and export data paint a sobering picture. There are no short cuts

Nitish vs Modi, part 2

The shift in emphasis of the faceoff — from secularism to governance — could be telling

World wide who?

It’s turned 25, but the Web is yet to discover itself

Managing China

For that, India must first recover growth momentum, invest in human capabilities

MSIL-investors tiff: Historical blues

There are two other reasons for the evident distrust among minority institutional shareholders such as mutual funds and insurers.

Spicy, for no good reason

As Jharkhand play Karnataka and Bengal play Railways today, the batsmen and pacers will be hoping they luck out on the right ground.