A single empowered agency is needed to fix accountability for Delhi’s pollution crisis

Forest Rights Act is not an obstacle to growth. Its non-implementation will be politically counter-productive

The Hawking paradox: How are we to be moral in an indifferent universe of big bangs and black holes?

By undermining judiciary, PM KP Oli has indicated his totalitarian ambitions

Govt warms up to sovereign bonds

Documents tabled in Parliament on Monday as part of the Interim Budget 2014-15.

Virat Kohli won’t walk, he’s run hungry

Virat Kohli’s obsession with batting can even be discerned during practice sessions.

Unshackling Prasar Bharati

The Sam Pitroda committee report offers a starting point.

Letters to the editor: Historic wrong

Penguin’s decision to sign an out-of-court settlement abandons the basic ethics of publishing.

When the state listens

Pre-legislative scrutiny is a first step towards greater transparency in law-making.

Rain in Spain

The abortion debate deepens political fissures at a difficult time.

Incomplete agency

A debt management office is a long-delayed idea. But it may need statutory backing.

Blacked out

Passing Telangana bill in the dark is anti-democratic. Lok Sabha speaker has a lot to answer for.

The right of the reader

Where is the political, judicial leadership to stand up to attempts to silence the writer?

Another shot in the dark

Concerns over age limits and number of chances for civil services are overblown.

View from the left: Third path

In an article in the CPM’s People’s Democracy, party general secretary Prakash Karat says: “The regional parties constitute the bedrock of this emerging alternative.

Age no bar

A new study supports the idea that youth and innovation are less interlinked than we believe.

The listening state

Public participation in the early life of the law is a welcome step forward.

Interim budget that delivers

It sends out reassuring signals on growth and fiscal consolidation.

Exit lines

FM keeps his word on fiscal consolidation. But promises for next year will be more difficult to keep.

How not to fight inflation

Monetary tightening will only hurt growth. There are fiscal, administrative fixes.

Don’t wait for a magic wand

No law can completely change a landscape of stigma and discrimination. But the new disability rights bill could mark a new beginning

Because the price was right

Better auction design was key to ensuring that 2G spectrum did not remain unsold.

The importance of being dull

AAP has shown a penchant for the spectacular. Why that is not going to be enough.

Art destination Dhaka

There is much to learn from the success of the second Dhaka Art Summit