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Each of us is being incited to speak to ensure that none of us is actually heard

Operation Greens must build forward and backward linkages between farmers and markets

The conversation on sexism and sexual harassment must expand and include

With Maoists refusing to join, task is cut out for a minority government in Nepal

Moment of courage

Rukhsana Kausar should be congratulated for her courage. It should send a strong message to militant groups operating in Kashmir and elsewhere.

From Kabul to Colaba

Over the last few weeks,the gridlocked roads of Mumbai have occasionally been greeted by the rather incongruous sight of an Armoured Personnel Carrier…

Printline Pakistan

The much talked about meeting of foreign ministers of India and Pakistan along the sidelines of the UN General Assembly resulted in little progress.

Red October

The latest threat that Nepal faces is from Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”,chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoists(CPN-M).


Imperialist-globalisation — I love this term. I love it even more when I hear it on news TV,because news TV panel discussions sometimes operate on a beautiful…

My comrade vs your comrade

China’s ruling class — communists who are celebrating 60 years of absolute power with a panache that comes from presiding over an almost superpower…

Acres of change

Kamal Nath,Union road transport and highways minister,has proposed that any land acquired by NHAI be returned to the original land…

Let it rise

It’s always interesting to try to determine the precise value of Indian currency that can be beneficial to both our importers and exporters.

Truth and dare

All human beings,however great,are children of their time,and have their cultural and personal limitations. Gandhi was no exception…

It’s a MAD MAD world

The International Commission on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament (ICNND) is holding its South Asia regional meeting in Delhi…

How Quattrocchi walked free

The manner in which investigations and prosecutions in the Bofors case were spectacularly bungled is proof enough that whoever took the Bofors money is supremely powerful.

Abatement costs

India’s per capita GHC emissions will be between 2.77 and 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2031-32,well below global averages.

Valuing the dollar

The weakening of the American dollar in international markets and stronger foreign capital flows to India in recent weeks suggest…

How to be happy

The book jacket of Eat,Pray,Love carries a quote by Julia Roberts saying it is the book she’s presenting all her girlfriends.

Staying on

This refers to ‘The Afghan Test’ by Pratap Bhanu Mehta. Afghan history suggests that lasting peace can be had in the region only through…

Draining the bowl

At Kingsmead in 2007,watching the Indian team prepare for the second Test after a miraculous win at Wanderers,it seemed like an odd time for Dilip Vengsarkar to bring up a young fast bowler from Delhi.

View from the RIGHT

The editorial in the latest issue of the Organiser,titled “Under UPA,vote-bank dictates the course of law”,says: “One of the favourite…

‘Dharma is always at stake. Take Manmohan Singh’s Bhishma-like silence’

Corporate chieftain-turned-author Gurcharan Das,whose post-liberalisation book ‘India Unbound’ became a bestseller in a dozen languages…

How far has China come?

Taking stock,as the People’s Republic turns 60….

The Middle Path

As China celebrates the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic this week,India must take a deep breath and begin a fundamental rethink its strategy….

Daring to disarm

In the light of former DRDO scientist K. Santhanam questioning the yield of Pokharan-II nuclear tests…..

Security vs privacy?

Collection of multiple-point data by the proposed national intelligence grid (NATGRID) will perhaps be the easier part….

Now there are five

In Haryana’s crowded fray,the Congress faces little opposition….

Who’s afraid of the NPT?

The objection to its discriminatory nature is not just rhetoric

Asking for the moon

Placing Chandrayaan’s remarkable findings in scientific context

Dig deeper

While the government continues to figure out how to deal with the Naxalite problem,it’s actually scaling up with notable speed in affected states….

Gandhigiri in Copenhagen

The Mahatma can still provide the key to breaking deadlocks….

The Afghan test

How the US goes forward on Afghanistan will determine its sense of its power….

Marriage of true minds

Weddings are hot right now. And,Ekta Kapoor takes on TV vèritè with her new serial….

Isle of contention

How Mountbatten resisted all the wily British plans to hold on to the Andaman and Nicobar islands…

Where’s Musharraf?

When Pervez Musharraf talked out of turn about how he diverted US military aid,his American benefactors not only forced him to backtrack but also silenced him….

Podium for mavericks

Why the UN General Assembly is formatted for spectacle….

The chosen ones

Family and politics are becoming too intertwined. But separating them is tricky….

Lest IITs go the Air India way

The Indian Institutes of Technology ( IITs) are undoubtedly crown jewels in India’s system of higher education. Their contribution to making India largely self-reliant in top-notch manpower needs in diverse areas of engineering in the pre-liberalisation era,and to India’s emergence as a powerhouse in the knowledge economy in the era of liberalisation and globalisation is […]

India’s missing rank and file

There are many theories on how the British conquered India,but perhaps the one on which there is credible evidence is about the role of a well drilled army….

Moonshine for water

Last week as I watched Indian scientists crow with glee over having found ‘water on the moon’ and TV anchors burst with unconcealed pride….