Narendra Modi’s social reform agenda sets him apart and above the political class

News did what it does best during SC crisis — impugn motives, pass judgement

What great rulers exemplify

Import duties on electronics could spiral into a return to the days of protectionism

Help the little ones live

In the many speeches and statements on the Children’s Day last week,no one talked of millions who have died in infancy.

Catch up

Bal Thackeray’s outburst against Sachin Tendulkar underline the reason behind his party’s stunted growth: his refusal to understand the mood….

On the House

Judicial and educational reform will be high on Parliament’s agenda….

Exit routes from Copenhagen

By giving up on a legally binding deal,everyone can salvage something

Making a case for the humanities

The idea that we must choose between science and humanities is false

Crossed wires

Excavating the call centre’s private stories….

The great Game Folio

A fortnightly column on the high politics of the Af-Pak region,the fulcrum of global power play in India’s neighbourhood ….

The taint of money

In the light of the rebellion in the Karnataka BJP waged by the mining barons of Bellary,CPM General Secretary Prakash Karat talks about the larger issue of the invasion of business….

Degrees of half measures

The proposed reforms in India’s premier university,Delhi University,shed interesting light on the institutional challenges of reform in India and offer wider lessons.

All-weather friends

It seems that the Monsoon Session of Parliament was over only yesterday,and already preparations for the Winter Session have begun.

Room for talk

It is indeed naïve to delight each time a terror attack takes place in Pakistan. As Shekhar Gupta has rightly noted,the US…

Overloaded and unsafe

The Mandor Express mishap and other recent accidents have caused great concern about the safety of Indian Railways.

God tv

Last week,Aaj Tak declared that God would descend to earth. Wrong: he is already in our midst. Short with bright eyes,curly hair,an ever-ready smile…

Slaying the chimera called Chimerica

A few years ago we came up with the term “Chimerica” to describe the combination of the Chinese and American economies…

Problems with parole

Manu Sharma’s parole has,understandably,triggered great outrage. He was granted parole by the Delhi government,despite valid objections raised by Delhi Police.

Area of darkness

Professor Sheldon Pollock has just announced scholarships for Dalit students who wish to study Sanskrit at Columbia University.

Ready to go

Even as Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee enters his tenth year as chief minister of West Bengal,the CPM leader is confronted with a big question mark on his legitimacy in power.

Left’s last chance?

Bibek Debroy’s ‘Maps for lost parties’ is well-written. “They report a refrain among Trinamool cadres…

UP’s predictable unpredictability

There was a half-page advertisement celebrating Rahul Gandhi’s success in UP (a specific reference to Firozabad,where Raj Babbar defeated…

Terror out,China in

One year in,it seemed obvious what would define this decade. After 9/11,everyone could see that we were living in the age of terror.

Relationship advice

In a bit of uncharacteristic hyperbole on the eve of his 2005 meeting with President Bush,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared…

The decade with no name

There are 45 days left in 2009,which means it is just about time to commence the beloved and enduring parlour game known as “Name That Decade.”

No Phyan,Great Gyaan

Count your liver(s),watch the birds….

News on sale? That’s nauseous

Democracy lovers,wake up. What you and I value highly is being increasingly devalued. What you and I cherish and pride in is endangered….

Manu’s parole shames us all

How fortunate for us that Manu Sharma cannot stay away from bars. And,bar brawls. Were it not for this inexplicable lure of Delhi’s nightlife,this murderer would have probably used his undeserved parole to disappear,with the help of Daddy’s money,to some sunny spot for shady people and live happily ever after. Ever since he was arrested […]

Remembering the brave

November in London is the month of remembering the millions who died in the two world wars and the many since. There is Rememberance Sunday and on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 a.m. there is a two-minute silence on Armistice Day. All Europe observes some ritual or other. All government and […]

Foggy aesthetics

To look alike is a major crisis,especially when people have money. For industry,differentiation in deliverables is essential to increase net worth….

Serpentine intervention

The political buzz in Karnataka is that the temporary patch up between Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa and the Bellary brothers was brought about not by the BJP high command in Delhi….

India,US and Burma’s Unity

For years now Delhi had cautioned Washington against the policy of isolating Burma.

Looking back

The fall of the Berlin Wall is history’s most dramatic and poignant act of a spontaneous surge by the people. The will of the people united East and West Germany….

Obama’s Burma moment

It is time to rethink engagement with the junta…

Our faff-Pak policy

Gloating over every terror attack in Pakistan and outsourcing our future to the Americans is delusional

Reassessing Nehru

As a prime minister,Nehru remains unsurpassed. As a foreign minister,his record is mixed.

The futility of a caste census

‘What is your caste’ is a complicated question,and a census can never address its ambiguities….

I,Robot. You,human target.

America’s army increasingly relies on remote drone warfare

Radioactive reporting

A register of reports and views from the Pakistan press….