Lingayats’ claim to ‘separate religion’ status is untenable

Stereotype of a single Muslim identity has been exploited by ‘secular’ parties, communalist parivar

Funds shortage is affecting the preparedness of the armed forces, but the govt has chosen to ignore the crisis

It's not that media does not ask questions. Some do it only of the Opposition

Letters to the editor: Don’t go there

This refers to ‘Modi mentioned wife in poll affidavit after SC order on full disclosure’ (IE, April 11).

Riverdale low

Archie Andrews killed by a bullet? Come on, get real.

Why the Sangh fears Modi

The RSS acknowledges Modi’s indispensibility to the BJP’s bid for power. But it is uneasy with his personality cult.

Bernanke & Rajan

Communication between central bankers is important. It must go on.

Targeting the poll

Maoist attacks during elections are expected. The state cannot afford any unguarded moments.

The invisible voter

Electoral process must be completely accessible for persons with disabilities.

Rear view: Tours and treaties

Indira Gandhi used both to bolster India’s position ahead of the Bangladesh war.

flip side: Individuals and issues that are making and shaking news

A collection of Modi’s Gujarati poems will be translated into English and published next month.

Mobile phone is a staple food

International Telecommunications Union says the number of active mobile phones will reach 7.3 billion in 2014, more than people on earth.

Inside track: Number game

The Congress began its advertising campaign in January and reportedly spent around Rs 400 crore in the first round of advertisements for Rahul Gandhi.

Fifth column: Ram and Raavan

If only Modi had spared time to give Muslims some assurance that they have no reason to fear him, this election may not have brought with it two conflicting narratives.

Out of my mind: The Tower of Babel

Why in a secular republic are Hindus allowed reservations, but Muslims are unable to get them?

Fishing in uncharted waters

Delhi Daredevils meanwhile, have just one from the capital in Milind Kumar, whereas Mumbai Indians only have Aditya Tare and Sushant Marathe amongst its non-international Mumbai boys.

Looking for a Hufflepuff hero

‘Divergent’ is an example of story telling that grants full humanity only to the extraordinary.

Squabble in Holy Land

It’s time for a reality check on the Middle East.

Why India must stay the nuclear hand

Revising India’s no-first-use posture, as the BJP is purportedly considering, would be unnecessary and dangerous.

Gujarat’s inclusive growth

From high farm growth to wages for the disadvantaged, even their employment levels, Gujarat comes out on top.

Electoral Fortunes

The ‘powerful conjunction’ between the horoscopes of Modi and BJP has raised a megawave in the media.

Letters to the editor

The initiatives that EC has taken over the years, aimed at removing the ills which plague the electoral process, are laudable.

Showing the finger

Voting in India, or at least its pictorial evidence, has gone viral