The idea that India is socialist is a mockery of the idea of socialism

Four years of PM Modi; at the end of much mulling it was his two biggest mistakes above all else

Inside Track: Tangled web

Ghettoisation and Disturbed Areas Act are dividing urban spaces in Gujarat, pushing Muslims to the edge

There are no good Taliban

Hearteningly, Pakistan army finally appears to be discarding policy of selective anti-terror operations.

Stolen fruit is sweetest

So, in Lutyens’ Delhi, even jackfruit get police protection

The beautiful ruse

Brazilian football is a mix of pure inventiveness and trickery

100 days of summer

New government has no time to waste if it is to instil confidence that it is working to improve people’s well being.

An old disfigurement

On institutions, NDA repeats the footlooseness of UPA

Letters to the editor: Full circle

Congress leaders who are now up in arms against Prime Minister Narendra Modi now have no moral right to question his actions.

Sing of their elegance

Spain’s reign is over. But then, even a golden generation has a lifespan

Little by little

Crowdfunding offers hope for small businesses. Sebi will need to rise to the regulatory challenge

Gulf imperatives

Delhi must deal with the humanitarian challenge in Iraq. And end its political neglect of the region

On their own trip

The foreign junket culture in government is well entrenched

Perils of diffidence

India must take its rightful place in global debates on internet governance, surveillance and espionage.

Fron the urdu Press: Dada in Parliament

The daily Inquilab writes: “If the Modi government actualises even 50 to 70 per cent of what has been stated in the BJP’s pre-election slogans (reiterated in the president’s address) it would have extremely good results.

A challenger in Turkey

Erdogan may win the presidency, but his clout could be seriously weakened.

Now, rewrite the script

To revive growth, policy and institutional reforms are necessary. Begin with modernising the tax system.

And the winner could be Tehran

Success of the ISIS campaign will only end up strengthening Shiite hold on Iraq.

In an unsettled state

The outcome of the Modi-Nawaz meeting was predictably seen as disastrous by the swelling pro-army tide in Pakistan.

This way to Delhi

A new government is in place and the world is taking note.

View from the right: Pakistan Postmortem

An editorial in the Organiser also chimes in: “Pakistan is a fuming like volcano and the general proposition that a ‘peaceful and democratic Pakistan [is] useful for India’ looks a distant dream”.

Opening the field

Government’s inflation fighting measures are much needed. But fixating on hoarders isn’t useful.

Let’s photocopy Rajasthan

States that care about job emergency must undertake similar labour law reform.