How to clean air: Long battle, will require multi-pronged solutions

To become an innovation hub, India must curb intellectual property rights violations

In Good Faith: How philosophy became impractical

Distrust and partisanship among top leaders cast a pall over upcoming polls in Nepal


Finally,the India-ASEAN free trade agreement will get off the ground in Bangkok,after six years of haggling.

Facing the Arihant challenge

India’s proactive military doctrine is clearly aimed at Pakistan,leaving it little option but to build on its own nuclear stash….

Capitalism for kisan

Why agriculture is a victim of urban selfishness and political correctness….

Renewing the Conventions

The Geneva Conventions are 60 but still a work in progress….

Panic stations

Swine flu has created panic across the country. It is known that the death toll is increasing but one would like to question….

More of a stale Formula?

With Schumacher calling off his comeback,motor racing has lost the human story it desperately needed….

Machines and machinations

In an Organiser article “Is electronic rigging subverting electoral mandate” G.V.L Narasimha Rao writes….

To talk or not to talk

This is the fifteenth meeting with my Pakistani counterpart — I don’t see any reason to sit for the twentieth time to discuss the draft of the joint statement….

Pinning and tackling swine flu

Two welcome developments over the last couple of days have come as some relief to a beleaguered nation beset with anxiety about swine flu.

CJI,please declare my assets

A leader of the Bar,Fali S. Nariman,commenting on the Rajya Sabha’s refusal to grant leave to introduce the Judge’s (Declaration of Assets and Liabilities) Bill 2009…

Project India?

Here’s my agreement with Shekhar Gupta (“A new Project Pakistan”; Indian Express; August 8): I would not just want a green card or H-1B to migrate.

H1N1 debates

The fear surrounding the H1N1 virus is justified . The question is how organisations like the WHO failed to advise and coordinate restrictions on travelling from countries…

View from the LEFT

The lead editorial in the latest issue of CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy claims that the strategic relationship with the US is reducing India into a subordinate ally…

Maritime CBMs

As India and China continued their seemingly endless negotiations on the boundary dispute last week in Delhi,there was another event in faraway Cochin at the southern tip of the subcontinent.

The drought isn’t of ideas: Rajiv showed it 20 years ago

There are three lessons to learn from the 1987-’89 drought policy in addition to the policies already announced.

Difficult,but doable

Shekhar Gupta’s assessment that Indo-Pak relations are bedevilled by the anti-Indian “virus” in the mind of the Pakistani establishment is correct….

Class monitors

There are enough simple fixes for policing problems. Better training,for one….

Let’s put it to a vote

The public response to climate change is way ahead of the political debate….

TV’s contagious panic

Swine flu or sex flu? If it’s H1N1 you’re looking to,then of course you must choose the news channels which are spreading it as far and wide…

The silence heard around the world

We mail,we blog,we twitter. Yet,it is on mornings like that of August 6,that we stop taking for granted how dependent we are on technology.

Battling alone

Iran’s civil movement does not and will not need the West….

Find the side effects

NREGA could be better integrated with public health policy

For posterity

Whether judges should be required to reveal their assets is thought provoking….

The Coming Tandava

The West Bengal Governor,Gopal Gandhi,has powerfully stated a widely perceived truth.

Akshay,SRK in Forbes List?

Top Hollywood earners make more than $100 million dollars annually. But how does its Bollywood brethren fair?

Young,urban and merciless

Crimes by the young in our major metros are becoming increasingly common.

Towards literacy,then scholarship

In the week that we finally passed a law making primary education compulsory,it would be churlish of me to write only bad things about the abysmal state of Indian education. So good things first.

Indian exceptionalism

Why does India think Pakistan will prosecute and convict Hafeez Saeed? What if Pakistan were to turn around and make a similar demand of India…

Only yes men,no women

More skeletons are tumbling out of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes,following the arrest of Buta Singh’s son. A long-standing feud between Singh…

Re-enfranchise the poor in our cities

SCENE 1. Inter-State Bus Terminus (ISBT) near Kashmiri Gate,Delhi: I have come to meet Sanjeev Sahai,my former colleague in the PMO who is now CEO…

Worrying Symptoms

Please speak louder,said one of the two doctors on the panel of CNN-IBN’s Face the Nation,to the show’s anchor.

UPA’s Asia Strategy: One Step Forward,Two Steps Back?

India’s Asian well-wishers hope that in acting quickly on the Korean deal,the UPA government is signalling a strong commitment to East Asian regionalism.

A poet for all

Tiruvalluvar was a poet-saint who wrote for all humanity. A figure like him is universal and cannot be claimed by any one community alone.

How the future works

The impact of Al-Azhar University on the Egyptian way of life and Islam in general is a role model for most nations which have a sizable Muslim population.

Musharraf in the dock

The Pakistan People’s Party government finally seems to have resolved to question former military dictator Pervez Musharraf.

Truth to power

On the night of August 7,2008,Russia’s 58th Army crossed over Georgia’s internationally recognised borders. Thus began what the evidence…