With a bedrock of shared values, India, EU must deepen economic and strategic ties

In the Constitution we trust

Aziz Ansari incident: Most men do not have a problem with a certain kind of sexual coercion

Nepal’s main political actors must admit that the new constitution is a failure

Mirror within

While it is true that the Planning Commission needs some reform in a post-planning era,as has been initiated by the current…

‘3 Idiots’ and the morality of numbers

Bollywood’s latest “message laden” script is certainly big on numbers. Within the first week alone,it grossed 175 crores…

The breach in the wall

There is much debate in Nepal what China is up to. One line of speculation is that China,after the abolition of monarchy…

View from the RIGHT

The editorial in the latest issue of RSS journal Organiser titled “Sheila and her city of Djinns”,says: “Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit it seems,is building the eighth capital in Delhi.

Father knows best

Surely,the most important,interesting — and,yes,heroic — figure in the whole Christmas Day Northwest airliner affair was..

The personal is the personal

The air is thick with schemes that will enable the state,and its agencies,to identify every resident,and to track what they are doing.

The Great Game Folio

Thanks to George W. Bush’s failed gamble in 2003 on ousting Saddam Hussein to promote democracy in Iraq,the idea of…

View from the LEFT

It is not new for Indian Left leaders to visit China and eulogise about the rapid progress being made by the Communist country.

Why the US needs double standards

Why are we reading Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab his Miranda rights instead of taking him somewhere and forcibly finding out where…


Isn’t Dubai in the midst of a real estate and debt crisis? Isn’t the world in the midst of a real estate crisis?

Heat and dust

In Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials Trilogy,Oxford city — more than just the University — was a centre of “dust”: swirling particles of human consciousness.

Fixing holes

This refers to ‘Caught partying with gangsters,five Mumbai cops suspended’. The deep and unholy nexus between the Mumbai police…

A four-year plan?

With Montek Singh Ahluwalia acknowledging that the Planning Commission is losing its relevance,it’s time his idea is taken to its logical conclusion.

Moving beyond 370

The Working Group on Centre-state relations headed by Justice Sagheer Ahmad that the prime minister appointed in 2006 is the…

Never learning

This refers to the pertinent editorial ‘Zero vision’. As a nation,we display a lack of vision with disaster and crisis management.

The essentials of oil

Four thoughts cross my mind as I contemplate the evolution of the petroleum industry over the past decade.

Fitting Bollywood to screen

It had to come to this: Amitabh Bachchan stared us in the eye,and spoke of H1N1 with all the authority of an expert…

Jostled by the kids

At 55,Deepa Mohan has to deal with it quite often. The lively and voluble Bangalorean,an avid birdwatcher,wildlife enthusiast and traveller…


Hoi An,Vietnam — After the war and failed flight overseas,after her father’s persecution and the knowledge of hunger,it was the miracle of the crispy pancake that changed things for Trinh Diem Vy.

The Global Steeplechase

A calculation was made that with a nine per cent growth rate in the meltdown years,China would overtake Japan and become the second largest economy of the world next to the US.

Arabian Sea: Bases for Beijing

China has put the world on notice that it is considering the acquisition of a naval base in the Arabian Sea.

Lapping up liquidity

The consensus on food price rise in the government appears to be moving towards the view that this is not a problem that interest rate hikes can solve.

Reform,not white papers

The Railways Minister Mamata Banerjee has come out with a white paper which attempts to refute many of the claims of her…

Clarion call

It is indisputable that wide-ranging reforms are needed in order to ensure that India’s growth becomes truly inclusive in the decade ahead.

Idea Expressed

From a Nobel Prize winner and an Olympic champion to a former President,from leading politicians to successful professionals,from actors to writers,the Idea Exchange programme showcased talent,intellect and power. Facing a barrage of questions from Express staffers,they did not falter: they spoke freely,expressing their thoughts and ideas,leaving us with a year of memorable quotes. Here is the pick of 2009

Does marketing exist?

In the 60 years after World War II,consumerism started with marketing,the organised selling of mass scale products….

A tutorial for Rahul baba

Let me begin by admitting that the reason why I have rarely written about Rahul Gandhi in this column is because I find it hard to take him seriously….

The year the world changed

This was the year the world finally changed. You may not think it has—what with prices so being high,the Telangana riots and the Ruchika Girhotra case….

Rapists Beware

Many a rapist escapes punishment for his heinous crime for manifold reasons. Firstly,the victim’s fear of going to the police station where she would most likely be insulted….

It’s always the end of the world

IT seems so distant,1999. Bill Clinton had survived impeachment,his popularity hardly dented,Sept. 11 was just another date and music fans were enjoying a young singer named Britney Spears….

Changing norms

Institutional incentives are palliatives with little long-term effect. We forget that politicians are not a separate institution or entity but a component of civil society,a reflection of our social norms….

China’s Chartists

The trial of a prominent dissident highlights this decade’s decisions for Beijing….

The problem with prices

For food inflation,blame underinvestment,not bad weather or the supply chain

Bonded to the ballot

The devil,in Gujarat’s compulsory voting law,is not in its politics but in its details

Can’t afford it

Are we really too poor to control carbon emissions?

Enter the dragon

The Chinese trade policy is predatory. Someone needs to say it….