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Allegations by SC judges raise serious doubts about the independence of the judiciary

As Pakistan’s provocation changes, India’s response must be different too

Sparrow numbers are falling with changes in urban spaces

Indian TV needs to look out at the world more, be less insular

Allies,but not building bridges

For a city originally gifted away as a Portuguese princess’s dowry,modern day Mumbai is a bristly inheritance,as Chief Minister Ashok Chavan is no doubt discovering.

Despite the journalism

While the 24-hour TV channels have filled a vacuum in the routine life of ordinary people,the new,energetic,enterprising and brave dimension of TV journalism has…

The Demographic Dividend

I argued once that dividends are not automatic and come to the brave who have an operative view of social change and would stick to that.

Armed challenges

C. Raja Mohan aptly brought out the fact that the nation cannot afford to remain a mute spectator at the sight of the rapid crumbling of the most professional….

His own tune

Mamata can’t afford to alienate the people Kabir Suman represents….

Civilisation,not institutions

Is there an Asiatic mode of capitalism that standard analysis misses?….

Growing an Ivy League at home

Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh are leading a bold effort to improve key aspects of the Indian education and training system.

Just deal with it

Notwithstanding the hype about a possible US-Pakistan nuclear deal similar to the US-India deal that was touted before the recent US-Pakistan strategic dialogue…

How the pictures got small

Traditionally March is not a film friendly month,owing to the final examinations. This time round,a certain thing called the IPL also affected the business.

Mending job

IF the BJP desires to replace the Congress as the ruling party,it should prioritise and practise differently,taking a cue from Pratap B. Mehta’s diagnosis of its ills….

Awaiting orders

Recruitment,corruption,spending: the new army chief’s full plate….

The living debt

The government must fast-track fiscal responsibility and accountability….

Unpacking the Muslim monolith

The Supreme Court order vacating the stay on the Andhra Pradesh government’s move to implement reservation for certain Muslim groups deserves applause for many reasons.

View from the RIGHT

Organiser,the RSS mouthpiece in English,carries a news report called “Anti-Modi,anti-Hindu charade” on its front page,along with a picture of Modi…

Expect the worst from Hamid Karzai

The New York Times carried a very troubling article on Monday. It detailed how President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan had invited Iran’s president,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad…

TV’s week of miracles

This is the week that wasn’t. That’s how Cyrus Broacha may have described the last week on television,seeing how unbelievable it was.

Rely on us

This refers to the editorial ‘Rallying the troops’ (IE,March 30). India should not read too much into Barack Obama’s visit to Afghanistan….

Mountains of terror

The North Caucasus and Russia’s sense of security….

That new school feeling

Education,like other sectors,can only benefit from opening up to foreign investment….

Convert municipal waste to wealth

When you visit the beautiful green grounds covering an area close to 48 acres in Gorai,in the western suburbs of Mumbai,by the side of a creek overlooking Asia’s largest pagoda,it is hard to imagine that this picturesque location was until recently home to approximately 2.3 million tonnes of garbage in an open dump with an […]

The Sandra Bullock trade-off

Worldly success can give you a slight bump in happiness,but only good relationships can provide an enduring high….

The great Game Folio

A fortnightly column on the high politics of the Af-Pak region,the fulcrum of global power play in India’s neighbourhood….

Jobs in the city

With the Left governments in Kerala and West Bengal announcing urban employment guarantee schemes….

Memories of revolution

Comrade Kanu Sanyal was the last of the Naxalbari torchbearers….

Incomplete makeover

The BJP has,for the moment,settled into a path of very modest institutional consolidation. But its political trajectory and prospects remain deeply uncertain.

Take it to the road

Road safety — or lack of it — has,of late,again been brought into tragic limelight by a series of accidents involving high-profile people.

Keep on track

Just after 11 months of the Supreme Court order,Narendra Modi did well to appear before the SIT in response to Ehsan Jafri’s widow,Zakia Jafri’s appeal to the apex court.

The euro’s losing currency

The European Monetary Union,the basis of the euro,began with a grand illusion. On one side were countries — Austria,Finland,Germany and the Netherlands…

Bangalore’s campaign 2.0

Bangalore,India’s Silicon hub and its global city has voted this weekend to elect representatives to its corporation.

The anatomy of violence

Public displays of political anger have been a staple of the American scene for the last eight months or so,but in recent days a handful…

The Iraq stakes

A lot hinges on the outcome of the manoeuvering that has followed the result of the Iraqi elections for Iraq,the region…

The other premier league

Before there was the Indian Premier League with its millions,its “icons” and Lalit Modi strutting all over TV screens and India’s…

Let Arabs lead the Arabs

A gathering of the Arab League tends to bring out the worst of Middle Eastern stereotypes: dysfunctional protocol,empty exhortations denouncing Western evils and pointless acrimony.

State of denial

The last few weeks have been marked by perceived divergences between India and the United States over l’affaire Headley and Pakistan’s request for a civilian nuclear agreement.

Havens on earth

On Jan. 12,2010,a devastating earthquake left more than 230,000 Haitians dead and nearly a million homeless.

Aam Aurat’s manifesto

This is a submission to our Hon’ble Lok Sabha members. Before you embark on this noble journey of empowering our tribe,see where you are going,and who you are going with.