Celebratory lights of the first I-Day were extinguished by darkness of Partition

No proof required: Madness in monetary policy

Pakistan has rejected rationalists and its blasphemy law makes British rule seem better

PM needs to ask himself why under his watch this country has become a fearful place


The unending turmoil in the BJP is symptomatic of all parties when they lose elections.

Level playing roads

In the ’90s,the government took the decision not to play around with the overall tax rates in every budget…

Revealed by Lalgarh

The Lalgarh standoff and election results demonstrate that the national security and economic security views…

20-20 vision

Wouldn’t the Pakistanis have just loved to watch our news channels last weekend? After more than six months…

Learning the wrong lessons

The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government seems to be in a hurry to completely overhaul the education system….


The victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad over reformist Mir-Hossein Moussavi in the recent Iranian presidential elections has set the country ablaze….


Sarod maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan was a colossus of Indian classical music.

What’s technical about it?

There are legitimate expectations that the human resource development ministry will now deliver….

Look beyond

The outcome of the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections has been hailed as a triumph of secular forces.

Hindsight is 20/20

The phrase ‘victory has many fathers,in defeat you are an orphan’ is particularly appropriate for Indian politics.

Military wall

The editorial ‘Beyond binaries’ has suggested sustaining pressure on Pakistan but does not give any clue….

Clash of ambitions

The BJP likes to claim: country first,party next and the individual last. But the messy,very public…

Where they were all this while

A couple of years ago,when the intense tug-of-war over the issue of setting up industry on farmland was gathering…..

Obama’s Kashmir Realism

‘Realism’ has acquired a pejorative meaning in Washington these days amidst Prez Obama’s reluctance to challenge Tehran’s violent crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Iran interrupted

Twenty years ago a simple unarmed student protest in the central parts of Beijing began in April 1989…

Royal resentment

Is the Congress Party advisory to its members not to use their feudal titles meant as a gentle hint to royals who were….

Just appointments

The government deserves full marks for its appointment of Goolam Vahanvati as Attorney General and Gopal Subramanium as Solicitor General.

BJP should keep off stagnant Hindutva

Atal Bihari Vajpayee,whose ill-health has rendered him inactive for the past few years,was a deeply contemplative political leader.

Lessons from the Ayatollah

When I finished listening to Iran’s grand Ayatollah express his worldview last week,I felt a profound,immeasurable sense of relief…

‘When a post-poll alliance is possible, why go for pre-poll alliances?’

Digvijay Singh,Congress general secretary in charge of Uttar Pradesh,is still fresh from the party’s dramatic performance in a state where it was almost written off.

Conflicts of cricket

The arrogance and money power of the IPL have made BCCI too brazen. For cricket’s sake and its own,some self-correction is needed

The Power of A Woman

Early last week,the media was full of images of a faceless domestic servant who had caused a celebrated Bollywood actor to be arrested on charges of rape.

The state of cities

Post-delimitation,urban governance must be seen through a political lens,not just a municipal one

Demons and dark side

Debating Bollywood,Bengal and Iran

Through an astute lens

For almost three decades,cinema has been a perceptive mirror to the forces shaping modern Iran

Follow the leader

The army has now narrowed down its search — instead of going after the ‘Taliban’,they are hunting for The Man — Baitullah Mehsud….

Bottled up

The protests in Iran over allegations of the rigging of the presidential election indeed spring from long-term historical factors….

Confused accountability

Instead of increasing MPLADS,reconsider it entirely

Cheap and best

Many of the government’s large-scale building projects have visibly foundered. Let’s hope they get low-cost housing right

The courage of conviction

The BJP’s problem is ideological drift and lack of leadership. It must affirm its RSS fundamentals.

A summit that wasn’t

The meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has not kindled much hope.

Troubled waters

The secret of the Left Front’s stranglehold on West Bengal is finally out. Apart from neglecting the people,the Marxists also ignored the Maoist threat for long.


The law should eventually be restored in Lalgarh. But the question it poses for Bengal is trickier.

The other great game

There has been much debate in the past regarding India’s unwillingness to use air power when it fought its war with China in 1962.

Plotting for the people?

In her opening address to Parliament the president said,among other things,that the government would extend financial support…

Mettle detector

Once beatified,and now vilified,Dhoni takes India’s extremes in stride