Why Major Gogoi is wrong

The tying of Farooq Ahmed Dar to an army jeep on April 9, to protect the forces from stone-pelters, was the violation of a citizen’s fundamental rights, the constitution’s spirit

For Budgam 2017, lessons from 1984

After Operation Bluestar, Indira Gandhi insisted on keeping her Sikh guards. Today, Kashmir demands similar maturity and empathy

A call to inaction

Punishment to former coal secretary will deter honest officers from taking decisions fearlessly

Holding To Ransom

WannaCry malware attack raises questions for state, software producers, users

Border on edge

Fire assaults and exchanges on the LoC have clear costs. For India, the gains are not yet certain

Prachanda and the temple of doom

Despite his recent retractions,popular opposition to the PM is at an all-time high

No quarter

The idea of private school funding for the education of 25 per cent of economically weak students appears noble,but there are certain inherent flaws…

Clinton’s smart power

As she sailed through the first round of Senate confirmation hearings on Tuesday,America’s top diplomat to be,Hillary Clinton,stuck to a formula that has been perfected by President Elect Barack Obama…

Temple outrage

The editorial in the latest issue of Organiser titled “Maoist outrage on Pashupatinath” says: “The Maoist onslaught and occupation of Holy Pashupatinath in Kathmandu has outraged the Hindus all over the world.

And then they came for me

Lasantha Wickramatunga,editor of the Sri Lankan newspaper ‘The Sunday Leader’ and known for his principled opposition to the government,was assassinated on his way to work by two gunmen,on January 8. The paper carried this posthumous editorial

Dissociate from Israel

The lead editorial in the latest issue of CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy says it is incumbent upon the government of India to immediately cease all military cooperation with Israel….

The dream merchant

‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is a story often told by our cinema,but it has a joyous heart…

Shantytowns of the mind

I have not yet seen Slumdog Millionaire,Danny Boyle’s film that has picked up four Golden Globe awards…

Strike out

Is India the richest country in the world if employees earning a gross salary of more than Rs 16 lakh can go on strike demanding increases?

A new neighbourhood

For more than two decades now,India’s geographic location had her reeling under cross-border terrorism from neighbouring states. The tide finally seems to be turning….

The use of the news

Hindi news channels veer between the absurd and the practical

Designing accountants

What to take away from America’s experience with audit reform

Street-fighting days

The enemy within,often does greater damage than external threats. But we haven’t learnt from past mistakes. A strike is a tool…

No lesson yet

It was disgraceful when Shibu Soren and other MPs of his party sold their Lok Sabha votes to save the Narasimha Rao government…

The big swindle in corporate governance

Iam in the process of launching a weekly magazine. The dummy issue is printed and ready to be sent to potential advertisers and for feedback from likely readers…

The distance between Political India and People’s India

The fog in Delhi is clearing up. The sun is regaining his brightness,adding warmth to the chill that hasn’t departed yet. In a few weeks from now…

The Pakistan problem

So where do we go from here? How do we deal with our Pakistan problem? The short answer to that question is,nobody knows…

Not a sisterly act

Mayawati has ditched the three Samajwadi Party MPs—Atiq Ahmed,Afzal Ansari and Raj Narain Bhadulia—who defied their party whip to vote along with the BSP

Kaun Banega Pradhanmantri

In its heyday in the early 1990s,there were fears that if the BJP ever came to power,it would never ever go away. Hitler-like,Vajpayee would take his mukhota off..

Letter of the Week

The Satyam scam,where (books of) accounts were fudged and investors bilked,has thrown up the urgent need for a mechanism…

Undo and redo

The Satyam fraud was waiting to happen. Will the government,Sebi,and other authorities do anything at all to stop such malpractices?

Israel’s attack

Shock,horror,and a sense of despair followed the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Not just in our backyard

Lashkar-e-Taiba is a threat to India,the West and even Pakistan

Remains of the day

When India and Pakistan thrashed their issues out in Tashkent

The Pakistan tangle

Pakistan has owned up to the obvious — but what direction will US strategy take?

Madrasa madness

The editorial in the latest issue of Organiser,titled “Join madrasa,why sit for tough CBSE board exam?”

Online armies

The internet’s grown,and so has cyber-crime: it’s a national security problem now

Picking up the threads in Kashmir

One of the most abiding symbols of Kashmiri culture is the pheran.

Who’s listening?

This refers to the editorial ‘In Pakistan interest’. India should stop asking Pakistan to act in either its own or our interest.

Red-hot pursuit

As your editorial points out,the next four to six months will be crucial for us.

Fidel-ity to the cause

The latest edition of CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy is devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

Siege within

Pakistan Air Force jets were spotted flying low through Lahore’s residential and market areas all week in what the PAF is calling patrols.

“The attack must have had the support of some official agencies in Pakistan”

We last met to discuss internal security issues in December 2007,a little over a year ago.

A season of change

The Bangladesh verdict gives India and Bangladesh a unique chance to work on their relationship

New hustings

This refers to Shekhar Gupta’s ‘Sadak aur sarkar’. Allow me to focus on the Kashmir verdict. It has,indeed,confounded the separatists.

The first ladies overload

The Taj Hotel is still burning into our memory chip the Mumbai attacks still play on all news channels with that single myth-making still of gun-toting Kasab leading the way…