Unhappy at some recent judgments, Opposition trying to intimidate Supreme Court

Trump seems set to end Iran nuclear deal. In Middle East, this is a poor time for tougher solutions

Justice Sachar’s principles stood firm and were his guiding light till his last days

Asaram Bapu rape verdict brought on a made for TV moment

Varsity in need of rescue

The FYUP is so illogical and disjointed in its approach that comparing it to the US’s undergraduate programmes is bizarre

Didi’s new challenger

Opposition space is vacant in West Bengal. BJP aims to move in.

Higher indignity

Would any serious education system treat decisions like the FYUP with such whimsy?

Lawbreakers all

Campa Cola incident highlights how informality of residence has become a rampant affliction in Mumbai.

Not so sweet

In the sugar sector, one bad decision paves the way for another, and the consumer must bear the brunt.

Middle class is game

As football fans follow their teams, they showcase the new purchasing power in Latin America.

Once upon an Emergency

Thirty-nine years ago, on this day, began India’s tryst with despotism

Addressing Dhaka

Bangladesh offers India a rare opportunity to transform subcontinent’s geopolitics

Letters to the editor: U-turn

Future profits can then be used to expand the rail network and revamp its safety architecture.

Free for all

Tesla’s patent giveaway is good business- and highlights the need for reform

No little plans

Modi government has the opportunity to reorganise and remake the Planning Commission

EDIT: Bad in law

Government must show its commitment to the civil nuclear initiative by amending the liability law

The war won

Whether presented as memoir or fiction, post-World War I writing returns to the same themes and attitudes.

Left out of the rankings

IITs must be assessed along several dimensions — not all of them relevant globally

Putting up a better defence

Even as it considers FDI in the sector, the government should give our private firms a level playing field.

Do it like Andhra Pradesh

The decline in employment generation is mostly due to bottlenecks and faults in the supply side.

Falling like ninepins

The Dina Nath Batra episodes show that self-censorship is an issue that publishers, writers and readers need to address seriously and urgently.

Letters to the editor

‘The Iraq crisis has once again brought to the fore weaknesses in India’s foreign and economic policies and its vulnerability to external shocks.’

Reform, after all

US House of Representatives’ surprise move to curtail NSA’s powers is encouraging.

Judicial authoritarianism

When courts protect the interests of a government, not individual rights.