Amit Shah has built a live-wire organisation at grass roots. It fights to win

Hizbul Mujahideen ban goes global, but will it reach the Valley?

But the Earth moves, and Rohith Vemula is a Dalit

Gujarat RS elections: Vast resources of the BJP could not turn right into wrong

Straight talk on Barak

Having suffered a major electoral defeat in Bangladesh’s general elections,the Bangladesh Nationalist Party and the Jamaat-e-Islaami appear…

H1N1 fears

The first swine flu fatality means the government can’t be complacent as to the actual number of the infected. It also exposes the laxity of state measures and the inability…

Fatal blow

The government must,more actively,scan incoming passengers at airports. So far,this job has been confined to ineffective paperwork….

Public spaces,private claims

Resist the Waqf Board’s attempt to grab our national heritage….

Regarding the guards

Why police reform must lead the UPA-II agenda

Turning over an old leaf

Tableware fashioned from fallen palm fronds in Karnataka is making waves in the US….

Arms and the Maoists

Peace looks unlikely in Nepal,if the Maoists make good on their threats….

Unhitch our wagon

The latest issue of CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy carries an article by general secretary Prakash Karat on the growing India-US ties…

Public faith

Much as one believes that the prime minister is on to something through the Sharm el-Sheikh joint statement….

Russia’s long shadow

In the battle for history,Moscow attempts to checkmate the EU

Degrees of conviction

A clear deal at Copenhagen is in India’s self-interest

Rakhi Sawant,married alive

At least reality TV gives some back,compared to our depressing entertainment serials

Global warming,local grandstanding

Unless public opinion batters through this current political impasse,Copenhagen is unlikely to achieve much

Let the Games go on

The question of its ecological impact on the Yamuna has been pushed aside

Please talk

Apart from the substance of Manmohan Singh’s joint statement with the Pakistan PM,the question is….

Whose right to education?

The disabled have been criminally forgotten in the Bill


Never before has there been such forthright judicial criticism of the legal profession

The benign failure

On Wednesday the Lok Sabha was to discuss the recent rise in prices. After all,whatever the official index may show,everyone who has to go out and shop…

Democracy’s falling standards

Those who proudly flaunt India’s vibrant democracy were ashamed by the unruly scenes witnessed in the J&K Assembly. Displeasure with the Speaker’s ruling…

Too much trust. No verification

Many puzzling things have been said about our relations with Pakistan since the Sharm el-Sheikh engagement. Our Finance Minister told the Lok Sabha…

Envoy versus minister

If Shiv Shankar Menon has been made the fall guy for the Indo-Pakistan joint statement in Sharm-el-Sheikh,Shyam Saran,the PM’s envoy on climate change…

Walk the talk on better cities

I am truly delighted by readers’ response to this series of articles on how to create better cities,and to the column that engendered the idea of the series.

China’s one-child success

China may be taking its first tentative baby steps to change its landmark one-child policy. In particular,Shanghai has indicated a relaxation in the policy by encouraging couples to have two children.


Till the PM’s parliamentary address about the Sharm el-Sheikh joints statement,nobody,even many in his own party,appeared to believe him.

Potatoes Fried and Otherwise

The McCain story is quite well known. I sometimes exchange cards with their Sahibs or with the Batas in CIGI meetings.

Sach Ka Samna

Why would you participate in a show that threatens to reveal your secrets,embarrass you,hurt people close to you?

For saying it out loud

Flashback to a couple of weeks. Vinod Kambli,former test cricketer,current occupant of hot seat on India’s newest reality show,clutching a large cross…

Naval envy

India’s first nuclear-powered submarine INS Arihant has created anxious ripples in Pakistan’s strategic circles. Dawn on July 28 quoted their foreign office…

Learning block

It may not be easy for most of us to recall how many reports Professor Yashpal has so far submitted to the government of India and other organisations.

Two PMs,One Big Idea

It is fascinating that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh invoked the Vajpayee spirit to seek both inspiration and validation for his own move at Sharm el-Sheikh.

Distant learning

Setting up two more campuses for Aligarh Muslim University makes little sense….

The burdens of Omar

Abdullah junior represents too much to quit now

Making sense of Pakistan

The prime minister must use his political capital wisely on his big initiative….

2020 vision

Improving secondary education is not just a numbers game….

Joint statement

While the Indo-Pakistan joint statement following the meeting of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with the Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani….

Warmed-over inequalities

A global emissions trading scheme will skew development,without a substantial tech-transfer component