State impunity continues for acts of torture. Lawmakers, court have not stepped up to their duty

Partly free: That’s the rating of India by a report on internet freedom

It is important to remember the dark period of constitutional history Indira Gandhi presided over

The system needs to be more sensitive in dealing with sexual abuse of the child

Aal is not well

There is an exercise I conduct every year in Davos. I try to attend all sessions addressed by Indian political leaders….

When wars end

Was Abraham Lincoln a war criminal? He took the US or at least its northern states to a war with the south,which resulted in the largest loss of lives in that nation’s history…..

Resurgent fascism in Maharashtra

Measures designed to protect and promote the rights and interests of the local inhabitants of the State are unobjectionable….

Sending the wrong message

The Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity (DAVP) has privately denied it was responsible for carrying a photograph of former Pakistani Air Force Chief in a Ministry of Women and Child Welfare advertisement against female foeticide….

News with the Big P

A News broadcaster invites the star of a Bollywood film that critiques news TV ethics to play guest editor the day before the movie…

Exit America. And then what?

I see that Gore Vidal,in an interview with the British daily The Independent,has been predicting America’s demise with scurrilous relish…

Printline Pakistan

Reacting to the exclusion of its cricketers from the upcoming Indian Premier League,Daily Times reported on January…

Out of Afghanistan

69 foreign ministers gathered in London this week to work out the next phase in strategy for Afghanistan.

Why is the government so quiet on the cultural front?

At present,the Culture portfolio is with the prime minister. While I am sure that the UPA has a vision for culture,it is no longer enough to keep it to themselves.

Himalayan meltdown

Glaciers in the Himalaya are receding faster than in any other part of the world and,if the present rate continues…

If a book catch us all

There’s a gentleman from Ripon Street in Calcutta whose eyes light up when he pronounces: “An aged man is but a paltry…

Colonial hangovers?

When the British ruled as a colonial power they needed to keep us awestruck and fearful.

Republic of iWonder

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Clarke’s third law acquires a whole new force when it comes to Apple Inc.

Waiting for April

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa convincingly defeated his main rival,former army commander,General Sarath Fonseka…

Moving on

On Mahinda Rajapaksa registering a remarkable victory in his bid for re-election,you have rightly commented that the worry now is that this…

Don’t fire the man who saved us all

A US senate vote on President Obama’s nomination of Ben Bernanke for a second four-year term as chairman of the Federal Reserve is imminent.

Globalisation and its discontents

In a recent judgment,the Supreme Court chastised the courts for ignoring the plight of the common man…

Rising prices

The Centre has been strongly criticised for its failure to check rising prices. In an editorial Rashtriya Sahara…

In-house expertise

When Prussian theorist Carl von Clausewitz’s commented that war is a tool for achieving political aims…

420 to Padma

IF YOU trace the history of many great business empires you will discover that the origins of their wealth are murky.

Hindi-Chini,by and by

India and China will mark 60 years of diplomatic engagement between the two countries with several events through 2010.

An island still divided

Elected by over 60 per cent of the voters,Mahinda Rajapaksa has retained the presidency of Sri Lanka.

Super minds

Pratap B. Mehta took us down memory lane,elaborating on the sensibility of the framers of our Constitution.

My enemy’s enemy,now my friend

The South Korea President Lee Myung-bak’s visit to India and his being the chief guest for the Republic Day celebration this year are symbolic…

A gift to the nation,another to ‘Paa’

“An idea can change your life”,claimed the tagline. Last seen,Abhishek Bachchan had taken this to heart and transformed himself into a tree trunk with well-developed branches.

View from the RIGHT

The editorial in the RSS mouthpiece Organiser’s special issue on the Sachar and Rangnath Mishra reports,titled “Hindus: Deprived,Discriminated…

It was the foreign hand

S.M. Krishna and Gen. Deepak Kapoor are back in Delhi after their official visits to Nepal. Krishna promised all help — leaving it to the Nepalese…

EC,at 60

The Election Commission of India should be congratulated for completing 60 years of commendable service to Indian democracy….

A history of forgetting

It shouldn’t surprise us that Nehru distrusted China

Each to her own

On a petition in the Supreme Court on photographs in voter IDs

Steady supply

A pilot project in Karnataka resulted in 24×7 water supply,at lower rates. It can be easily replicated

Speaking to each other

Tackling Naxals requires cooperation between states,and with central paramilitaries. Here are some mechanisms

The great Game Folio

Taliban’s gains Two international conferences on Afghanistan this week — Monday’s conclave in Istanbul and Thursday’s gathering in London — highlight the local,regional and international political respect that the Taliban has wrested in recent months. That the world is ready to accept the Taliban as part of any future political arrangement in Afghanistan is underscored […]

Basu’s first editorial

In a tribute to Marxist legend Jyoti Basu,who passed away on January 17,CPI(M) weekly People’s Democracy in its latest edition reproduced the first editorial written by him for the mouthpiece in 1965….

Hope from Bangladesh: A secular subcontinent

The recent judgment by the Bangladesh Supreme Court last week in Dhaka as an operative secular democracy is terribly important and only a jaded elite tucked it away. The last of the Bismarckians thrive in the subcontinent and foreign policy treatments after the Fifties of the last century were not heard of. After dinner,Morgenthau and […]

WCD’s offending ad: Not in the public interest

“The PMO has noted with regret the inclusion of a foreign national’s photograph in a government of India advertisement. While an internal inquiry has been instituted,the PMO apologizes to the public for this lapse.”