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Scale of banking problem is just too monstrous, Modi cannot afford to remain 'nirav'

Budget 2018-19 is more a manifesto for the 2019 elections than a budget for the next fiscal

Asset recovery is more important than finding and arresting the bank scam accused

SC's Cauvery verdict points to new directions but will face tough challenge in lean rainfall years

For better sense

Nitin Gadkari,a surprise choice pushed for BJP president,started his stewardship with a song and dance drama…

Sectors apart

Why education is succeeding,and health failing…

The difference a year makes

UPA-II is struggling to regain a sense of cohesion…

How Punjab was won

While language as the basis for redrawing India’s political map was accepted generally — even if it was enforced belatedly…

Caste in doubt

When the best minds of a society begin to substitute argument by fear,it reflects a larger crisis. This was my first reaction after reading Pratap Mehta’s article…

Lost in Athens,felt in Berlin

By the time I got there,the fire at the Marfin Egnatia Bank on Stadiou Street had been extinguished,but the smell of the…

Tearing through prejudice

Stray comments are often played up to reinforce stereotypes against Muslims…

Big Apple to Steve’s Apple

Walking up 72nd Street and Central Park West in New York’s Manhattan,I’ve always been impressed by the Dakota,built in 1884,where the figure of a Dakota Indian keeps watch. Its high gables,deep roofs,profusion of dormers,terracotta panels,niches and balconies give it a German Renaissance character,yet it’s influenced by French architectural trends. Rich and famous artists have lived […]

Peasants and priests cannot make laws

Any country that allows its laws and social customs to be dictated (or defied) by peasants and half-literate priests deserves to be called primitive.

Two to Tango

The five days after polls closed on May 6 in the UK proved to be not only exciting but also quite revolutionary….

Homage to a Maha Gyani

The demise last week of Acharya Mahapragya,the legendary Jain spiritual leader,received paltry and perfunctory coverage in our mass media….

IB in his blood

As long as he was the National Security Adviser (NSA),MK Narayanan,who has been IB chief under four prime ministers,made sure that our internal security agency was kept on its toes….


Sounds like Delhi traffic….

Backing khaps?

It is really astonishing that khap panchayats,which encourage honour killings,are getting support from the Congress MP from Kurukshetra,Naveen Jindal….

Digging in

New mining regulations must channel benefits to local communities….

The curious case of Jairam Ramesh

In order to understand why the now under fire Jairam Ramesh is so often a figure of controversy,one has to only analyse the larger context of his politics…..

How TV failed to watch itself

The broadcast industry blames audience research agencies now,but the whole system was geared to their convenience….

Good morning,and good luck

Things are beginning afresh in Britain,but Clegg and Cameron have difficult economic burdens to shoulder….

Hyderabad blues

During a visit to PPP’s traditional pocketborough of Hyderabad last week,Pakistan’s PM Yousaf Raza Gilani announced the city’s old administrative status would be restored….

Confronting caste,demanding a census

Looking away from the real numbers only perpetuates oppressive power relations….

The advantage of being Viswanathan Anand

The Sofia match was a dramatic war of wills between two entirely dissimilar players….

Caste tools

With a political leadership that believes more in vested interests than principles and ideals,the casteism at the official level (census) will only strengthen…

Let them have the past

When did we start weighing modernity against popular support?

The mother of hung parliaments?

For all the current fuss,Britain is historically familiar with election turmoil….

Trai and try again

Trai’s recommendations attempt to correct past errors.

Right to remain constitutional

After the Times Square scare,the US administration is mulling an exception to Miranda rules….

Head in sand?

A census is the process of recording facts as they exist. This record is used for various purposes,planning being one of them. That caste exists in our country is a fact….

Caribbean lesson

Why IPL heroes failed the world-class test…

Partying shots

For its government’s sake,the Congress needs to create space to debate policy internally…

Interrogating the caste census

Indians who reject caste must stand up and be counted….

Making a song and dance

Reality TV continues to hold India in thrall….

Look inside the gift horse

Greece’s trillion dollar bailout comes with strings attached….

From sticks to carrots

Karzai is being feted by the US this week. Will it help?….

Gadkari’s vision

The recent issues of Organiser and Panchajanya,the RSS organs in English and Hindi respectively,have detailed interviews with BJP president Nitin Gadkari as the cover feature….

My caste and I

The decision to,in principle,enumerate caste in the Census is a monumental travesty.

The hands that fed them

Khalid Khawaja,a former air force officer and known sympathiser of the Taliban,was killed by a group of Punjabi sectarian terrorists on April 30.