Lotika Varadarajan used oral history, archival sources to trace journeys of objects

Public health and education programmes are the best way to tackle India’s hunger problem

Linking demonetisation with job losses is simplistic and naive

Trump Pak tweet is no U-turn, notes it is watching

UP’s predictable unpredictability

There was a half-page advertisement celebrating Rahul Gandhi’s success in UP (a specific reference to Firozabad,where Raj Babbar defeated…

Terror out,China in

One year in,it seemed obvious what would define this decade. After 9/11,everyone could see that we were living in the age of terror.

Relationship advice

In a bit of uncharacteristic hyperbole on the eve of his 2005 meeting with President Bush,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh declared…

The decade with no name

There are 45 days left in 2009,which means it is just about time to commence the beloved and enduring parlour game known as “Name That Decade.”

No Phyan,Great Gyaan

Count your liver(s),watch the birds….

News on sale? That’s nauseous

Democracy lovers,wake up. What you and I value highly is being increasingly devalued. What you and I cherish and pride in is endangered….

Manu’s parole shames us all

How fortunate for us that Manu Sharma cannot stay away from bars. And,bar brawls. Were it not for this inexplicable lure of Delhi’s nightlife,this murderer would have probably used his undeserved parole to disappear,with the help of Daddy’s money,to some sunny spot for shady people and live happily ever after. Ever since he was arrested […]

Remembering the brave

November in London is the month of remembering the millions who died in the two world wars and the many since. There is Rememberance Sunday and on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11 a.m. there is a two-minute silence on Armistice Day. All Europe observes some ritual or other. All government and […]

Foggy aesthetics

To look alike is a major crisis,especially when people have money. For industry,differentiation in deliverables is essential to increase net worth….

Serpentine intervention

The political buzz in Karnataka is that the temporary patch up between Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa and the Bellary brothers was brought about not by the BJP high command in Delhi….

India,US and Burma’s Unity

For years now Delhi had cautioned Washington against the policy of isolating Burma.

Looking back

The fall of the Berlin Wall is history’s most dramatic and poignant act of a spontaneous surge by the people. The will of the people united East and West Germany….

Obama’s Burma moment

It is time to rethink engagement with the junta…

Our faff-Pak policy

Gloating over every terror attack in Pakistan and outsourcing our future to the Americans is delusional

Reassessing Nehru

As a prime minister,Nehru remains unsurpassed. As a foreign minister,his record is mixed.

The futility of a caste census

‘What is your caste’ is a complicated question,and a census can never address its ambiguities….

I,Robot. You,human target.

America’s army increasingly relies on remote drone warfare

Radioactive reporting

A register of reports and views from the Pakistan press….

Pressing the PM

On the eve of Jawaharlal Nehru’s 45th death anniversary I feel impelled to write about his celebrated press conferences,usually held…

The rift deepens

The United Nations has a substantial presence in Nepal. However,the UN Mission to Nepal (UNMIN) that has been here for the last three…

How to be a wartime president

Hamid Karzai begins another term as Afghanistan’s president with a long to-do list. The Obama administration has made clear to him that…

Fox knows many things

Megan Fox is a fox. And not just in the way you might think if you’ve seen her in a tiny bikini in a men’s magazine or leaning over the hood…

Makeover needed

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat’s assertion that the next BJP president should not be Delhi-based is not a well-thought out idea (‘Time for a split’,IE,November 10)…..

A friendly southern face

India’s strategic partnership with Australia will depend on public diplomacy….

Maps for lost parties

Why this schizophrenic response to the Left’s poll reversals?

Debating dialogue

The farce seen at the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha is not a new episode in Indian politics (‘In denial’,IE,November 11). We have seen previous instances of indecency in Parliament House…..

Musharraf’s successor

A short history of Asif Ali Zardari’s miscalculations…

What’s in an oath?

Linguistic choice is our constitutional right. No hoodlum can take that away….

A cold wind

Explaining the Obama administration’s lens on India….

Helping Brazil help us

Saving the rainforests will eliminate 17 per cent of global emissions. What’s stopping us?…

Taking Naxalites head-on

The editorial in the latest issue of the RSS journal Organiser titled “Maoists are Killers,Terrorists. Gun Them Down” says: “The Naxalites themselves have declared a ‘war on the state’….

Hogging space

As China celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force last week,the prospect of a Sino-US arms race in outer space no longer seems remote. In an interview published in the People’s Liberation Army Daily on November 2,a top Air Force commander Gen. Xu Qiliang had declared that the […]

On Ignoring the Economics Nobel

India’s transition to a market economy in the late ’80s and early ’90s was commented upon in the writings of gurus like Wade,Taylor and the literature on strategic policy models like in Stopford’s Carnegie Mellon paper.

Bending the Arc of Crisis

As Prime Minister Manmohan Singh heads to Washington later this month,the deepening regional crisis in Afghanistan…

The roads to revolution

I was 11 when the Wall fell. In school in Bombay,we played Russian versus American. (The Russian planes invariably lost,developing horrific…

Lost in translation

This refers to ‘Raj’s men bring street violence to the House’. That an elected member of the House was not only prevented…