Is statistical and meteorological data pandering to the establishment?

Citizen action on rejuvenation of water bodies is gathering momentum in Bengaluru

Panchayati raj at 25: Every state is progressing, some at snail’s pace, others leapfrogging

Death penalty for sexual offences against children is misconceived

GST introduction will reduce costs, lower prices: Walmart CEO

A time bound introduction of the GST will surely help in building an integrated national market for goods and services and will reduce the cost of doing business.

The absence of trust

How it’s taking a toll in Pakistan.

BRICS of a new world

The Fortaleza summit should address the undermining of the multilateral trading system.

Loss and its side-effects

There’s something timeless about a story of death catching up with battling-with-big-C lovers.

A leadership moment

At BRICS summit, a chance for India to start on a path that leads to the UNSC.

Semblance of a strategy

It is hard to see a unifying theme among scattered interventions.

Continuity and some change

Like a UPA budget from happier days.

Plumbing over poetry

Budget makes downpayments on fixing India’s five geographies of jobs.

From hope to reality

If the presentation of the budget were better, most experts would not be missing the big ideas for the small trees.

A pragmatic growth-oriented Budget

The emphasis on infrastructure will spur the economy.

Tech power has been well recognised

Focus on MSME segment and technology use in SMB is a welcome step.

A Budget that seeks to fulfil the electoral mandate for Mr Modi

There cannot be sustained manufacturing growth and economic justice to the poor, unless a government exercises fiscal prudence, and controls inflation.

Push for power sector and clean generation

The finance minister has also given a lot of clarity especially in the case of treatment in the case of FDI.

Towards fiscal responsibility, development

A significant budgetary allocation has been given to the development of the border areas and the Northeast as well.

Bracing the economy for resurgence, without stoking inflation flames

The revival of the investment and business sentiments holds the key to stimulating the GDP growth.

Making fervent push for balanced growth

Budget rightly focuses on jumpstarting investments by focusing on infrastructure and manufacturing revival.

Focus on education and skill development praiseworthy

This Budget seems to have put on increasing investments in agriculture and improving agriculture productivity.

The storyteller of India

New work on constitutional law is indebted to Granville Austin.

Building half-bridges

Government doesn’t get it. Problem is not decision making, but state capacity.

For better or verse

The Modi government’s first budget has no time for literary flourish.