Panchayati raj at 25: Every state is progressing, some at snail’s pace, others leapfrogging

Is statistical and meteorological data pandering to the establishment?

Citizen action on rejuvenation of water bodies is gathering momentum in Bengaluru

Death penalty for sexual offences against children is misconceived

Revisit and review

2013 law freezes land acquisition by imposing lengthy procedures and high costs.

The real disaster: price of urban land

2013 law expanded rights of losers of livelihood and land, but failed to recognise economics of land.

Letters to the editor

hough strong relations with the US are certainly important, they cannot come at the cost of food security for our poor.

Get on the job

Proposed labour law changes are a good start. Now build on it

Give 2013 law a fair chance

For the first time, the interests of farmers, livelihood losers and SC/ST communities have been given high priority.

The non-solutions

Technological fixes will not make government more collaborative, or parties more democratic.

Laughing out loud

Turkish women are protesting against their government. And it’s not really funny.

A right to anonymity

France’s burqa ban stokes a debate on rights and duties in the modern state.

Ten years 25 miles later

Nasa’s Mars rover Opportunity is breaking new ground.

Terror connection

Pakistan plays a role in the story of ISIS founder Abu Musaab al Zarqawi.

Lifting the cloud

At Glasgow, India’s weightlifters have come back into the game.

Say yes to trials

Because the GM question demands evidence-based policymaking, not corporate shills or NGO prejudices.

His Washington test

If Modi gets the world’s biggest power right, his pursuit of larger global goals will be that much easier.

Suffocating together, inside the bubble

Israelis and Palestinians must stop circling the grindstone of violence, remember the future

The real threat to WTO

…isn’t India. It is miscast in the role of spoiler.

In the name of India, why?

Modi-led BJP is pursuing an illogical and regressive anti-trade-facilitation stance at the WTO.

A letter to a friend in Gaza

Our demand to demilitarise the Strip is not only for Israelis; it’s also for you, Fathi. We prefer happy neighbours to suffering neighbours.

View from the left: RSS and Palestine

BJP argument that solidarity with Palestine is tantamount to ‘appeasement’ of Muslims in India” makes it worse.

For schools to be safe

They must follow some protective protocols that are standard and mandatory.

How to be smart

It is important to look at what went wrong with the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.