Rajasthan hacking: No country for Afrazul

The people of Nepal now await development and stability

New Delhi’s engagement with several nations signals a maturing of foreign policy

Why is PM Narendra Modi obsessed with Muslims?

Summons to Modi

The developments connected with the reported summons to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi issued by the Special Investigating Team (SIT) regarding the Gulberg Society massacre has been the subject of much discussion….

New core issue?

After the fiasco at Sharm-el Sheikh,where Pakistan was allowed to slyly add Balochistan to the list of core issues….

Crossing the green line

Did Israel go too far for an America that is changing?

The last of the three

To understand Kanu Sanyal,understand the complexities of the Naxal movement….

Numbering the young and work-hungry

Asian Paints is setting up a unit in my constituency at Rohtak. How do I keep track of their progress? Well,in the last few weeks…

All Shah Rukh,all the time

It used to be all about loving your family. At the movies,in TV serials,in Indian parampara. Now,it’s all about being a superstar.

View from the RIGHT

The editorial in the latest issue of Organiser,the RSS mouthpiece in English,talks about the recent communal clashes at Bareilly…

Hail the conquering professor

The Democrats were walking around in a state of shock.
Holy cow,they were saying to themselves.

Show us the money

The real civil nuclear liability: we are not being compensated for having the wrong debate. Why the Nuclear Liability Bill is not a conspiracy against Indian…

The Bareilly factor

Bareilly’s history of communal harmony means the recent riots have been an anomaly. It shows,however,that while Muslims project themselves…

Water facts

Ramaswamy Iyer has painted a one-sided picture of the water issue between India and Pakistan.

The marketplace of ideas

In 1915 in a village named Ooruttambalam in Kerala,the great Dalit revolutionary Ayyankali took a Pulaya untouchable girl for admission into a Malayalam school.

Chinese takeaway

While the leadership of Pakistan’s security establishment is in Washington this week for a strategic dialogue,Afghan President Hamid Karzai has traveled to Beijing to seek Chinese…

Iran’s exiles

First Negar Azizmoradi contacted me and then I read about Mohammed Reza Heydari: two Iranians,two exiles,one truth of a people defrauded and denied.

View from the LEFT

At a time of controversy over Narendra Modi being summoned by the Special Investigation Team,the comrades have questioned the credibility of the…

Why LSD is a game changing film

Once in a while comes a film that proves to be a game-changer. This week’s release,Love Sex Aur Dhokha (LSD) is one.

The general’s DC wishlist

As General Ashfaq Kayani arrives in Washington this week to lead what has been billed as a comprehensive strategic dialogue with the United States…

Auto-meters for the people

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s promise to scrap autorickshaws — because autowallahs “harass” passengers and many ply…

Why engage?

Shekhar Gupta,in ‘Pak daydream,wake-up call’,has correctly diagnosed Pakistan’s periodic “madness” in believing that it’s in a “winning” position against India,at a given time.

Fear strikes out

The day before the health care vote,President Obama gave an unscripted talk to House Democrats. Near the end,he spoke about why…

What water wars?

Pakistan,for reasons of its own,has decided to raise water as a major new issue with India. This is an ominous development,perhaps the most ominous…

Visions of revolution

Bhagat Singh continues to be idolised by millions even today,79 years after he was hanged on March 23,1931 at Lahore.

Where the machine stops

Everybody has his own tale of terrible translation to tell — an incomprehensible restaurant menu in Croatia,a comically illiterate warning sign on a French beach.

Notes & votes

The editorial ‘Mayawati muchness’clearly shows that,in our country,only two key words matter: “notes” and “votes”.

Maps in our minds

Consider three images. The first: of the Karnataka assembly,in chaos on Thursday as the state’s chief minister responds to allegations that the state is near bankrupt…

Replacing the PDS

The debates about the Right to Food Bill are essentially about the scope of the PDS and not its form.

When Korea invaded Korea

Sixty years on,I vividly remember the headline in one of the only three English language newspapers published in Delhi then.

America’s real dream team

Went to a big Washington dinner last week. You know the kind: Large hall; black ties; long dresses. But this was no ordinary dinner.

The centre that could not hold

One incident that G.P. Koirala’s friends and family often relate is how he broke a tricycle his parents had bought for him as a child.

The worth of water

Today,in commemoration of World Water Day,people all over the world are joining together to raise awareness about the importance of one of the most basic…

Leading by example

If the Women’s Reservation Bill becomes law,then 181 out of 543 national legislators and 1370 out the 4109 state legislators will be women,significantly altering the (paltry) number of elected women in the world.

View from the RIGHT

The RSS organ Organiser has come out with a special new-year issue. The editorial says that the ordinary Indian “feels let down by the political class”.

Hygiene begins at home

For a man,Arunachalam Muruganantham did the atypical. In a country where males balk at the very words “feminine hygiene”,the 47-year old rural…

Settling scores

So,Barack Obama can lose his temper without a teleprompter. And we have the supremely aggravating Bibi Netanyahu to thank for that.

Kerchiefs and colours

You don’t have to be Acharya Indu Prakash (Bhavishyavani,India TV) to have foreseen the compromise struck between the IPL and TV news…

MPs in chains

The women’s bill will further disempower MPs and parliamentary debate….