A tryst with destination tax

We are inheritors of a sound economy, on the verge of higher growth, and we have to live up to the high standard of a few years ago. We cannot encourage high tax rates or high handed tax administration, for no nation can have a vibrant economy whose tax laws and tax administration are narrow in thought or application.

Is there a government in Kashmir?

Never before has a senior police officer been beaten to death in the way that Deputy Superintendent of Police Mohammed Ayub Pandith was outside Srinagar’s most important mosque last week. It really is time for Jammu Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti to be sacked.

Inside track: Cleared in two minutes

BJP president Amit Shah was convinced of Ram Nath Kovind’s suitability for the post from the beginning. Ram Nath Kovind’s name was not opposed or even debated by anybody at the BJP’s parliamentary board. The motion was proposed by Shah and passed in two minutes.

An incomplete poem

It was the time when ULFA was emerging; a difficult period. The people of Assam were living amid fire. Soon after, the process of surrenders began. Those who had surrendered came to be known as SULFA (S for surrendered).


British Prime Minister Theresa May called an election she did not need in order to enhance her majority. The Labour party saw a chance to endure a massive defeat and replace Jeremy Corbyn. (Party leaders get blamed and resign for losing elections unlike Rahul Gandhi).

Late,very late

The editorial said almost everything that needed to be said about the Liberhan Commission and its delayed report.

On freedom’s avenue

The historic judgment reading down Section 377 in the Delhi high court on Thursday chose its words very carefully.

An artist never gets his due

It was 1947,the year of India’s Independence. I was in my second year at the JJ School of Art,Mumbai,when a wiry bespectacled young man was introduced to me by Dean Palsikar. It was Tyeb Mehta.

There’s more to life than GDP

In many spheres,technologies that can affect major savings are already at hand. The Integrated Energy Policy…

While waiting for Big B or small b

As the Delhi High Court handed down its Section 377 verdict I knew three things were important.


While the global trend is to optimally utilise water transport,there’s little awareness…

Remember the rural-urban

There are unsaid strengths to the recent packages of reform announced by UPA-II. The acceptance in the president’s speech that the growth rate…

It’s about all of us

There come moments in the life of a nation when it has to confront its deepest prejudices and fears in the mirror of its constitutional morality.

Educating the educators

Madhav Chavan in his article on reforming primary education (‘Wiping the slate clean’,IE,June 25) has asked the government….

The diary that documented evil

The dairy that Anne Frank wrote as a teenager in a cramped Amsterdam attic lives in the hearts of readers across the world.

Red terror

The editorial in the latest issue of Organiser titled ‘Maoists and Marxists; the terror link’ says: “Home Ministry….

Changing course on climate

The official position that has been articulated on behalf of India at various international fora is built around the….

No objection certificate

Barely a few days ago,Law Minister Veerappa Moily made noises about the repeal of IPC Section 377.

Death by delay

The editorial ‘Self-indicted’ (IE,July 1) on the Liberhan Commission was forthright and impressive…

Errors of commission

The Liberhan Commission was constituted on December 16,1992 to probe the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya.

The middle-income trap

Can India achieve prosperity in a generation? Analysis for the Emerging Markets Forum,held in Mumbai last week…

Shades of red in Lalgarh

I had traveled from Thiruvananthapuram to Kolkata to meet CPI(M-L) leader Charu Majumdar in 1970.

First tasks

It’s good to know that India is trying to reopen the Stilwell Road…

On a different track

Imagining Mamata Banerjee’s Railway
Budget,to be presented in Parliament this week…

Reigniting the embers

Reform and disinvestment of Coal India must happen soon…

Who’s afraid of an FIR?

What Shopian and Shiney tell us about our rape laws…

View from the LEFT

The CPI(M) had contested in two Lok Sabha seats in Maharashtra and in both…

Now the G-3

If you haven’t had your fill of strategic triads and political quads,here is the latest offering…

The Russians were coming

In the late-eighties Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi met Gorbachev & it was decided that Indo-Soviet trade would be doubled.

A tribute to anil wilson,1947-2009

My friend Anil Wilson lost his battle to pancreatic cancer last week.

The inscrutable Indians

When it comes to introspecting on our own behaviour towards foreigners,we tend to turn a blind eye.

From MJ to Maniben

We first watched MJ on videotape. It was the eighties,a one-channel,VCR India before satellites brought the entire world to the flat TV screen.

When will we end the budget hype?

Annual budget-making exercises are characterised by hype and media and other attention.

Reading rains

If the met department swings from hope to despair,sounding uncertain about the monsoons,it greatly inconveniences farmers…

Don’t ban it,question it

With the burqa back in the news,only one thing can be safely stated: the garment intended to render Muslim women…

Waking the Higher Ed Elephant

The enormous significance of the Nehruvian vision for higher education in India is now coming home to us,as India earns…

The art of peace

History may have passed Marx by but not his guru Hegel. The Hegelian dialectic remains a powerful tool to explain societal change.

Questions for Mr Sibal

There is considerable excitement at the prospect of reform initiated by the HRD Minister.

Trading across the Radcliffe and Durand lines

Few in New Delhi might have noticed a memorandum of understanding signed by the leaders of Pakistan and Afghanistan during early May in Washington about regional trade and transit.

Educating our ministers

‘It is also not practical to invite foreign universities here when our own universities are in bad shape.’

Make it simple

Kapil Sibal’s proposal to alter the structure of education through making…