Central bank should be more aggressive in cutting the repo rate

Is India on track or off the rails?

The Google memo that couldn’t

People’s real problems seldom make it to the evening gladiatorial contests

View from the LEFT

CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy splashed out on the Chinese revolution’s 60th anniversary. What stands out,however…

Technology is the easy part

What history tells us about the slow and cumbersome adoption of new energy systems….

How the pictures got smaller

Yesterday’s movie stars have moved to reality TV

Cities of difference

Slums are hives of small-scale industry,and pushing poor people to the peripheries is a bad idea

Lessons for Left

Communism has never owed loyalty to anything other than its ideology. To communists,pure nationalism has been an anathema….

Peeling the onion

Mumbai has not,thankfully,totally swallowed Bombay

More than numbers

The potential for spin-offs in the Unique ID project is being underestimated

China’s naval nationalism: Has A K Antony blinked?

Why is it all right for the Chinese Navy to operate in India’s backyard and wrong,from the perspective of our Ministry of Defence,for the Indian Navy to conduct naval exercises in China’s frontyard? As Beijing revels in its newly minted naval nationalism,New Delhi seems determined to curb the Indian Navy’s enthusiasm to raise the nation’s […]

Back on track

The economic indicators in ‘Recovery thickens’ (IE,September 26) reveal that the economy is back on track and the performance of key sectors — with 7.1 per cent output expansion of six core industries….

China’s Vision 2012

After the anniversary bash,the focus will be on political succession

Boardroom populists

From South Africa,another warning on how governments can wreck private business

Bollywood or Mollywood?

When I feel down and depressed,I turn to some book of poetry or philosophy to find solace and strength….

‘Gandhian’ field trips

Every Gandhi Jayanthi,I find myself wondering if I should add my two bits to the reams of commemorative comment that Gandhiji’s birthday inspires. Usually I resist the temptation….

Paying for our yesterdays

The recession has not gone away. The developed world is still bleeding. There has been a turnaround in output,which has stopped falling sharply….

Romancing the unpredictable

For foreign tourists,there’s exotic charm in India being unpredictable in multiple senses….

No monopoly friendship

DMK,which has a near-monopoly on TV channels in Tamil Nadu,is known to put pressure on the Centre not to issue licences to others….

Disarming rhetoric

As our China debate continues,we must thank Defence Minister A.K. Antony for injecting a new word into the argument — capabilities…

Lords of the rings

The announcement regarding who the winner of the Olympics sweepstakes 2016 would be was preceded by intense lobbying,by Chicago…

Moment of courage

Rukhsana Kausar should be congratulated for her courage. It should send a strong message to militant groups operating in Kashmir and elsewhere.

From Kabul to Colaba

Over the last few weeks,the gridlocked roads of Mumbai have occasionally been greeted by the rather incongruous sight of an Armoured Personnel Carrier…

Printline Pakistan

The much talked about meeting of foreign ministers of India and Pakistan along the sidelines of the UN General Assembly resulted in little progress.

Red October

The latest threat that Nepal faces is from Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda”,chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoists(CPN-M).


Imperialist-globalisation — I love this term. I love it even more when I hear it on news TV,because news TV panel discussions sometimes operate on a beautiful…

My comrade vs your comrade

China’s ruling class — communists who are celebrating 60 years of absolute power with a panache that comes from presiding over an almost superpower…

Acres of change

Kamal Nath,Union road transport and highways minister,has proposed that any land acquired by NHAI be returned to the original land…

Let it rise

It’s always interesting to try to determine the precise value of Indian currency that can be beneficial to both our importers and exporters.

Truth and dare

All human beings,however great,are children of their time,and have their cultural and personal limitations. Gandhi was no exception…

It’s a MAD MAD world

The International Commission on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament (ICNND) is holding its South Asia regional meeting in Delhi…

How Quattrocchi walked free

The manner in which investigations and prosecutions in the Bofors case were spectacularly bungled is proof enough that whoever took the Bofors money is supremely powerful.

Abatement costs

India’s per capita GHC emissions will be between 2.77 and 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2031-32,well below global averages.

Valuing the dollar

The weakening of the American dollar in international markets and stronger foreign capital flows to India in recent weeks suggest…

How to be happy

The book jacket of Eat,Pray,Love carries a quote by Julia Roberts saying it is the book she’s presenting all her girlfriends.

Staying on

This refers to ‘The Afghan Test’ by Pratap Bhanu Mehta. Afghan history suggests that lasting peace can be had in the region only through…

Draining the bowl

At Kingsmead in 2007,watching the Indian team prepare for the second Test after a miraculous win at Wanderers,it seemed like an odd time for Dilip Vengsarkar to bring up a young fast bowler from Delhi.

View from the RIGHT

The editorial in the latest issue of the Organiser,titled “Under UPA,vote-bank dictates the course of law”,says: “One of the favourite…

‘Dharma is always at stake. Take Manmohan Singh’s Bhishma-like silence’

Corporate chieftain-turned-author Gurcharan Das,whose post-liberalisation book ‘India Unbound’ became a bestseller in a dozen languages…