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The jousting and collusion of prayer and power in Pakistan

Medical legitimisation of prejudice was a major contributor to the stigma against homosexuality

How did Nirav Modi, Choksi and some rogue bankers take PNB for the mother of all rides?

GOBAR-Dhan initiative will aid Swachh Bharat, increase rural incomes

Gandhi in Gaza

The Palestinians are looking for their own Mahatma….

The Zap connect to profits

Last December I’d written about how India’s three generations: the Retro and Compromise generations seem to have connived with this country’s peculiar socio-eco-political circumstances to create Zap86….

The jihad comes to Kashmir

Not long ago in the lobby of the Oberoi Hotel in Delhi I ran into Yasin Malik. He was with his pretty Pakistani wife and they were off to dine in the Italian restaurant….

India’s Other

When CRPF personnel die in Gondwana,there is an outcry,but the resolve is that the Army will not be deployed….

Congress,BJP and Caste Census

Thank God,the Congress is divided over the inclusion of caste in Census 2011. Hail the failure of the Group of Ministers headed by Pranab Mukherjee to reach a conclusion last week on this politically myopic and socially divisive issue….

Common viewpoint

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and the RSS are on the same side of the fence….

Ways of protest

There are two ways to show the power of public protests. Courting arrest,picketing in front of government offices and leading public dissent in a peaceful manner lend credibility to strikes….

Paul’s unlikely choices

The spills and thrills of World Cup 2010….

With all due respect

The halo around the higher judiciary is dimming — and this is dangerous….

Aiming for the heart

In Data’s Lahore,coming to terms with the unthinkable….

Watching the watchdogs

NGOs are proliferating across India. How the RTI Act could help us — and them — ensure they’re accountable….

Book learnin’

The internet may not be making us stupid — but it is certainly making us worse students….

Word and action

A register of reports and views from the Pakistan press

Paul and I

A critical experiment on news TV….

Equality beyond identity

Time for the substantive debate on the Equal Opportunities Commission….

Price of a bandh

Industry chambers arrive quickly where economists fear to tread. Why?….

Good grief

This refers to the report “Comrade Hem’ was a just a scribe,say friends’ (IE,July 8). While the bereaved wife of Hem denies her husband had anything to do with the Maoists….

A battle with no fronts

Will the attacks on the shrine of Lahore’s patron saint be a game-changer in Pakistan’s irregular war?….

Words can also hurt me

The lessons from the McChrystal episode for India’s top brass: don’t pre-empt politicians,handle the media with care….

Not getting together

How Nepal’s Big Three parties don’t look like they can form a national government….

The other Israel

The most courageous and effective voices defending Palestinians are Israeli….

Stamp of confusion

There is a draft land titling bill,with many desirable features. Comments have been invited on the draft…

Higher and higher

The first step to reforming medical education: more seats for postgraduate,super-speciality degrees…

Set Goldman free

Let it go back to being a risk-taking securities firm,its fate determined by the market…

The wedding crashers

Firmly excluded from Dhoni’s big day,TV was left to guess and improvise…

Calming Kashmir

A fresh round of protests has erupted in the Kashmir valley. The situation is deteriorating by the day.

Viva Leander

The most admirable asset of a player is his/ her ability to win continuously.

Hostile to love

Our epics and films celebrate love,so why this spate of ‘honour killings’?…

Closed imaginations

A bandh is an outmoded tool of protest in our TV-saturated times…

India’s military assistance in the Indian Ocean

India’s latest move to subsidise the sale of an offshore patrol vessel to Mauritius is part of a tradition.

What the poor say

In his logical and engaging piece ‘Protest,softly’ Pratap B. Mehta makes two interesting points…

And the bandh plays on

Politicians must ask inconvenient questions,not inconvenience the people…

Speaking for the stray cats

Conservation is focused on reserves,ignoring tigers in surrounding areas…

One day at a time

Face the past,rather than yield to it. It could win you peace — and a World Cup or two

A universe of problems

Why making subsidised foodgrain available to all will devastate agriculture,our finances,and the PDS itself…

Son of India

In continuing to declare that he is a “Son of India”,the Dalai Lama draws the fury of the Chinese media.