U.R. Rao's work laid the foundation for India's satellite programme

Capping stent prices may affect indigenous research, innovation

Mithali's team stole not only hearts but eyeballs as well

More than the Doklam issue, Bhutan worried about hydropower deficits

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Triumph in Mosul

Iraq announces victory over IS in the city, but getting the country back on its feet will be hard. Bigger battles lie ahead.

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A Patriot And A Gentleman

Naresh Chandra underplayed his role in nuclear programme, economic liberalisation.

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Marriage made on earth

In the backdrop of the Israeli-Indian alliance are realities of occupation, suppression and misery.

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In the Valley, against the odds

In the first half of this year, the state lost 17 policemen as against 23 between September 2015 and August 2016 and 24 in the corresponding period in 2014-2015. The figures were 13 and 16 in 2012-2013 and in 2013-2014, respectively.

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The meaning of de-hyphenation

A hyphenated foreign policy, not just in West Asia, had handicapped India’s ability to forge pragmatic ties that help our national interests. The Modi government is making an important break from the past.

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Competing communalisms

Whenever Muslim localities and properties were attacked as revenge against some objectionable posts by some Muslims, or Muslims were targeted for allegedly carrying beef, public opinion generally decried such engineered violence.

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Gujarat’s tiny Jewish community has only symbolic importance for BJP

Well aware that the priority of Modi’s visit was purely business, the Jews in Gujarat said their long-pending demands — like protection of their monuments and declaring them as a minority community — continue to remain unaddressed.

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The politics of vendetta in the BJP

Whenever the political churning for Opposition unity gets momentum, the BJP machinery unleashes a campaign to malign the image of Opposition leaders. This is how the investigative agencies are being increasingly seen as a new instrument in the BJP’s politics, under the present leadership.

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As India-China standoff continues, absence of full-time Defence minister is glaring

India-China standoff: To the exclusion of its territorial disputes with India and Bhutan, China has settled all its other land boundary disputes. In contrast, it has resolved none of its maritime border disputes, with the honorable exception of the Gulf of Tonkin dispute with Vietnam.

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July 10, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Hostage trauma

West Bengal Chief Minister Jyoti Basu said in New Delhi that if the Janata government implemented the programmes listed in its election manifesto, “we will go along with them despite our differences”.

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Ripe for reform

Implementation of direct benefit transfer of fertiliser subsidy should not be delayed for too long

A double test

The onus is on the Mamata Banerjee government to restore peace in the Darjeeling hills and North 24 Parganas

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Smartness Isn’t Enough

The re-imagined city must also be climate resilient at its core

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Internal insecurity

Amid growing challenges within, India misses a modern security apparatus, strategic vision, long-term plan

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Next Door Nepal: A resurgent nationalism

Growing popularity of CPN-UML points to a new assertion.

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Law, morality, triple talaq

The issue is not whether triple talaq is an essential practice of Islam, but whether it is an essential practice of the Hanafi school.

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Seeds of a million tyrannies

The anti-minority violence in India is significant not principally because of its scale but because of the processes engendering it.

Out of my mind: Will it be war?

What happened then in the Fifties, and up to 1962 is well known. Despite the bravery of the Indian soldier who fought, though badly equipped, India was humiliated.

Gained in Translation: Alice in predator land

We thought that wild animals exist only in forests. No, we are wrong. Here they roam around in your civilised spaces

Inside Track: Who is the most democratic of them all?

Does the BJP really differ from these family-run parties? The answer is both yes and no. Instead of one family, it is the Sangh Parivar which has the final say.

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Fifth column: Wisdom in a dark time

Almost no country needs to be more worried about jihadist Islam spreading than India, where more Muslims live than anywhere else, except Indonesia.

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Across the aisle: ‘Shall not let anyone eat’

The popular belief is that the BJP is pulling the strings that hold the four factions (of the AIADMK). It could be part of the BJP’s political strategy to carve out a space for itself in Tamil Nadu politics.

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Inside the mind of the Indian Muslim

Cornered and demonised, the Indian Muslim struggles between fear and hope. The Indian Muslim is dealing with a silent, undeclared psychological war that the State has unleashed on it.

A Tangled Web in the Himalayas

China is signalling it is ready to throw down the gauntlet and unwilling to countenance India as a determining factor in Bhutan’s external relations

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Gorkhaland agitation needs a trustworthy face to take the movement forward

When the earthquake hit the hills in 2013, Gurung visited my house and that of many others but the fund promised never arrived. A year later, my father rebuilt the damaged part of the house with his own money. Many others who could not afford to do so, continue to live in damaged homes.

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A spurious link

Structural issues and unscrupulous middlemen — not demonetisation — are responsible for farmers’ plight

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Fading order

A new cast is transforming Malayalam cinema. It is no more a man’s world

Outreach that escaped scrutiny

Until the death of Burhan Wani, Kashmir’s new militancy on social media was little understood by the establishment, intelligence agencies and media

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Off Track

UP’s cycle tracks may be ill-planned, but they should be revamped, not dismantled

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Teething troubles

GST rollout is a learning process, implementation holds the key to its success

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Forty Years Ago, July 8, 1977: Reddy For President

Most opposition parties, including the Congress, have conveyed their acceptance to the ruling party’s proposal to sponsor the Lok Sabha speaker for presidential election slated to take place on August 6

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Cross-border Philanthropy

An Indian diplomat who offered to fund his alma mater in Lahore

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The fires of Bengal

But it will take an act of imaginative statesmanship to make sure that the fires of Baduria and Basirhat do not become the inferno of Bengal.

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West Bengal is bullying a small Himalayan state

Sikkim is sandwiched between Tibet, which has flared up on the one hand, and the active non-cooperation of the West Bengal authorities on the other.

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When the nation is charged up, for vengeance

Cow vigilantes and self-proclaimed ghazis don’t need state legitimacy to carry out the violent actions that they engage in. The problem starts when the state itself remains silent against such heinous crimes

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Why is vegetarianism in India linked to purity?

Purity, pollution, authority, and tradition were found to be the chief concerns of Indian vegetarians, as per a 2013 study, as opposed to universalism, animal and environmental welfare which concern vegetarians elsewhere.