As old ideological divisions break down at UN, Delhi must promote practical solutions to global challenges

Civilian officialdom acts as a check and balance in the ministry of defence

Inflation is down by 700 bp since 2013, policy rates have declined by 200bp; and you are still wondering why GDP growth is slow?

Issues of uniformed women in jail administration require urgent attention

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Feminism in the classroom

Socialisation into patriarchy begins early in life. The necessity of mutual respect and gender equality must be taught in schools.

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Over the barrel: Energy needs inspiration

Socio-political and economic realities do not favour the prospects of renewables. Policy-makers need to think out of the box.

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It’s lonely on the ground

RTI Act needs to be protected against attempts to dilute it. RTI activists must be made less vulnerable

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Taking Trump seriously

His plain-speaking with Pakistan may not have the desired results in Islamabad. His own unreliability makes matters worse

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An Embattled Idea Of Probity

RJD-led rally in Patna showcased a political ideal in need of rescue and rehabilitation

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Madam Raksha Mantri

Nirmala Sitharaman’s elevation is dramatic. But PM Modi’s third ministerial reshuffle sends out other interesting messages too

On the PM’s trail: Decoding the message behind Modi’s Cabinet reshuffle

Modi isn’t waiting for anyone in the BJP to breach the governance deficit that has been staring India in the face in recent months. He believes that former bureaucrats who have handled the ropes of governance for nearly 40 years of their lives can pull the government out of its present morass.

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Cabinet reshuffle 2017: Loyalty pays, while ex-bureaucrats get a toe-hold

The buzz is that Nirmala Sitharaman, elevated to Cabinet rank, could be BJP’s face in Tamil Nadu, where the party is seriously trying to make inroads

Gained in Translation: Meeting people, not monuments

Two things are particularly important if you are meeting people: You should have sufficient time, and you should know local people… It can be extremely interesting to visit places and countries not usually frequented by people.

Out of my mind: Beware the Electorate

The Dera Sacha Sauda is a bigger problem for the BJP than it would be for other parties.

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Inside Track: Reshuffle jitters

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is wary of journalists. The moment he took over as PM, he stopped the media, other than Doordarshan, from accompanying him on his aircraft within India and abroad. Now that BJP nominee Ram Nath Kovind is President of India, the same rules apply.

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Fifth Column: New India needs new ideas

So if Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘New India’ is to ever materialise, he will need to first acknowledge that his chief ministers and his own ministers have not understood that a new kind of governance is the most essential ingredient of all.

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Across the aisle: Demonetisation, a proof of the pudding

Since demonetisation, quarterly growth (and hence annual growth) has settled at between 6 and 7%. The CSO numbers for Q1 of 2017-18 are worse: GDP 5.7%, GVA 5.6% and manufacturing GDP 1.2%. Is that not a catastrophic blow to the economy?

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Impact of demonetisation lingers on

The situation from the demand side is equally disturbing. GDP growth is on a secular declining path from October-December 2015. All components of final demand, whether private consumption, government consumption, investment and net exports, are on a declining trajectory

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Benazir Bhutto murdered again after 10 years

Musharraf was allowed to leave Pakistan again in 2016 by the Nawaz Sharif government and the PPP remained silent. The anti-terror court summoned Musharraf many times to appear but he never appeared

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Two wins

West Indies and Bangladesh give a glimpse of the magnificent possibilities of cricket

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Slowing down

GDP figures spell out government’s challenge: It must find ways to revive demand and investment

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Through New Eyes

India must carry to the BRICS summit the self-assurance and pragmatism that marked Delhi’s approach to Doklam

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Winning The Argument

As PCB chairman, Najam Sethi is making nationalists and opponents eat their words

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What not to learn from Doklam

India should not overestimate its own military strength, and the support of other powers, in a conflict with China

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What drowned Mumbai

Unreliability of IMD, lack of planning, absence of ecological sensitivity. A sensationalist TV didn’t help

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Counting every household in

Financial inclusion of the underprivileged is an article of faith for the NDA government

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Taxing the artisan

The voice of craftspeople must not be silenced in the transition to GST

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What is the allure of the Blue Whale Challenge for children?

The Blue Whale challenge which has claimed the lives of a number of children worldwide, is a game that preys upon young impressionable minds and eventually leads to their death.

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Mumbai swamp, comparing July 2005 to August 2017

Mumbai rains: Celebrated architect and visionary Charles Correa would often bring up the parable of a frog in water – if you drop a frog in hot water, it will immediately jump out. But if you drop it in tepid water and slowly raise the temperature, it will swim around unawares, adjusting itself to the heat till it dies…Will Mumbai ever be able to leap out of the boiling water?

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Doklam standoff: China’s understanding of India has increased

Undoubtedly the Doklam stand-off reflects a deep strategic mistrust between India and China and a lack of mutual understanding. However, against this backdrop, something positive is also happening

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The reckoning

Was the demonetisation disruption worth it? It’s a question for the government to answer

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The Big Lies

US conservatives made Trump denounce hate. RSS can learn from them

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Maximum pain

Objectives of demonetisation could have been served better by doing a cost benefit analysis

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Cat fights

Gujarat’s refusal to part with Gir lions is churlish. MP’s decision to introduce zoo-bred lions into forests is unwise

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Well begun

First steps to restructure army are welcome. Follow them up with reordering of higher defence management

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Telescope: One Baba, extra large

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh overshadowed the resolution at Doklam

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Letter to the Editor: Manage floods

The monsoon will always be sporadic. Leave alone big cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai, Assam, which faces flood almost on a yearly basis, has not found a mechanism to manage the floods and reduce the loss, both of human lives and public property.

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Forty Years Ago, September 1, 1977: Bhutto Arrest

Diplomats say General Zia-ul-Haque is weighing the pros and cons and only after he is satisfied that Bhutto’s arrest would not lead to further complications would he take the fateful step. Bhutto has warned that if he is arrested, the consequences for the country may be unpredictable.

How Gorakhpur was choked

The death of children in BRD Hospital was not just due to inadequate oxygen supply. It is also because of a system collapsing under severe financial strain

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An article of faith

Article 35A protects the unique identity of Dogras. Its repeal will test the relationship between J&K and the rest of the country