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Ancient regimes in India were far from democratic, had little place for other castes

Trudeau’s indulgence towards Sikh separatists threatens the bilateral relationship with India

Prasar Bharati Act vests authority, resources in the corporation. I&B ministry still owns all that it surveys

A multicultural world will be possible only by strengthening individual mother languages

Another UP official posts: Tiranga excuse, ‘bhagwa’ killed man
The WhatsApp conundrum

Its encryption protects the privacy of users but prevents action against those using it to spread fake news, rumours and communal tension

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Male Turbulence

The writing is on the wall for President Yameen. Even as India welcomes court order, it must not lose sight of longer view

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Sweet Victory

India’s Under-19 World Cup sweep showcases its preparedness to take on the future

Front page, indian express front page, indian express forty years agom, indian express on february 5, 1977, indian express
February 5, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Sri Lanka’s President

Front page of the Indian Express on February 5, 1977

Budget, Union budget 2018-19, election manifesto, general elections 2019, Lok Sabha elections, India express column
An Election Manifesto

Budget 2018 has tangible benefits for haves, impossible promises for have-nots

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On the Loose: Fake Jobs

(Not) getting paid to do what you love

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New era, old budget

The absence of energy from the finance minister’s script showcased a larger disconnect

A poverty of ideas

Budget 2018 was littered with promises, silent on resources. There was no boldness, little imagination

Gained in Translation: The forgotten past

Ancient dharma accepted inter-caste marriages. Society did not oppose the love marriages of youth. Today, the courts too do not oppose such marriages.

Arvind Subramanian, Chief Economic Adviser, Ministry of Finance, Economic Survey, Arun jaitley, finance minister, indian express
Across The Aisle: Good doctor, bad patient

Dr Arvind Subramanian has been a good doctor since his appointment as the CEA in October 2014. The NDA government has been a terrible patient. The uneasy relationship between a good doctor and a bad patient is best illustrated by the divergence between the Economic Survey (ES) and the Budget

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Inside Track: Flying too high

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee pointed out that her books had fared much better in sales without any self-publicity or gifting of free copies to fellow MPs.

Fifth Column: Broken promises
Fifth Column: Broken promises

This kind of desperate poverty exists in some measure in most states that the BJP has won since 2014. And, it was in the hope that things would change dramatically that BJP chief ministers won resounding victories.

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Out Of My Mind: All together now

Given our federal structure, the idea of holding elections simultaneously in the 29 states plus the Centre is impossible as of now. Some Constitutional amendments will be required.

PM Narendra Modi stressed emphasis on the TOP priority in agriculture--“tomato, onion, potato”--in poll-bound Karnataka
Relax, have a bamboo

The finest contribution of Arun Jaitley’s Budget is the fund of bamboo jokes it has generated

PM Narendra Modi stressed emphasis on the TOP priority in agriculture--“tomato, onion, potato”--in poll-bound Karnataka
A first step

Making SC roster public is welcome. CJI must take this further — questions related to powers of his office must be addressed

Cong won in every Assembly segment of Ajmer, Alwar Lok Sabha seats
Rajasthan cues

BJP stands warned after Gujarat and before 2019. Congress needs to build up from the states

CEC, Chief election commissioner, Congress, Indira Gandhi, Morarji Desai, Indian express fourty years ago
February 3, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Hand For Congress (I)

The CEC said he had recognised the Congress led by Indira Gandhi as a national party in the name and symbol of India National Congress (I or Indira) and with the hand as its symbol.

PNB Fraud: The Supreme Court of India refused to entertain the PIL seeking a probe.
A Court Of Equals

The chief justice must involve senior judges when sensitive cases are to be decided

The opaque 1%

More transparency is needed for Indian society to have an informed debate about rising inequality

My good friend Gautam

In his life and death, he was a mirror that reflected the restless energies of a period that dissipated over time

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The cost of mainstreaming

Protection and promotion of Hafiz Saeed is taking a toll on the rule of law in Pakistan

Union Budget 2018: Poor diagnosis, wrong medicine

The focus in the Union Budget on tertiary healthcare at the cost of primary and secondary healthcare is flawed. A publicly-financed health insurance scheme is no substitute

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on MSP in Union Budget 2018
Where’s the money, Mr Jaitley?

There are grand promises. But the actual increases in budgetary outlays are shockingly low.

Union Budget 2018: Five-lakh health cover for 10 crore poor, prescription awaited
Courage fails, rhetoric remains

Budget 2018-19 has the announcement, the jumla. It has no goal or focus.

Moving from jobs to wages

A budget that does not believe that in the long run we are all dead.

Rahul Gandhi gets a dressing down for a public display of affluence
Rahul Gandhi’s jacket row: All dressed up

Rahul Gandhi gets a dressing down for a public display of affluence. He’s at the receiving end of a tactic he’s deployed

Arun Jaitley presents Union Budget 2018 in Parliament
Most credible thing about Budget was government acknowledging its nervousness

Trying to be all things to all people, budget seeks to bluff its way on fundamental tensions in the economy

Forty years ago, the Express front page
February 2, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Parties And Tax

Here is what had happened forty years ago, have a look

Union Budget 2018: The right focus, a blurred vision

Budget 2018-19 falters in breaching deficit targets, not cutting corporate tax rates. There is lack of clarity on funding of flagship healthcare scheme, higher prices to farmers

Arun Jaitley presents Union Budget 2018 at the Parliament
Union Budget 2018: A Step Forward

Únion Budget 2018: Budget addresses the crises in agriculture. The devil is in the allocations

Budget, Union budget 2018-19, election manifesto, general elections 2019, Lok Sabha elections, India express column
Budget freebies for farmers clearly have elections in mind

Budget 2018: There is no change in the economic paradigm of this government. It continues to cater to corporate and big business interests. The primary source of revenue generation in this Budget remains the selling off of public sector undertakings.

Budget 2018, Union Budget 2018, Arun jaitley, narendra Modi, Modi government, NDA Budget, Parlaiment, Budget video
Modi’s Achhe Din still remains a mirage

A poor farmer would be right to ask why Mr Modi left him to fend for himself for all these years. Why has the promised transformation not come to rural India? Unsurprisingly, the BJP’s friends in the corporate sector should be pleased.

Budget 2018: Impetus for rural economy, MSMEs, but disinvestment targets conservative, says FICCI
Impetus for rural economy, MSMEs, but disinvestment targets conservative

FICCI on Budget 2018: With the markets giving a compounded return of 15-16% over the last 20 years, a tax impacting 1.5% return should not affect domestic investor appetite for equity investment.

Union Budget 2018: Five-lakh health cover for 10 crore poor, prescription awaited
Modi Healthcare will surpass Obamacare in Budget for New India

Budget 2018: . With this added health cover benefit, we can be truly proud of being a growing economy with concerns of the marginalized and the disadvantaged being well taken care of. In a way, this is a redistribution of wealth generated in favour of the poor and the impoverished.

Why we love to love Federer
Why we love to love Federer

Federer and Nadal appear to have cracked the code for the modern-day human ideal because they have found a rare equilibrium — between sophistication and savagery, self-love and empathy, ruthlessness and generosity.

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Same old Trump

Despite cosmetic attempts at a conciliatory tone, US president’s State of the Union address was in keeping with his story so far.