The march to spectacle

Army faces a tough mob in front of it. But it has more to fear from the mob behind it, egging it on

With The Long-Haired Boys

Lessons from the ’70s: How we tackled the food shortages

Redraw the line

Government, security agencies must urgently address questions raised by the Assam fake encounter probe

The supercop

K.P.S. Gill played a key role in carving Punjab's victory, though imperfect, against terrorism

Unimportance of triple talaq

A survey shows that it is numerically insignificant. The unusual attention that is being devoted to the practice is politically motivated and a waste of resources

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The art of curry diplomacy

But extravagant job-creation programmes in the US may not be the best use of Infosys’ scarce resources

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A Moment Of Reckoning

To preserve judiciary’s independence, appointment process must be transparent

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A new beginning

Friendly relations between Nagaland and Manipur could help transform the Northeast

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The foreign hand

UN special rapporteur’s intervention in the impeachment issue is uncalled for

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The good neighbour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Sri Lanka underlined civilisational ties, avoided contentious issues 

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Ball in the Supreme Court

Triple divorce is neither fundamental to Islam, nor is it sacramental. It can’t be an enforceable civil right

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Minority report for the BJP

Muslims are not a monolith. Recognising the status of Muslim communities, particularly at state level, as religious-cultural minorities, cannot be called appeasement

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OBOR issue: India’s balancing continues

The balancing act of handling the Chinese threat along with economic development goals is a leitmotif in the Indo-Chinese geopolitical landscape.

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Waiting for a new Murakami, in between dream and reality

As Haruki Murakami’s new short story collection, Men Without Women begins to hit bookshelves around the world, I, like many others, expect to be consumed by the familiar yet strange space between dreams and reality.

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In the wake of the Spring Thunder

Is the revolutionary movement capable of engaging with an India, a fast globalising world that is swinging to the Right?

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Inside Track: Cinematic licence

Producer-director Karan Johar’s autobiography An Unsuitable Boy, released earlier this year, has riled quite a few members of the extended Johar clan.

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Fifth Column: A media lynching

Arnab Goswami is breaking a journalistic rule that is definitely etched in stone.

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Across the aisle: That sinking feeling – 2

Secularism is derided. Liberalism is challenged. Dissent is sedition. Questioning the government (or the Army Chief or the RBI governor) is anti-national.

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Modi breaks new ground by meeting Indian Tamils in Sri Lanka

Modi, after participating in the UN Vesak Day celebrations in Colombo, also travelled to Dickoya in the island’s central hills, the tea country, where Tamil people of Indian origin are concentrated.

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Stop All The Clocks

Leila Seth wanted to be here, push back at the evil of the day, be part of the healing

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Criticism without aadhaar

The unique identification number empowers the people, not the state

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May 13, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Janata Truce Call

The appeal was made by the party president, Chandra Shekhar, and its general secretaries

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Commitment phobia

CPM and Congress ‘arrangement’ in Bengal is as exasperating as a millennial romance

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New Silk Road

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a marker of its vaulting ambition. India will need to reset and respond

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Let the farmer judge

The government should not allow a repeat of the Bt brinjal story in the case of GM mustard

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Letter to the Editor: Different conflicts

The Tamil issue was an ethnic crisis caused by majority oppression. But the Kashmir issue has been about separatism right from its inception.

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Where’s the evidence, minister?

Venkaiah Naidu’s attack on human rights activists ignores facts

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Sinners and criminals

The attempt to unseat Nawaz Sharif shows how Pakistan’s religious laws confuse piety with justice

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Over to the vigilante

Gau rakshaks ‘do the job’ for some state governments. By letting vigilantes harass the minorities openly, they keep majoritarian feelings satisfied

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RSS’ custom babies and Hindutva theory of Aryans as the ‘original Hindus’

A local myth suggests that German women traveled to India to be impregnated by the Aryan ‘seed’.

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Error of judgement

The selection process that led to Justice Karnan becoming a judge needs revisiting

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A Vesak Day wish for Kashmir

Let the land of Buddha’s birth not turn its back on his wisdom, even as it preaches it to others in Sri Lanka.

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Forty Years Ago, May 12, 1977: Trouble in Janata

A spokesperson said the CFD and the Socialist Party felt irked about “strong arms methods” and “designs to eliminate them”.

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While other world leaders shorten their fuses, South Korea’s new president stands out as the peacenik.

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Letter to the Editor: Party in crisis

The party is losing gradually losing ground and it will not be long before the voters teaches it another lesson.

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The Urdu Press: Corruption and AAP

AAP was the first political party that was neither formed on the basis of any ideology nor did take it the garb of any ‘ísm’.

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Cure lies elsewhere

Generic medicines can’t be the first, or only, step to reduce the cost of treatment

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Institutions, Trumped

US President’s disrespect for due process is on spectacular display in the sacking of the FBI director

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Opposition within

BSP’s expulsion of Naseemuddin Siddiqui signals a crisis for the Dalit party — and a syndrome in the non-BJP political space.

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Once upon a river

Ganga and Yamuna are legal persons now. What does this mean for these cesspools of pollutants, still revered by people, but which have lost any connect to their lived experiences?

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Conscience bruised? Sorry, Ummer Fayaz

Ummer Fayaz, a young man of 22 attending his cousin’s marriage was kidnapped and killed.