India must stay with Quad. It offers space for economic consolidation, strategic autonomy

Simultaneous elections proposal goes against basic principles of the Indian Constitution

Global Hunger Index offers a needed reality check for India’s big power aspirations

Digitisation provides an opportunity to strengthen industry-academia ties

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No moral halo

Demonetisation needs to be examined and debated, primarily and above all, for its economic merits and consequences.

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In good spirits

Illicit trade between Pakistan and North Korea posed a nuclear threat. Now, the danger flows from Chardonnay.

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Politicise the issue

As environmental problems visibly affect citizens every year, a window opens for mainstreaming green politics

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A responsibility to care

India must have a plan for looking after those stricken by Alzheimer’s, dementia.

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An idea dead & alive

Putin’s Russia ignores the centenary of the Russian Revolution. Xi Jinping’s China wants to keep its message alive.

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Economic Graffiti: Where India is ahead of China

India’s early investment in secularism, cultural openness, freedom of speech, which made the early years difficult for economic growth, is now in a position to pay off. But all forecasts come with caveats.

Maharashtra permits SEZ developer to build township on unused land
After DeMo, Maharashtra goes digital to bring rural transformation

“The digital process has helped to ascertain the credentials of each and every genuine farmer. The decision to credit the loan amount in farmers’ account has helped to plug the flaws in the system which were in existence for decades.”

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Will the twain of North & South Korea ever meet? Unlikely

At each of these Unification Centres we are shown short films — stark images of starving children, North Koreans crying and fanatically beating their chests at the demise of their Great Leaders, extreme poverty — a generally unhappy people.

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Cashing out

Take money out of people’s hands, and the world would be deprived of one of its most powerful idioms.

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Mary Kom

Her story isn’t just about conquering the peaks. It is about falling and then struggling back to the top of the game

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Stirring the plot

Kamal Haasan’s announcement of political intent, PM’s meeting with Karunanidhi, unsettle a complicated script

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November 9, 1977, Forty Years Ago; Lohia’s Death Probe

Narain said that judging from the report, the doctors who attended on Lohia and operated on him in 1967 were guilty of negligence.

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Not for the nation

Events prior to November 8, 2016, highlight the role of multinationals working behind the scenes in forcing digital transactions in India.

Minimum temperature dips in Punjab, Haryana
Telescope: The fog on screen

One year ago, it was on TV that the prime minister took us all by surprise.

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Growth minus development

Widening gender gap, rising malnutrition and hunger call for policy intervention.

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The fish, crocodile and note ban

Black money is not a stock, but a process. The voodoo economists of the Modi regime have scripted the collapse of demand, slide in growth, while black money remains undiminished.

Bipin Rawat omfuture warfare
General speaks too much

For his sake and ours, Army Chief Bipin Rawat should speak less in public.

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As Delhi Chokes, Do NOT Head for the Hills

When the relatively inaccessible Mount Everest is a rubbish dump, what chance do smaller hill stations have?

Demonetisation anniversary: The consequences of 8/11 and how it changed India

In my view the Prime Minister was chasing bigger game, both economically and politically. Inevitably, the two are intimately linked. Mr Modi’s underlying purpose is to signal a fundamental discontinuity in the prevailing economic ethos.

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Donald Trump had no comeback for the Japanese sensation with a limited vocabulary.

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A year after demonetisation, government must focus on the task of repairing and rebooting the economy.

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Choking on air

Smog over Delhi is yet another reminder of government failure to act before an emergency.

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November 8, 1977, Forty Years Ago; Rajasthan Excesses

Justice Shah, who grilled and Mukherjee for long time could hardly contain his amazement that the two of them could have equated “the august Mr Dhawan”, with the PM and Union government.

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Fiddling With The Violin

GST taxes it for being ‘Western’. But it is integral to India’s classical tradition

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Revolution that wasn’t

Demonetisation was part of a political imagination that is closer to a technocratic authoritarianism.

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View From The Right: Celebrating DeMo

An article in Organiser says that judging the PM’s move simply in terms of its effect on GDP and how much of that cash returned to the system will give us “misleading” results.

demonetistaion one year later, demonetisation, note ban, old notes, BJP, PM Modi
Pro-growth, pro-poor

By unearthing black money, demonetisation has widened the government’s revenue base, giving it more resources for welfare projects.

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No Proof Required: Demonetisation and its contents

It was about both politics and economics. It is an acknowledged political success and early ‘returns’ indicate an economic success story as well.

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Is AAP losing grip on Punjab as drug charges take their toll?

AAP’s national leaders had openly declared in the run-up to the Punjab assembly polls in February this year that they would throw SAD leader Bikram Singh Majithia in jail on drug smuggling charges. But now the shoe is on the other foot.

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Indian struggles in 1917: On the eve of the Russian Revolution

In India, too, 1917 was a curtain-raiser to events two years later that would mark the beginning of mass involvement in the movement for freedom. As Gandhi’s critic M N Roy acknowledged in his memoirs, Lenin looked upon Gandhi “as the inspirer and leader of a mass movement” and “a revolutionary”.

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On the move

Women’s hockey has the opportunity to make India’s presence felt against the top teams in the game

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An open question

High-profile arrests mirror the turbulence in Saudi Arabia. It remains to be seen if they will lead to reform

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Paradise challenge

Message for corporates, government: Secrecy has a cost, tax laws need to be simpler.

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November 7, 1977, Forty Years Ago; J&K Ordinance

The ordinance invests the government with powers to detain any person whose actions are regarded as prejudicial to the maintenance of supplies and services essential to the community.

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Cartoon-Mukt Tamil Nadu?

Politicians know the power of the visual. Hence, the arrest of cartoonist Bala

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Aiming high, looking far

Five ways in which demonetisation made India a better habitat for formal job creation