India must stay with Quad. It offers space for economic consolidation, strategic autonomy

Simultaneous elections proposal goes against basic principles of the Indian Constitution

Global Hunger Index offers a needed reality check for India’s big power aspirations

Digitisation provides an opportunity to strengthen industry-academia ties

Hafiz Saeed, Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed house arrest, pakistan terrorism, kashmir, indian express
A hazy policy

Part of Delhi’s pollution crisis: NGT, EPCA and Delhi government pulling in different directions

Hafiz Saeed, Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed house arrest, pakistan terrorism, kashmir, indian express
Trump is the light

At least for Philippines President Robert Duterte, who is living up to the title of ‘Trump of the East’

november 14 1977 indian express newspaper, old rare indian express newspaper, indian express
November 14, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Morarji’s Agri Speak

“Many of the industries would not be there without agriculture,” Prime Minister Morarji Desai said at the inauguration of AGRIEXPO 77 in Delhi.

Indian politics, politicaisn in india, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Hind Swaraj, secularism
The presence of Nehru’s absence

We have lost what made his ‘discovery’ possible — a spirit of nuanced dialogue, decolonised cosmopolitanism and cultural syncretism.

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US policies toward India and Asia need strategic coherence

To meaningfully support a “free and open Indo-Pacific,” the Trump administration will have to be creative in building broad Asian partnerships, especially with its India policy

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First, a question

Philip Pullman’s books hold an important lesson — faith must not be blind.

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Crisis is in the air

Delhi has become world’s air pollution outcaste. Its decision-makers haven’t understood the consequences.

nepal, nepal elections, nepal election panel, nepal protests, nepal constitution, communist party of nepal, pushpa kamal dahal, kp oli
Next Door Nepal: Limits of democracy

Elections are no guarantee of an end to the prevailing political uncertainty.

madrasas, Narendra Modi, Madrasa education, modernism of madarsa, Gujarat elections
Gujarat model for madrasas

Lack of education is a pressing problem in the Muslim community. The PM, ever since his stint as Gujarat CM, has sought to address the issue.

jayaprakash narayan, janata party, farmers, tamil nadu cyclone 1977, november 13 1977 newspaper, old rare indian express newspapers, indian express
November 13, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Jayaprakash Narayan for small states

November 13, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Jayaprakash Narayan favoured the formation of small states and suggested that a beginning might be made with Bihar being split into north and south Bihar.

Delhi pollution, Delhi pollution levels, Delhi smog, air quality index, Delhi air quality measures, Elphinstone Road Railway Station, Elphinstone station tragedy
City in search of an idea

Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Chennai frame the failures of conventional thinking on urban issues. The choices are many, but they need to be made now, and by a single authority.

Hafiz Saeed, Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed house arrest, pakistan terrorism, kashmir, indian express
Delhi to Manila

Asia is poised at a critical economic and political moment. India will have to step up to it, redefine its role

Hafiz Saeed, Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed house arrest, pakistan terrorism, kashmir, indian express
Remaking GST

Centre and GST Council should work towards completing the rationalisation exercise to make it a good and simple tax

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US policies toward India and Asia need strategic coherence

To meaningfully support a “free and open Indo-Pacific,” the Trump administration will have to be creative in building broad Asian partnerships, especially with its India policy. We need all the allies we can muster.

Raga Durga, harmonium of German reeds, Gained in Translation, Manglesh Dabral, Indian Express
Gained in Translation: The remnants of a raga

When I arrived in Delhi, I suddenly felt that I have been banished from a raga. When I saw the last tree of my village diminishing away, the absence of that raga made its home within me.

Demonetisation, Demonetisation anniversary, RBI, Black Money, Corruption
Across the Aisle: Do good; else, do no harm

Demonetisation was a thoughtless and rash decision that turned out to be a colossal mistake and imposed a huge cost in terms of denting economic growth and heaping misery on millions of ordinary people.

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Fifth Column: Black or white, who cares

Some of us know where black money really exists in abundance. It oils the wheels of India’s election machinery.

Demonetisation, Demonetisation anniversary, Narendra Modi, BJP, NPA
Out of my Mind: Keep changing

The BJP should be proud that it has undertaken several policy initiatives which have begun to clear the decades of debris left from earlier economic policies.

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Inside Track: Hardik’s hubris

Hardik, who wants to have sole control over the Patel reservation campaign, is so self-important that he is unwilling to talk to anyone in the Congress other than Rahul.

Nitish Kumar, Farooq Abdullah, Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir, PoK, Kashmir, India news, indian express news
Cornered Nitish talks up reservation for national attention

All the BJP’s attention on Nitish Kumar has not lasted. As pragmatism returns to Patna, the BJP has started cold-shouldering him, if not snubbing him.

Afghanistan free from Pak with Chabahar port
At the heart of the Pakistan-Iran-India tango lies Chabahar

The operationalization of Chabahar port is significant because India has demonstrated its intention to play on the regional chessboard, even while it balances its own relations with the US and Iran. The old great game just got a new veneer

Indian Muslims must re-read Syed Ahmad Khan

Sir Syed’s legacy is so immense because he played a critical role, at a historic juncture, in the life of the Indian Muslim community. In the aftermath of the 1857 uprising, Muslims were disfranchised, thrown out of their homes in Shahjahanabad and generally looked upon with suspicion.

lynching, religious hate, caste bias, indian express opinion, indian express
Through a caravan, darkly

In its journey to the sites of lynchings across states, the Karwan-e-Mohabbat found a stark waning of compassion and solidarity

hindutva, left liberals, rss, indian express opinion, indian express
Hindutva and its naysayers

Rise of ‘left-liberals’, and their blind antipathy to the RSS, shines the light on the crisis in the communist and socialist parties

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Hear the General speak

Those maligning the army repeat the mistakes of the Nehruvian era

Swachh Bharat Mission, PM Modi, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and women,
Making a reconnection

Bandhan Express promises to bring neighbours closer together after a 52-year break. About time

Swachh Bharat Mission, PM Modi, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and women, open defecation, ODF status, india news, indian express
Singed by the sun

Allegations against state Congress leaders in Kerala’s solar scam will be probed. The law must take its course

Swachh Bharat Mission, PM Modi, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and women,
The witch-hunters

Police bumbling in Pradyuman murder case is no exception. It points to systemic failures

Trump wants China to put pressure on North Korea
Xi, Trump, Asian disorder

China’s rise and domestic turbulence in America have created an opportunity for India in Asia

Indian Express front page, Janata Party, Charan Singh, Emergency, Menachem Begin, Indian Express
Forty Years Ago, November 12, 1977: Consumption Curbs

Fairly stringent curbs on conspicuous consumption by the affluent sections of society are likely to be placed in the next budget. The suggestion reportedly came from Defence Minister Jagjivan Ram.

taliban, us air force, afghanistan, taliban drug labs, united states, middle east, opium, heroin labs, indian express
Who called in the drones?

Theories about Pakistan requesting US air strikes on its own territory may be true

Farooq Ahmad Dar, farooq Dar Kashmir, Kashmir human shield, jammu and kashmir, major gogoi, Indian army, india news, indian express news
Has Army ignored NHRC on Farooq Dar order?

It is not merely the J&K SHRC or its Chair, Justice Nazki that are being thwarted. If the promise of the Fundamental Rights chapter of the Indian Constitution has to have any meaning for the average Kashmiri, the state government in addition to complying with the SHRC, should also order prosecution of Major Gogoi under Section 3 of the Geneva Conventions Act, 1960

Russian revolution, indian national movement, october revolution, 100th anniversary october revolution, india and october revolution, world news, india news
The legacy of the Russian revolution on the Indian national movement

The leaders of the October Revolution were sympathetic to anti-colonial movements, with Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik party that led the Revolution, firmly asserting that support publicly in November 1917.

delhi pollution, air quality index, smog, toxic air, delhi air pollution, mexico city, world air quality index project, indian express
What Delhi hasn’t learned

Lessons from Mexico City: Series of steps needed to signal that life can’t go on as usual when air so toxic

Gorakhpur deaths, Gorakhpur tragedy, BRD hospital deaths, Gorakhpur hospital, indian express, india news
Paradise Papers, Gorakhpur

Revenue lost due to corporate tax avoidance could fund universal healthcare

israel bombs lebanon 1977, november 19 1977, rare indian express newspapers, 1977 indian express newspaper, urs investigation, morarji desai, indian express
November 10, 1977: Forty Years Ago

Israeli air raids ranged deep inside Lebanon and reports from Beirut said the known death toll neared 100.