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Ancient regimes in India were far from democratic, had little place for other castes

Trudeau’s indulgence towards Sikh separatists threatens the bilateral relationship with India

Prasar Bharati Act vests authority, resources in the corporation. I&B ministry still owns all that it surveys

A multicultural world will be possible only by strengthening individual mother languages

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
The gullible gannet

After a make-believe life of unbelievable loneliness, the last of the species on a New Zealand island has died alone

UP: Tension resurfaces in Kasganj as place of worship gate set afire, 2 cops suspended
The Urdu Press: The agony of Kasganj

Rashtriya Sahara’ s editorial on January 29 writes, “The incidents give rise to a question: Why did the police not take any effective action when these dangerous events started?”

Stock markets, volatility in stock markets, Global finance markets, domestic market policy, Indian market, Indian Express news
Plunging to reality

Global markets are finally reconciling themselves to the fact that the goldilocks story of 2017 was always too good to be true.

Who’s afraid of laughing women?

Renuka Chowdhury’s booming laughter enraged leaders in Parliament. That one merry female parliamentarian should be singled out for ridicule is not surprising.

With Khaleda in jail, Hasina becomes even stronger
With Khaleda in jail, Hasina becomes even stronger

Khaleda’s imprisonment is likely to inflame the infamous rivalry with her longtime opponent and prime minister Sheikh Hasina.

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Keep it simple

Centre’s helplessness over waste management is perplexing. Some cities have shown problem is not insurmountable

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
More than a repository

The museum needs a new address — to invite and engage, not just to showcase

Letter to the Editor: Graded premiums

The NHPS should be modeled around the Employee’s State Insurance Scheme of India, where a progressive premium could take care of indoor, outdoor and diagnostic services.

Narendra Modi, Modi Parliament, Congress, BJP, Modi attacks Congress, Rahul Gandhi, Modi in Parliament, Indian Express
TOP of the class

In Parliament and outside, the PM remains the consummate campaigner

Stock markets, volatility in stock markets, Global finance markets, domestic market policy, Indian market, Indian Express news
Behind the plunge

High volatility of stock markets is a response to global movements, domestic concerns over disruptions

Pesticide deaths, Pesticide risk regulation, Insecticides Act, 1986 Act, pesticide poisoning, mid-day meal contamination, school children pesticide deaths, indian express column
A crisis, an opportunity

A prescription-based system using mobile phones can curb pesticide-related deaths

Jammu and Kashmir uniform labour laws
J&K shows the way

State’s decision to evolve a uniform employment code is laudable. Done right, it could serve as an example for labour law reform across India

Indian Express front page, Indian Express forty years ago, Indian Express on February 8, 1977, Indian Express editorial, Indian Express
February 8, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Vajpayee in Pakistan

Front Page of The Indian Express on Februray 8, 1977

India Pakistan ceasefire violations along line of control
The unquiet front

Unless urgent steps are taken to control the violence along the LoC, the worrying link between escalation and ceasefire violations would become even more precarious in the days ahead

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Government’s turn

RBI’s stance is a recognition of challenges to growth. It is now for the government to counter the headwinds

National Health Insurance Scheme, Ayushman Bharat scheme, Health insurance for poor, Modi Health Budget, Arun Jaitley, Indian Express
Is Ayushman Bharat a game changer?

The NHPS is innovative and path-breaking in the history of public health in India, and may have a transformative impact if implemented in an effective and coordinated manner

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
The unjoined dots

In absence of good primary healthcare facilities, publicly-funded insurance scheme will only drain government resources

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Dishonorary degrees

Manner in which universities confer honorary degrees shows that the governing criterion is proximity to power

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Believing is seeing

Fringe groups do not see the films they demonise. They can’t have reality interfering with their business plans

Income tax in Union Budget 2018
Letter to the Editor: Regressive tax

The move to tax long-term capital gains will disrupt the transition in the saving habits of Indians. Demonetisation and the progressive lowering of interest rates of traditional instruments such as fixed deposits have led many to invest in shares and bonds.

kasganj violence, up communal clash, kasganj latest news, uttar pradesh, curfew, indian express
View From The Right: Focus on Kasganj

Organiser and Panchjanya have editorials and reports on the recent violence in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh.

indian express front page, Indian express forty years ago, Indian express on February 7, 1977, Indian express editorial
February 7, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Zia meets Vajpayee

Front page of The Indian Express on February 7, 1977.

Death of a policeman

The suicide of an officer in Punjab may have a back story: It speaks of the decay in law enforcement

What urban waste has to do with global warming

Recycling, composting and biomethanation will not only make landfills unnecessary, they will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Maldives, Maldives president, Abdulla Yameen, Maldives authoritarian rule, India-Maldives relationship, India news, indian express news
A villain in paradise

Democracy is at stake in the Maldives, spectre of radical Islam looms large. India must act soon and firmly

Uttar Pradesh police, UP cops misuse of power, NHRC, National Human Rights Commission, Noida police, Noida fake encounter, Indian Express column
Grim Encounter Tales

Senior policemen must be held responsible for fake encounters and custodial deaths

Taming the bulls: A day in the life of stock brokers in Navi Mumbai
Post-Budget uncertainty, global cues drives market selloff

The good news is that this sell off is temporary. Stock markets are now back to where they were just two weeks ago on January 16, 2019.

Rohingya crisis, refugees in India, Rohingya refugees, Rohingya Muslims, India's stand on Rohingya, Rakhine state, Indian express column
A question at the doorstep

India’s stand on the Rohingya ignores its own long-term interests and the law

PM Narendra Modi stressed emphasis on the TOP priority in agriculture--“tomato, onion, potato”--in poll-bound Karnataka
TOP honours

A beginning has been made, but much remains to be done in the field of acronymous agricultural progress

Maldives parliament approves extension of state of emergency by 30 days
Turmoil in Maldives: What India must do

Fixing other people’s problems is never easy. But it is a burden of major powers, especially in their region

February 6, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Largesse From Iran
February 6, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Largesse From Iran

February 6, 1978: Iran will give more crude oil to India on credit to enable this country to raise money needed for key projects.

Arun Jaitley announced an insurance sum of Rs 5 lakh per family per year under the National Health Protection Scheme
Primary Mistake

Budget’s bias toward privately-delivered care undermines universal health coverage

PM Narendra Modi stressed emphasis on the TOP priority in agriculture--“tomato, onion, potato”--in poll-bound Karnataka
TDP and friends

Restive allies must compel BJP to look within. Naidu needs to focus on state government’s record, less on Centre

From plate to plough: The MSP smokescreen

Government’s claim that it has given support prices that are 50 per cent over input costs to farmers is a sleight of hand. Tall talk could increase farmer resentment

Ankit Saxena was killed in west Delhi's Khyala area allegedly by the family members of a woman with whom he was in a relationship.
A candle for Ankit

… and his lost love and a flickering secularism. A worrying silence echoes in the public sphere

PM Narendra Modi stressed emphasis on the TOP priority in agriculture--“tomato, onion, potato”--in poll-bound Karnataka
Sensex isn’t evil

Government’s remarks on long term capital gains hark back to times when markets were reflexively derided in policymaking.