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Ancient regimes in India were far from democratic, had little place for other castes

Trudeau’s indulgence towards Sikh separatists threatens the bilateral relationship with India

Prasar Bharati Act vests authority, resources in the corporation. I&B ministry still owns all that it surveys

A multicultural world will be possible only by strengthening individual mother languages

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Privacy in the air

DGCA’s draft regulation on drones is a beginning. But it sidesteps important issues.

February 13, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Uncertain Andhra

While these claims maybe exaggerated, but they do reflect the uneasiness of all three parties over the outcome.

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Is India ready for NHPS?

National Health Protection Scheme redefines the role of the state — a service provider to the financier. It won’t be easy.

Pakistani rights lawyer Asma Jahangir
Feisty fighter, Pakistan’s conscience

Asma Jahangir opposed military dictators, alienated religious parties, did not mince words against the country’s highest court.

Aadhaar that doesn’t exclude

Biometric authentication by PDS dealers defeats the unique identity scheme’s purpose. An aborted scheme in Madhya Pradesh that relied on once-in-a-year authentication can curb exclusion errors.

Shurpnakha, Draupadi and Renuka Choudhury : a trio of ‘unruly’ women?

When all the grandees are witnessing her unspeakable humiliation in the royal assembly, Draupadi has the nerve and wisdom to remind them of something of eternal significance: ‘The elders who hesitate to speak for dharma are not worth their salt’

Pakistani rights lawyer Asma Jahangir
Death of Asia’s Joan of Arc

Asma Jahangir was not an agent of any State. She was the agent of the poor and helpless masses

Data privacy India Government
Big Data, Large Concerns

Consent and accountability should be at the core of the new privacy law.

A perverse ploy

I am a man of faith. The cynical political calculation of Ram Janmabhoomi movement is intolerable to me.

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Next Door Nepal: United they need to stand

All players must be made stakeholders to achieve political stability.

Decoding the deal

Procedural aspects need to be factored into the public discourse on the Rafale and other defence deals. Granular details should be disclosed, to the extent it is possible to do so without compromising security.

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
A delicate balance

Army and police must not be, and must not be seen to be, at odds with each other in Kashmir.

February 12, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Sheikh On Indira

The chief ministers were foisted by the Centre and they were just dismissed at the Centre’s sweet will. There was no trust and confidence in the state governments.

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Patience is key

Delhi’s focus must be on mobilising an international coalition that supports return of rule of law in the Maldives.

Khaleda Zia graft case
The solitary prisoner

Incarceration of Begum Khaleda Zia closes a chapter in Bangladesh politics. And opens a new one

Learning from a neighbour

Indian judiciary could look at how Pak courts dealt with lynching of Mashal Khan.

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Clockwork attendance is an assault of JNU spirit

JNU is a University that is full of classes — not only do students often request regular teachers for extra and unscheduled classes, senior students or visiting faculty or post-doctoral fellows get railroaded by curious, hungry students into teaching completely impromptu month-long courses and workshops.

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Sex and sexual abuse : No way out in the world of accusatory Lists

I refuse to name and shame the man who molested me as a 23-year-old, though the joke is on us if he is more innocent than ever because of his name appearing on this List.

Across the aisle: For healthcare, Budget gifts a jumla

It is an insult to the people’s intelligence to announce a grand scheme without forethought or preparation or money in the last year of the term of the government.

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Inside Track: Predictions begin

A leading Congress leader even suggested that a less autocratic and more affable BJP leader, such as Rajnath Singh, could be acceptable to potential allies in case of a hung parliament.

Padmaavat protests: 8 cases registered so far, SIT formed to probe Gurugaon violence
Out of my mind: The Padmavati debacle

Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh may be lost, but that is a problem for Vasundhara Raje and Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Modi has to secure the trust of all citizens to win big.

PM Narendra Modi in Tripura: We will win and uproot last red flag
Fifth column: The price of Hindutva?

It could be time for the Prime Minister to notice that in the name of saving cows he has alienated Dalit communities across India and not just Muslims

Asaduddin Owaisi launched a bitter attack on Salman Nadvi for going against the board's stand that there can be no compromise on Babri Masjid.
Living in merciless times: For Muslims in India, the othering starts in school

Many called the AIMIM chief’s demand bizarre, some buffoonery. Of course, there cannot and should not be any law that violates the freedom of speech.

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An unethical place: Waning ethics in India’s private sector

Waning ethics in India’s private sector is not just a moral problem. No economy can perform at a high level without integrity.

Revolution and regression

Tax buoyancy has helped the government to budget for schemes that make transfer of revenues to the bottom third of the population possible. There was no reason for the long-term capital gains tax

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Happy landings

Delhi government is pleased to lead students towards future joy, but society has questions about the itinerary

Zainab rape and murder case in Pakistan
Unsafe Spaces

Cases of child abuse are considered too routine to be reported in Pakistan

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Eastern frontier

BJP’s outreach to Northeast will be tested as it attempts to emerge as a prominent pole in upcoming elections in region

Modi in Palestine to strengthen India ties with West
As India looks west

Delhi must come to terms with a changing Middle East and the opportunities it presents

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
No zero-sum game

PM’s Palestine visit signals that dehyphenation, scaling up ties with Israel, do not mean declining support for two-state solution

Forty Years Ago, February 10, 1978 — PM as Sevak: Desai

Prime Minister Morarji Desai said he was determined to effect a thorough change in administration so that “the rulers become real servants of the people”.

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
A narrower field

Jailing of Khaleda Zia revives questions about Sheikh Hasina’s pursuit of absolute power in Bangladesh

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Why Nehru vs Patel

Because this trick distracts from government’s failures, and because dynast Rahul is Congress president

In praise of the rebel

Chandramohan case is a reminder: India needs to embrace its diverse traditions

Forty Years Ago, February 9, 1978: Haksar Harassed

Haksar, who had served for several years as the principal secretary to Sanjay Gandhi’s mother, the then prime minister, appeared to be aware of the reasons for this action against his close relatives, but refused to use his personal influence to intervene to save them.

Delhi govt to introduce happiness in schools
Call to account

UP’s lengthening list of encounters signals a policing breakdown. Government must probe its trigger-happy cops