As old ideological divisions break down at UN, Delhi must promote practical solutions to global challenges

Civilian officialdom acts as a check and balance in the ministry of defence

Inflation is down by 700 bp since 2013, policy rates have declined by 200bp; and you are still wondering why GDP growth is slow?

Issues of uniformed women in jail administration require urgent attention

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Who wields AI, and how

Artificial Intelligence can become an emancipatory agent for the workforce

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In JNU, unlike rest of India, Left learns from mistakes, sweeps polls

The Left has survived in JNU for decades because it has ideologically combated its opponents. The present Hindutva wave has thrown up several challenges, leading to the ABVP emerging as the second biggest force on the campus in these elections.

September 4, 1977, Forty Years Ago

Janata’s rolling plans: Under the new concept, every year there will be an annual operational plan with a fresh five-year perspective. In other words, there will no more be a rigid five-year framework. But every year there will be a plan for the next five years.

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Shifting ties

Despite Look East talk, Delhi’s reflexes have been much slower than Beijing. For India and Myanmar, a challenging road ahead.

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Incomplete justice

The 1993 Mumbai blasts case frames the terrible lag in punishment— and also in learning.

An Injudicious Wrangle

Political attacks on Chief Justice of Bangladesh Supreme Court set a bad precedent.

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Rule of the ugly Indian

There is a waning of debate, dignity, justice. For vigilantes, “achhe din” are here.

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Old BSP must make way for the new

Mayawati will need to reorganise her party and frame a new vocabulary to combat BJP-RSS overtures to Dalits.

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Next Door Nepal: The restless nation

Public anger against corruption is making itself seen and heard.

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From plate to plough: No feel for the pulse

Prices crashed last year because there was a glut in imports during a year of record production. Government has not corrected the policy snags that led to this anomaly.

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Remembering the fall of Delhi, in September 1857

Although both Hindus and Muslims, upper and lower castes fought in the First War of Independence, the wrath of the British Empire fell on the Muslims because they fought under the banner of the Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar

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For BJP and Modi govt, dominance and doubt in an uncomfortable embrace

Bolstering its claim is the “bold” action Modi has taken to curb the black money scourge; demonetization is framed as a binary choice: either you’re with us or with the black money hoarders.

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Inside Track: Silence is consent

The big question is how Nirmala Sitharaman pipped everyone to the post and bagged the heavyweight Defence portfolio. The PM may be pleased with Sitharaman’s honesty, hard work, draftsmanship and ability to give a précis of lengthy documents, but other factors also weighed in her favour.

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Fifth Column: Justice please, not politics

The only real tribute that anyone can pay Gauri Lankesh is to force the Karnataka government to do everything in its power to identify and punish her killers at the earliest.

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Across the Aisle: Privacy is the core of personal liberty

Justice K S Puttaswamy has enlarged and enriched the freedom that we won in 1947. Today, we will celebrate. Tomorrow, there will be other challenges and those too we shall overcome

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Out of my Mind: Solving the Korean problem

I recognise that most Indians do not want to discuss anything else but Indian news. Yet the chance of even one-hundredth of one per cent that the world may be wiped out is worth worrying about.

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Gauri Lankesh: The view from Pakistan

We must stand united and support each other’s voices to honour Gauri’s memory. Dissent is dangerous but it is also essential as it is the voice of our society’s conscience. Let it be heard because dissent speaks volumes.

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Hyper masculine ire is reserved for women who dare challenge orthodoxies

Sri Lanka has the deepest chasm and embittered relationship between media practitioners and political authorities in South Asia, but neither Pakistan or Bangladesh fare any better.

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Untie My Hands

In Pakistan, gender inequality grows as the state hurtles to a male-centric dystopia

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Forty Years Ago, September 9, 1977: Riots in Lucknow

Two persons have died and about one dozen seriously injured are admitted in hospital in renewed cases of firings, stabbings and arson in riot-affected West Lucknow.

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Terms of co-existence

New plan to curb human-elephant conflict ticks the right boxes. The key lies in implementation

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Different steaks

The double standards of the tourism sector towards foreigners continue with the minister’s comments on beef

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The followed

There are no two ways about it: The Prime Minister lends the weight of his office to those he follows on social media

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Protect the dissenter

That is the state’s responsibility. It must punish those who violently target dissent

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The freedom to provoke

To fulfil their role, universities must be allowed to push boundaries

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Voice of the province

To kill the spirit and provocations of ‘Gauri Lankesh Patrike’, Gauri Lankesh had to die

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The moral consciousness

We live in times where there seems to be a fracture between consciousness and morality. But an expansion of the former leads to a deepening of the latter

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Letter to the Editor: Dissent matters

The venom and abuse on the social media heaped on a dead person reflects our insensitive and intolerant mindset.

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How can we keep our children safe?

At school, creating a safe learning environment, identifying pupils who are suffering or at risk of harm and then taking suitable action, are vital to making sure that children are safe

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The murder that helped nab Abu Salem

If underworld lore is to be believed, it was none other than Dawood Ibrahim who gave up his once blue-eyed boy, Abu Salem, to the agencies. By the early 2000s, Salem was no more the favourite

Gauri’s killers demonstrate a chilling parallel with IS

Gauri’s assassins are engaging in a battle of perception. They too want to build and reinforce the acuity that they are all powerful, so powerful that they can kill in cold blood anyone one dares to stand up against them

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Letter to the Editor: Check the mob

Free expression, that key ingredient of democracy, is today embattled in India. Lynching by cow vigilantes has become common.

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Forty Years Ago: September 8, 1977: Shah Commission

Misuse of government-controlled media by the Congress government before and during the March Lok Sabha poll will be one of the first cases to be taken up by the Shah Commission for public hearing later this month.

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Calling black white

There is a lot of pain, no visible gain, from demonetisation. No amount of spin can mask the fact that it has dented the economy

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Solution is elsewhere

Apex court does well to demand accountability for cow vigilantism. But curbing the crime will require political will

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An India where knowledge is free

Let’s celebrate progress made by literacy programmes, learn from their success and failures, and chalk out ways to reach new learners