Muslims face rapid socio-economic decline. Yet, any move in their favour is made to look illegitimate

India’s liberalisation regime focused on removing poverty, but strains caused by inequalities are sharpening

Recent events in SC are about judiciary asserting itself against executive's overreach

Curbing stubble burning is about inducing behavioural changes in farmers

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Ram Kumar (1924-2018): An Artist With A View

Ram Kumar’s art believed in the endless generation of life against death.

RBI should reintroduce LoUs with safeguards: India Inc
The great bank fiddle

Bankers’ demands for accounting forbearance are dangerous and self-serving.

Go Slow On Oil

Rising crude prices are cause for concern. But they don’t warrant going back on deregulation, forcing OMCs to absorb losses.

A Continuing Tragedy

Strikes on Syria raise questions of legitimacy of force, underline renewed great power rivalry, while a brutal civil war unfolds.

Soft hands and hard bargaining: What to watch in Modi-Oli meeting
Next Door Nepal: The battles at home

Emerging religious, ethnic faultlines could trip Oli’s vision of a prosperous Nepal.

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From Plate to Plough: Freeing the farm

Raising agricultural exports requires the government to unburden policy of consumer bias. A balance should be struck between meeting the needs of food-insecure consumers and income-insecure farmers.

In Good Faith: Terms of unfreedom

How do ideas of metaphysical and political freedom align themselves? Is dissent the essence of freedom?

The PM’s Trail by Jyoti Malhotra
Kathua, Unnao cases: PM Modi knows he can’t afford what Delhi gangrape did to UPA II

The PM knows the Delhi gangrape in 2012 drove another nail into the coffin of the UPA – he knows he can’t afford to have the same done to him and the party, in this last year before national polls in 2019.

Why are children’s bodies battlefields of communal and family wars?

Children’s bodies are ‘feminised’ the same way as women’s bodies are. Bodies become frontlines where men fight their wars, bond through gangrapes and communicate messages of hatred towards other communities.

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Kathua lawyers have no business defending rape accused outside court

When lawyers of the Lahore High Court showered rose petals on Mumtaz Quadri, the assassin of Pakistani politician Salman Taseer, we in India looked on in horror. This time, let us not give them a chance to say, “Tum bilkul hum jaisey nikley….”.

Out of my mind: The largest minority

In Jammu, the rape of a girl has become an issue of rivalry between communities, with lawyers obstructing the investigation. It is as if the horrendous shock of the Nirbhaya episode and the powerful reaction of men and women from around the world were in vain.

Reschooling society 

In the present system, there is only rote book knowledge with the objective to get marks in examinations. There is no focus on practical knowledge. Reform of the system should ensure all-round creative learning.

Surat rape-murder: Minor’s body had 86 injury marks, was held captive, raped, says police
What a child’s death tells us

One other group of Indians remained unmoved by what happened to the little girl. Hindutva hyper-nationalists. Their voice has got louder, angrier and uglier in the past three years, and especially on social media.

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Inside Track: Flame doused

Towards the end of the last Parliament session, the Congress appeared at the forefront of the Opposition move to bring an impeachment motion against Chief Justice Dipak Misra.

Members of the 15th Finance Commission led by its Chairman, Shri N.K. Singh along with President Ram Nath Kovind
Across the aisle: Will government wreck federalism?

The fire that was lit by the Terms of Reference of the XV Finance Commission will not be doused by specious arguments pitting ‘populous and poorer states’ against ‘diligent and developed’ states. All states have poverty and developmental deficiencies.

Suited, boosted

Mark Zuckerberg sat tall in his blue suit at the hearing and, thanks to Congressional ignorance, saved the day for Facebook

The bottom line

Panchayat poll process in West Bengal reflects the unchanged and unaddressed distortions in the state’s political culture

A tipping point

PM has promised justice. Now his party needs to work with partner PDP to address the darkness in Kathua

The ‘Muslim-first’ Doctrine

Pakistan’s free fall continues under politicians, judges who represent state’s dark side

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Rekindling our institutions

Any reform of the judicial system will have to come from within the court