The reformist landslide

By re-electing Hassan Rouhani, Iranians have chosen not just a president, but the way forward

Gandhi, The Economist

His idea of trusteeship needs to be revisited in times of growing inequality

Will Rajini, or won’t he

Space has opened up in Tamil Nadu politics for an alternative to the DMK and AIADMK. But screen popularity may not be sufficient for Rajinikanth

Raja Mandala: Modi diplomacy, part two

Three years into his term, PM must deal with changes in great power dynamics, border troubles and backlash in the West against immigration

Three unsettling years

The national consensus Gandhi began building a century ago is under threat

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Making much of China

Its challenge must not be met by Indian self-deprecation.

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Nepal: Are the Supreme Court and Parliament still on collision course?

Legislators accuse Karki of playing ‘favouritism’ in constituting the bench for this issue, and fast tracking it while a similar case is pending before the court for the past three years.

Sushila Karki, Nepal, nepal supreme court, nepal parliament, Sushila Karki impeachment,
Nepal: Are the Supreme Court and Parliament still on collision course?

CJ Karki, who is to retire on June 10, due to her age, has not held any bench since but has assigned cases to benches as usual.

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After three decades, a 155mm howitzer for the army – what does it mean?

The M-777 howitzers, with a range of 24-40 kilometres, have been designed for firing Indian ammunition in Indian conditions, and are already in service with the US, Canadian and Australian armies.

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Telangana Muslim reservation bill could end up justifying appeasement charges

The recent bill passed by the TRS government in Telangana that increased the quota for OBC (Pasmanda) Muslims and STs must be critically evaluated.

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Aadhaar, then and now

The UIDAI has gone from being an object of ridicule to an admired project

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How to build the new city

Rapid urbanisation brings with it enormous challenges. The Modi government has framed the agenda to meet them

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Justice for Kulbhushan Jadhav

Putting Pak in the dock, The Hague has come out on the side of justice. That’s a vital first step for India — in a long haul.

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Nuclear boost

The decision on the reactors is germane to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to triple India’s nuclear power capacity by 2025.

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Maa, differently

Reema Lagoo freed Bollywood’s mother figure from living a life of perennial suffering.

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Civil society and state must join hands to battle sexual crimes against children

The latest horror story comes from Rohtak in Haryana, where a young girl was brutally gang-raped and murdered in the most savage manner.

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May 19, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Probe in Rajan Case

The State government named him to head the inquiry commission and CM A.K. Antony said the government was anxious to start the inquiry at the earliest.

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Islamabad’s self-goal

It can ignore ICJ’s injunction in the Jadhav case, but doing so will extract a price in international goodwill.

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Kulbhushan Jadhav’s execution stayed: Moral victory for India, but his fate remains in the hands of Pakistan’s generals

To get a sense of what choices Islamabad faces, it’s important to get a sense of what the The Hague has actually said.

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ICJ order on Kulbhushan Jadhav decoded: It’s actually a win each for India and Pakistan at The Hague

Sushma Swaraj tweeted her gratitude to India’s counsel at the Hague, who had argued that there was significant concern that Pakistan’s military court would have executed Jadhav in the dead of night.

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Don’t shoot Kangana Ranaut – not yet!

While we are all busy blaming Ranaut, why is no one asking Mehta any questions?

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AAP has learnt little, remembers even less

Charges of a high-handed coterie surrounding Arvind Kejriwal like fledgling moths to a burning flame persist, and haven’t been properly rebutted.

May 18, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Congress Turmoil

The move was given up and Mrs Gandhi’s critics thought they would make another attempt to free the party from her hold at a later date.

SOS from school

CBSE pleading with DU for student entry sans inflated marks holds a mirror to a broken education system

Return like Hillary

Because politics is not just about winning and losing elections — but also about what lies in between

Prison break

Om Prakash Chautala, sentenced for a scam in education, finishes school. It could be a new beginning

Culture Needs A Plan

Institutions for the arts need professional managers for a turnaround

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On triple talaq, court must say: Religious practice cannot trump modern constitutional morality

Underlying the “triple talaq” questions are deeper issues about the nature of constitutional law in India.

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Question at The Hague

The International Court of Justice must take a call on whether bilateral agreements override the Vienna Convention while deciding India-Pakistan face-off .

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What lies below the district?

Despite all the talk of decentralisation, nothing does. Nobody owns the planning and development functions in panchayat samitis and gram panchayats.

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Telescope: A stop-over in Turkey

Moments of respite from Hindi soaps and American shows.

Pakistan’s military courts are a shortcut to fix larger ills plaguing its judiciary, and it’s not working

Pakistan’s judiciary — historically, arguably, the most vibrant section of its civil society — has been crumbling under a weak state that cannot afford it protection.

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There’s something about the Sarabhais

In the mid 2000s, when Ekta Kapoor’s regressive K-serials dominated TV, JD Majethia’s satirical take on family with Sarabhai VS Sarabhai united viewers.

Love WhatsApp? SC wants to know why

Digital services like Google, Facebook, are driven by ad-based models, and for these companies user data is doubly precious.

Nepalis don’t share Indian ambivalence towards China

While India’s stated (and strong) opposition to BRI is that CPEC runs through the disputed Kashmir region, its nervousness runs deeper than that.

May 17, 1977, Forty Years Ago: PM on India’s nukes

Prime Minister Morarji Desai stoutly defended Indira Gandhi against the former US president Richard Nixon’s charge that she had wanted to invade West Pakistan.

The teasing Thalaiva

Rajinikanth’s playful mention of possibly joining politics stirs things up

Yogi’s responsibility

He must dispel the impression that the Hindu Yuva Vahini can flout the rule of law and get away with it in UP

After the no-show

Refusal to engage cannot be long-term policy. India must frame a response to China’s Belt and Road initiative

Deprivation Points Must Stay

The system is commended at the highest policy level, but is under threat in JNU

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Turning down China

But India’s staying away from the OBOR mega show will not affect bilateral relations adversely