Why the Harsh Mander-Ramachandra Guha debate must continue — and expand

Cambridge Analytica fracas reopens the big questions about the organisation of the information order

Agriculture sector needs institutions and developed markets

Attempts to legislate schemes akin to Universal Basic Income failed in 18th and 19th century England. In China, too, they haven’t succeeded

See through

Judges’ reluctance to make their assets public has subjected them to unwarranted and totally avoidable controversy…

Taliban in our midst

The Taliban,in virtual control of northern parts of Pakistan,has exhibited its fanatical mindset….

Disengaging with Pakistan

It is useless talking to Pakistan’s civilian leaders about what happened in Mumbai. They are not in charge of that unfortunate country’s foreign policy….

In search of a strong and stable government

Elections to the 15th Lok Sabha are only ten weeks away. Can anything be said about their outcome without the fear of being contradicted….

Shrewd distribution

The distribution of the Prime Minister’s duties during his absence has been such that it ensured nobody feels overly self-important….

The federal solution

I celebrated the millennium’s arrival in a restaurant in Galle in Sri Lanka. An election had just taken place where I was an observer and that taught me a lot about politics in Sri Lanka….

Letter to the editor

The self-appointed moral police are not really the best advertisement for Indian culture.

The doomed vale

Taliban leader Maulana Fazlullah’s writ runs large over the picturesque Swat valley,reported all major papers.

Heart to heart

Prime Minister Vajpayee’s knee got away lightly compared to Prime Minister Singh’s heart.

Of heroes and heroin

The Saji Mohan saga is shameful. But it also offers an opportunity for the police to cleanse itself

Sweet Karachi

Raj Thackeray can erase shop signs. He can’t erase Sindhi memory

The award goes to…

Daksh Panwar
The first anniversary of Harbhajan Singh’s hearing for abusing Symonds,almost coincided with the off-spinner being conferred with the Padma Shri.

‘Is that all?’

GS Vivek
It’s rather unusual for an Indian cricket captain to be sitting with just five cameras and a handful of print reporters.

Cinema can be injurious to your health

The ban on smoking in films is overturned. Does free speech trump public health?

Ethics,above all

Barack Obama has announced good policies and has begun his presidency in earnest ‘Spelling out change’.

Twilight at Gitmo

One of the first actions taken by Obama was to issue a 120-day moratorium on all trials in Guantanamo.

Obama’s South Asia challenge

Pakistan’s President Zardari tells the US why they should help him

He’s beautiful,he’s brilliant,he’s boring

Shreya Chakravertty
The keywords ‘federer,boring’ on a web search throw up 173,000 links.

A running thread of deep saffron

The networks,the places,and the methods of Malegaon point to a tradition of Hindu terror

Next steps

Colombo must hush the triumphalism and begin a political process