As old ideological divisions break down at UN, Delhi must promote practical solutions to global challenges

Civilian officialdom acts as a check and balance in the ministry of defence

Inflation is down by 700 bp since 2013, policy rates have declined by 200bp; and you are still wondering why GDP growth is slow?

Issues of uniformed women in jail administration require urgent attention

August 12, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Lyricist Dead

Shyamlal Prasad, a freedom fighter and composer of the famous song, Jhanda uncha rahe hamara, which inspired Indians during the Independence movement, died in Kanpur after prolonged illness. He was 86.

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Hubris of science

It has become an ideology of the powerful. Democratic societies need a plurality of knowledge systems

A Masjid In London

A spectre of fear and suspicion has settled at Finsbury Park

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Mind games at Doklam

India is no Philippines. In the Philippines, China managed to declare victory by convincing President Rodrigo Duterte that friendship with China is a better bet than friendship with the United States. China subdued Philippines without fighting.

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Do not touch

Move to re-open debate on Article 35A is unwise — loose talk on J&K’s special status will only deepen distrust

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Scientific distemper

Government’s rhetoric on science has shown limited understanding of its nature and purpose

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140-character exceptions

Sushma Swaraj receives kudos for her medical visa diplomacy via Twitter. But personalised, ad hoc policy victimises the most vulnerable

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Two Jongs

… don’t make a right. Donald Trump is trying to out-shout North Korea and it isn’t working

GST and the remapping of India

New tax regime could bring a shift in production and storage centres. It will require a nimble reading of where markets will grow, their logistical requirements

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The Urdu Press: Nawaz Sharif’s Exit

“It is being said that in Pakistan what the (military) establishment wants is done. The army there was not happy with the politics of Nawaz Sharif and his efforts for better relations with India. There has been slow progress in the legal action against other people whereas the judiciary showed extreme promptness in the matter relating to Nawaz Sharif.”

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August 11, 1977, Forty years ago: JP for class struggle

Jayaprakash Narayan urges youth associations to organise them for they are too helpless to organise themselves. While such class organisations are necessary, political and social organisations should make it a rule to have representatives of Dalits, women, Adivasis and backward communities on their committees, he says.

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The Not So Free Vote

Rules on secrecy of ballot in RS polls are not in sync with free choice and consent

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A strange hybrid

Niti Aayog proposal for privatising public hospitals is ill-designed, driven by ideology more than welfare

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Explorers of the Library of Nature

When society makes demands of scientists, we are obliged to listen because society provides the resources that support our exploration. But we should be careful to explain that there is no map, that following compasses takes time, that dead ends are common.

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Misogyny, sexism, threats: Women fight it all online too

A woman who dares to have an opinion and broadcast it too, is highly likely to be personally targeted by denizens with the aim to ‘put her in her place’ and see her silenced.

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Telescope: Making common cause

Varnika Kundu took on her stalker, united otherwise warring news channels

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Public service and the Pravasi

By allowing Overseas Indian Citizens to appear for UPSC exams, government could broaden the pool for recruitment

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When women are branded as witches and brutalised

Marking the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples on August 9 is remembering that one of the most common forms of violence against tribal women is their branding as witches. These women are sometimes killed, but more than their murders it is their lives that are a relentless story of violence, abuse and terror.

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Can monumental statuary alter history and freeze approved versions in time? It is such an embarrassingly Soviet idea.

Let’s not suspend disbelief

The UIDAI’s touching faith in Aadhaar blinds it to the dangers of the project

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In one fell swoop

Crack down on suspected shell companies by all means. But the regulator must show greater transparency

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Low and high

RS poll tally: BJP lost, Congress did not win, and EC showed how an institution should push back.

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August 10, 1977, Forty Years Ago; Chavan on Indira Gandhi

Y.B. Chavan, who successfully resisted the attempts made by Mrs Gandhi’s group to control the affairs of the Congress, ruled out her expulsion from the party. Chavan, who was addressing the media in New Delhi, was asked to comment on Jayaprakash Narayan’s statement suggesting that Congressmen expel Mrs Gandhi from the party if they wished […]

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Tryst With Inequality

India has failed the Constitution’s commitment to social justice

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And the winner is Election Commission

Gujarat Rajya Sabha election was BJP versus Congress. But it’s the ECI that covered itself in glory

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When the BJP putsch failed and Congress’ Ahmed Patel won

The attack on Ahmed Patel was an attack on Sonia Gandhi, an attempt to show that the ruling deity of the Congress wasn’t safe, nor would she be spared. His defeat would have broken the hallo around him and his boss. The BJP wanted to drive home the message that Congress leaders are also mere mortals.

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How (not) to commemorate the Quit India movement

No one remembers the golden jubilee celebrations of the Quit India Movement in 1992. The India Gate is still known as India Gate; no one calls it August Kranti Park. There is no statute of Gandhi. And even the one rupee coin that was issued by the then government in honor of the freedom fighters of 1942 is not in use

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The remaking of BJP

In three years under Amit Shah, party has not played second fiddle to government

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Dodo in Silicon Valley

Memo at Google justifying gender discrimination mirrors a striving to turn the clock back to a time of patriarchal privilege

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Hate and speech

Arrest of ex-Kerala DGP is a misuse of hate speech provisions, reeks of state arbitrariness

The hybrid route

An incremental, technology-neutral approach to the adoption of electric vehicles is the way forward

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Foreign hand, again

Niti Aayog’s new vice-chairman revives a longago spectre that is out of place in the modern economy

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August 9, 1977, Forty Years Ago; Target Mrs Gandhi

The CPP leader went on to say that the Congress had become great not because of any individual’s contribution, but because it was built up by its workers over the years.

Paradox of the vote

By granting instant universal suffrage, India gave itself a nation-building tool. But it also hurt state-building and state-capacity

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Dangers Of Complacency

India’s nonchalant response to external and internal challenges is disquieting

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The case for lateral entry

There should be a system of annual recruitment into the IAS of mid-career professionals from diverse sectors