As old ideological divisions break down at UN, Delhi must promote practical solutions to global challenges

Civilian officialdom acts as a check and balance in the ministry of defence

Inflation is down by 700 bp since 2013, policy rates have declined by 200bp; and you are still wondering why GDP growth is slow?

Issues of uniformed women in jail administration require urgent attention

Gorakhpur hospital tragedy, Gorakhpur children deaths, BRD medical college deaths, Encephalitis deaths
Political oversight must to watch over our children

The current broken government health administrative and delivery system in many states is characterized by the total lack of accountability, corruption, sub-standard treatment, non-functioning health facilities and medical negligence.

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Raja Mandala: Undoing the economic partition

Delhi must find the political will to raise the intensity of India’s regional engagement.

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Digital technologies are being harnessed to empower people, create employment opportunities and bring about transparency.

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View From The Right: Leftist Lies

The editorial in Panchjanya slams colonial historians and Indologists who came from abroad and presented a distorted version of Indian history.

With facts and figures, PM Modi eyes the future but looks the other way on Pak, China

PM Modi in his Independence Day speech listed out his government’s achievements over the past three years and, interestingly, promised to make a new India by 2022. In less than two years, Modi’s term ends and general election is due in 2019.

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From Afghanistan with love & sincerity

India’s post-Independence magic has been the unity of her ‘Amars, Akbars and Anthonys.’ All her children found their home, and under one ceiling embraced their lost mother, while retaining and celebrating their diversity of beliefs and skills.

Gorakhpur hospital tragedy, Gorakhpur children deaths, BRD medical college deaths, Encephalitis deaths
Death a constant presence in Gorakhpur hospital

The BRD hospital in Gorakhpur also caters to the marginalised population in the neighbouring regions of Bihar and Nepal. A large number of seriously ill patients arrive in the hospital by the evening train everyday. A constant stream of patients from the rural hinterland means that the hospital is overcrowded already.

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My India Has Changed

It is under a regime that thrives on instilling fear, suppressing dissent

Independence Day, Independence Day must read, gorakhpur hospital, hospital children deaths, indian express
The too late nation

Question after Gorakhpur: Is India at 70 too late to recover its own humanity?

Forty Years Ago, 15 august, Indira gandhi, 1977, history, 1977 india, latest news, indian express
August 15, 1977, Forty Years Ago: Indira Calls On JP

“I gave her my best wishes and a brighter future than the bright past she had already had,” he told the media. After the meeting, Mrs Gandhi refused to say anything beyond the remark that the meeting was “personal, nothing formal”.

India-Japan partnership, shinzo abe, brics, indo-pacific, indo-china relations, narendra modi, india-china, doklam
A writer cornered

Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar has been failed by community and government. Sadly, his isn’t an unusual predicament

India-Japan partnership, shinzo abe, brics, indo-pacific, indo-china relations, narendra modi, india-china, doklam
Wise counsel

Parliamentary panel recommends a more liberal surrogacy framework. Government should pay heed

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The citizen as artist

Independence needs no introduction, explanatory notes or constitutional description, for we have all experienced its fullness. In moments of abandon, when we express, receive and share it without any external or inner censorship whatsoever, we rejoice in its sanctity. Yes! I have said sanctity, because there is something utterly precious, untainted in its embrace. Our […]

Rajnath Singh, Kashmir, rajnath Kashmir, welcome openess, modi, modi independence speech, indian express
Repairing Kannur

The larger responsibility for calling a halt to political violence, upholding rule of law, lies with CPM

Independence Day, Uttar Pradesh government, madhya pradesh government, UP madarsa flag hoisting, madhya pradesh madarsa, muslim flag hoisting, tiranga rallies, forced flag hoisting, 70 Independence Day, indian express news, opinion
Foisting the flag

Orders to madrasas in UP and MP bear a dangerous message of domination.

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Coming full circle at 70

Independence Day 2017: For the first time after independence, the dominant idea of India is rooted in India’s genius.

Gorakhpur tragedy, Gorakhpur Encephalitis, medical negligence, Uttar pradesh Encephalitis deaths, Gorakhpur child deaths, indian express opinion
Gorakhpur tragedy turns the focus on medical negligence

Medical negligence arises from an act or omission by a medical practitioner, which no reasonably competent and careful practitioner would have committed. What is expected of a medical practitioner is ‘reasonably skilful behaviour’ adopting the ‘ordinary skills’ and practices of the profession with ‘ordinary care’.

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Seventy years on, digging a deeper hole in Kashmir

The move by a BJP/RSS front organization to repeal the validity of Article 35-A will lead to adverse consequences are likely to further devastate an already suffering region. Its long-term negative consequences are likely to outlive us all.

India partition, india independence
Missing since 1947

70 years of Partition: It took me many years to understand why my mother had been crying that night in 1971. She had heard stories of killings and kidnappings in the former East Pakistan, which had triggered that awful memory she had tried to repress ever since she was a child

August 14, 1977 Forty Years Ago: Indira in Belchhi

About 30 leading editors from all over India announced the formation of the Indian Editors Guild.

India-Japan partnership, shinzo abe, brics, indo-pacific, indo-china relations, narendra modi, india-china, doklam
Stirring the plot

The debate over the Lingayat community’s religious identity can influence poll outcomes in Karnataka

Rajnath Singh, Kashmir, rajnath Kashmir, welcome openess, modi, modi independence speech, indian express
A criminal apathy

Gorakhpur’s encephalitis deaths are a test for Yogi Adityanath government. It must reset its priorities

The Sundarbans Way

What Pilibhit Tiger Reserve can learn from its Bengal counterpart

Sushma Swaraj, Sri Lanka, Sushma Swaraj Sri Lanka visit, Indian Ocean Conference, S Jaishankar, Ranil Wickremesinghe,
Next Door Nepal: Delhi’s course correction

Swaraj, who was in Kathmandu to attend the BIMSTEC ministerial-level meeting, spent a substantial part of her two-day visit with Nepali actors including Deuba. The message she tried to convey was India wanted a constructive engagement with Nepal and erase the image of an “external micro-manager”.

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From plate to plough: Plan for the agri-futures

The futures market is one way to ensure that farmers’ planting and selling decisions are forward-looking. It can help smoothen the boom and bust problem in agri prices.

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Chinese dream, Indian slumber

The increasingly aggressive Chinese foreign policy is primarily driven by two factors: A build-up of nationalistic fervour in domestic politics and the Chinese economy’s hunger for new markets.

Ahmed Patel, gujarat rajya sabha elections, congress, power hungry, indian express news
Out of my mind: Faith in RS polls shattered

Normally Rajya Sabha elections are totally predictable, frankly boring. But we were treated to a cliffhanger.

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Inside Track: Who’s with whom?

In the Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections, at the end of the day, it was still not quite clear as to who voted for whom.

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Our best investment

To improve educational outcomes, policy must address deprivations in early years of children’s lives.

maharashtra, maharashtra ashram schools. maha ashram schools, maharashtra ashram schools money, india news
Across the Aisle: India at 70 – The Economy

It is time to do a health-check of the economy as free India completes 70 years.

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Fifth Column: Trysts that remain broken

Has that promise of ‘parivartan’ that won Modi the first full majority for a prime minister in 30 years been met?

Rajnath Singh, Kashmir, rajnath Kashmir, welcome openess, modi, modi independence speech, indian express
A sombre outlook

NDA government should take the Economic Survey’s assessment of the economy as a timely warning

Rajnath Singh, Kashmir, rajnath Kashmir, welcome openess, modi, modi independence speech, indian express
Don’t talk, listen

With its angry words against the outgoing vice president, BJP indicts itself, not Ansari

US presidential elections, George washington, hillary clinton, al gore, latest news, indian express 

By excluding ‘foreigners’ from the Dronacharya awards process, India’s sports establishment seems ungrateful and insular

Fake Sambalpuris, Bargarh Sambalpuri, Sambalpuri saree, Sambalpuri news, india news, fake sarees
This sari moment

The garment is like fashion itself — a little ahead of all that’s done about it

God as doctor

In Kashmir, religious faith plays a crucial role in providing solace, preserving hope