U.R. Rao's work laid the foundation for India's satellite programme

Capping stent prices may affect indigenous research, innovation

Mithali's team stole not only hearts but eyeballs as well

More than the Doklam issue, Bhutan worried about hydropower deficits

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In bad faith

On triple talaq, let’s not misrepresent the law and the facts. It is for the SC to decide what rights and protections need to be granted and what limitations (if any) may be placed on such rights.

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Regaining trust

RBI must use the banking ordinance to deal with its credibility crisis. It must require rating agencies to make their processes transparent, objective and subject to public scrutiny.

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Not for the children

Our educational system seems tailored for its administrators. Students, teachers take second place. The main problem, as in other fields, is the abysmal quality of governance, with politics permeating every aspect of educational administration.

When freedom of the press is subject to Assembly privilege

The power to imprison hasn’t been used by the House of Commons in a hundred years. But as the case of two Karnataka journalists shows, the Assembly’s order to jail them has a long and troubling history.

A new champion

Srikanth’s success mirrors the coming of age of his sport. India can no longer afford to play down badminton.

Stifled by the House

The gratuitous misuse of legislative privilege in Karnataka, where two journalists have been announced jail sentences, is most unfortunate. The judiciary should immediately clarify the applicability of privilege, and ensure that legislatures can no longer play plaintiff, advocate and judge, all rolled into one.

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Mr Pati, My Teacher

Pati did not just share his love for history, he also drew many of us into his passion for a more humane society — in his case, the two were perhaps inextricable. His affability sometimes showed up in unexpected ways.

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We, the Cows

All cows are created equal, but cows born in Karnal or Kanpur or Alwar are more equal than cows born in Kochi or Kohima or Imphal. Every week mobs are lynching, torturing and humiliating innocent Muslims and Dalits in the name and under the pretext of cow protection.

Junaid’s murder

The quietude of the BJP-ruled governments in the states and of the Narendra Modi-led Centre — in stark contrast to their regular drum-beating on definitions and tests of nationalism/Indian-ness — and the heavy-footedness of the law enforcement machinery in the aftermath, implicates them in every such attack.

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May the silent be damned

A big riot would concentrate the mind, make a damning headline. A protracted riot in slow motion, individual victims across different states, simply makes this appear another daily routine. This makes opposing it harder; it makes holding onto the outrage nearly impossible.

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Is India becoming a Hindu Pakistan?

Mohammed Ayub’s killing in Kashmir has kindled a sense of shame in the community; but the ghastly silence over 15-year-old Junaid Khan’s murder is a national outrage.

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Letter to the Editor: Playing politics

The Opposition should have shed its ego and supported the NDA nominee for President of India. The Congress knows that it can’t muster a win for Meira Kumar so her nomination seems to be just to play at the political game.

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Turning away from militancy

The RJP leadership now feels betrayed by India, which extended support for their boycott of the constitution when it was promulgated in September 2015 and later flagged human rights violations by the Nepal state in Madhes at the UNHRC in Geneva.

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For innovation’s sake

Working together, the US and Indian governments have the opportunity to begin bilateral relationships afresh and move forward in the global economy together. This can only take place if both countries make concrete commitments to fostering innovation.

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Let us not forget

Article 352 of the Constitution, which vested powers with the president to declare Emergency because of threat to the country’s security due to external aggression or war or armed rebellion (internal disturbances) was misused in 1975.

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Role Reversal: As US steps back from global leadership, India steps up

Once a byword for protectionism, India now stands ready to defend the benefits of global trade to a Washington grown wary of it. Take this all in.

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In the Republic of lynching

In this sense the lynch squad is not pathological but part of the normalcy of a paranoid society, of a politics of suspicion which has no purpose. Rumor becomes a way of processing anxiety. It is almost as if violence has a social function when law breaks down.

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The PM’s trail: Why is Modi not breaking his silence over Junaid Khan

Even as he focuses on his all-important meeting with the US President, all the PM’s men have not had one word to say in condolence on the lynching of a 15-year-old boy

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Inclusive spaces

Government needs to finetune the definition and objective of the smart city project.

Stormy weather ahead

Saudi Arabia’s new crown prince Mohammad bin Salman will need to tread a finer line for the kingdom in times of economic dislocation.

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Memories of another June

Dictatorial rule can only be imposed when a majoritarian government is in power; a majoritarian government was then in power with a strong energetic and popular prime minister as head of government prior to the days of the Emergency of June 1975. Alas, constitutional dignitaries and even some judges of the highest court failed us.

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Hey politicians, leave those kids alone

A few days ago BJP led government, which may or may not win award for promoting free speech, reviewed through Niti Ayog and rime Minister’s Office, as many as 114 autonomous institutes as part of first phase of the planned review of 679 institutions.

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British Prime Minister Theresa May called an election she did not need in order to enhance her majority. The Labour party saw a chance to endure a massive defeat and replace Jeremy Corbyn. (Party leaders get blamed and resign for losing elections unlike Rahul Gandhi).

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Inside track: Cleared in two minutes

BJP president Amit Shah was convinced of Ram Nath Kovind’s suitability for the post from the beginning. Ram Nath Kovind’s name was not opposed or even debated by anybody at the BJP’s parliamentary board. The motion was proposed by Shah and passed in two minutes.

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An incomplete poem

It was the time when ULFA was emerging; a difficult period. The people of Assam were living amid fire. Soon after, the process of surrenders began. Those who had surrendered came to be known as SULFA (S for surrendered).

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Is there a government in Kashmir?

Never before has a senior police officer been beaten to death in the way that Deputy Superintendent of Police Mohammed Ayub Pandith was outside Srinagar’s most important mosque last week. It really is time for Jammu Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti to be sacked.

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A tryst with destination tax

We are inheritors of a sound economy, on the verge of higher growth, and we have to live up to the high standard of a few years ago. We cannot encourage high tax rates or high handed tax administration, for no nation can have a vibrant economy whose tax laws and tax administration are narrow in thought or application.

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The Too Smart City

The issue is not only the parachuting of consulting firms and vendors for local IT and infrastructure solutions, but that such private partnerships would necessitate a return on investments unconstrained by concerns of social equity or justice. The abolition of octroi, the once largest source of municipal revenue for many cities, has had a debilitating impact on the fiscal sovereignty of urban local bodies.

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To Lisbon with Love

While Vasco da Gama engaged India with trinkets and cannons, Narendra Modi brings a confident India to Portugal.

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PM Modi visit is a chance to showcase India in terms President Donald Trump will find attractive

Given the unpredictability of the US president, PM Modi’s team should be prepared to deal with surprises and be responsive without compromising core Indian interests or overpromising. Modi’s visit is an opportunity to showcase the mutual benefits of the India-US relationship.

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Letter to the Editor: Dalit vs Dalit

The result of the contest between Meira Kumar and Ram Nath Kovind can be predicted before the first vote is cast.

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India, US and a five-point plan

Modi and Trump must build on convergence between their nations’ interests.

Lengthening shadows on the hills

The brittle calm of the Darjeeling hills has been broken again. To defuse tensions, Central and state governments, and the GJM, will need to go beyond political point-scoring.

Pantomime of war

The final at The Oval brought out the best in the defeated Indian team. Pakistan rubbed the defeat in.

Forty Years Ago, June 24, 1977: Sheikh’s Criticism

The Sheikh reacted sharply to Charan Singh’s charge that the National Conference was to blame for the acts of lawlessness in Kashmir.

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Tested by cricket

Ireland and Afghanistan earn their Test flannels. More will be merrier.