Thursday, Mar 05, 2015


5 Mar 2015

Military voices now challenge the established narrative of the Bangladesh war.

5 Mar 2015

An investment stimulus, not a trimmer budget, is the need of the hour.

5 Mar 2015

After failing to keep the peace, the Samajwadi Party now denies Muzaffarnagar victims' plight.

5 Mar 2015

In the environment ministry, Moily must reset procedures, weed out opacity and bias.

5 Mar 2015

The 15th Lok Sabha has passed some big-ticket laws. But not enough laws.

5 Mar 2015

The Ugly Indian and the Ugly American have rediscovered each other.

5 Mar 2015

5 Mar 2015

No cause for them. Sensex worries are overdone and India is in a much better position to deal with it.

5 Mar 2015

This abbreviated winter session has marked one of the lowest points of the 15th Lok Sabha.

5 Mar 2015

Unlikely alliances and surprising reconciliations mark the politics of the moment.

20 Jul 1951

Our politics is becoming home to intolerance, exclusion, sub-democratic solutions.

27 Jul 1951

The government has chosen the wrong way to address India’s research deficit.

Letters to the editor: It’s alive

All said and done, this is the first positive move that the party has made since its humiliating rout in the Lok Sabha elections.

Letters to the editor: Bad timing

Also, the views expressed by some of his MLAs on the Afzal Guru episode are ill-timed and unfortunate.

Letters to the editor: Bang for buck

While the Opposition’s critical reaction was expected, the media, economic experts and industry have largely welcomed the budget.

Letters to the Editor: Bleak Landscape

Our laws do not make it easy for the poor farmer to convert his land to non-agricultural use. The process is complex and ridden with obstacles.

Letters to the editor

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s comment on Mother Teresa shows his lack of decency.

Letters to the editor

‘Ashutosh Varshney’s suggestion that the Delhi elections were a referendum on Hindutva is absurd.’

Letters to the Editor: Dividing line

In Delhi polls, Congress was decimated by its star campaigners’ inability to connect with common men and women.

Letters to the editor: Not in the loop

Perhaps the budget session will provide the space for the “breakthrough” to be discussed.

Letters to the Editor: A question of cash

Now that the AAP is about to form government, some questions are being asked.

Letters to the editor: A new politics

The common man will now have a say in government.

Letters to the editor: Baap re AAP

The Delhi result goes to show that the people of India voted for development, not communal politics, during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Letters to the editor: Old dog, new tricks

The Left must recognise the changing social and economic realities.

Letters to the editor: Not alone

Did we ever dream that we would evolve into a society that has no place for thinkers?

Letters to the editor: Not alone

Amartya Sen immortalised the idea of “the argumentative Indian”.

Letters to the editor: The real issues

Already, the state’s development has suffered hugely because of the absence of an elected and stable government.

Letters to the editor: Cow business

This refers to ‘Fadnavis government to protect old cows’ (IE, January 28). Protecting old cows is not an issue of any socioeconomic significance. It does not warrant state attention. The cow has cultural and religious significance for Hindus. If any individual or organisation wants to protect old cows, they are free to do so. But […]

Letter to the Editor: Proud moment

“Ghar wapsi”-like campaigns portray India in bad light. Such campaigns are abhorrent to the concept of a secular state.

Letters to the editor: Uncommon wit

Making a reader smile is a tough task but Laxman was able to lighten our days with consummate ease.

Letters to the editor: A strong bond

A strong bond This refers to ‘Chemistry over history: nuclear logjam clears, big push in defence’ (IE, January 26). This seems to be the best phase in India-US relations. Ties between US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are so warm that Modi calls Obama by his first name. This is in stark […]

Letters to the Editor: Repeal 66A

The Union govt’s U-turn on need to revisit Sec 66A of the Information Technology Act is disappointing.

Letters to the editor: Subtle violence

Narendra Modi government seems to have a penchant for ordinances, particularly because of the logjam in the Upper House.

Letters to the editor: For the record

Whenever there is a terrorist attack, liberal and moderate Muslims are quick to denounce them.

Letters to the Editor: An intervention

A sustained and harsh crackdown on extremists is non-negotiable.

Letters to the Editor: Ancient glory

Of course, there were those in ancient India who broke new ground

Letters to the Editor: Ancient glory

We Indians seem to bask in a sense of past achievement.

Letters to the editor: Some sunlight

While BJP cadre has been engaged in vitiating the social space, its top leadership is still busy making promises of development.

Letters to the editor

The Sri Lanka election results make it clear that people want to live for democracy, in a democracy and by democracy.

Letters to the Editor: A return

The Mahatma’s idea of freedom differed from the ideas of those hurling bombs at the British.

Letters to the editor: Play it coal

If that coal could be mined in India, more jobs would be created at home.

Letters to the editor: Reform, not punish

The Punjab and Haryana High Court must be lauded for taking the first step in the direction of prison reform by allowing inmates the right to conjugal visits (‘Prisoners have right to conjugal visits: HC’, IE, January 7). The Indian judicial system is grappling with huge pendency of cases, which means a large number of […]

Letters to the editor: Cloud of suspicion

Sunanda death: The law should be allowed to take its course.

Letters to the Editor: Silver lining

What the Congress party is doing is truly frightening.

Letters to the editor: Learning from Nehru

The Congress has realised, a little too late in the day, that it has alienated Hindu voters by overplaying the Muslim card. We are a multi-religious society. Religion is too deeply ingrained in our psyche for us to be secular in the Western sense of the word. Many people who are secular in their public […]

Letters to the editor: RIP, Verghese

B.G. Verghese spoke fiercely in favour of protecting the civil liberties of all communities.

Letters to the Editor: Burning question

Apropos ‘Ban intolerance’ (IE, December 30), it is a matter of great sorrow that in a democratic country where the right to express ideas is enshrined in the Constitution, authors are constantly threatened. Mathorubagan is a work of fiction, in which the writer throws light on the beliefs of the people in Tiruchengode. Even if […]

Letters to the editor: Party ratnas

The way in which the government decided to confer this prestigious award to persons loyal to its ideology brings into question the non-partisan spirit of the Bharat Ratna.