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28 May 2016

Military voices now challenge the established narrative of the Bangladesh war.

28 May 2016

An investment stimulus, not a trimmer budget, is the need of the hour.

28 May 2016

After failing to keep the peace, the Samajwadi Party now denies Muzaffarnagar victims' plight.

28 May 2016

In the environment ministry, Moily must reset procedures, weed out opacity and bias.

28 May 2016

The 15th Lok Sabha has passed some big-ticket laws. But not enough laws.

28 May 2016

The Ugly Indian and the Ugly American have rediscovered each other.

28 May 2016

28 May 2016

No cause for them. Sensex worries are overdone and India is in a much better position to deal with it.

28 May 2016

This abbreviated winter session has marked one of the lowest points of the 15th Lok Sabha.

28 May 2016

Unlikely alliances and surprising reconciliations mark the politics of the moment.

20 Jul 1951

Our politics is becoming home to intolerance, exclusion, sub-democratic solutions.

27 Jul 1951

The government has chosen the wrong way to address India’s research deficit.

Letters to the Editor: A Bad Name

The trend of glorifying political actors is nothing new, starting from schemes named after Gandhi and Nehru.

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Letters to the Editor: Elderly Wisdom

Those at the top must listen to the elder members of the BJP, who have warned against the party coming under the control of one or two leaders. The BJP has always prided itself on being a “party with a difference” and has often taken potshots at the Congress for having become the family concern of the Gandhis. […]

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Letters to the Editor: More self-goals

The statement of Haryana CM may provide yet another god-gifted opportunity to the united opposition to once again put the government in the dock.

Letters to the Editor: Look to Asia

As an aspiring world power, India cannot shrug off its responsibility to make its military establishment gender neutral.

Letters to the Editor

The German chancellor’s gesture of returning the 10th century Durga statue to India should move UK to return the Kohinoor diamond and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s sword.

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Letters to the Editor: Avoidable Slip

With regard to the draft National Encryption Policy, the government’s decision to withdraw the poorly conceived draft in its entirety was the only face-saving course left.

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the editor, 31 August, 2015.

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Letters to the Editor: Blame Game

It was Narendra Modi who had equated the strength of the rupee to the prestige of the prime minister.

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Letters to the Editor: Plural India

The census data underscores the fact that the only community to grow at more than the usual rate was the Muslim community.

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Letters to the Editor: Caste opportunism

Distortions of the reservation policy caused the Patels to demand backward status.

Letters to the editor: Another Impasse

The separatists do not represent the people of Jammu and Kashmir, and have no locus standi other than as citizens of India residing in Kashmir.

Letters to the Editor: Reality Check

A hundred objections are bound to be raised by vested interests, including legal luminaries.

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Letters to the Editor: FTII Impasse

The 70-day FTII imbroglio has almost reached a point of no return (‘Midnight knock’, August 20).

Letter to the Editor: RIP, First Lady

In the passing away of India’s first lady, Suvra Mukherjee, we lost a noble woman.

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Letters to the Editor: Singled Out

The rejection of terror in the joint statement issued after talks between Narendra Modi and UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is a welcome development.

Letters to the Editor: First prize

This refers to the editorial, ‘Winter is coming’ (August 14). To dub the monsoon session a wash-out would be a gross understatement.

Letters to the Editor

Meghnad Desai sounds like a Modi spokesperson in his attempt to defend Modi’s continued silence over ‘Lalitgate’ and Vyapam.

Letters to the Editor: Shame on Justice

No wonder, Justice Ray developed an adulatory attitude towards Indira Gandhi.

Letters to the Editor: Lost in translation

By interpreting the word “adhinayak” as “Angrez”, we are doubting the patriotism of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Letters to the Editor

Why build a prison when inmates can easily run away by destroying a wall supposed to confine them?

Letters to the Editor: People Power

It was refreshing to read that former Union law minister and governor of Karnataka, H.R. Bhardwaj, has lambasted his party colleagues for their conduct in recent times.

Letters to the Editor: Landmark decision

. The ruling of the United States Supreme Court is a historic and landmark decision that accords equal rights to the LGBTQ community.

Letters to the Editor: A long way

Thousands of villages across the country continue to be deprived of internet connectivity — the widening digital gap between country’s urban and rural parts needs to be bridged.

Letters to the Editor: Best solution

Ex-servicemen’s associations have declared that they will boycott the 50th anniversary of the 1965 war event because of the failure to implement the “one rank, one pension” promise.

Letters to the Editor: An Apology

Radha Kumar has a doctorate and is a well-published author. Her mother, Dharma Kumar, was the editor of the Cambridge Economic History of India.

Letters to the Editor: Laws Won’t Do

The desired effect of this law will not be achieved unless proper infrastructure is provided at the grassroots level.

Letters to the Editor: Political realists

An African American of Kenyan origin is elected to the highest office of the land in his first attempt.

Letters to the Editor: Who’s fault?

Blaming the Reserve Bank’s policy blindly for all defaults is foolish.

Letters to the Editor: China’s Mistake

When China blocked the bid for UN action against Pakistan over Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, it made the same mistake as the US did.

Letters to the Editor

China’s direct support to Pakistan at the UN, to save Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, is shocking.

Letters to the Editor

Coaching for the IIT entrance test has become unaffordable for many. Anand Kumar is a godsend for underprivileged aspirants.

Letters to the Editor

In such a scenario, when fundamental civil liberty stands threatened by extreme rightwing groups, the possibility of another Emergency cannot be ruled out.

Letters to the Editor: Herculean task

When there are so few seats and so many candidates, the authorities conducting the AIPMT ought to weed out all possibilities of cheating.

Letters to the Editor

The National Judicial Appointments Commission may not be a panacea, but it is a step forward.

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Letters to the Editor: Just do it

Committees for policy formulation are not needed now, but a few for policy implementation will help immensely.

Letters to the Editor: Cinema effect

The fact that Bollywood has an extremely stereotypical way of depicting mental illness is undeniable.