Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015


28 Jan 2015

Military voices now challenge the established narrative of the Bangladesh war.

28 Jan 2015

An investment stimulus, not a trimmer budget, is the need of the hour.

28 Jan 2015

After failing to keep the peace, the Samajwadi Party now denies Muzaffarnagar victims' plight.

28 Jan 2015

In the environment ministry, Moily must reset procedures, weed out opacity and bias.

28 Jan 2015

The 15th Lok Sabha has passed some big-ticket laws. But not enough laws.

28 Jan 2015

The Ugly Indian and the Ugly American have rediscovered each other.

28 Jan 2015

28 Jan 2015

No cause for them. Sensex worries are overdone and India is in a much better position to deal with it.

28 Jan 2015

This abbreviated winter session has marked one of the lowest points of the 15th Lok Sabha.

28 Jan 2015

Unlikely alliances and surprising reconciliations mark the politics of the moment.

20 Jul 1951

Our politics is becoming home to intolerance, exclusion, sub-democratic solutions.

27 Jul 1951

The government has chosen the wrong way to address India’s research deficit.

Budget cues

India has accumulated its highest ever forex reserves. Government must build on this

Common sense

With R.K. Laxman’s cartoon, modern democratic ideas found a popular Indian voice.


India’s prime minister shows that fashion is the game of the name.

Red flag in Athens

In government, Syriza may temper its rhetoric and politics. But EU needs to handle Greece with care.

Symbolism plus

From n-deal to a reworked Indo-Pacific balance of power, Modi-Obama point to a new India-US future.

New Windows

Microsoft’s decision to give it away for free highlights how much personal computing has changed.

Trillion dollar baby

European quantitative easing programme could be a boon for India. But there’s no room for complacency

Congress vs Congress

The furore over Janardan Dwivedi’s remarks says some unflattering things about his party

Tooth and claw

Tiger census brings good news. But growing numbers in shrunken reserves undermine long-term survival

For the farmers

Getting them on board for fertiliser subsidy reform is the task of political communication.

Colombo calling

Sirisena administration has reached out, New Delhi must reciprocate.

Not so smart

The Google Glass experiment comes to an end, for now. Its core idea is likely to return.

Peshawar recoil

If Islamabad moves forward with banning terror outfits, Delhi must rethink reluctance on dialogue

Flight Plan 2015

Proposal to scrap 5/20 signals reform. But civil aviation sector needs more

Protection money

The demon of artificial intelligence is propitiated with a cash donation

The new Delhi

Kiran Bedi as BJP mascot suggests that parties need leaders to match evolving politics

Message, messenger

Yet another movie row frames the need for a rethink on film certification in India

From the Urdu press: Charlie Hebdo

“If democracy and freedom of expression come without limits, people’s thinking and society take a negative path”.

Take interest

Government must step up and translate rate cut into jobs, spending and growth

State of neglect

Yet again, government and parties abdicated their duty to protect the freedom of speech

Making of a tragedy

Boko Haram’s bloody massacre of a town shows up the weakness of the Nigerian state

Blinkers off

Yes, Chief Minister Parsekar, your minister is ignorant. He should apologise, then

Grade F

New report, same old story: learning outcomes are poor, and stagnating

Bhagwati, not Bhagwat

The fear that ‘social distractions’ could derail reform is very real.

View from the left: Unscientific Mind

CPM said that “what happened at the 102nd Indian Science Congress held at Mumbai… surpasses even the surreal”.

Offload this pettiness

Preventing a young woman from speaking her mind does not a superpower make.

Isis or amateur?

US Centcom hacking seems a prank. But it raises questions about military interface vulnerabilities

Inflation curbed

But the industrial data is unconvincing, and a rate cut is needed to secure growth.

Home alone

Compulsorily mixed housing is an excellent way to dismantle the ghetto

Paris concord

The city was the centre of the world for a day. It must pick up the pieces now

With due respect

What the CJI thinks of the PM is valuable information, but it’s better kept private

To fix the leak

Let’s debate delivery systems — and also focus on enhancing state capacity and infrastructure.

Reaching out

For overseas Indians to accept the invitation, make it less challenging for them to do business here.

A new Sri Lanka

The country’s new president must undo the troubling Rajapaksa legacy, especially vis-a-vis minorities.

Wrong number

By creating artificial spectrum scarcity, government does ‘Digital India’ a disservice.

All hail teixobactin

After nearly 30 years, the best news in medical science is the discovery of a new antibiotic.