Saturday, Apr 25, 2015


25 Apr 2015

Military voices now challenge the established narrative of the Bangladesh war.

25 Apr 2015

An investment stimulus, not a trimmer budget, is the need of the hour.

25 Apr 2015

After failing to keep the peace, the Samajwadi Party now denies Muzaffarnagar victims' plight.

25 Apr 2015

In the environment ministry, Moily must reset procedures, weed out opacity and bias.

25 Apr 2015

The 15th Lok Sabha has passed some big-ticket laws. But not enough laws.

25 Apr 2015

The Ugly Indian and the Ugly American have rediscovered each other.

25 Apr 2015

25 Apr 2015

No cause for them. Sensex worries are overdone and India is in a much better position to deal with it.

25 Apr 2015

This abbreviated winter session has marked one of the lowest points of the 15th Lok Sabha.

25 Apr 2015

Unlikely alliances and surprising reconciliations mark the politics of the moment.

20 Jul 1951

Our politics is becoming home to intolerance, exclusion, sub-democratic solutions.

27 Jul 1951

The government has chosen the wrong way to address India’s research deficit.

Art of overwriting

No city name is safe from Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal

Educating India

House panel’s recommendation to reevaluate ‘no detention policy’ is an opportunity for a larger rethink

Opinion: Costly delay

Opposition to GST constitutional amendment is unreasonable. Time to pass it is now

Age of immaturity

Amendments to juvenile justice law answer an illiberal clamour for retribution.

Raining pessimism

A robust crop insurance regime must be put in place. There’s no time to lose.

Death of a farmer

Political parties have rediscovered the farmer. But which farmer are they talking about?

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Cairo on trial

Morsi made mistakes. Now Egypt’s rulers must beware their own high-handedness.

Paring down exuberance

Adjustment of market expectations is response to lack of movement on ground. Government must take note.

Net hyperbole

Good that net neutrality debate has entered House. But it needs to be rescued from the glib binary.

Hocus pocus

When politics is the art of the magic cure.

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Driving change

Ban on older vehicles will accomplish little without stricter emissions norms and fuel standards.

Two speeches

Rahul’s interventions break an inexplicable silence. He and his party have much to do.

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Death boats

EU urgently needs to frame a migration policy to prevent Mediterranean disasters.

Uneasy allies

Chinese president’s Pak visit highlights perils of an unequal relationship. And points to India’s opportunity.

Sitaram yechuri, CPI(M),
Question for Mr Yechury

Space for a Left alternative exists, but can the CPM reclaim it, hold on to it?

Great Chinese diversion

India must be prepared to deal with China’s plans to divert Brahmaputra waters.

OPINION: Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechury

Modi, Rahul, Yechury must ensure their rhetoric, politics do not resurrect the spectre of bad economics.

World of business

PM has signalled a new global outreach that is less squeamish, more purposeful.

The Janata dodge

A new party announces itself. But is it a way of evading old incoherences and questions?

Make the cut

Negative WPI inflation is indicative of slack economic activity. RBI must take note.

Looking into the void

When you do that, does Rahul Gandhi also look into you?

Kerala conundrum

The Janata merger revives a familiar dilemma in the state’s coalition politics.

Ruling principal

St Stephen’s student suspension speaks of attempts to enforce a culture of obedience and conformity.

Editorial: Now that Rahul is back can he make his presence felt?

Can Rahul Gandhi break his own and the Congress’s standstill?

The Bose files

State’s habit of nursing secrets is jarringly out of place in the RTI age.

Overtaking China

But let’s hold the celebrations. We need to take IMF, World Bank projections with a pinch of perspective.

The Sukma reminder

Latest Maoist strikes must focus attention on unmet challenges of preparedness and coordination.

Web of freedom

Government is correct to support net neutrality. It should be enshrined in law.

Creating an ecosystem

GIFT City is a great idea. But a financial services hub will need more than tax exemptions.

Retrieving Babasaheb

He was a leader of, and an inspirational figure for, Dalits. But he was more than that.

For the record: ‘India’s priorities fit well with Germany’s expertise’

Excerpts from PM Narendra Modi’s oped in German newspaper ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung’, April 13

With friends like these

BJP cannot remain a by-stander to Sena’s renewed bid to stoke communal polarisation.

Against the zeitgeist

Controversy defined Günter Grass, but never took away from his formidable literary output.

A good deal

But the purchase of Rafale fighters raises a Make in India question.

Such a long vacancy

Government’s delay in appointing a chief information commissioner does disservice to a vital institution.

Mission accomplished

The Yemen operation rose to citizens’ expectations. It has also won India many friends abroad.