Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014
Writing freedom

For U.R. Ananthamurthy, literature, at all times, was a satyagraha.

View from the right: Pak-centric mindset

Getting out of the “Pak-centric mindset” would be in the best interest of India’s foreign policy, says an editorial in the Organiser.

The myth of love jihad

In its orchestration and inflammatory appeal, the current campaign shares similarities with Hindu revivalist projects in the 1920s in UP.

Reverse swing

The recent bypolls brought out the cricketing metaphors.

That man next to Lalu

For now, he has reason to smile. But does Nitish model need rescuing from Nitish?

Because Gaza is there to stay

If there is to be Israeli-Palestinian peace, Gaza must be its foundation.

Under Government Control

Under the UGC Act, the HRD ministry has the power to declare any institution a “deemed to be university” (DU).

The new young

Exposure to television and digital media grew by leaps and bounds between 2005 and 2012.

View from the left

The CPI’s NewAge says there was nothing “that could be really called first” in the speech.

Connoisseurs of the stalemate

The change of mind in Pakistan via-a-vis India is real. But foreign offices of both countries remain addicted to deadlocks.

Chinese takeaway

In the inter-war period, the conflict between Indian nationalism and Britain sharpened steadily.

American bungle

No one loves an Arab vacuum like jihadi extremists, and a bloody vacuum was precisely what Obama allowed Syria to become.

To give women their due

Families have a preferred number of sons at any given fertility level as well as a preferred fertility level.

Rethinking impunity

Why it may be time to revoke the AFSPA in areas like Manipur.

Pass mark

Bihar’s grand alliance may declare victory. But to become an alternative to the BJP, its test begins now.

Champagne socialist

Gandhi (1982), an epic but intimate biographical film, was Richard Attenborough’s greatest triumph.

Before it changes the map

The priority ought to be to collectively deliberate on how to confront the present and clear danger posed by the IS.

No convergence

Some Nepalese leaders, unhappy with Modi’s new approach, are preparing to raise the ‘ek madhes, ek pradesh’ demand.

The barefoot government

A government shorn of Western educated ministers could change the status quo.

The wrong end of the right debate

‘Neo-liberals’ emphasise sewers, sanitation and toilets, not ‘neo-communists’.

Left behind at 135

India needs a national effort to speed up human development.

Making friends with the middle

Flexible Asian coalitions that don’t include America or China should become a critical element of India’s strategy.

Modi’s red lines

From Pakistan to Japan, China to US, he will be tested on ability to stick to them.

When citizen remakes the city

Citizen groups are chipping away at Bangalore’s urban chaos, one street corner at a time.

Charming and world weary

The noir moment seemed to perfectly illuminate Lauren Bacall.

Perversity sells design

Americans see everything big, from them I learnt about how important it is to design industrial products for mass scale manufacture.

Defeat and delusions

The Prime Minister had to select his team from the ranks of his own party but he is now making a serious effort to change the way his party thinks.

Inside track: Taking no chances

Originally scheduled for July 3, Modi’s trip was re-scheduled for August 4. The visit has now been fixed for August 31.

Shock treatment

The appeal to provide them Pampers has been rejected, but there are some suggestions worth considering.

The no blame game

The JD(U), RJD, Samajwadi Party, BSP, JD(S), BJD, fragments of the old Janata could come together and form a party.

Feeding Frenzy

The media is on a fairly strict, leak-free diet that puts an edge on hunger.

Only talk

Why TRS supports Modi government’s decision to suspend dialogue with Pakistan.

New at the Centre

Three months is a short time, but government has emphatically regained control of its turf.

Levels of distrust

Survey data confirms perceptions of a trust deficit between Muslims and the police.

The religious scientist

The gap of learning between India and Pakistan is significant because it goes beyond the argument of population ratios.

About gobi flavoured ice-cream

A new international cinema, of gentle fantasies of post-colonial harmony.


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