Monday, Jan 26, 2015
Nextdoor Nepal: Failing again

Legislature, leaders have once again missed the deadline for the constitution. Can Nepal change course?

Kathmandu mirage

By missing another deadline for new constitution, Nepal’s political parties undermine own credibility.

(Source: Illustrated by C R Sasikumar)
Peace through strength, Indian-style

Modi’s strategy on Pakistan looks similar to Reagan’s for the Soviet Union.

Security reboot

Shanta Kumar panel raises important questions on food security programme that must be heeded.

Where are the leaders?

Muslims need enlightened leadership that can fight systemic discrimination, bridge communal gulf

Selling it short

Government continues to repeat fundamental policy mistakes in disinvestment.

The Fifth Metro: The unravelling

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is mired in a land controversy. That’s not the Congress’s only problem

An imagined community in Paris

Exiled from school, bereft of jobs, a radicalised minority was born.

You can’t dance around the topic of radical Islam

Is there a box on my tax returns that I can check so my tax dollars won’t go to pay for this?

Out of my mind: Dilli Door Ast

It was from Rajani Kothari, that we learned to think of Indian politics on its own

Across the Aisle: Will the campaign end after R-Day?

Never before 2014 did India’s election witness such a masterly combination of organisation, money, technology

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Fifth Column: Shameful legacies

The Republic Day parade became a hollow display of weaponry and silly tableaux.

Flip side: Potus and Lotus

Potus (Obama) asked Lotus (Modi) to join him in his smog-proof enclosure so they could watch tableaux together

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A new moment in India-US defence ties

The promise of a transformed relationship between India and the US seems more likely to be realised.

The useful friendship

India, US must also help each other on issues not directly related to bilateral ties

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Schooling trap

The focus needs to shift to the teaching-learning process

On religious conversion, a question

Conversions in Pakistan speak of a state in crisis, but why the rush to convert in India today?

No Proof Required: Straw in the Delhi wind

Here’s an early forecast: It’s advantage BJP.

Power play

Any target-setting on renewable energy driven by Obama’s visit needs to be embedded in a larger discussion of energy policy and planning.

Let them speak

The new government in Colombo promises to devolve political power to Tamils. It may help start a conversation.

2015 cut foretold: 200 basis points

Most forecasts of repo rate cuts needed in India this year seem to be out of sync with the underlying trend of inflation and growth in India and the world.

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Cut in context

The 728-point jump in the Sensex immediately after the RBI announced a 0.25 per cent cut in its policy rate shows how desperately the economy was longing for a lowering of interest rates. But the absence of a further rise the next day showed that second thoughts were setting in. The market is beginning to […]

Plumbing over poetry

India, US have the grand design. Modi, Obama must focus on implementation.

Et cetera

The ubiquitous three-letter word reveals its nefarious powers.

While Obama is here

It is important to undo the liability self-goal, implement the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Speaking truth to cricket

That apex court had to wield the broom underlines BCCI’s abdication, inability to make course correction.

It’s no ordinance raj

Considering the circumstances, the NDA’s ordinances are justified.

Death and taxes

Why smart capitalists should demand an inheritance tax.

State of disunion

Obama lays out principles, rather than policies, in a surprisingly defiant address.

Disappointing U-turn

Government must explain why it thinks Section 66A should stay in its current form.

View from the right: Republic day

The Organiser also cautions that India, which has arrived on the global stage, should understand potential threats and how those can be mitigated.

Tele scope: The Delhi debate

Bedi and Kejriwal have still to come face to face, but it’s a face-off

Let’s remake the classroom

Grouping children by learning level rather than age or grade could be a solution for poor outcomes.

Paper dragon

Overtaking China is easier projected than done. India must find its own way.

Not a clean sweep

The Swachh Bharat guidelines make no mention of the new budget, so whether government expenditure will reach these levels is unclear.

View from the left: Fall in India

Tthe CPI(ML)’s ML Update contends that Modi’s slogan should actually be “Minimum Parliament, Maximum Ordinance”.