Saturday, Nov 29, 2014
The historyteller

I discovered Tapanda on a boat to Britain, talking about Bengal, the planetary system and death.

Indo-Pak chill, China’s shadow

This Saarc summit was marred by more than the insistent negativity of some members about deeper integration

Driven to the dera

Why do both marginalised groups and political parties flock to them?

Guilty of not voting

Before pronouncing that verdict and doling out punishment, weed out the errors and inconsistencies in the EC’s database of voters

States and the Saarc

Modi must ensure India does not lose the opportunity to advance regionalism in the eastern subcontinent, and between it and East Asia

Dithering socialists

Why the present regrouping doesn’t offer any hope.

Fearing criminal and cop

For many black boys and men, Ferguson reaffirmed a sense of siege.

Being neighbourly

India needs a more generous and accommodating approach to Bangladesh.

Where the frontline is key to the bottomline

Paying teachers more without an expectation of high performance or accountability isn’t a wage. It is a subsidy.

CBI in the sunlight

Without transparency, autonomy will amount to an unchecked right to do wrong

Opening in the Valley

This moment must be used to re-evaluate army’s role, shrink area under AFSPA

Tele scope: Marathon PM

His hectic schedule makes it difficult for us to keep up with him — or anyone else

The colour of justice

After the Ferguson decision, it seems much has changed and nothing has changed in America

No Proof Required: Go on, do a Volcker, please

If Paul Volcker were RBI governor, he would cut rates aggressively — starting today

Starting at minus one

Second-generation reforms are far away. First recognise the extent of regulatory rot.

Rough justice

In pushing for juvenile age to be lowered, the court regresses.

Force to service

Police needs to stop passing the buck for poor service to interfering politicians.

Darkness ahead

As the state’s writ weakens, blasphemy cases increase in Pakistan.

Denmark UN Climate Report
Turning up the heat in Lima

India must sieze this moment to set the agenda for the 2015 climate agreement.

Pains of the pay cheque

Next round of reform should focus on giving employees flexibility in salary deductions.

Modi in Nepal: Religion and Diplomacy

Narendra Modi, however, is absolutely right in recognizing that cultural and spiritual bonds between India and Nepal provide a strong foundation.

Barack Obama
Good policy, bad politics

Obama’s executive action on immigration could spell political trouble for Democrats

Nextdoor Nepal: Saarc and after

Kathmandu fears a review of Delhi’s Nepal policy post-summit

The Fifth Metro: Doing IT differently

Why Zoho is a rule-breaker in India’s technology capital

The rise of ‘Mr Clean’

Rajiv Gandhi was very popular in his initial years in office. But he could not deliver on his promises.

Dining at the G-20

But has India fully leveraged its presence at the high table?

Shifting to the state

A structural change is afoot. It holds great promise for India.

Flip Side: Ghosts from the past

There are estimated to be over 1,000 ‘honour killings’ in India every year.

Fifth column: Right about-turn

In a country in which every political party is Leftist, the lament is puzzling.

From the discomfort Zone: Snuffing out love

I want to thank my readers for connecting to my writing and permitting me to use your personal experiences.

Inside track: No car for Jashoda

Rules do not permit Jashodaben to travel in the SPG car even though she enjoys going on pilgrimages.

Out of my mind: Fast forward to the past

There is a romantic idea that once all Indians spoke Sanskrit and India was a land of milk and honey.

Denmark UN Climate Report
Dealing with hot air

Adaptation alone will not help in meeting the climate change challenge. We need cost-effective mitigation strategies.

AMU’s tragedy of errors

There is a lesson to be drawn from the recent controversy: kangaroo courts of public opinion must stop delivering instant verdicts on minority institutions.

To make a city smart

Dressing it up with technology won’t be enough

City with the ravished soul

A new book maps Karachi from its halcyon days to its current lawlessness.