Who is a Hindu?

There is competition over religiosity without an understanding of Hindu philosophy.

Virat Kohli weds Anushka Sharma
Telescope: A wedding to the rescue

But for the Italy diversion, the Gujarat campaign was a grim sight.

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Reading the verdicts

Making sense of court judgments should not be the daunting exercise that it so often is.

Regulation of private healthcare sector
Health tips

Instead of cancelling hospital licences, bring in patient centric laws, institutional capacity to enforce them.

Modi alleges Pakistan is showing interest in Gujarat polls
No Proof Required: Gujarat 2017- A turning point?

For whom will the election bells toll — a confident BJP or a reviving Congress? The opinion polls suggest that this may not be a Rahul Gandhi moment.

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View From The Right: Ayodhya duplicity

Organiser’s editorial notes that when an amicable resolution of the Ayodhya issue seems possible, 32 self-proclaimed custodians of “secularism” have approached the Supreme Court to defer the hearing on the case.

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A job crisis, in figures

Multiple data sets confirm sluggish pace of employment creation. Paucity of data can no longer be an excuse for the lack of debate.

A few nefarious Pakistani thoughts

It will be one helluva state that genuflects to the miscreants at home but has the presumed capability to do unto India what Mr Modi thinks it can.

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A Shared Cultural Map

Much more than politics and security links Balochistan and India

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Power and insecurity

PM’s Gujarat campaign shows the politics of hope has been replaced entirely by the politics of fear

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A meeting, a conspiracy

BJP’s fear and foreboding about the Gujarat outcome leads to a bizarre theory

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No country for Afrazul

Today Rajsamand is no faraway place. And the Shambhulals know they can get away with murder

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Raja Mandala: Indian diplomacy, beyond the canon

New Delhi’s engagement with several nations signals a maturing of foreign policy in keeping with its changing interests in a multipolar world.

Lalji Singh (1947-2017): The pioneer of DNA evidence

Lalji Singh made a seminal contribution to the disciplines of genetics, forensics, conservation and law.

In Nepal, with hope

Holding of the parliamentary and provincial elections is a huge achievement, a culmination of a tortuous process that started in 2006. The people now await development and stability.

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Next Door Nepal: Virtues of soft power

Beijing finds a binding thread in Buddhism as India pursues hard diplomacy.

Breaking the silence

The system needs to be more sensitive in dealing with sexual abuse of the child. Talking to her, listening to her, is a first step.

The Indira we must not forget

On her birth centenary, it is important to remember the dark period of constitutional history she presided over.

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Partly free

That’s the rating of India by a report on internet freedom. It’s troubling

SC to hear petitions challenging Aadhaar
A great betrayal

State impunity continues for acts of torture. Lawmakers and court have not stepped up to their duty

Congress party election
Out of my mind: Contests and elections

The Congress has had very few contested elections in its entire history. Once Gandhiji became its leader, he nominated the candidate for party president and the All India Congress Committee duly voted for the sole candidate.

Fifth Column: Speak up, Prime Minister

Hate crimes have become so routine since the lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq two years ago that the death of Afrazul barely found mention in the next morning’s newspapers.

Gained in Translation: On Padmavati, a Kannaki cue

Tamil women will gladly give a piece of advice to their Rajasthan sisters. Hey, beware of myths. They are nothing but old feudal traps to catch us.

Inside Track: Treasured Asset

Apprehending that Amethi could be chancy in 2019, the Congress is contemplating fielding Rahul from two constituencies.

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Across the aisle: Gujarat after 22 years of BJP rule

I shall readily admit that the issues of development and jobs and price rise are common to all states. In the past too, ruling parties attempted to side-step the real issues, but wise voters changed the government.

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The Barelvi Bandwagon

Pakistan establishment’s misuse of religion has paved the way for sectarianism

Congress party election
Pieces of a campaign

To win Gujarat, parties play the same game. The line between caste interest, pride and jingoism is thin

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Return of a spectre called blasphemy

The current turmoil in Pakistan is a rerun: The elected government has again failed to assert its authority against unconstitutional forces claiming to act in the name of Islam.

Storm cloud over Dhaka

With a year to go for polls, Bangladesh is increasingly becoming securitised and its government authoritarian.

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A nudge for climate capital

Governments could spur green investments by taking risks off the table.

Hadiya mustn’t be in the dock

We need to fortify constitutional freedoms against sectarian challenges

Fields of despair

Peasant mobilisations have achieved very little because of the urban bias of the BJP

Religion over law

Neither side in the Babri Masjid case is keen on a judicial solution. So far, the courts themselves have, troublingly, adopted an approach that privileges religious sentiment

'25 pending and 14 new bills to be placed in winter session' of Parliament
An Oversight Problem

For now, Parliament is ill-equipped to oversee economic issues in an integrated way

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Lampooning Rahul

It speaks about the new Congress president. It also mirrors the level of politics, issues at stake

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Ambedkar For Our Times

His egalitarian narrative can help save the country from fanatics of all hues.