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The great delusion

India’s claim is not in doubt, but its NSG bid shows machismo more than maturity.

De-addicting Punjab

Policymakers will need to be determined and innovative

Birsa’s forgotten children

Jharkhand unshackles the tribal hero, but who will rescue its poorly-paid women health workers?

View From The Right: Politics of yoga

The editorial in Organiser, “Shirshasana with political glasses on,” comments on those leaders who “preferred either to boycott Yoga Day or uproot it from the Bharatiya roots”. It says “some people with so-called secular and anti-Modi glasses chose to stand on their head in protest” against the Yoga Day. The Bihar government “distanced itself from […]

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Method in opposition madness

The anti-Modi, anti-BJP and anti-government frenzy is increasing proportionately to the expansion of the BJP across the country.

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The crowd that pushed for Brexit doesn’t have a clue on the road ahead

The outcome of Brexit vote has been a $2 trillion fall in global markets.

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When Judges Got It Wrong

The ‘ADM Jabalpur’ judgment in the backdrop of Emergency remains a blot.

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Raja-Mandala: Modi govt’s renewed efforts for NSG membership are worth following

The Narendra Modi government is not easily rattled by disapproving noises.

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The price of basic income

Providing basic income guarantee to all citizens makes a lot of sense intuitively. But the implementation cost in any country, including India, would be prohibitive.

Kavalam Narayana Panikkar’s was uniquely Kerala theatre and, therefore, truly national

Panikkar wrote plays and poetry, essays and theoretical texts on the music of Kerala called Sopanam

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A teacher and chronicler: Eleanor Zelliot introduced Ambedkar and the Dalit movement to the West

She learnt to intermingle with ordinary Dalits, talk to them in their language, share their feelings, and become a part of their movement in order to develop the capacity to see things from their perspective.

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Language requires an urgent update to reflect growing female presence in ‘male’ spheres

Sadly, however, that is overwhelmingly not the case, with the old English rule of “man” including “women” and indeed, all of humankind continuing to remain in currency.

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Conspiracy, under the carpet

Substantive pieces of circumstantial and documentary evidence appear to have been overlooked in the Gulberg Society verdict.

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Brexit’s Aftershocks

EU must confront its failures, far right movements in Europe will become stronger.

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Banking on future

The government needs to build on the RBI’s roadmap for a cashless economy.

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The Trump spectre

Tapping into anxiety and prejudice, he could lead the US back to a past it had moved on from.

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Inside Track: Maintaining secrecy

Raghuram Rajan’s failure to get along with the Central government and secure a second term reminds old timers of the case of his father R Govindarajan, a former additional secretary, R&AW.

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Out of my mind: Making history

The notion that joining a multi-country union is loss of independence is hard to credit. But ultimately that is the message the people have given.

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Rajan did nothing to discourage silly adulation

He maintained a dignified silence, as RBI Governors should, in the initial months of his appointment. But no sooner did Narendra Modi become PM than he took to commenting on almost everything.

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Across the aisle- Economic reforms: Act I, Scene I

It is wrong to think that economic reforms consist of announcements or a few deft strokes of the pen making changes in some policy or other.

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Brexit is a revolt of a significant section of England against itself

With Britain voting to leave the European Union, we are now entering a brave new world

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Why Brexit is a cautionary tale for us all

Brexit campaigners claimed these hardships could be mitigated by saving the UK was paying the European Union £ 350 million a week — a figure that gained wide currency, even though it had no basis in fact.

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June 25, 1976, Forty Years Ago: A Year Of Emergency

A look at the front page of the Indian Express on June 25, forty years ago.

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Telling Them Why

Pakistan can ignore questions the world is asking, but not those of its own people

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Caste in question

Old arithmetic is insufficient to explain UP politics. A new election demands newer ways of seeing

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Minders Of The Cinema

Gajendra Chauhan and Pahlaj Nihalani seem to be acting out a common script

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The Urdu Press: Kairana falsehood

In his report, R.K. Raghav has said that in view of the forthcoming assembly elections in UP the BJP has aroused a false sense of insecurity among the Hindus in order to get their votes in the election.

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Solution is the problem

Dominant castes resent reservations, backward groups haven’t fully benefited. There is no visible alternative

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Disarmed by Rajan

Surviving officers of the 1953 batch of the Indian Police Service consider Raghuram Rajan as one of their own. When he was appointed governor of the Reserve Bank, we were overjoyed. When he appeared on television to explain his decisions, we listened intently. When his integrity was questioned by the BJP MP Subramanian Swamy, we […]

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Fear and loathing in Dhaka

Despite increasing attacks by Islamist militants, Sheikh Hasina’s government fails to act. Lack of a credible, viable opposition in parliament makes people’s despondency deeper.

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Lessons for India in Thailand’s experience on universal healthcare

Thailand is a good example of how a middle-income country can provide healthcare cover to its entire population (almost!) in a relatively short period of time

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The dead ends of Uttar Pradesh

One way of skirting them in the next polls is to bring trifurcation of the state on to the political agenda.

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi (C) performs yoga during World Yoga Day in Chandigarh, India, June 21, 2016. REUTERS/Ajay Verma
Yoga and magic

Ministers struck awkward poses. If there is maun yoga, let Salman Khan practice it.

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Real growth vs spurious criticism

The Central Statistical Office has never resorted to deception, nor is it doing so now.

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Stitching up employment

Government’s measures to boost the apparel industry are timely as China’s declining competitiveness provides opportunity for India.

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Uncompromisingly Rajan: Ability to say no and to live happily with consequences makes him unique

Reappointment of Raghuram Rajan as RBI governor would have transformed this stroke of luck into a tangible sign of change.