Friday, Jan 30, 2015
The retrial of Godse: Forgetting the facts

The memory of Gandhi has been sanitised so that the nation has forgotten the fact of his assassination, let alone debating the reason why.

The retrial of Nathuram Godse: Gandhi assassin’s political audience

Gandhi was killed ‘for a cause’ by someone from his own community. But what was this ‘cause’?

Out of the black box

Making the BCCI accountable, Supreme Court judgment is a relief for cricket fans.

Energising the friendship

Clean energy may be the new big idea in the US-India relationship.

New BFFs

Could Kim Jong-un’s acceptance of Vladimir Putin’s invitation be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

Now press repeat

Centre is right to accept Bombay HC Vodafone judgment. It must resolve other outstanding disputes.

Secularism, no question

The content of the idea may be debated, but its validity as a goal is beyond doubt.

The great Game Folio: Modi’s China Problem

Delhi must recognise that its relations with both America and China have potential and must be developed with greater purpose and vigour.

View from the right: EDUCATION FOR WOMEN

The Organiser argues that Indianising education is the only way to improve the gender quotient in education.

Tele scope: The NamObama show

It was non-stop. And everyone watched radio.

The big deal

Political recognition of the need to resolve the liability issue was necessary for implementing the Indo-US nuclear agreement.

India, US, and a better case for business

The economic impact of Obama’s trip will be better understood months or years down the line. But a good start has been made.

Still slipping on oil

Government focuses on short-term revenue gains instead of boosting oil production.

The art of the deal

Modi has signalled a transformation of India’s diplomatic culture.

View from the Left: Imperial ally

The CPM’s People’s Democracy says that “predictable hype” was built around the visit of US President Barack Obama.

India will succeed if it is not splintered along religious lines: Barack Obama

Excerpts from US President Barack Obama’s speech at Siri Fort, New Delhi, on January 27.

The philosopher cartoonist

Laxman’s cartoons expressed the artlessness and helplessness of citizenship.

And now, India’s turn

Obama visit recognised long term convergence of interests. India will need to reciprocate.

The big idea

Obama reminds us of what makes the India story —and what makes it captivating to the world.

A familiar ache

As many Parisian Jews prepare to leave France, the awful smell of history is back.

The same quarter

Next set of GDP figures won’t be different. We need a public investment stimulus.

Day after the summit

Obama visit elevates India-US ties, paves way for convergence outside bilateral areas

Barack and I

The real audience for Modi’s high-energy diplomatic performance is at home.

Anti-Americanism is dead

India-US reach closest to a strategic partnership in an increasingly tactical world

Chai and cha cha cha

President Obama danced around the really tough issues

Nextdoor Nepal: Failing again

Legislature, leaders have once again missed the deadline for the constitution. Can Nepal change course?

Kathmandu mirage

By missing another deadline for new constitution, Nepal’s political parties undermine own credibility.

(Source: Illustrated by C R Sasikumar)
Peace through strength, Indian-style

Modi’s strategy on Pakistan looks similar to Reagan’s for the Soviet Union.

Security reboot

Shanta Kumar panel raises important questions on food security programme that must be heeded.

Where are the leaders?

Muslims need enlightened leadership that can fight systemic discrimination, bridge communal gulf

Selling it short

Government continues to repeat fundamental policy mistakes in disinvestment.

The Fifth Metro: The unravelling

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is mired in a land controversy. That’s not the Congress’s only problem

An imagined community in Paris

Exiled from school, bereft of jobs, a radicalised minority was born.

You can’t dance around the topic of radical Islam

Is there a box on my tax returns that I can check so my tax dollars won’t go to pay for this?

Out of my mind: Dilli Door Ast

It was from Rajani Kothari, that we learned to think of Indian politics on its own

Across the Aisle: Will the campaign end after R-Day?

Never before 2014 did India’s election witness such a masterly combination of organisation, money, technology