Friday, Oct 31, 2014
Thanks to Tim

Apple CEO’s coming out is an important moment and milestone

Colonial structure, feudal values

J&K DIG’s ‘kingly’ abuse of power is no aberration

Our enchanted world

Scepticism has made the supernatural safe, even fun

1984, case closed

Compensation to victims is no substitute for punishment of perpetrators

The Haryana model

Its politics retains its oddity but the assembly election has brought the state into the national mainstream

Still up in the air

We don’t know quite how bad things were on Diwali, because air pollution levels were quite literally off the charts — too high to measure.

No proof required: PDS or NREGA, corruption must go on

No matter what in-the-name-of-the-poor scheme you cook up, the poor get less than 15 per cent

Fear has become a highly exploitable commodity in the political and media marketplaces.
Ebola and hysteria

America isn’t battling the virus as much as the mania around it.

Force behind MIM

Mainstream political parties shy away from fielding Muslim candidates

Mideast Iraq Islamic State Killings
The Mesopotamia mess

India has done well to refuse to be dragged into it. But denial is not an option

Emboldened by Modi

He has not made a misstep on social-secular issues, yet a sense of foreboding persists.

An escape from ideology

Like Sheherzad of Arabian Nights, Intizar Husain tells stories without moral lessons

High price of cheap oil

Why India cannot continue to stay away from the anti-IS coalition.

View from the right : JNU venom

An article in the Organiser says that behind the veil of right to freedom of expression, some elements at JNU have been spreading venom along religious and cultural lines.

Selfies with the PM

And Modi looks different each time we see him.

Our love for Fawad

It is interesting to juxtapose Khan’s popularity with the ‘love jihad’ campaign.

Mining a slow death

To keep CAD in check, India needs to pay attention to the rising trade deficit in mining, not focus on gold imports.

What is novelty?

India’s record on protecting pharma patents is less dismal than it seems.

Sparks, not fires

Why Modi is likely to oppose instrumental use of riots in politics?

To revive Left, steer clear of Congress

An alliance will damage CPM in its remaining bases, put Left unity under strain

Two arrested for rape of 76-yr-old in Nagaland

They have been identified as Adu Nakro and Vezhohu Resuh from Pholomi, a village in the adjoining Phek district and were tenants in a house in Jotsoma.

The Vietnam model

Vietnam PM’s visit is an opportunity to explore shared learnings in the social sector.

The great Game Folio

A fortnightly column on the high politics of the Af-Pak region, the fulcrum of global power play in India’s neighbourhood.

Two deluded

Left is flailing. But India’s right also substitutes abstract logic for historical judgement.

The shadow over the dinner table

When Canada is no longer reassuring, it’s all over

Hold the drink

Censors wagging the finger at scenes of liquor consumption is a bad idea.

Who failed Trilokpuri?

How did government let mobs take over, inflame communal tension? The Centre must answer.

View from the left

CPI(ML)’s ML Update slams the BJP govt over repatriation of black money, which was one of its key campaign theme.

His own CM

In Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis must lay claim to a mandate sought in the name of Modi.

Shared stories

The tale of African contribution and Indian receptiveness must be told

Modi, moment, constitution

He must spell out what he thinks of the nature of state, what it should be

Dressed by Oscar

De la Renta loved women. And they loved him back.

He imagined a different Australia

Gough Whitlam’s vision of a productive and peaceful Indo-Pacific region remains a tantalising prospect.

The Afghan peace prize

Pakistan and India need to acknowledge their shared stakes in peace in Afghanistan.

Taking terror to task

Pakistan must stop offering specious alibis against prosecuting Hafiz Saeed.

China tells Nepal what to do

Beijing wants a secure environment for its investments and an extradition treaty.