Thursday, Oct 02, 2014
The right not to believe

Bombay HC order on disclosure of religion expands individual’s freedom to choose.

The second chance

Modi brings much-needed clarity, assurance to Delhi’s strategic calculus on US.

The visit, the arrival

In the US, Modi changed India’s image, and his own.

Modi-Obama joint briefing
Just like a promo

That’s how TV news covered the prime minister’s US visit.

A sarkari campaign about us

The real question is not why government wants to push the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, but what it wants to pack into this campaign.

Not just toilets

Possibilities of ‘Clean India’ will only be realised if we look at the entire sanitation chain.

View from the left: Maintaining continuity

Narendra Modi has paid official visits to Nepal, Bhutan and Japan, besides travelling to the US to attend the United Nations General Assembly, while receiving Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the Chinese president.

Modi And Obama’s war

There has been much speculation on whether New Delhi might join President Barack Obama’s renewed war on terror.

Top ten reasons for inflation decline

A resurgence in inflation is a low probability event. Given low GDP growth, why is the RBI acting so coy about cutting repo rates?

Madison Square Garden cheer wasn’t just for Modi

Indian Americans have come far. Now they must become leaders in the US not just in business, science and engineering, but also in politics and law.

The Hong Kong bungle

Hong Kong has been run by an alliance of local communists and local big business in the recent years.

While she is away

Can Jayalalithaa’s brand survive her absence from the helm of government?

Caution is good

RBI does well to keep its focus on targeting inflation in the long term.

No more tears

Tamil Nadu deserves better than a government in mourning. New CM must step up to the plate.

The game is open

With breakdown of alliances, artificial bipolarity of Maharashtra politics is over.

Let the river take its course

The Ganga waterway project is ill-conceived.

As the US retreats

India should not bank overly on a partnership with Washington.

To Supreme Court, with anger, pain and shame

A rose by any other name is still a rose; an illogical act by any other name is still an illogical act.

Taking back Pakistan

Change will never come through the present system. The only way forward is a peaceful revolution.

Indians of New York

For the diaspora, Modi can make miracles happen.

Comrades in prayer

Marxists in Kerala participate in religious festivals. The reasons may be this-worldly.

Defensive no more

At UN, Modi hints at a more innovative and assured approach on multilateral issues.

CM-ship no bar

Jayalalithaa’s conviction is about equality before law. AIADMK must respect verdict even as it challenges it.

Turning to Turkey

Its cooperation could be vital to the fight against the IS.

Justice under trial

SC order on under trials is a welcome start but doesn’t go far enough.

Lens on Modi

Washington wants to know if he can fix structural flaws in India’s economy.

A delicate, diplomatic dance

The Xi-Modi interaction marks the first step towards dynamic India-China ties.

Opportunities in a crisis

The Supreme Court verdict provides scope for largescale and speedy reforms in the coal sector.

The return of Indira

Janata’s collapse paved the way for her comeback.

‘Congress win in bypolls tells BJP it has to work to keep its promises’

Sachin Pilot at Idea Exchange explains the ‘surgical management’ that led to the victory.

From the discomfort Zone: Psychologically aesthetic Italians

This immediately took me to another planet mentally, my first step on Europe, the country of Raphael, da Vinci, Michelangelo that I had studied with my pencils in art college.

Inside track: The Orissa era

Manmohan Singh’s PMO was dominated by officials from Kerala, including T K A Nair, Shivshankar Menon and M K Narayanan.

Out of my mind: Mangal ho

Mangalyaan is a tribute to the young leadership of India’s Independence movement.

Flip side: The invasion of America

In fact, so frenzied was the pre-visit coverage that there was talk of renaming it Times Now Square.

Fifth column: With due respect

Could the honourable judges not have paid attention to the inextinguishable fires that burn underground.

More Bizarre Than Usual

On TV, this was Narendra Modi Week, starting in Mars orbit and ending in NYC.


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