Thursday, Oct 30, 2014
View from the right : JNU venom

An article in the Organiser says that behind the veil of right to freedom of expression, some elements at JNU have been spreading venom along religious and cultural lines.

Selfies with the PM

And Modi looks different each time we see him.

Our love for Fawad

It is interesting to juxtapose Khan’s popularity with the ‘love jihad’ campaign.

Mining a slow death

To keep CAD in check, India needs to pay attention to the rising trade deficit in mining, not focus on gold imports.

What is novelty?

India’s record on protecting pharma patents is less dismal than it seems.

Sparks, not fires

Why Modi is likely to oppose instrumental use of riots in politics?

To revive Left, steer clear of Congress

An alliance will damage CPM in its remaining bases, put Left unity under strain

Two arrested for rape of 76-yr-old in Nagaland

They have been identified as Adu Nakro and Vezhohu Resuh from Pholomi, a village in the adjoining Phek district and were tenants in a house in Jotsoma.

The Vietnam model

Vietnam PM’s visit is an opportunity to explore shared learnings in the social sector.

The great Game Folio

A fortnightly column on the high politics of the Af-Pak region, the fulcrum of global power play in India’s neighbourhood.

Two deluded

Left is flailing. But India’s right also substitutes abstract logic for historical judgement.

The shadow over the dinner table

When Canada is no longer reassuring, it’s all over

Hold the drink

Censors wagging the finger at scenes of liquor consumption is a bad idea.

Who failed Trilokpuri?

How did government let mobs take over, inflame communal tension? The Centre must answer.

View from the left

CPI(ML)’s ML Update slams the BJP govt over repatriation of black money, which was one of its key campaign theme.

His own CM

In Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis must lay claim to a mandate sought in the name of Modi.

Shared stories

The tale of African contribution and Indian receptiveness must be told

Modi, moment, constitution

He must spell out what he thinks of the nature of state, what it should be

Dressed by Oscar

De la Renta loved women. And they loved him back.

He imagined a different Australia

Gough Whitlam’s vision of a productive and peaceful Indo-Pacific region remains a tantalising prospect.

The Afghan peace prize

Pakistan and India need to acknowledge their shared stakes in peace in Afghanistan.

Taking terror to task

Pakistan must stop offering specious alibis against prosecuting Hafiz Saeed.

China tells Nepal what to do

Beijing wants a secure environment for its investments and an extradition treaty.

Election officials chek EVMs in Nagpur
A way out of alienation

The Maharashtra assembly election has again proved that Muslims do not vote as a block

A dynasty is born

By the time Indira Gandhi was hit by tragedy, it was already clear that her family would inherit control of the party and the country.

Power to the people

Even if villages are on the grid, a political push is needed to get them electricity

Centre according to Modi

There are major changes afoot. But they have more to do with politics than policy

Fifth column: Real change please

The Prime Minister has repeated often that he believes the government has “no business to be in business”, but his ministers are not listening.

Flip side: The festival seasoning

In India, we have more festivals than there are days in the year, but Diwali is really when indulgence violates the urban ceiling act.

Out of my mind: Snow White and the dwarves

But what the Congress has shown is that Dynasty does not work. It took three generations for the Congress to run out of talent. With the Shiv Sena, the memory of Balasaheb is the only asset.

From the discomfort Zone: Digital skeleton

So many artistic domains are getting massacred due to the over-usage of digi-tech, the killer of human passion, craftsmanship, knowhow and creative distinction.

Inside track: Uplifting desire

The biggest problem Dikshit is facing is climbing the stairs. She wanted to install a lift, but her neighbour downstairs, IAS officer and author Upamanyu Chatterjee, was not agreeable to the idea as it would block his living room view.

India, Australia must help set West Indies house in order

Dwayne Bravo arrived at the toss at the Dharamsala one-dayer with the entire team in a show of both solidarity and protest.

Two laws on censorship

Documentaries are held to a different standard than Bollywood films.

Less LoC, more FTA

Trade talks are crucial to normalising bilateral ties. Kashmir can wait.

Rural issues, local solutions

For rural India, trust, empathy, aspiration and empowerment are as important as toilets