Saturday, Sep 20, 2014
The Nation is Watching. So What?

Kolkata, police entered the campus of Jadavpur University and beat up students protesting for the safety of women.

Because Dutee has a dream

The sprinter detected with hyperandrogenism must be talked to — and heard out.

About loveless marriages

It is the Congress-NCP camp that is keenly waiting for the news of a Sena-BJP split. This would allow it greater flexibility in choosing post-poll partners.

Schooled against innovation

Primary education can only improve if government embraces new ideas

State and utopia

Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri say what Pakistan has is not democracy. What they promise is utopia.

RBI, we have a problem

If supply-side problems are the major ailment, why not cut rates — since monetary policy can affect output without affecting inflation

A story from Taranto

One of the elderly ladies told us how she was being chased by two Allied soldiers when an Indian soldier intervened and protected her.

The good cop

In a dysfunctional polity, it was left to the CAG to move against corruption.

Juvenile pleasures

American TV shows tell us that adulthood as we have known it has become conceptually untenable.

Two lonely powers

The US and China are isolated in their own ways.

This selective outrage

The SC rulings in Sarla Mudgal and Lily Thomas have not stopped the horrendous practice of married men committing fraud.

Two cheers for Scottish independence

Scotland’s priorities, argue the proponents of independence, are poorly reflected in the constitution of the British government.

Hindi-Chini 2.0

What we need to learn from China is not the art of running a small firm well, but the art of supporting a small business.

Changing Team State

Government must aim for a younger, less permanent, more diverse civil service.

View from the right

Chief Minister Omar Abdullah’s government and the erstwhile UPA did not pay heed to flood warnings.

By converting Hindus to Hindutva

BJP’s return at the Centre has reopened the question: what constitutes the middle ground of India’s democratic politics?

On trial, the criminal justice system

Reforms have favoured measurable quick fixes without attempting to understand the high incidence of pre-trial detention.

Stumped by bypolls

Congress leader Sachin Pilot was looking positively happy after his party cornered three seats in Rajasthan.

View from the left: In cahoots

The editorial also alleges that the TMC is “whipping up communal passions hoping to garner the support of the minorities”, as it fears the Left’s resurgence.

Chinese takeaway

China’s political investment in Modi when he was chief minister of Gujarat has generated rare personal goodwill for Beijing with an Indian leader.

No more advantage BJP?

Only consistent trend in bypolls across states since the general election is the party’s loss of seats

Beyond sweet talk and tempting deals

To gain India’s trust, Xi Jinping needs to follow his words of reassurance with concrete action

Ticking outside the box

Centre must grasp the differences and overlaps between LGB and T identities.

Uttar Pradesh lesson

BJP abandoned development for ‘love jihad’ in UP. Voters turned away.

How not to draft regulation

RBI rules on wilful default are a throwback to the age of khap panchayats.

Britain on the brink

Whether Scotland votes for independence or stays with the union, the UK will never be the same.

India’s fast power

Modi government is enunciating a doctrine of high-speed diplomacy.

This war is not about the US

There isn’t a single straight shooter in the bunch Obama is welding into a coalition against the IS.

And then the waters rose

Now, people of J&K praise army for their rescue and curse the media for publicising it.

Withering away of a revolution

Maoists of all hues — are leaving the so-called “revolutionary” path they had pledged to tread.

Build it green

Top-down approach to making buildings energy efficient has not worked

Slippery ground of the secularism debate

A new language and strategy is needed to expose Modi’s communal agenda

Making it work

Restructure the MGNREGS to raise overall efficiency and gains to rural households.

Silk route to Beijing

Delhi must participate in Chinese initiatives in Indian Ocean and shape the agenda.

The disintegration of Janata

The party imploded in spectacular fashion, giving Indira Gandhi the chance to rise again.

Pranab Mukherjee in Vietnam: Modi’s Asian Power Play

Mukherjee’s visit to Hanoi was scheduled well before President Xi’s South Asia itinerary was firmed up.


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