View From The Right: Targeting Hindus

The editorial in Organiser claims that Congress and its liberal-communist friends tried to float a new theory to brand the entire Hindu community as rapists or protectors of rapists.

Panchayati raj at 25

Every state is progressing, some at snail’s pace, others leapfrogging. Much remains to be done.

Cities at Crossroads: Bring back the lakes

Citizen action on rejuvenation of water bodies is gathering momentum in Bengaluru and is making a difference on the ground.

Law Ministry processes file on elevating senior advocate Indu Malhotra as SC judge
Judicial quicksand

We can endure neither Court’s loss of legitimacy nor all the attempts being made to overcome it

China's March factory output, consumer inflation slows in sign of ebbing economic growth
As You Like It

Is statistical and meteorological data pandering to the establishment?

Kathua rape murder case, kathua case, supreme court, maneka gandhi, POCSO Act, Unnao rape case
Tougher isn’t better

Death penalty for sexual offences against children is misconceived. Ordinance is doomed to fail

The storeroom where the victim was allegedly kept, in Kathua near Jammu. (Express Photo: Nirupama Subramanian)
Poetry After Kathua

Let silence, the absence of language force us to look at crime non-poetically

Farmers, forests and the future

In the battle over jungle and tribal land, deep mistrust divides natural allies.

PM Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping to meet on April 27 & 28 in Wuhan
India and China: Over to the leaders

The informal summit between PM Modi and President Xi gives them an opportunity to reflect on bilateral ties and set practical goals.

Notes from the CPM congress

A politics based on democratic welfarism could offer a political alternative. The Bahujan Left Front in Telangana comprising communists and Ambedkarites may show the way.

hindu nationalism, liberals, liberals and nationalism, right wing, leftists, indian express
Must liberals oppose Hindu nationalism?

Rather than opposing what cannot be defeated, it may be more profitable to focus on tempering its worst aspects

Kathua rape-murder case: Vaginal swabs match with accused, says forensic lab
Call Hate Crime By Its Name

That’s the first step towards dealing with the horror of Kathua

Her run for the future

Why we need more working women in politics

Next door Nepal: Populism first

Government seems unwilling to take unpopular measures in public interest.

cji impeachment, chief justice of india, dipak misra, congress, opposition, rajya sabha secretariat, indian express
Fiddling with a WMD

Politics of embarrassment matters more than proposed removal of CJI. No bigger message has emerged

commonwealth meet, british commonwealth, common wealth nations, indian independence, modi in uk, indian express
Out of my mind: An obsolete structure

The Empire having been reduced to a skeleton, the question has to be asked what is the best structure for the Commonwealth.

arun jaitley, jaitley operation, arun jaitley dialysis, defence ministry, karnataka election, media, indian express
Inside Track: Unhealthy Rumours

A notice on the front door of Arun Jaitley’s residence saying ‘No Visitors Allowed’ has triggered off the rumour that the Finance Minister’s health is serious and he is kept in total isolation.

kanpur, minor raped by father, uttar pradesh, up crime news, gangrape, indian express
The Republic of Impunity

Gang rape is the ultimate act of impunity

CJI should consider recusing himself from performing judicial work: Congress
Saving democracy, really?

Is last week’s move by the Congress to impeach the Chief Justice of India part of a crusade that began even before Narendra Modi became Prime Minister?

Till the end, Justice Rajinder Sachar spoke up for the rights of fellow citizens
A Legend In His Lifetime

Till the end, Justice Rajinder Sachar spoke up for the rights of fellow citizens