Friday, Oct 24, 2014
The train’s on track

The government seems to be missing the larger picture in the reconstruction efforts.

Two leaders who count

The pope is everything you’d want in a leader, Putin everything you wouldn’t.

Rural issues, local solutions

For rural India, trust, empathy, aspiration and empowerment are as important as toilets

For a second wave

To enable infrastructure investment, financing bottlenecks must be removed and bankruptcy procedures created.

Two laws on censorship

Documentaries are held to a different standard than Bollywood films.

Less LoC, more FTA

Trade talks are crucial to normalising bilateral ties. Kashmir can wait.

End of the American century

Obama’s strategic failures in dealing with the IS indicates how far US hegemony has been eroded.

View from the Right: Kamath on Kashmir

The article has been pegged to the recent decision of the government to call off foreign secretary-level talks with Pakistan.

Polled into exhaustion

Partly due to election fatigue, TV news’ coverage of the assembly election results was less than riveting.

This transaction is still incomplete

Opening accounts and issuing cards create numbers but amount to little.

New sick man of Europe?

France is battling a bad case of collective despondency.

View from the left

An editorial says that Modi, in his first Independence Day speech, had spoken about making India an industrial hub.

Chinese takeaway: Modi and Jokowi

There are good reasons why Prime Minister Narendra Modi should start paying serious attention to the new Indonesian president.

Centre, state, Modi

Will the BJP’s dominance rework federal equations?

An exit that shows the way

A new generation of Indian entrepreneurs is looking to leaders like Murthy, Nilekani and Gopalakrishnan on how to do it right.

No endgame in Hong Kong

Beijing is likely to restore order in the short term. But does it have a long-term solution to the crisis of governability?

Why Tirole

From patent pools to platform pricing, his wide body of work resonates.

They gave Modi a walkover

Modi has a map for the future. Regional chieftains only have a Tughlaqesque politics.

New old friends

Mexico and India have enjoyed a close bilateral relationship for decades. It is set to gain a new impetus now.

Pak shelling in border areas
Shooting ourselves in the foot

Experience and government statistics show that machismo has never worked as a plan against Pakistan.

A Hindu-Muslim couple walks into a bar…

Go on, complete the joke. It’s time someone declared open season on ‘love jihad’, writes Altaf Tyrewala.

Iran and India’s Road to Afghanistan

Delhi and Tehran must now sit down with the new government in Kabul to negotiate trilateral trade.

The Haryana leap

BJP success hinged crucially on winning over leaders from other parties.

New voter, old Sena

Maharashtra verdict is snub to parochial politics. Regional parties need a new plan.

Modi, for many reasons

Caste played a diminished role in Haryana and Maharashtra. BJP must seize the opportunity, make its own politics more open.

Marriage, politics, propaganda

The creation of the ‘love jihad’ frenzy has little to do with fact or religion, writes Subhashini Ali.

BJP, like Congress

BJP’s success shows that there is no alternative to Congress-style politics. Or that it is yet to emerge.

Fifth Column: Do we hear a death knell?

Democratic feudalism has reduced our smaller states to fiefdoms over which a handful of families lay claim.

Inside Tracker: Weeding out laws

The Congress seemed to have conceded defeat even before the results of the Assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra were announced.

Out of my mind: Honouring Gandhi

The last time he came to London was in 1931 for the Second Round Table Conference.

‘There is some back channel contact between India, Pak PMs on private level’

In this Idea Exchange Hamid Mir, Shafqat Mahmood talk about why the army won’t intervene against Nawaz Sharif.

Unfathomable greatness

An incurable romantic, poetry suited Begum Akhtar’s temperament.

A used-up slogan, a persisting rumour

RSS crafted the ‘Love Jihad’ campaign but will find it difficult to revive it.

Stormy Weather

With Hudhud failing to strike as hard as predicted, TV channels scrambled from coast to coast looking for a scoop.

A case for low idealism

The low idealist recoils from any movement that promises new beginnings.

Islam for peace, or violence?

Religion doesn’t need reform, its followers do.