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A Little Bit Of Magic

Imran Khan is a politician with a sense of personal destiny, and a divine mission

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The radicalisation myth: Islam doesn’t propagate hatred, it teaches equality

For Indian Muslims, the concerns are far more serious — from their safety to livelihood opportunities

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Game upside down

As they trooped out at the Adelaide Oval for the third Test — the first ever five-day international day-and-night match with a pink ball — Australia and New Zealand turned the game on its head.

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What Mr Akbar won’t say

The main point of his argument is that I was wrong, indeed sinning, in pointing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the principal obstacle to the search for accommodation with Pakistan.

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No proof required: Incredible ‘Intolerant’ India

I further felt that this would be a healthy development, given that it would replace the elite with a feudal, dynastic mindset with an elite with a middle-class mindset.

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Maverick Economist

Douglass North emphasised institutions at a time when markets were the focus.

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Why every patriot should be worried, and, yes, ashamed

True patriotism requires you to be able to say that I am ashamed of my country in certain respects.

The crux of our solitude

As a member of Sandarbh, an artists’ initiative hosting an international artists’ residency supported by the Jaipur Art Summit 2015, I was in Jaipur on the morning of November 21.

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The Urdu press: Terror in Paris

Jamaat-e-Islami’s biweekly, Daawat, in its editorial on November 22, has strongly criticised US President Barack Obama.

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Triumphant abroad, forlorn at home

Gap between Modi’s successes on foreign soil and his domestic troubles could be a problem.

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Going solar

Environment-friendly alternatives can now match coal in energy production

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North star

Douglass North can be credited for the foregrounding of the role of institutions in the political economy.

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Telescope: Aamir and Chinese whispers

You don’t always need people or events to make news on TV

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Terror versus what?

Post 13/11 sloganeering at Antalya and Kuala Lumpur won’t be enough.

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Way Of The Committee

Can Parliament be insulated from the vagaries of the political climate?

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Dr Manmohan Singh’s different strokes

What does Manmohan Singh really think about the Planning Commission?

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Rewarding journalism

Ramnath Goenka had a deep sense of pride that a newspaper is supposed to expose corruption, injustice.

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Two Executions

For many Bangladeshis, they hint at closure for 1971.

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Well played, my lord

Delhi HC was right to force oversight on the Delhi cricket administration.

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The pulse of the matter

Farmers tend to lose out irrespective of whether crop prices go up or down. Government needs to rectify this.

It started with Perumal

On December 2, 2014, Murugan returned home to Namakkal, after spending a month at the Sangam writers’ residency programme.

If India really does not believe in what the UN is doing in places like South Sudan, it has an opportunity to get its troops out.
Charm, criticise, compromise

On Indian peacekeeping abroad, Samantha Power shows some deft diplomacy.

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Raja-Mandala: Japan’s counter to China’s silk road

As countries ranging from Britain to Brunei and Tanzania to Tajikistan jumped on Xi’s Silk Road bandwagon, Japan, the other Asian giant and the world’s third-largest economy, watched warily.

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A myth called Tipu

Tipu Sultan, who inherited his suzerainty of the kingdom of Mysore from his adventurer father, Hyder Ali, lived and died during a time very different from our own.

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From plate to plough: Slogans, strategies, showbiz

But no past political master can match our present PM, Narendra Modi, in coining new slogans and catching the imagination of the masses.

Dissent and democracy

Within a government, ministers are expected to convey opinions on policy proposals. A second channel is through public representatives (the members of Parliament).

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Bad monsoon memories

Every day of the 2015 monsoon session, we witnessed the chairperson of the Rajya Sabha helplessly pleading with MPs to discharge their responsibilities and maintain the decorum of the House.

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Some plainspeaking for Mr Akbar

Whatever Manmohan Singh might have wanted in the matter of making a breakthrough with a visit to Pakistan, someone should share with Akbar the BJP’s official position.

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Why the IS survives

On Saturday, November 14, Daesh (the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State) claimed responsibility for the attacks on the French capital, indicating that they would be the “first of the storm”.

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Out of my mind: The big Muslim tragedy

After all,there have been terrorist attacks on the West since mid-1990s, if not since the Munich Olympics of 1972. What is different now?

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Reverse swing: What Paris tells us

It hardly needs stating, also, that the Islamist terrorists are as brutal to those Muslims who aren’t of a hardline Salafi creed as they are to non-Muslim infidels.

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Inside track: Old enemy blossoms

An old adversary of Modi, Sanjay Joshi, is also beginning to flex his muscles. Joshi, an RSS pracharak, was once a power to reckon with in the party, but was eased out of the BJP in 2005 thanks to Modi.

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Are Indian Muslims beginning to identify with their brethren in other parts of the world?

The truth is that jihadi terrorism has everything to do with Islam for those who think of the time of the Prophet as a blessed time that Muslims must return to.

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Across the aisle: There is a mountain to climb

The tell-tale sign is the flat growth rate: 7.3 per cent in 2014-15, 7.0 per cent in Q1 of 2015-16, and the forecast of 7.3 per cent for the whole of 2015-16.

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No Sunrise Just Yet

Uday lacks a strong, accessible monitoring mechanism critical for its success

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With help from diplomacy

Modi can leverage foreign policy, in political and economic terms, to repair his domestic image