Wednesday, Sep 03, 2014
The great Game Folio: Modi’s Lexicon

In Tokyo this week, Modi framed an interesting antinomy in Asia.

View from the left: Bypoll losses

On the verdict, an editorial says this “marks a significant trend of reversal from the patterns seen in the general elections .”

Wherever order falls apart

…Germany is affected too. That’s why its decision to pitch in with military and humanitarian support in the fight against the IS.

What bypolls say, and what they don’t

Incumbents in the state have an advantage. But it is difficult to use the results to cull out statewide or nationwide trends.

UGC doesn’t get it

It needs to learn from the IITs, not impose its outdated norms.

Still waiting

Modi government has made tactical changes, not strategic policy shifts, to restart growth.

Converging on skills

But will a nodal ministry at the Centre solve all issues in a federal structure such as ours?

The Janata’s collapse

In its determination to politically destroy Indira Gandhi, the party succeeded in hastening her return to power.

Bitter pill to swallow

Rajasthan’s decision to ‘target’ free medicines and diagnostics is contrary to the recommended role.

Captain playboy as playboy politician

Leading a protest movement that has been messy, inchoate and inconclusive, the 61-year-old is seen as having disastrously overreached.

( Source: Wikipedia )
Selfie and the simian

Why we can’t copyright what exists in nature.

Development 2.0

Planning Commission is dead. Its successor must focus on ideas over implementation.

Good governance 101

It is not about size, scope or ideology. Rather, it is about getting things done.

The human factor

Indian scholarship is doubly bereaved, for it has lost a fine teacher and a good man.

The eternal critic of the self

Bipan Chandra’s life celebrated the virtues of revisionism.

A death in the family

Chandra was a passionate historian, but he never let political affiliation get in the way of personal and professional ties.

We don’t need no regulation

For IITs, UGC should go back to its earlier practice of only listing names of degrees.

The tough talk begins

How Delhi’s bluntness has sharpened the Hurriyat hardline.

Flip side: Global ambassadors

Shah Rukh Khan has spearheaded the trend, but others are not far behind. Here are the nominees.

From the discomfort zone: Bathing in disruptive aspiration

To establish their supremacy, French kings wanted control over nature too.

Out of my mind: Jihadi or shaheed?

We have war crimes as a new category in international law, for which there is an international court.

Inside track: After the funeral

Congress persons are unanimous that Vinod Rai was a disastrous choice as the Comptroller and Auditor General.

Fifth Column: Myths, lies and punditry

Unless the licence raj goes, India will never build the institutions of higher learning that we so desperately need.

What’s the Flight Plan?

On love jihad and the failure of airline journalism.

What’s a hit got to do with it

How well a film does at the box office has nothing to do with its intrinsic worth.

Friends for the future

Modi can draw from history as he renews India’s engagement with Japan.

Some big ideas and images to match

Creative talent in Hollywood is learning to sneak artistry and individuality into studio tentpoles.

The critical insider

U.R. Ananthamurthy was a writer who possessed two ways — his own and that of the other.

Because Pakistan crossed the line

Can it demonstrate that its persistent counsel to the Hurriyat has advanced the cause of peace in Jammu and Kashmir?

Felling the straw man

The problem is not with ministers’ foreign education but with their attitudes towards society

Not by a stricter law alone

Disturbing new trends have emerged in rape judgments

And there’s no one else to blame

Since Modi has centralised power, the buck rests with him

Keep out will, whim and fancy

President need not disclose reason for dismissing a governor, but a cause must exist.

From the Urdu Press: Bypoll pointers

Multi-edition daily Sahafat proclaimed in its front-page report: Political commentators are of the view that the magic of Modi has started losing its glow.

Not in a fit state

Recent economic logjam underlines need to remake the state for the 21st century.

Writing freedom

For U.R. Ananthamurthy, literature, at all times, was a satyagraha.


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