Sunday, Apr 19, 2015
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Out Of My Mind: Rest in peace

Now lo and behold, poor Babasaheb is being claimed by the BJP/RSS as a great Hindu!

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Inside Track: Sticking on

Unlike others who have had to leave after completing their parliamentary terms, Amar Singh has so far managed to stay on.

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Fifth Column: Clarity on Kashmir

Nobody seriously believes that there will be another redrawing of India’s borders.

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Across the Aisle: The bugle has been sounded

If one compared the budget estimate for 2014-15 and 2015-16, the reduction was extremely harsh.

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Something is changing in Karachi

The city, and the party that controls it, could be on the arduous path to normalcy

Author Guenter Grass. (Source: Reuters)
Ghaas babu of Kolkata

When Gunter Grass bathed in a malarial pond and we roamed the city end to end.

These sterile sums

Instead of ‘family planning’ for Muslims, Christians, let’s educate all our girls.

Delhi Pollution
Death by Breath: Swachh Bharat should include Swachh air

A roadmap for cleaner urban centres can be merged into the smart cities framework

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No Proof Required: New GDP is for real

Pessimists on Indian growth will have to look for pastures other than the new GDP data

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View from the right: New untouchability

Quoting B.R. Ambedkar, the Organiser editorial says that untouchability has ruined the so-called untouchables, Hindus and ultimately the nation.

Worse than war

This year’s UN report on sexual violence in conflict documents the horror and suggests early warning systems.

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A call to account

Public accounting needs to reclaim its pre-eminence as a profession and as a calling.

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In New Delhi, do as Beijing does

Adopt more stringent fuel quality and emission standards — and push for the national automobile pollution and fuel authority.

GIFT that gives back

Institutional capacity in finance SEZs will eventually reform the mainland.

The oil games

N-deal with Iran opens another front in the international arena.

A time to lead

India is in a position to shape the cyberspace debate. It must start with the Hague conference.

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Tele scope: Follow the PM Narendra Modi

Otherwise, TV news is insular, uninterested in the world.

Delhi Pollution
The buck stops where?

While violation of approved conditions is rampant, enforcement of environmental laws is abysmally poor.

Let’s talk about Israel, not Iran

Tel Aviv’s unchecked nuclear capabilities, not Tehran’s pursuit of a bomb, have destabilised West Asia.

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If you do not hear the farmer

Rural distress is growing. Chand Committee report on MSPs shows a way out.

Not a zero sum game

China takes the lead in Afghanistan. Why India need not feel threatened.

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How we failed Ambedkar

Facing up to him means confronting questions of our own complicity and guilt.

The wild card

Private funding is a supporting mechanism, but conservation must remain a public priority.

The shadows of forgotten ancestors

PM’s visit to ‘Komagata Maru’ museum highlights the trials of first generation Indian immigrants to Canada.

What Delhi can learn from Paris

For India, in a phase of urban transition, solutions to air pollution are both local and global.

Transforming our cities: On water, Singapore shows the way

Every drop of rain that can be captured, should be captured. Every drop of wastewater that can be safely reclaimed, should be reclaimed.

View from the left: NEW TRIMOORTI

The recently held 22nd CPI party congress too had given a call for communist reunification.

Switzerland Iran Nuclear Talks
A prize for bad behaviour

The international community must create a viable alternative to the Lausanne deal with Iran

Take the longer, larger view

If we use the corrected number for cars, we get a statistic of eight cars per hundred persons in Delhi.

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The great Game Folio

As they face similar threats from religious extremism and terrorism, India and Canada can significantly expand their intelligence-sharing on a bilateral basis.

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A very ordinary Byomkesh

Dibakar Banerjee’s film rekindles a romance that has endured for 83 years.

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Ambedkar for our time

He will be relevant as long as concerns of most disempowered are unheard.

Lateral entry, blind alley

Far from infusing energy, it could further enfeeble the bureaucracy.

Air pollution, Death by breath
Make the polluter pay

Greater reliance on civil rather than criminal penalties would provide polluters with an incentive to reduce pollution

N Chandrababu Naidu, investment in AP
The Fifth Metro: War of the chief ministers

Andhra Pradesh’s Chandrababu Naidu is taking on Karnataka’s Siddaramaiah in a bid to woo the IT industry to his state

Indian farmers
From plate to plough: A Baisakhi gift for the farmer

A major overhaul of the crop insurance system is needed. This is a good time to do so