Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014
August 27, 20141:00 am

TMC-BJP clashes are a reminder that the players may change, but Bengal’s political culture remains the same.

August 27, 201412:58 am

Supreme Court judgment is welcome. Government must now move forward with a more transparent policy.

August 27, 201412:55 am

The appointment of Amit Shah as BJP president was another reason for the public’s loss of confidence.

August 27, 20147:58 am

Under the UGC Act, the HRD ministry has the power to declare any institution a “deemed to be university” (DU).

August 27, 201412:26 am

Exposure to television and digital media grew by leaps and bounds between 2005 and 2012.

August 27, 201412:06 am

The CPI’s NewAge says there was nothing “that could be really called first” in the speech.

August 27, 201412:05 am

The change of mind in Pakistan via-a-vis India is real. But foreign offices of both countries remain addicted to deadlocks.

August 27, 201412:04 am

In the inter-war period, the conflict between Indian nationalism and Britain sharpened steadily.

August 27, 201412:03 am

No one loves an Arab vacuum like jihadi extremists, and a bloody vacuum was precisely what Obama allowed Syria to become.

August 26, 201412:06 am

Families have a preferred number of sons at any given fertility level as well as a preferred fertility level.

August 26, 20149:38 am

Why it may be time to revoke the AFSPA in areas like Manipur.

August 26, 201412:04 am

India will remember Richard Attenborough as the filmmaker who brought our freedom struggle alive.

August 26, 201412:04 am

The UGC must leave the IIT ecosystem alone.

August 26, 201412:04 am

Bihar’s grand alliance may declare victory. But to become an alternative to the BJP, its test begins now.

August 26, 201412:04 am

Gandhi (1982), an epic but intimate biographical film, was Richard Attenborough's greatest triumph.

August 26, 201412:03 am

The priority ought to be to collectively deliberate on how to confront the present and clear danger posed by the IS.

August 26, 201412:02 am

Some Nepalese leaders, unhappy with Modi’s new approach, are preparing to raise the ‘ek madhes, ek pradesh’ demand.

August 26, 20149:30 am

A government shorn of Western educated ministers could change the status quo.

August 25, 201412:00 am

‘Neo-liberals’ emphasise sewers, sanitation and toilets, not ‘neo-communists’.

August 25, 201412:00 am

Hike in states’ mineral royalty rates is welcome. But ignoring mining companies’ ill health will be perilous.

August 25, 201412:00 am

BJP’s UP talk belies its assertions in Delhi, indicates formalisation of religious polarisation strategy.

August 25, 201412:00 am

India needs a national effort to speed up human development.

August 25, 201412:00 am

Flexible Asian coalitions that don't include America or China should become a critical element of India’s strategy.

August 25, 201412:00 am

A new board should be formed for film certification, which simply divides movies into three categories.

August 25, 201412:00 am

From Pakistan to Japan, China to US, he will be tested on ability to stick to them.

August 25, 201412:00 am

Citizen groups are chipping away at Bangalore’s urban chaos, one street corner at a time.

August 25, 201412:00 am

Ensuring the right to a toilet does not stop at merely constructing latrines.

August 25, 201412:00 am

The noir moment seemed to perfectly illuminate Lauren Bacall.

August 24, 201412:57 am

Americans see everything big, from them I learnt about how important it is to design industrial products for mass scale manufacture.

August 24, 201412:52 am

The Prime Minister had to select his team from the ranks of his own party but he is now making a serious effort to change the way his party thinks.

August 24, 201412:41 am

Originally scheduled for July 3, Modi’s trip was re-scheduled for August 4. The visit has now been fixed for August 31.

August 24, 201412:47 am

The appeal to provide them Pampers has been rejected, but there are some suggestions worth considering.

August 24, 201412:28 am

The JD(U), RJD, Samajwadi Party, BSP, JD(S), BJD, fragments of the old Janata could come together and form a party.

August 23, 20141:54 pm

Manjhi knows even Lalu Prasad may not afford to dislike him because OBC-dalit combination is required for much-hyped Mandal consolidation.

August 23, 20143:16 am

The media is on a fairly strict, leak-free diet that puts an edge on hunger.

August 23, 20142:00 am

Why TRS supports Modi government’s decision to suspend dialogue with Pakistan.


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