Saturday, Oct 25, 2014
October 25, 20141:23 am

Dwayne Bravo arrived at the toss at the Dharamsala one-dayer with the entire team in a show of both solidarity and protest.

October 25, 20141:01 am

Documentaries are held to a different standard than Bollywood films.

October 25, 20141:00 am

Trade talks are crucial to normalising bilateral ties. Kashmir can wait.

October 25, 20141:00 am

For rural India, trust, empathy, aspiration and empowerment are as important as toilets

October 25, 20141:00 am

To enable infrastructure investment, financing bottlenecks must be removed and bankruptcy procedures created.

October 25, 201412:07 am

This Diwali, the PM went up north. Not since George Fernandes has a leader attracted so much attention with a Siachen visit.

October 24, 201410:07 am

The Lokniti-CSDS post-poll analysis has revealed that Uddhav Thackeray outscored other contenders for the choice of Maharashtra CM.

October 24, 201410:01 am

Evaluating motives for RTI applications defeats the purpose of the law.

October 24, 20149:59 am

But Kejriwal’s old constituency may read the promise as a threat.

October 24, 20149:58 am

The RSS has a right royal plan to gain traction in Tamil Nadu.

October 24, 20149:54 am

The government seems to be missing the larger picture in the reconstruction efforts.

October 24, 20149:47 am

The pope is everything you’d want in a leader, Putin everything you wouldn’t.

October 23, 20146:34 am

Obama’s strategic failures in dealing with the IS indicates how far US hegemony has been eroded.

October 23, 20141:23 am

The article has been pegged to the recent decision of the government to call off foreign secretary-level talks with Pakistan.

October 23, 20141:20 am

Partly due to election fatigue, TV news’ coverage of the assembly election results was less than riveting.

October 24, 20147:14 pm

Opening accounts and issuing cards create numbers but amount to little.

October 23, 201412:26 am

The Coal Mines (Nationalisation) Act, 1973, may have been in keeping with socialist-era politics, but today, it makes no sense for India to import coal when it has such huge reserves.

October 23, 201412:23 am

The legend of Benjamin Bradlee is dwarfed only by his contribution to journalism

October 23, 201412:21 am

Strategic rail projects should be the start of permanent transport links to sensitive border areas

October 23, 201412:19 am

Support for Gadkari as Maharashtra CM indicates that the BJP is no monolith

October 23, 201412:17 am
Chetan Bhagat

Game the system for love, money and a Bollywoodesque happy ending

October 24, 20148:39 am

But tinkering with labour materials ratio or its coverage is not the right medicine

October 22, 201410:02 am

France is battling a bad case of collective despondency.

October 22, 201412:38 am

An editorial says that Modi, in his first Independence Day speech, had spoken about making India an industrial hub.

October 22, 20145:26 am

There are good reasons why Prime Minister Narendra Modi should start paying serious attention to the new Indonesian president.

October 22, 201412:17 am

The decline of Mohammedan Sporting is one of the most tragic stories of Indian football.

October 22, 201412:05 am

Will the BJP’s dominance rework federal equations?

October 22, 201412:05 am

A new generation of Indian entrepreneurs is looking to leaders like Murthy, Nilekani and Gopalakrishnan on how to do it right.

October 22, 20145:50 am

Beijing is likely to restore order in the short term. But does it have a long-term solution to the crisis of governability?

October 22, 201412:03 am

BJP is not just reinventing itself, it is also compelling its opponents to redefine themselves.

October 22, 201412:01 am

Government does not go far enough in addressing coal crisis. What is it waiting for?

October 21, 20148:01 am

From patent pools to platform pricing, his wide body of work resonates.

October 21, 20147:54 am

Modi has a map for the future. Regional chieftains only have a Tughlaqesque politics.

October 21, 20141:08 am

West Indian cricket had reached its nadir long before Dwayne Bravo and his teammates decided to pull out of the ongoing India tour, after a dispute with their cricket board. Despite the Windies’ occasional flashes of brilliance, there is no denying that the mighty have fallen. The one-time kings of cricket have been reduced to minnows, […]

October 21, 20141:02 am

But the quest for black money is barely begun.

October 21, 201412:58 am

By blaming its electoral setbacks on its state leaders alone, Congress does itself a disservice.