Monday, Mar 30, 2015
March 30, 201512:56 am

Power is devolving to states, but state legislators are still to step up to a new role.

March 30, 201512:45 am

Will drastic cuts in child health, nutrition outlays really be made up by states?

March 30, 201512:33 am

Chinese leaders have tried to imitate, not always accurately, Lee Kuan Yew’s statecraft.

March 30, 201512:21 am

There is no doubt that people in India are cricket crazy but winning and losing need to be taken in the right spirit.

March 30, 20156:27 am
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Challenge is to come up with a method of determining compensation that makes farmers beneficiaries, not victims or obstructionists.

March 30, 201512:10 am
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A new sense of vulnerability is driving the effort to reunify the two Maoist parties.

March 30, 201511:19 am
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To invest more in agriculture, Union government has to reorient food and fertiliser subsidies by moving to cash transfers.

March 30, 201512:10 am
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Jean Drèze’s question ‘Is Aadhaar voluntary or compulsory?’ is disingenuous.

March 30, 201512:02 am

AAP has won Delhi but for it to be successful, there is much work to be done within the party.

March 29, 201512:30 am

Supreme Court approved of any fair, transparent and non-discriminatory method of allocating natural resources.

March 29, 201512:30 am
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Singapore has become a model for China and most Southeast Asian countries. The beacon of change was Lee Kuan Yew.

March 29, 201512:30 am
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No one should be surprised that many Dalits left Hinduism. Indeed the puzzle is that so many remained.

March 29, 201512:30 am
Sharad Yadav

Sharad Yadav was at the centre of a controversy last week over his comments on south Indian women.

March 28, 201510:21 pm

The leadership must make amends now. Or else the party will head for a crash.

March 28, 20154:17 pm
Yemen war, Shia Sunni war, Civil War

India has begun to mobilise naval and air resources to rescue the nearly 3700 citizens said to be living in Yemen.

March 28, 201512:15 am
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Parties have split before. But AAP’s internal dissension doesn’t look fundamental.

March 28, 201512:03 am
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Supreme Court has upheld civil liberties in Section 66A judgment — unlike during Emergency.

March 28, 20157:57 am
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Parliament condemned my statements on Gandhi and Bose without giving me a hearing, writes Markandey Katju.

March 28, 20151:14 pm
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A new book recounts the turbulence in the life and times of Benazir Bhutto.

March 28, 201512:03 am

Tahira Mazhar Ali struggled to reclaim spaces for a secular, pluralistic Pakistan.

March 28, 201512:02 am
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I filed a petition against 66A. But SC judges made us all win.

March 28, 201512:01 am

Delhi must come to grips with the monster of air pollution, set an example.

March 28, 201512:00 am

The Indian cricket fan needs to grow up, deal with upsets on the field.

March 28, 201512:00 am

The Hashimpura judgment is highly disappointing and shows the sorry state of the Indian judicial system.

March 28, 201512:00 am

Government has sought to maximise revenue. India’s telecom story remains imperilled.

March 27, 201512:44 am

The Supreme Court has once again protected the rights of the people by quashing Section 66A of the IT Act,.

March 27, 201512:40 am

MP government must facilitate a free and fair probe in the scam. Much depends on it.

March 27, 201511:18 am

Yet India’s World Cup journey showcased a young team with the talent to take Indian cricket forward

March 27, 201512:23 am

Women pallbearers of her coffin have signalled a new moment in Kabul.

March 27, 201512:15 am

It says the government had consulted the opposition and addressed their concerns, but “the opposition ganged up under the leadership of [the] dying Congress to stall the proceedings.

March 27, 201512:14 am

The lawyer of the victims, Vrinda Grover, is right in saying that ‘the court’s order for compensation to the victims or their families is a confirmation of the fact that custodial deaths did take place.

March 27, 201512:12 am

But will there be takers once states realise a Smart City isn’t a ticket to Central funds?

March 27, 20158:58 am
Supreme court

In upholding blocking rules, the Supreme Court has commented only on their legality — not their desirability.

March 27, 20158:53 am

The most shining moments of Section 66A judgment lie in its articulation of what freedom of expression means in India.

March 26, 201511:35 pm

Yemen’s civil war could spiral into a larger proxy conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

March 26, 201512:15 am
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Battling a mixed record on civil liberties, SC decision couldn’t have come at a finer time.