Crossing the chasm

In government’s push for a cashless economy, policy and regulation must focus on competition, innovation.

Not Just Fences And Walls

Alongside technical measures to secure defence bases, involving people is vital.

Dhaka’s Rohingya dilemma

Bangladesh’s people and government feel morally pressured to take in the refugees. Hard realities, though, make it difficult.

The content of charisma

Jayalalithaa’s appeal lay in her ability to help her followers straddle multiple worlds.

Edit- Abandoned House

Government, Opposition must heed President Mukherjee’s rebuke, L.K. Advani’s lament.

December 10, 1976, Forty Years Ago: Opposition To Meet

Jagjivan Ram, Union minister for agriculture and irrigation, who was taken ill in Dacca, was brought to Delhi from Calcutta.

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Calling uncle

Islamic State unleashes a wave of electronic clerics to handle the cadre’s personal problems

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Jaipur outrage

Raje government must act — must be seen to act — against vigilante groups that attack artists, vandalise their work

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The spectre in Europe

Its simmering xenophobia stems from the inability of its politicians to manage global capital

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A Foreign Policy More Supple

States have more room for manoeuvre if they keep their options open.

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Going digital

Path to a less-cash economy is riddled with hurdles that have to do with lack of infrastructure and weak governance

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Beware the cultural revolution

Government directive to educational institutions to execute the digital financial literacy mission subverts the idea of the university.

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A gem of a myth

The story of Koh-i-Noor raises questions historical and contemporary. It is a lightning rod for attitudes towards colonialism.

Jadunath Sarkar
Historian and truth-teller

Jadunath Sarkar has not got his due as he was attacked by both Left and Right.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the PETROTECH-2016, the 12th International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition, in New Delhi on Monday. PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist (PTI12_5_2016_000184a)
What makes India stand behind PM Modi, despite the demonetisation chaos?

Despite the severe ramifications of demonetisation, Modi remains popular. He continues to be revered. In fact, his image seems bigger than ever before.

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Not Just Fences And Walls

Alongside technical measures to secure defence bases, involving people is vital.

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The Urdu Press: Jana Gana Mana

Patriotism is a sentiment that is latently present in every true Indian’s heart.

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Green stakes

Climate scientists caution the US president-elect on environmental matters.

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Just suit them

Why won’t BCCI allow new and stylish formal wear for the Indian cricket team?

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Abandoned House

Government, Opposition must heed President Mukherjee’s rebuke, L.K. Advani’s lament.

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The content of charisma

Jayalalithaa’s appeal lay in her ability to help her followers straddle multiple worlds.

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Dhaka’s Rohingya dilemma

Bangladesh’s people and government feel morally pressured to take in the refugees. Hard realities, though, make it difficult.

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Crossing the chasm

In government’s push for a cashless economy, policy and regulation must focus on competition, innovation.

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi speaking in the Lok Sabha, on the occasion of the special sitting to commemorate Constitution Day, in New Delhi on November 27, 2015.
PM Modi has nothing to lose if he speaks in Parliament on demonetisation

Demonetisation is part of Modi’s grand design to tackle the black money issue in the country. He should be at the forefront silencing his critics in Parliament with the merits of his program.

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No, adding Maharaj to Chhatrapati Shivaji might not really impress voters

It is unlikely that the insertion of ‘Maharaj’ will instill within people an increased sense of respect for the idolised ruler as the Maharashtra cabinet wants.

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30 days of demonetisation: Here’s what could have been done for better implementation of the scheme

If you’re going to demonetise ₹ 1,000 notes, you may as well release the new ₹ 2,000 notes of the same size and not smaller than even the current Rs 100 notes.

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Let the numbers speak

The discussion on the fall in employment after the November 8 demonetisation relies on anecdotal evidence. It is not backed by data.

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Telescope: The grieving

Jayalalithaa’s death overshadowed all else.

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Without Amma

AIADMK may need to reinvent itself to maintain its preeminence in Tamil Nadu politics.

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Wake up and smell the money

Opposition must realise that the poor have supported demonetisation. They must stop spreading rumours to discredit the move.

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Not On A Friday

Assam government’s proposed diktat to madrasas is an unwise move.

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One month later

RBI had limited leeway in terms of changing rates. Focus must now shift to quickly regaining growth momentum.

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The colour of polls

PM’s move against black money prepares the ground for reforms of electoral finance.

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140, not out

Virat Kohli wrote 2016’s most influential tweet — and helped social media keep it real.

jayalalithaa, jayalalithaa dead
Why eyebrows are being raised about Panneerselvam’s early morning swearing in

Many in the state are asking why there was a need for such a quick swearing in, especially since Jayalalithaa had been in hospital for 75 days.

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Factory payday today: Centre faces another challenge as millions line up for salaries

Most of the workers that work in factories get paid in cash and many don’t even have bank accounts.

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In the era of newsmaking politicians, ‘TRP politics’ has wide coverage

Pandering to populistic elements, assisted by television and social media, is becoming a new normal

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Jayalalithaa, Mayawati and Mamata: Firmly in control, but with no backup

The three women leaders, all known to be in possession of an overbearing, dictatorial streak, have steered the uneven territory of politics with extraordinary craft. Undoubtedly, they are forces to be reckoned with.

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Not so holy smoke

Environmentally unsound rituals, like carbon-heavy cremations, still continue

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A layman’s lament

Banks charge us for insufficient funds in our accounts, then why can’t we charge them for insufficient cash?

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In the ruins of Babri

The mandir-masjid dispute continues to frame the political debate in UP 24 years after the destruction of the mosque. Communal faultlines in the state have deepened, in recent times