There was a brief moment 10 years or so ago when India was the flavour of Davos

Karnataka election battle will be fought by Congress, BJP on the common ground of Hindutva

Both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah appear keen to mend fences with the media

AAP won’t take EC disqualification lying down

Out of my mind: Kurukshetra 2019

Within four years of coming to power, Narendra Modi has transformed the political ideological map of India.

Across the aisle: Celebrating gods, neglecting children – 2

There is another acclaimed report published every year. It is the Annual Status of Education Report (ASER). We have a new report (2017) on the status of education in rural India and it was published on January 16, 2018.

Modi in Davos

There was a brief moment 10 years or so ago when India was the flavour of Davos. There were Indian fashion shows and art exhibitions, Bollywood songs played in cafes and people danced to them in nightclubs.

Inside Track: Home truths

Whether it is the scare over the Gujarat elections or the coming Lok Sabha polls in 2019, both Narendra Modi and Amit Shah appear keen to mend fences with the media.

The dream of the city

India is home to many castes, subcastes, sects, faiths, creeds, ideologies and other undefined social groupings. Each one of these groups has its own beliefs and ways of thinking.

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How the mighty AAP has fallen

AAP cannot hide its “political crookedness” by hiding behind its predecessor Sheila Dixit doing the same thing in 2006 with 19 MLAs.

AAP won’t take EC disqualification lying down
AAP won’t take EC disqualification lying down

When 20 MLAs of an Opposition party, that is particularly hated by the party in power, are disqualified without giving them a hearing, it is safe to say we are in the midst of an institutional meltdown.

Staying Up In The Air

CISF is doing a commendable job with airport security. It needs to keep innovating

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The rumble in JNU

Its administration is attempting to change the basic character of the university.

Cut the confusion

RBI has been accommodative: Just compare the real interest rate with the ‘natural’ rate

All the lonely people

Every man is a piece of the continent, but what if the continent is breaking up?

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Clairvoyants and Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader does not hide his links with soothsayers. But is this association just spiritual?

Raising the bar

Punjab CM’s decision to sack discredited minister sends out the welcome message that misuse of office is unacceptable

Freedom supreme

The apex court’s order on ‘Padmaavat’ underlines truths which are conveniently forgotten, to the unholy glee of the mob

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Piketty has got it wrong

The implied savings estimates for India, derived from his calculations of income distribution, do not conform to any known model of savings behaviour

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Combative AAP shown the door by Election Commission

The EC’s decision comes at a time when the party had started work on its 2019 general election campaign in Delhi. If the 20 are disqualified, the party’s attention and resources will both be divided.

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Transparent Marking

All data on education outcomes must be in public, not just the processed ones

In camera

Delhi government’s move to have classrooms under constant surveillance threatens more harm than good.

A people divided

The communal conjuncture in Karnataka calls for more than policing.

Flag march

The Koreas agree to share a standard. Unfortunately, this cannot be read as a preamble to grand unification.

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Pride and prejudice

Memories can rouse a social group. And they can be a source of hurt to others.

Stateless in Assam

Thousands could be declared non-citizens when the National Register of Citizens is finalised. Since their deportation is an almost impossible option, the focus will be on the detention policy.

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The road from Tiruppur

The speedy trial and conviction in a Tamil Nadu ‘honour killing’ case indicates that amended SC/ ST Prevention of Atrocities act is yielding results.

Path to prosperity

Price deficiency payments are the way forward, as MP and Karnataka have shown.

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Why Supreme Court staying the ban on Padmaavat is unprecedented

The protesters have not watched the film until today. Also, whether queen Padmavati ever lived, or if she was a fictional character from Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s acclaimed work Padmavat, is highly debated.

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January 18, 1978, Forty Years Ago: FM on demonetisation

Here is what had happened forty years ago, have a look

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Reversing the reforms

Import duties on electronics could spiral into a return to the days of protectionism

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Telescope: Judge, jury and prosecutor

News did what it does best during SC crisis — impugn motives, pass judgement

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When judges dissent

The ultimate guarantee of fairness as justice lie with the justices themselves

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Learning gaps

Study indicates that gender disparities and lack of skills to match aspirations could upset India’s demographic dividend

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What great rulers exemplify

Akbar, Suleiman the magnificent and Elizabeth I were contemporaries. They also fit the bill of Plato’s ideal of philosopher-kings, for they carried the entirety of the people they ruled

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Khaps defanged

SC makes it illegal for extra-constitutional organisations, society and parents from forcing marital choices

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A Prime Minister, a reformer

Narendra Modi’s social reform agenda sets him apart and above the political class

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The French solution

Catherine Deneuve’s criticism and support for #MeToo stands out as a way of managing contradictions

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‘Aziz Ansari, we modern, financially independent women are no longer guardians of male honour’

Grace was clearly disappointed not just with Ansari’s entitled behaviour, but also with the fact that he portrayed himself as a believer in gender equality with the Times Up pin at the Golden Globes.

Modi, Pawar and Deve Gowda as CMs led India-Israel ties
Modi, Pawar and Deve Gowda as CMs led India-Israel ties

While the personal chemistry between Netanyahu and Modi has helped elevate bilateral ties to new heights, the real agents driving the diversification and consolidation of the India-Israel partnership have been the regional governments.