Friday, Aug 01, 2014
August 1, 201412:59 am

General Suhag has 30 months to push the army modernisation project.

August 1, 201412:34 am

It seems that the extremist elements want to maintain this type of atmosphere in UP and create a sense of fear and insecurity among minorities.

August 1, 201412:29 am

2013 law freezes land acquisition by imposing lengthy procedures and high costs.

August 1, 201412:23 am

2013 law expanded rights of losers of livelihood and land, but failed to recognise economics of land.

August 1, 201412:21 am

hough strong relations with the US are certainly important, they cannot come at the cost of food security for our poor.

August 1, 201412:18 am

Proposed labour law changes are a good start. Now build on it

August 1, 201412:17 am

For the first time, the interests of farmers, livelihood losers and SC/ST communities have been given high priority.

August 1, 201412:16 am

Technological fixes will not make government more collaborative, or parties more democratic.

August 1, 201412:14 am

Turkish women are protesting against their government. And it’s not really funny.

August 1, 20147:59 am

France’s burqa ban stokes a debate on rights and duties in the modern state.

July 31, 20141:20 am

Nasa’s Mars rover Opportunity is breaking new ground.

July 31, 20141:15 am

Pakistan plays a role in the story of ISIS founder Abu Musaab al Zarqawi.

July 31, 20141:10 am

At Glasgow, India’s weightlifters have come back into the game.

July 31, 20141:06 am

Because the GM question demands evidence-based policymaking, not corporate shills or NGO prejudices.

July 31, 201412:53 am

If Modi gets the world’s biggest power right, his pursuit of larger global goals will be that much easier.

July 31, 201412:52 am

Israelis and Palestinians must stop circling the grindstone of violence, remember the future

July 31, 201412:32 am

...isn't India. It is miscast in the role of spoiler.

July 31, 201410:24 am

Modi-led BJP is pursuing an illogical and regressive anti-trade-facilitation stance at the WTO.

July 30, 201412:51 am

Our demand to demilitarise the Strip is not only for Israelis; it’s also for you, Fathi. We prefer happy neighbours to suffering neighbours.

July 30, 201412:27 am

BJP argument that solidarity with Palestine is tantamount to ‘appeasement’ of Muslims in India” makes it worse.

July 30, 201412:24 am

They must follow some protective protocols that are standard and mandatory.

July 30, 20148:19 am

It is important to look at what went wrong with the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission.

July 30, 201412:17 am

Sectoral agencies are trying to chip at the Competition Commission’s mandate, causing confusion.

July 30, 201412:10 am

As Modi prepares for his visit, it would be a good idea to keep CMs of states that border Nepal in the loop.

July 30, 20148:17 am

PM’s style has sparked enthusiasm in bureaucracy — and some unease.

July 30, 201412:05 am

Judiciary must have primacy in appointments to keep institutional balance, but it must also be accountable.

July 29, 201412:57 am

Higher Muslim representation alone won’t address the minority’s mistrust of police.

July 29, 201412:52 am

Government has quickly descended into a mix of trifles, alibis and risk averseness.

July 29, 201412:42 am

Swaraj's message was clear: Delhi wants to depart from past practice of missing opportunities.

July 29, 201412:38 am

India’s silence on critical global issues fits poorly with its global aspirations.

July 29, 201412:32 am

In India, some lines can be drawn only at your own peril, as Google found out.

July 29, 201412:26 am

The need for skills is urgent, a separate ministry is warranted.

July 29, 201412:23 am

Western UP will continue to be a field of communal tension, unless the chief minister takes charge.

July 29, 20146:36 pm
Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi

If India succeeds in stalling talks, Modi will only be endorsing UPA’s very bad food procurement and economic policies .

July 28, 201411:48 pm

Increasingly, shows careen from one gasp-inducing plot point to the next.

July 28, 20149:16 am

His approach resembles that of Indira Gandhi. But he must note: in Delhi, what one controls, slips away.