Monday, Oct 20, 2014
October 20, 20144:37 pm

Delhi and Tehran must now sit down with the new government in Kabul to negotiate trilateral trade.

October 20, 201412:48 am

A leader is not considered powerful or important unless he has a gunman in tow.

October 20, 201412:44 am

BJP success hinged crucially on winning over leaders from other parties.

October 20, 201411:01 am

Maharashtra verdict is snub to parochial politics. Regional parties need a new plan.

October 20, 20148:04 am

Caste played a diminished role in Haryana and Maharashtra. BJP must seize the opportunity, make its own politics more open.

October 20, 201412:13 am

Deregulation of diesel prices isn’t enough. Now open up to all players, address LPG subsidy

October 20, 20148:17 am

The creation of the ‘love jihad’ frenzy has little to do with fact or religion, writes Subhashini Ali.

October 20, 201411:07 am

BJP’s success shows that there is no alternative to Congress-style politics. Or that it is yet to emerge.

October 20, 201412:08 am

Modi’s political strategy for the states is daring. For now, his opposition also makes it look irresistible.

October 19, 20142:19 am

The modern harmonica of ten holes and two metal reed plates was invented by an European named Richter around 1825.

October 19, 20142:02 am

The latest arsenal of fireworks comes with some interesting variations. Here are the more popular ones.

October 19, 20141:48 am

Democratic feudalism has reduced our smaller states to fiefdoms over which a handful of families lay claim.

October 19, 20141:33 am

The Congress seemed to have conceded defeat even before the results of the Assembly elections in Haryana and Maharashtra were announced.

October 19, 20141:20 am

The last time he came to London was in 1931 for the Second Round Table Conference.

October 19, 201412:01 am

In this Idea Exchange Hamid Mir, Shafqat Mahmood talk about why the army won’t intervene against Nawaz Sharif.

October 18, 201412:50 am

CPM adopts civic activism in Kerala to spread influence. Other parties could take note.

October 18, 20149:06 am

An incurable romantic, poetry suited Begum Akhtar’s temperament.

October 18, 20149:04 am

RSS crafted the ‘Love Jihad’ campaign but will find it difficult to revive it.

October 18, 201412:18 am

With Hudhud failing to strike as hard as predicted, TV channels scrambled from coast to coast looking for a scoop.

October 18, 201412:15 am

The low idealist recoils from any movement that promises new beginnings.

October 18, 201412:10 am

Spread of Ebola in US illustrates how difficult it is to contain. Is India prepared?

October 18, 201412:10 am

There are anti-competitive practices in drug industry. But bringing back price controls is not the answer.

October 18, 20149:04 am

Religion doesn’t need reform, its followers do.

October 18, 201412:05 am

It has given 100 million work with dignity. What more could a government want?

October 18, 201412:02 am

A terror warning unleashes a frisson ahead of the SAARC summit.

October 17, 20148:09 am

A column on high politics of the Af-Pak region, the fulcrum of global power play in India’s neighbourhood.

October 17, 201412:47 am

Hong Kong protesters have relied on pop culture to get their message across.

October 17, 201412:46 am

Why, for many in Pakistan, it is safer to think of Malala as an American spy.

October 17, 201412:38 am

Election rallies are less about hope, more about hype — and hate.

October 17, 20147:23 pm

We need to rise above the left-right divide to investigate the menace of ‘love jihad’ with thorough precision.

October 17, 201410:20 am

What Swachh Bharat could learn from a port town in Kerala.

October 17, 201412:29 am

Facebook, Apple make it attractive for women to delay having kids. What of those who don’t want to?

October 17, 201412:28 am

Punjab government’s flip-flop in the Sidhu episode points to the continuing scandal of VIP security.

October 17, 201412:19 am

A promising start has been made on labour reform. It is a reminder of the work undone.

October 16, 20141:02 am

An Indian family This refers to ‘Intermarriage is not jihad, it is India’ (IE, October 15). I would like to congratulate the writer and The Indian Express for the brilliant article. We need more such voices to be heard. I am from a Christian family and my wife is a Hindu. My brothers and sisters […]

October 16, 201412:59 am

Most coastal cities are becoming boom towns and the resultant pressure on land and infrastructure could lead to unplanned urbanisation.


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