Sunday, Feb 01, 2015
February 1, 201512:04 am

Jayanthi Natarajan has admitted that she was forced to close Vedanta’s project on orders of Rahul Gandhi.

February 1, 20155:09 am

Given the President’s reluctance to clear Ramdev’s name, the BJP had to and urge him to decline the award.

February 1, 20155:08 am

Like the Republic Day march: left-right, jan-dhan, left-right…The name has a nice ring to it.

February 1, 201512:00 am

There are some signs that are impossible to ignore since they reflect contemporary mood and trends.

February 1, 201512:00 am

What has happened over last few days is an extended replay of that close rapport for next pair of PM and POTUS.

January 31, 201512:30 am

Why India needs a national mission to map fossil fuels and renewables.

January 31, 201512:22 am

A weak state warns the world against blasphemy. It does not act against the threat to itself.

January 31, 201512:16 am

Modi’s uncomfortable silence on secularism will derail his developmental agenda.

January 31, 201512:01 am

Natarajan’s resignation puts spotlight on the Gandhis. Now, Rahul must speak up.

January 31, 201512:00 am

Secularism is buffeted by domestic political dynamics as well as global currents.

January 31, 201512:00 am

This refers to ‘Fadnavis government to protect old cows’ (IE, January 28). Protecting old cows is not an issue of any socioeconomic significance. It does not warrant state attention. The cow has cultural and religious significance for Hindus. If any individual or organisation wants to protect old cows, they are free to do so. But […]

January 31, 201512:00 am

Subash Ghising squandered his gains, but nobody denies his legacy.

January 31, 201512:00 am

Australian court’s decision to let off a stalker should serve as a wake-up call for the industry.

January 31, 201512:00 am

Centre is finally moving on disinvestment agenda. But sales shouldn’t be bunched up.

January 30, 201511:44 am

The memory of Gandhi has been sanitised so that the nation has forgotten the fact of his assassination, let alone debating the reason why.

January 30, 20153:30 pm

Gandhi was killed ‘for a cause’ by someone from his own community. But what was this ‘cause’?

January 30, 20154:19 am

Making the BCCI accountable, Supreme Court judgment is a relief for cricket fans.

January 30, 20154:19 am

Clean energy may be the new big idea in the US-India relationship.

January 30, 201512:27 am

Could Kim Jong-un’s acceptance of Vladimir Putin’s invitation be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?

January 30, 201512:26 am

Centre is right to accept Bombay HC Vodafone judgment. It must resolve other outstanding disputes.

January 30, 201512:24 am

The content of the idea may be debated, but its validity as a goal is beyond doubt.

January 30, 201512:11 am

Delhi must recognise that its relations with both America and China have potential and must be developed with greater purpose and vigour.

January 30, 201511:24 pm

Roznama Khabrain writes that Obama laid emphasis on his observation that India can develop only if it is not divided on religious lines.

January 29, 20152:38 am

The Organiser argues that Indianising education is the only way to improve the gender quotient in education.

January 29, 20152:36 am

It was non-stop. And everyone watched radio.

January 29, 20152:30 am

Political recognition of the need to resolve the liability issue was necessary for implementing the Indo-US nuclear agreement.

January 29, 20152:22 am

The economic impact of Obama’s trip will be better understood months or years down the line. But a good start has been made.

January 29, 201512:42 am

Government focuses on short-term revenue gains instead of boosting oil production.

January 29, 201512:17 am

“Ghar wapsi”-like campaigns portray India in bad light. Such campaigns are abhorrent to the concept of a secular state.

January 29, 201512:11 am

Libya’s promise of a democratic transition is a fading memory. Geneva talks offer the only hope.

January 29, 201512:08 am

There’s no climate change deal with US, but Modi’s statement could presage shift in government position.

January 29, 201512:08 am

India-US summitry also pointed to India policy shift on China. It could have important consequences.

January 29, 201512:03 am

Modi has signalled a transformation of India’s diplomatic culture.

January 28, 20153:23 am

The CPM’s People’s Democracy says that “predictable hype” was built around the visit of US President Barack Obama.

January 28, 20158:52 am

Excerpts from US President Barack Obama’s speech at Siri Fort, New Delhi, on January 27.

January 28, 20155:35 am

Laxman’s cartoons expressed the artlessness and helplessness of citizenship.