Monday, Sep 01, 2014
September 2, 201412:57 am

But will a nodal ministry at the Centre solve all issues in a federal structure such as ours?

September 2, 201412:56 am

In its determination to politically destroy Indira Gandhi, the party succeeded in hastening her return to power.

September 2, 201412:12 am

Rajasthan government’s decision to ‘target’ free medicines and diagnostics is contrary to the recommended role of government in healthcare

September 2, 201412:09 am

Leading a protest movement that has been messy, inchoate and inconclusive, the 61-year-old is seen as having disastrously overreached.

September 2, 201412:05 am

The protests in Pakistan are now threatening, rather than defending, its fragile democracy.

September 2, 201412:05 am

No nuclear deal yet, but PM’s Japan visit signals a reconfiguration of the idea of the Asian century.

September 2, 201412:05 am
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Why we can’t copyright what exists in nature.

September 2, 201412:04 am

By: Deepak Nayyar The Planning Commission is in the news. It is being closed down almost 65 years after it began life. Two questions arise. What happened? What next? In thinking about the future, it is instructive to learn from the past. Then Prime Minister Nehru created the Planning Commission in 1950 to formulate a strategy […]

September 2, 201412:04 am

Keeping the government honest is the opposition’s job. So why stop at Twitter?

September 1, 20141:46 am

It is not about size, scope or ideology. Rather, it is about getting things done.

September 1, 20141:40 am

Indian scholarship is doubly bereaved, for it has lost a fine teacher and a good man.

September 1, 20141:35 am

Bipan Chandra’s life celebrated the virtues of revisionism.

September 1, 20141:26 am

Chandra was a passionate historian, but he never let political affiliation get in the way of personal and professional ties.

September 1, 20141:10 am

Given the status of women in Islam by converting to it, a Hindu woman is jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

September 1, 20141:00 am

For IITs, UGC should go back to its earlier practice of only listing names of degrees.

September 1, 201412:49 am

How Delhi’s bluntness has sharpened the Hurriyat hardline.

September 1, 201412:24 am

Whether Q1 GDP numbers, boosted by a favourable base effect, can be sustained remains to be seen.

September 1, 201412:19 am

The past weekend’s events suggest Rawalpindi may try to oust the Pakistan PM from power.

August 31, 201410:02 am

There are 80 plus National universities, 90 plus public universities and approx. 600 private universities in Japan.

August 31, 201412:03 am

Shah Rukh Khan has spearheaded the trend, but others are not far behind. Here are the nominees.

August 31, 20145:42 am

To establish their supremacy, French kings wanted control over nature too.

August 31, 201412:02 am

We have war crimes as a new category in international law, for which there is an international court.

August 31, 201412:00 am

Congress persons are unanimous that Vinod Rai was a disastrous choice as the Comptroller and Auditor General.

August 31, 201412:00 am

Unless the licence raj goes, India will never build the institutions of higher learning that we so desperately need.

August 30, 20143:04 am

On love jihad and the failure of airline journalism.

August 30, 20142:53 am

How well a film does at the box office has nothing to do with its intrinsic worth.

August 30, 20142:46 am

Modi can draw from history as he renews India’s engagement with Japan.

August 30, 20142:07 am

Modi, Abe tweets are more evidence of Twitter’s growing influence in international diplomacy.

August 30, 20142:06 am

Get real on Katchatheevu and focus on the core issue: the livelihood of Tamil fishermen.

August 30, 20142:05 am

Jan Dhan Yojana is a great move. But financial inclusion will need more than opening bank accounts.

August 30, 201412:42 am

Creative talent in Hollywood is learning to sneak artistry and individuality into studio tentpoles.

August 30, 201412:28 am

U.R. Ananthamurthy was a writer who possessed two ways — his own and that of the other.

August 30, 201412:19 am

Can it demonstrate that its persistent counsel to the Hurriyat has advanced the cause of peace in Jammu and Kashmir?

August 29, 201412:32 am

The problem is not with ministers’ foreign education but with their attitudes towards society

August 29, 20146:26 am

Disturbing new trends have emerged in rape judgments

August 29, 201412:20 am

As head of the executive, the PM cannot abdicate his responsibility to ensure that the government is free of tainted ministers.


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