6 Feb 2016

Military voices now challenge the established narrative of the Bangladesh war.

6 Feb 2016

An investment stimulus, not a trimmer budget, is the need of the hour.

6 Feb 2016

After failing to keep the peace, the Samajwadi Party now denies Muzaffarnagar victims' plight.

6 Feb 2016

In the environment ministry, Moily must reset procedures, weed out opacity and bias.

6 Feb 2016

The 15th Lok Sabha has passed some big-ticket laws. But not enough laws.

6 Feb 2016

The Ugly Indian and the Ugly American have rediscovered each other.

6 Feb 2016

6 Feb 2016

No cause for them. Sensex worries are overdone and India is in a much better position to deal with it.

6 Feb 2016

This abbreviated winter session has marked one of the lowest points of the 15th Lok Sabha.

6 Feb 2016

Unlikely alliances and surprising reconciliations mark the politics of the moment.

20 Jul 1951

Our politics is becoming home to intolerance, exclusion, sub-democratic solutions.

27 Jul 1951

The government has chosen the wrong way to address India’s research deficit.

February 6, 1976, Forty Years Ago

Today in history

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Say cheers

It is time for India to rise above its anxieties and hypocrisies concerning alcohol.

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A rock, a hard place

BCCI chief has an unenviable job at a difficult time. He must step up to it.

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Gently in Colombo

A friendlier government makes things easier for India, but Delhi still needs to tread with care.

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It Made China See Red

Islamabad’s Lal Masjid remains a symbol of a difficult transition.

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A wider view of Colombo

As Sushma Swaraj visits Sri Lanka, India should invest its diplomatic capital in finding a constitutional solution.

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The next big thing

There is talk of the fourth industrial revolution. How about spreading the benefits of the preceding three?

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Who cares about temple entry?

Male-dominated ‘places of worship’ are, in fact, places where god doesn’t reside.

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No proof required: MGNREGA does not help poor

The poverty debate in India needs to focus more on helping the poor, than projecting a bleeding heart at their plight.

February 5, 1976, Forty Years Ago

Today in history

Wasil’s story

His tragedy lay as much in being feted by government, as in being targeted by the Taliban.

Don’t look away

As the BJP’s bypoll campaign in Muzaffarnagar gets nasty, its top leadership needs to take note, and act.

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Off colour

It is time for India to confront an embedded racism, and to hold the police responsible if they are unresponsive.

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Missing The Teacher

Rohith’s despair also speaks of the collective failure of the teaching community.

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Modi’s Idea of India-2

Conflicting political, constitutional and ideological imperatives will continue to generate paradoxes.

We should not overstate the role of the Central legislature and underplay the role of those who really founded the AMU. The role of the 1920 act had more declaratory than constitutive value.
The Urdu Press: AMU Status

The Jamaat-e-Islami’s Daawat writes on February 1: “Once the Central government (the former UPA dispensation) took a stand on the minority character of the Aligarh Muslim University and submitted it before the court, the law should have taken its course.

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Why humour in public discourse is necessary for social wellbeing

What a boring, colourless society we would turn into if we cannot celebrate our quirks and poke a little innocent fun at one another.

Olive branch in the Valley

Mehbooba Mufti has held out CBMs for the BJP-PDP coalition to agree on. BJP must seize the opening.

Mehta Nihalani 480
Telescope: State in the bedroom

Pahlaj Nihalani would have given TV shows on Section 377 an ‘A’.

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The ghetto on campus

The untimely and tragic death of Rohith Vemula has evoked strong reaction from students, political parties and a large section of the public. The protests have spread to different corners of the country. In Lucknow, young Dalits compelled the PM to break his silence on the tragedy. “Reasons and politics aside, the truth is that […]

Battle with many corners

ICDS, the primary scheme targeting malnutrition, needs to be broadened with the help of the National Nutrition Mission.

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No Guarantee In Mahabubnagar

Lack of adequate staff, payment delays undermine MGNREGA in a drought-hit district

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It doesn’t fit

A parliamentary committee report suggests a departure from the official Pak story on cross-border terror

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An arduous road to equality

On Section 377, the final outcome will depend on the composition of the Constitution bench

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After you

Governor Raghuram Rajan does well to clarify that rate cuts will come if government first brings structural reform

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China’s military reorganisation aims to prepare it for modern combat — and ramps up tensions in the neighbourhood

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February 4, 1976, Forty Years Ago: Lok Sabha Extension

The bill was opposed by a section of the opposition, including Marxist, communist and BLD members.

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Let the rupee slide

The economy is best served by lowering interest rates and blocking protectionism.

February 3, 1976, Forty Years Ago

Today in history

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The Iowa check

A setback for Donald Trump just made the GOP race even more interesting.

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Rule of the lathi

Scenes of police brutality against students protesting Rohith Vemula’s death are depressingly familiar.

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View From The Right: Temple Entry

Although there can be genuine concerns regarding the space for women in religious matters, the arguments of “rationalist protesters” in support of defying tradition are wrong as this is “a matter of faith”.

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The Radical Teacher

For Randhir Singh, teaching was next to revolution-making.

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Digging holes, filling them up

As it completes 10 years, there is enough evidence to show that India needs the MGNREGA

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Step up, strike down

On Section 377, SC has a deficit to atone for. And the constitutional promise of equality to live up to.

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Nothing but the sea ahead

Intizar Husain seemed as much a stranger in a strange land in Pakistan as he did on his frequent visits to India