Tuesday, Mar 03, 2015
March 2, 20152:03 pm

People with low self-esteem are more likely stay in unhappy relationships but this could do more harm then good.

March 1, 20153:59 pm

Paying 25 cents more for a bigger soda or fries seems like a no-brainer to most people.

March 1, 20153:00 pm
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Envious towards others? Might be because you spend too much time on Facebook, so says the study.

March 1, 20151:00 am

In a solo, an actor is alone on stage and aware that every eye in the dim hall full of silhouettes is — and should be — trained on him or her.

February 27, 20156:04 pm

Bipasha Basu tells Parmita Uniyal how fitness transformed her attitude towards life and made her a balanced person.

February 24, 20155:24 pm

Why do you need a dog? Pets are companions for life and you have to know the reason why you need one.

February 24, 20153:07 pm

Ever used a second hand high-end smartphone? That's a growing trend now, according to a new survey report.

February 23, 20153:19 pm

The more expensive the restaurant, the more likely you are to describe the food in terms of sex.

February 23, 201512:59 pm

A lower IQ is clearly associated with greater and riskier drinking among young adult men, a research has found.

February 22, 20151:00 am

The more technologies become light, seductive, easy, and connected, the more we are losing control over what we can do with and through them.

February 20, 20151:42 pm

Unemployment can change peoples' core personality -- making some less conscientious, agreeable and open.

February 19, 20157:05 pm

Stress can even be a cause of social inequality rather than just a consequence of it.

February 19, 20157:03 pm

Men with short index fingers and long ring fingers are nicer towards women.

February 19, 20151:04 pm

Stress is not good for your health and it's important to take care of your physical and mental well-being if you want to do well in exams.

February 18, 201512:56 pm

Couples who stay together forever have sex more frequently than those who choose to remarry.

February 17, 20156:01 pm

Regular meditation may improve sleep quality and also prevent insomnia among the older people

February 18, 201512:53 pm

Posting about one's relationship on Facebook may be positively related to the quality of the relationship

February 17, 20155:50 pm

Ever fancied a 3D selfie of yours? Well, that's perhaps going to be the next cool thing in the realm of selfies.

February 17, 20155:41 pm

Financial difficulties at university may increase the risk of developing an eating disorder among female students.

February 17, 20155:15 pm

A new phone app launched recently can help people ward off suicidal tendencies.

February 17, 20154:38 pm

If a dog gets up and moves away, please do not start chasing it. Just let the dog be.

February 17, 20151:42 pm

Facebook has rolled out a new feature which allows individuals to decide who controls their account after they die.

February 15, 20153:09 pm

Is one's love for selfies just an exercise in self-obsession? Perhaps not.

February 15, 201512:41 am

What the world is reading: Bruce Jenner, the former Olympic champion was transitioning from male to female.

February 14, 20152:27 pm

People who find success in a wellness programme are more influential in getting friends to sign up than a charismatic, but less successful person.

February 14, 20152:12 pm

Scarcity of resources can turn people wiser, say researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

February 14, 20152:02 pm

A major change in life of a person shows on social media as they adapt to society's expectations of their marital identity.

February 14, 20151:50 pm

The Study show the different ways of communicating attraction reveal a person's flirting style.

February 13, 20157:36 pm

Are we Indians not saying 'I Love You enough'? Because forget about Top 5, India does not feature even in the Top 50 list of most 'in love' countries.

February 13, 20151:26 pm

Difficult times often bring people closer but a new study has found that the onset of chronic illness often results in sufferers feeling lonely.

February 12, 20154:22 pm

Teenagers need to get at least eight to 10 hours of sleep but adults should not sleep less than 7 hours a day.

February 12, 20154:14 pm

People who are looking for love online are less apt to trust a person with a flashy profile,

February 12, 201512:05 pm

In addition to an apple a day, if you hug someone on a daily basis, you can slow the process of ageing and stay young.

February 11, 20154:52 pm

It is customary to gift your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. This time out, why not gift them with some good fortune?

February 11, 20154:36 pm

Want to pamper your loved one with on Valentine's Day? Use Gift Assistance by Haptik app.

February 10, 20155:47 pm

Dubai and Bangkok have emerged as the top searched outbound destinations for Indians around Valentine's Day.