Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015
April 28, 20152:25 pm

It may sound absurd, but it is practically and scientifically possible to unboil an egg. A video by TED-Ed explains the process.

April 28, 201512:15 pm
talk, mumbai talk, photography exhibition, crime investigation, investigation photos, The Photograph is Proof, Anusha Yadav

An international photography exhibition features narratives of key crime investigations in India.

April 27, 20151:09 pm

The phenomenon where you just cannot get out of your head a catchy song for days or even weeks is known as an earworm or brainworm.

April 26, 20151:00 am

Down In Jungleland A great uproar has broken out in Jungleland with the announcement that the Indian “loin” is being considered for the post of the national animal. Down in Jungleland and Breakingwind India welcome you to this edition of “The Catfight” where the concerned animals — and some surprising unsung claimants — press their […]

April 26, 20151:00 am

Haroon was born to a New Zealander mother and a Pakistani father in London, went to school in Pakistan, attended university in the US and also lived in Australia.

April 26, 20151:00 am

It is the quality of the digital that the more transparent our machines become, the more opaque they become.

April 24, 201512:06 pm

Students who didn't make the cut, ended up in this dark prison where they were given only basic facilities.

April 23, 20156:08 pm

The new products have been launched keeping in mind the youth segment who prefer self-styling.

April 23, 20152:11 pm

Summers also mean a visit to the pet-spa or parlour for a neat trim and hair cut.

April 23, 201511:34 am

Job seekers, take note! A new app scans your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and flags posts that it thinks might be inappropriate.

April 22, 201512:02 pm

Today is Earth Day and while we we would like to believe that we care for our environment, we hardly contribute the way we want it in our day-to-day affairs. So where are we going wrong? Maybe we should develop some green habits to make this planet a better place to live and for that […]

April 21, 20157:14 pm

Parry ordered the deadly pills online, that had a substance called DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol) which is unsuitable for human consumption because of its toxicity.

April 21, 20155:09 pm

The brains of babies “light up” in a similar way to adults when exposed to a painful stimulus, suggesting they feel pain much like adults do, a first of its kind study using MRI on infant pain has found. The study by Oxford University researchers looked at 10 healthy infants aged between one and six […]

April 21, 20154:40 pm
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The Reebok ZPump Fusion is designed for serious runners.

April 21, 20154:16 pm

Loving your pet is one thing and allowing it to lick your face or not following hygiene habits after pet contact could be quite another.

April 20, 20157:20 pm

Blueair recently launched its new range of indoor air purifiers at the recently concluded Lifestyle Festival extravaganza.

April 20, 20155:24 pm

You may have a great night's sleep if you put on orange glasses some hours before going to bed, says a study.

April 19, 20151:00 am

There is a bomb outside my balcony, the fuse of which has just been lit.

April 19, 20151:00 am

The life of lokshahirs, Maharashtra’s fabled people’s poets, is at the centre of the National Award winning film Court. On the trail of one such Dalit bard, Sambhaji Bhagat, you come face to face with a rebel and his cause.

April 16, 201511:10 am

The automated treadmill uses sonar technology to tell exactly where the runner is on the treadmill.

April 16, 201510:57 am

A wristband that records motion throughout a 24-hour cycle may be a great aid in treating depression, says a study.

April 15, 20153:34 pm

Aggression in dogs can be result of a number of reasons, including owner’s temperament.

April 15, 201512:52 pm

Facebook can either help people recover from mental health problems or make their symptoms worse.

April 13, 201512:14 pm

The neural activity in quick learners is different from that in slow learners, reveals a study.

April 12, 20151:00 am

In the darkest hour, just before dawn, as the city awakens, the animal kingdom too, comes to life.

April 12, 20151:00 am

In spite of security companies boasting of keeping data secure, information leaks on the internet are inevitable.

April 10, 20159:18 pm
learning natural

An exhibition on environment changes teach children about protection and nature's creativity.

April 10, 20157:25 pm

For young crossword enthusiasts, it's time to learn and have some fun. And, in store, there will be prizes too for deserving ones.

April 21, 20159:52 pm

Jaya Row feels action emnates from desire, which in turn comes from thought.

April 9, 20155:07 pm

Think twice before blaming parents, teachers or even children for their less interest in the classroom.

April 8, 20156:08 pm

Husbands with stressed wives are more likely to have increased blood pressure, a new study suggests.

April 7, 20158:05 pm

The video beautifully captures the top fitness fads of each decade from 1910 to 2010 in 100 seconds.

April 7, 20151:52 pm

Experiencing certain family stress repeatedly throughout the childhood can make kids obese by the time they turn 18.

April 6, 20155:32 pm

Eating a healthy diet during adolescence could reverse the junk-food cravings in males but not females, reveals a fascinating research.

April 6, 201512:13 pm

If you have cut down on the amount of content you share on Facebook or Twitter even as your lists of friends and followers grow, you are not alone.

April 3, 20151:39 pm

Researchers reported a series of experiments that demonstrated that babies actively sought to learn when they witnessed something surprising.