Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014
September 29, 20144:12 pm

If you have not tried Instagram's new app for a high-speed selfie to woo your girlfriend, you are definitely missing out on some great action here.

September 29, 201412:27 pm

For the uninitiated, a kitty operates along the same principles as the now reviled chit fund. It’s held once a month, each member has to pool in the agreed amount and host an evening.

September 26, 201410:58 am

No, the pen doesn't make you more brainy. It's an ode to that brilliant thing called brain which drives the writer to pen down his/her thoughts on a piece of paper.

September 22, 201410:02 am

Cuddlr connects you with new people in your immediate area who are up for a cuddle.

September 22, 20149:47 am

Rapper Kanye West demanded that his disabled fans should stand up during his shows. George Kournounis, an explorer dived deep into the 2,000 year old Marum crater.

September 19, 20143:10 pm

A Doordarshan anchor was fired on Friday morning for reading out Chinese President Xi Jinping's name as Eleven Jinping.

September 19, 20144:25 pm

People from all over the world take souvenirs of those gorgeous potteries with unique designs and paint on it back home.

September 18, 20144:38 pm

Yoga practice may yield significant mental health benefits for people with bipolar disorder, a survey study suggests.

September 17, 20145:33 pm

Got a throbbing or pulsing sensation in one area of the head? Forget pills and go between the sheets to relieve migraine symptoms.

September 17, 20144:02 pm

Global numbers indicate that 30% of Indian travellers prefer outdoor activities followed by cultural activities.

September 17, 201411:06 am

DogSpot, a portal for pet lovers, has announced the launch of wag tag, an identification tag for canines.

September 16, 20142:55 pm

People with high levels of psychopathic traits lean towards non-romantic sexual fantasies with anonymous and uncommitted partners.

September 16, 201412:54 pm

Check out six good things that could happen to you if you replace some of your photos with a supermodel’s at Express LOL.

September 16, 20149:53 am

Are there any symptoms of addiction to wanderlust? Here're some points that are common in people who share the love for travelling.

September 15, 20141:00 pm

Are you really free to live, grow, lead, create, act or is there something holding you back? We need “Internal freedom”!

September 15, 201410:21 am

If you want to know if your growing kid is learning healthy sexual habits, check on his college friends.

September 15, 20149:57 am

NoPhone acts as a phone surrogate for those addicted to their smartphones, media reports said.

September 11, 201412:04 pm

Do you know which time of the week people swear the most? It would be Monday at around 5 p.m.

September 10, 20143:54 pm

When the duo decided to create this novel, Bacardi asked them to add drops of Bacardi rum in their inks for creating illustrations.

September 10, 201410:03 am

From textiles, jewellery and accessories to carpets, furniture and agro products -- the second edition of Lifestyle Pakistan exhibition, will open on Thursday.

September 9, 20149:38 am

If you managed to control your desire to have sex with your partner before tying the knot, have heart as the wait was worth it!

September 8, 20148:47 pm

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton are expecting their second child after Prince George.

September 8, 201412:06 pm

Do you often feel you have wasted time on Facebook or termed it as a meaningless activity but still cannot let your eyes move away from the screen?

September 8, 201410:39 am

Built over an area of 1,000 square metres, the gyms have been set up in 30 parks.

September 5, 20143:17 pm

People are more likely to begin a job when, from a time perspective, it appears to be a part of the present.

September 5, 20144:54 pm

No doubt they taught me A B C D and 1 2 3 4, but the real arithmetic and poetry of life has been taught by someone else.

September 3, 20149:19 am

According to a recent Italian study, the use of online networks may threaten subjective well-being in several ways.

September 2, 201411:28 am
To help ensure you’re looking your best for your selfie, professional make-up artist, Sarah Jagger, reveals her top tips and make-up essentials so you can capture a flawless look whatever the occasion.

A new anti-selfie mobile app will track your face in real time and twist it in funny ways.

August 31, 20144:46 pm

Air India needs to put up content on their site that no one is interested in.

August 31, 20141:00 am

People who understand digital medium have figured out that internet is designed to make continuous copies of everything.

August 31, 201412:00 am

Are twins similar because they are treated similarly?

August 29, 20145:20 pm

Five-year-old Violet who was born with an unformed left hand also has a bowel condition known as Hirschprung's disease.

August 28, 201411:04 am

No messy floors, and absolutely no nappy changes - meet the virtual toddler who interacts on a computer.

August 28, 20149:52 am

Documentary filmmaker Shrikant Agawane’s latest shares insights into the benefits of walking.

August 27, 20145:30 pm

What happens when we start regretting our choices and blame ourselves for unhappiness?

August 27, 201411:04 am

An increasing number of Indian men now prefer if women make the first move, according to a survey.


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