Friday, Aug 29, 2014
August 28, 201411:04 am

No messy floors, and absolutely no nappy changes - meet the virtual toddler who interacts on a computer.

August 28, 20149:52 am

Documentary filmmaker Shrikant Agawane’s latest shares insights into the benefits of walking.

August 27, 20145:30 pm

What happens when we start regretting our choices and blame ourselves for unhappiness?

August 27, 201411:04 am

An increasing number of Indian men now prefer if women make the first move, according to a survey.

August 27, 20143:04 pm

It is hard to imagine that the drawing which dates back to the early ’70s, finds resonance in the current Palestinian conflict.

August 26, 20145:46 pm

We are slowly, but surely, coming to a situation where robots can replace humans. We are talking about the new breed of cleaning robots. Here are six ways in which they can make life easy for you.

August 26, 20141:57 pm

Come Ganesh Chaturthi, and the entire Mumbai will soak in its spirit and take a break from the daily madness.

August 25, 20146:15 pm

Regular long and short distance cycling improves ones stamina and general health.

August 22, 20143:55 pm

Youtube channel Old Delhi Films' latest video titled Hunger presents this touching story.

August 21, 201411:14 am

According to her profile, she is in her 40s and married to the owner of Room of Art, an antique gallery in Bangkok.

August 20, 20144:41 pm

Newspaper is certainly not his best friend and a long distance relationship is not his thing. A spoof dedicated to Bombay dudes.

August 19, 201410:58 am

According to a study, newly-wedded men expressed surprise that sexual temptations continued to haunt them.

August 18, 201411:14 am

People seem to think of loving relationships in a hierarchy, with heterosexual couples being the most “in love”.

August 15, 20148:00 am

While you can do a variety of things on I-day, there are a couple of things you can avoid doing to keep up the spirit of freedom.

August 14, 20141:37 pm

They wear patriotism on their sleeve, yet leave no opportunity to disgrace the country by ignoring their simple responsibilities as citizens.

August 13, 20145:13 pm

One in four people admit to being unfaithful at one time in their lives, said the survey, adding that a fifth of those surveyed felt tempted to cheat.

August 13, 20143:55 pm

Being Indian's Culture Machine has come up with an interesting spoof on the life of Delhi girls, which will leave you in splits.

August 12, 20142:02 pm

For the first time ever, we are telling you how to get the most sought after degrees in the country - in 6 days.

August 11, 20145:55 pm

Matches will now be made on apps. TrulyMadly has come up with a love app for android users.

August 11, 20143:45 pm

The participants listed several reasons for lying, including wanting to make a partner happy or fulfill a partner's fantasy.

August 11, 20142:27 pm

Are you working extra hard to earn more money with the hope that more spending power would make you happier? Think again!

August 11, 20142:22 pm

Are you on anti-depressants? According to a new study, anti-depressants may affect your love life.

August 10, 201412:33 pm

"It is fun to bring such changes in rakhis, "Chugh owner of GICEE chocolates said.

August 10, 20145:36 pm

Six young men and women, all afflicted by polio, had never thought they would fall in love. Till they met at a hospital in Udaipur.

August 8, 20146:39 pm

Over 160 million females are dead because of Ultrasound screening followed by Sex Selective Abortion.

August 7, 20145:54 pm

Peacocks, ganpati, wall hangings, wall clocks, pen stands, coasters and other small compact house décor are some popular products among locals and tourists.

August 7, 20141:30 pm

The adventures of Chacha and Sabu had us laughing for hours on end, and we hope that the creator, Pran Kumar Sharma, rests in peace.

August 7, 201410:24 am

The latest video by Youtube channel Being Indian - Every Bengali Mom In The World will find connect with every Bengali kid in India.

August 6, 20144:22 pm

Women who regularly visit pornography sites on internet are at a greater risk of developing cybersex addiction.

August 5, 20146:12 pm

Nayab Shah is not a barber; he is someone who can change people’s personality by styling their hair.

August 5, 201411:39 am

That's all Friendship Day is, these days - a celebration of cheesy WhatsApp forwards, Facebook wall posts and Twitter DMs.

August 4, 20143:04 pm

If you are not sleeping well and enough, apart from health problems, you also run the risk of making bad financial decisions and even losing your job.

August 3, 20147:00 am

The children of Gaza — Jon Snow On his return from Gaza last week, Jon Snow — the face of Channel 4 News — recorded a three-and-a-half-minute video titled “The children of Gaza”. The video, which has created much controversy, features haunting images of young children seriously injured in the ongoing conflict between Hamas and […]

August 3, 20141:00 am

Annie George recreates the life and times of her grandfather, PM John, in a play at the Edinburgh Fringe.

August 3, 20141:00 am

Trust is about sharing nonsense with people. When you share important information, you are careful.

August 1, 20146:40 pm

What is a true friend, you ask? The answer to that is simple. No matter what the situation, your face lights up when you see him/her.


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