Saturday, May 23, 2015
May 21, 20151:00 pm

Two to three cups of coffee a day can help you rev up your sex life, interesting research has found.

May 21, 20152:05 am
Islamic-style calligraphy, exhibition, artefacts, Talismanic tunic, National Museum, Arabic-Persian inscriptions, Talk

With 56 artefacts from over five centuries, an exhibition offers insight into the art of calligraphy

May 20, 20153:51 pm

The smartphone use is not just confined to making or receiving calls as some people also click selfies while driving, a new study says.

May 20, 20152:14 pm

A linguistics professor has conducted the first 'Emoji IQ' study and also created an online test which assesses your ability to use and understand emoji.

May 18, 20153:40 pm

Workers with non-traditional schedules are likely to be overweight, experience sleep-related health problems and metabolic disorders, such as diabetes.

May 18, 201511:58 am

The actions that we perform in our lifetimes return to us as our current reality in the form of persons, situations and things.

May 17, 20151:00 am

My children are allowed “junk food” once a week. But that inexhaustible list actually just means burgers and pizzas, ordered from outside.

May 17, 20151:00 am

A new series on migrants in urban India.

May 17, 20151:00 am

Sensing a business opportunity, websites targetting married or committed individuals looking for a bit of fun on the side have emerged.

May 17, 20151:00 am

From a cold stare to a limpid gaze, animals can tell you a lot with just one look

May 15, 20154:24 pm

A new study says that perfectionists tend to be narcissistic, anti-social and to have an aggressive sense of humour.

May 14, 20155:50 pm

The survey asked children about all key aspects of their lives including their family and home life, friendships, money and possessions etc.

May 14, 20155:06 pm

Six-month-old infants appear to be much more interested in listening to other babies than they are in listening to adults, a new study has found.

May 13, 201512:31 pm

I happened to visit Sanchi in 2013, and experienced its several many hues.

May 12, 20151:38 pm

The Picasso masterpiece has fetched more than $179 million in New York.

May 12, 20151:18 pm

How much food your dining companion eats can have a big influence on how much you consume and eventually lose weight.

May 11, 20152:16 pm

It is possible to face your fears and be successful.

May 10, 20151:08 pm

You can badmouth them for all you’re worth, but there’s a lot more to donkeys than they let on

May 8, 20154:06 pm

If you are too sensitive to the emotionally relevant things in the world, it could just be in your genes, a new research has found.

May 7, 20154:27 pm

Whether you’re starting new or already a runner, these handy tips will help you separate fact from fiction.

May 7, 20156:04 pm

A video by Rumble Viral demonstrates an excellent hack to tie the shoelace in exactly 2 seconds.

May 5, 20154:49 pm

Love gossiping with friends? Do not shy away from the habit as it is good for your health, says a new study.

May 5, 20154:40 pm

If you are depressed and feel that your thinking ability has become "fuzzy" or less sharp, you are right.

May 5, 20153:46 pm

From reports of pesticides injected into vegetables to chemical wax on apples to make them shine, in some sense it may be more apt to say we are what we don’t eat.

May 5, 201512:00 am
talk, photography, Helga Paris, East Germany Photographer, Max Mueller Bhavan, photography exhibition,art

Max Mueller Bhavan in Mumbai, will showcase her select works

May 4, 20156:30 pm

Sharing Facebook updates about workout goals may lead people to make fewer exercise commitments, a new study has found.

May 4, 20155:06 pm
44 vidyasahayaks produced sports certificates claiming to have played kabaddi to get additional 5 marks during their appointment back in 2008. ( File photo )

Kabaddi might not rank among one of the popular sports in India, but the skill sets required to play the sport extend well beyond the game.

May 4, 20152:29 pm

For most poisonous snakes the percentage of dry-bites is relatively high but the Russell Viper always goes for the maximum venom dose.

May 4, 20152:00 pm

Some men sport beards that are riddled with poo particles and may be dirtier than a toilet, according to a new study.

May 4, 20151:36 pm

Wearing formals to work can elicit feelings of power, which may change some mental processes, a new study suggests.

May 3, 20153:48 pm

The planned march was to be a mass protest of Gray's treatment by police, but after Mosby's announcement, the tone had changed to more celebratory.

May 3, 20151:01 am

Why do homosexual men marry women and deceive them? That is a question Vedi’s suicide has thrown up.

May 3, 20151:00 am

Deservedly, the praying mantis has a fearsome reputation.

May 3, 20151:00 am

In my early adulthood, I became aware that religious practice was something you learned from your parents.

May 3, 20151:00 am

Mumbai-based artist Reena Kallat tells us about her home and her studio.

May 1, 20158:05 pm

Refraining from smoking, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and having not more than four cups of coffee a day can help you live to 100.