Sunday, Dec 21, 2014
December 21, 20141:03 pm

Sierra Leone's government this week launched a major operation to contain the epidemic in West Africa's worst-hit country.

December 19, 20146:31 pm

By migrating to urban areas, people in developing countries are increasing their risk of diabetes .

December 19, 201412:42 pm

Aircraft pilots are at considerable risk of skin cancer, as they are more exposed to ultra violet (UV) rays of the sun.

December 18, 20143:15 pm

Almost a third of the world is now fat. Here're top 5 obesity studies that warn us enough to shed that extra weight right away.

December 18, 201411:43 am

Researchers have found that domestic violence could affect children even before they are born.

December 17, 20145:58 pm

People injecting drugs like cocaine are at a double-fold risk of developing suicidal behaviour, say researchers.

December 17, 20142:51 pm

To lose extra fat, all you have to do is breathe in and breathe out more during exercise or brisk walking.

December 17, 201411:36 am

3D printing makes products by layering material until a three-dimensional object is created.

December 16, 20145:29 pm

Black tea, can also help prevent and mitigate the effects of stomach ulcers caused by alcohol consumption.

December 16, 20145:15 pm

Researchers have found that consuming an unnecessary amount of antibiotics could lead to a major public health concern.

December 16, 20145:14 pm

If you feel burnt out often, check for depression signs as researchers have found a definite link between the two.

December 16, 201412:29 pm
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First menstrual cycle age linked to heart disease, stroke, and complications of high blood pressure.

December 15, 20146:26 pm

The risk of the Ebola virus passing from organ donor to recipient is extremely small, experts suggest.

December 15, 20141:17 pm

Study showed that Male and female breast cancers not identical, and that men are not as well managed as female patients.

December 15, 201412:34 pm

These new findings could bring scientists one step closer to solving the mystery about the disease.

December 15, 201412:27 pm

People who have attained a high level of education and also complain about memory lapses face a higher risk of a stroke.

December 13, 20145:07 pm

The researchers examined the association between occupational sitting and BMI between men and women and between black and white women.

December 13, 201412:44 am

Recently, modern medicine has begun to study the powers of spices and validates several useful properties.

December 13, 201412:37 am

A recent study suggests that being told one’s pet is dangerously overweight might get the owner to exercise as well.

December 13, 201412:32 am

A chemical found in plastic bottles and beverage cans makes blood pressure shoot up within hours, having direct impact on heart health.

December 12, 20143:44 pm

Researchers found that the brains of obese kids are hypersensitive to sugar.

December 12, 201411:38 am

Having proper sleep every night may protect your brain from degeneration, else there is an increased risk of dementia.

December 12, 201411:19 am

Scientists have found that an ingredient, when added to daily food, can make people feel full and prevent weight gain.

December 11, 20142:29 pm

Seasonal flu vaccines may protect individuals not only against the strains of flu they contain but also against many additional types,.

December 11, 20142:08 pm
Lured by easy returns, farmers in every tehshil had gone for cultivation of such vegetables

With mounting evidence linking diet to neurodegenerative damage, the trend of vegan diet in India could be a concern for the population.

December 10, 20146:09 pm

Even when short sperm is given a head-start, long sperm wins the competition comfortably by fertilising more eggs.

December 10, 20144:34 pm

Laughing gas may also help treat severe depression in patients whose symptoms do not respond to standard therapies, finds a research.

December 9, 20147:22 pm

If you show symptoms of cough or sore throat after a vigorous exercise, intake of vitamin C could offer relief.

December 9, 20144:57 pm

Malaria deaths have dropped dramatically since 2000 as more people are treated and started take precautions also.

December 9, 20144:18 pm

Avoiding rush hour traffic could help in reducing risk of developing heart diseases .

December 9, 20141:23 pm

The results from clinical trial showed that adding radiation therapy does not reduce five-year recurrence rates .

December 9, 20141:18 pm

study has suggested that it is critical to understand how to counter myths about vaccine safety.

December 9, 201412:23 pm

AG-221 drug has the potential to transform the treatment of leukemia.

December 9, 201411:34 am

Scientists researched that It may be possible to treat Alzheimer's disease with a drug used for treating a skin disorder.

December 8, 20141:10 pm

Air travel rehearsal at Baltimore was done to alleviate stress for children with autism.

December 8, 201411:54 am

A brain scan within 24 hours after mild stroke, can predict highest risk of another stroke says a study.