Wednesday, Sep 24, 2014
September 23, 201410:29 am

Although their immune system works very differently from that of adults, babies may be able to mount a stronger immune defence than previously thought.

September 22, 20149:55 am

Engaging in physical activity and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle are both important for maintaining an adequate brain health in older age.

September 20, 20141:04 am

Telomeres shorten and fray as a cell ages, although the process is not strictly chronological.

September 20, 20141:04 am

Low-fat dairy products, including yogurt, and even fatty ones may lower the risk of diabetes.

September 18, 20142:30 pm

As Chinese President Xi Jinping’s wife Peng Liyuan attend a yoga class with school students, here's listing five extremely beneficial yogasanas (and practices) that India is known for:

September 17, 20144:28 pm

There is a close association between schizophrenia and increased rates of tobacco smoking.

September 16, 20144:25 pm

When people think of men who abuse their partners, they often think of violent people who they have never come across.

September 15, 20143:39 pm

What should consumers be looking for? Which features should they consider before purchasing a water purifier?

September 15, 201411:46 am

The sweet and succulent chikoo could well be the answer to halt cancer from spreading, according to a study.

September 15, 201410:42 am

Researchers have discovered two intermingled but distinct population of neurons in the amygdala.

September 13, 201412:58 am

While these nutrients are important, supplementation with ferritin should be done with care for efficient body functioning.

September 13, 201412:53 am

Exposure to the sun is important to avoid Vitamin D defficiency.

September 13, 201412:52 am

Scientists hope discovery of Lhx1 can help treat sleep disorders.

September 13, 201412:49 am

The Working Dog Center trains dogs for police work, search and rescue and bomb detection.

September 12, 201410:34 am

Pregnant women who drink a lot of milk put their babies at risk of having an iron deficiency.

September 12, 20149:48 am

People suffering from sleep apnoea have weaker brain blood flow that hurts the brain, says a study.

September 12, 20149:41 am

High intake of pain killers during migraine can lead to long-term side effects such as kidney damage and ulcers in the stomach.

September 11, 20145:07 pm

People with diabetes who otherwise appear healthy may have a six-fold higher risk of developing heart failure.

September 10, 20145:26 pm

Triggers such as the smell of popcorn or a commercial for a snack may have a stronger pull for obese people.

September 10, 20142:56 pm

You don’t have to be mentally ill to suffer the stigma associated with mental illness.

September 10, 201410:19 am

A baby has a greater risk of contracting asthma if his or her father smoked prior to conception, finds a new study.

September 10, 201410:13 am

When you’re having one of those days when you just can’t seem to shake off a bad mood and fume at every little thing, try doing yoga.

September 8, 20143:46 pm

Do make it a point to take a five minute walk every hour to reverse negative effects of prolonged sitting.

September 8, 201411:17 am

Stigma is one of many factors that may influence care seeking, says a study.

September 5, 20143:40 pm

There is no association between bra wearing and increased breast cancer risk among post-menopausal women.

September 5, 20143:29 pm

If you think that herbals and dietary supplements are better than conventional medications for your health, think again.A new study shows that liver injury caused by herbals and dietary supplements increased from seven percent to 20 percent in the US over a 10-year period.

September 5, 20142:52 pm

If your job leads to spending most of the time outdoors, do not forget to wear sunglasses.

September 4, 20142:03 pm

Relatively rare in much of the world, donating breast milk is common in Brazil.

September 3, 20145:29 pm

Higher testosterone levels in men may offer protection from sudden cardiac arrest and lower levels of estrogen.

September 3, 20143:52 pm

Cannot hold that craving for unhealthy foods such as sweets or fast food? Try spinach drink.

September 3, 201412:45 pm

What you eat and drink, and not just the number of calories, is a significant factor in diabetes risk, a study showed.

September 3, 201411:49 am

The doctor discussed the signs and symptoms of suicide. Suddenly it dawned on me that he was discussing exactly the way I felt.

September 3, 20149:36 am

People with fat around their abdominal area are at a great risk of developing hypertension.

September 2, 20143:17 pm

It may be possible to train the brain to prefer healthy low-calorie foods over unhealthy higher-calorie foods.

September 2, 201410:55 am

Researchers have developed an "electronic nose" that can sniff the highly infectious bacteria that causes these diseases.

September 2, 201410:36 am

"Energy" drinks which are so popular during physical exercise among children and younger adults can cause heart problems


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