Sunday, May 24, 2015
May 23, 201512:00 am
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MSG or ajinomoto is a flavour enhancer.

May 22, 20154:06 pm

People with five or more hospital contacts with infections had an IQ score of 9.44 lower than the average.

May 21, 20157:42 pm

A traditional Chinese medicine, a soup containing 12 herbs has been found to significantly reduce fatigue suffered by cancer patients within two-three weeks of the treatment.

May 19, 20154:39 pm
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In conversation with Dr Vijay Muralidhar Sonar who has been treating the victims of snakebite for the past fifteen years in the city of Ahmednagar.

May 19, 20152:33 pm

Rather than urbanisation or diet, rise of agriculture and fall in mobility has led to lighter, brittle bones among humans today.

May 18, 20156:14 pm

If you believe that probiotics are good for your health, there is a piece of news for you.

May 16, 20159:34 am

WHO added 16 new anti-cancer medicines to the model list of essential medicines (WHO EML) on May 8.

May 16, 201512:14 am

Being well fed isn’t a sign that you aren’t suffering from malnutrition

May 15, 201512:16 pm

British researchers have found that vitamin E may help offset the negative effects of air pollution on our lungs.

May 15, 201511:48 am

Basically, excessive sugar cravings are a sign that your body is deficient in trace minerals like zinc, magnesium, chromium and vanadium.

May 14, 20152:09 pm

Some smokers who are able to quit might actually be hard-wired for success, says a study.

May 13, 20159:06 pm
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The study shows that almost 5% of the world's adult population have an alcohol use disorder, around 20% smoke tobacco.

May 11, 20155:19 pm

As many people were found to consume fibre-depleted refined-grain products, adding fibre rich products can aid in increasing its total intake.

May 11, 201512:58 pm

People who are having healthier diets with higher quantities of vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts, soy products and moderate alcohol intake are at a reduced risk of cognitive decline.

May 10, 20153:35 pm
Studies suggest Viagra helps eliminate malaria from the blood circulation which may reduce transmission of the deadly parasite.

Studies suggest Viagra helps eliminate malaria from the blood circulation which may reduce transmission of the deadly parasite.

May 9, 201510:22 am
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Around 95% of people who lose weight, regain it.

May 8, 20154:15 pm

Taking a Metro train or cycling to office will help you shed more weight in couple of years than driving, a study has found.

May 6, 20154:24 pm

People with social phobia or anxiety are at increased risk of bruxism - teeth grinding which causes tooth wear and fractures as well as jaw pain.

May 5, 20155:12 pm

A popular drug used to treat heart disease may increase the risk of death in patients with heart problems.

May 5, 20155:01 pm

People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are at increased risk of heart disease.

May 4, 201512:53 pm

If you want to stay away from type 2 diabetes, choose water instead of sugary drink every day, as per a new study.

May 9, 201510:21 am
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LADA is a childhood disorder that occurs in adults.

May 2, 201512:00 am

By: Ishi Khosla We all know that diabetes is of two kinds – type 1 diabetes also called juvenile diabetes or IDDM (Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus), which occurs in childhood, and type 2 diabetes also called adult/ maturity onset or NIDDM (non-insulin dependent Diabetes mellitus), which as the name suggests happens in adults and is […]

May 1, 20152:22 pm

Prolonged use of statins, a cholesterol-lowering drug, may lower risk of death from lung cancer, new research has found.

April 30, 20152:02 pm

Low levels of vitamin D could raise risk of pancreatic cancer as the rates of the disease are the highest in countries with the least amount of sunlight.

April 30, 20151:44 pm

Individuals with Type-2 diabetes generally have difficulty regulating their glucose, or blood sugar, levels, particularly after meals.

April 28, 20151:16 pm

Contrary to popular perception, people suffering from depression may not be more prone to commit violent acts in the future.

April 27, 20155:01 pm

Did you know that your body is basically built to move and not sit for longer periods of time?

April 27, 20152:14 pm

The first HIV self-test kit that allows people to get a result in 15 minutes at home, is now on sale in Britain.

April 27, 20151:15 pm

If you like to believe that one alcoholic drink a day would not harm you, read this carefully.

May 9, 201510:26 am
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Till further research evidence is gathered, it is suggested that microwaves are used with care, not as an alternative to conventional cooking and are better used for reheating.

April 24, 20151:14 pm

If you thought smoking cigars is less harmful than smoking cigarettes, your are wrong.

April 22, 20155:26 pm

Drinking just two cups of coffee a day can help inhibit the growth of tumours and reduce the risk of recurrence in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

April 22, 201512:51 pm

Liver cancer is life-threatening because it is generally diagnosed in the later stages.

April 21, 20154:54 pm
Scientists are still  uncertain whether giving children vitamin A pills will be an easy solution. (Reuters)

Over-the-counter dietary supplements you thought were good for you may actually increase cancer risk if taken in excess.

April 21, 20154:04 pm

Women who fasted for longer periods of time overnight had significantly better control over blood glucose concentrations.