Monday, Mar 30, 2015
March 30, 20151:55 pm

Brown fat is considered "good fat" or "healthy fat" because it burns calories to help generate heat for our bodies and expend energy.

March 30, 201511:36 am

If you thought you can trick yourself into eating less if you use a smaller plate, you are wrong, warns a new study.

March 28, 20151:19 am

Some individuals may experience minimal intestinal damage, and this goes away with a gluten-free diet.

March 27, 20157:28 pm

That hookah is less harmful than cigarette is a popular misconception that may have serious ramifications for the youth.

March 27, 20151:21 pm

High-fat diet can affect brain health and promote changes in your behaviour, including increased anxiety, impaired memory.

March 26, 20152:32 pm

If you mostly stay indoors, get your Vitamin D levels checked, for you might be prone to many deadly diseases.

March 26, 20151:29 pm

Drinking raw milk, instead of pasteurised milk, can increase your risk of getting food-borne illness by over 100 times.

March 25, 20153:52 pm

The scientists used embryonic stem cells, proteins involved in lung development, growth factors and protein mixture in a Petri dish.

March 23, 20154:38 pm

Without sweat to cool us, our core temperature will shoot up, and our vital organs will start getting cooked.

March 21, 20151:30 am
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Lectins are type of proteins that choose and bind to carbohydrates on cell membranes and form complexes.

March 19, 20157:48 pm

Practo, a healthcare app for Android and iOS devices, helps users in finding doctors in their cities.

March 19, 20154:09 pm

Inadequate exposure to natural light during the day and overexposure to artificial light at night is not conducive to the body's natural sleep/wake cycle.

March 19, 201512:02 pm

Young women with lower levels of vitamin D were more likely to have clinically significant depressive symptoms.

March 18, 201512:34 pm
Vitamin D as an adjuvant to conventional breast cancer therapy (PTI)

The sunshine vitamin can be of great help for people during their sunset years.

March 17, 20154:26 pm
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Obese women have around a 40 per cent increased risk of developing cancer in their lifetime than women of a healthy weight.

March 17, 20154:19 pm
A serving of instant oatmeal is more filling than a ready-to-eat (RTE), oat-based cereal, a new research shows. Source: Thinkstock Images

A high-energy breakfast and modest dinner can control dangerous blood sugar spikes all day, says a study.

March 17, 20154:13 pm

Increased diet soda intake is directly linked to greater abdominal obesity in adults 65 years of age and older.

March 16, 20153:28 pm

The next time you feel the urge to have another chocolate bar, just get up and take a walk.

March 16, 201511:55 am
Exposing your skin to the Sun may help you live long Source: Thinkstock Images

Older people, who go for morning walks and mild exercises, protect themselves from the effects of small areas of brain damage.

March 14, 20152:03 pm

Chronic sleep deprivation can increase night time blood pressure, putting you at greater risk of heart diseases, warns new research.

March 14, 20151:16 am
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If not taken in right proportion, this protein may cause cramping, bloating, hyperacidity and diarrhoea.

March 13, 20151:44 pm
Citrus Burger

A team of Indian-American researchers has found that not just what you eat but when you do so is equally important in order to protect your heart from early ageing.

March 10, 20154:17 pm
Scientists have developed an approach for permanently reducing cholesterol levels in mice through a single injection Source: Express Archive

A new online calculator could predict the age at which the person is likely to have a heart attack.

March 9, 20157:53 pm
And men are three times more likely to have a headache during sex than women.

Cutting down on your sexual activities with age may lead to lower levels of serum testosterone.

March 7, 20151:30 pm

Some of us are sensitive to a variety of environmental agents we repeatedly breathe in making our immune system go for a toss.

March 7, 201511:24 am

A large study of middle-aged to elderly smokers has found that men are more likely than women to have the progressive bone disease.

March 7, 20155:13 am

Studies suggest that what you eat can affect your mood, alter stress levels, irritability and promote calmness.

March 3, 20153:27 pm

Eating peanuts may lower your risk of dying from a heart attack, a new study has claimed.

February 28, 201512:47 am

Endorphins are released during starvation and prolonged exercise.

February 26, 20151:36 pm

Oat-based breakfast cereals have now come under the scanner as researchers have detected in them potentially dangerous mould contamination.

February 25, 20154:44 pm

Eating a high energy breakfast and a low energy dinner result in better blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes, says new research.

February 25, 20151:51 pm

Driven by concerns of initiating a false alarm, young women tend to ignore or dismiss the earliest symptoms of an impending heart attack.

February 25, 201512:50 pm

Your wisdom teeth could hold the clue to treating diseases affecting the cornea, a major cause of blindness worldwide.

February 24, 20152:30 pm

People who have low levels of vitamin D are more likely to have diabetes, regardless of how much they weigh, says a new study.

February 24, 201512:27 pm

Living a structured life with regular meal times and early bedtimes can lead to a better life.

February 23, 20155:48 pm

It's high time, we look for other ways to meditate; instead of closing eyes and sitting, we can very well meditate with our eyes open and going about our chores.