Friday, Oct 31, 2014
November 1, 20143:29 am

Researchers studied 783 people older than 50, the age when screening is recommended for everyone, who were not getting it at the start of the study.

November 1, 20143:28 am

“To be healthy should be the ultimate goal for all.”

November 1, 20143:23 am

Lancet study : Data from Odisha villages show building latrines had no effect on health

November 1, 20142:57 am

Study shows that sports gels, taken at the right intervals, can improve finishing time

October 30, 201412:25 pm

People living in rural areas are at no greater risk of dying from heart disease than their urban counterparts, says a study.

October 29, 20141:36 pm

Instead of strengthening your bones, drinking more than three glasses of milk a day may increase the risk of early death, a study has found.

October 28, 201411:47 am

Age-related memory decline can be reversed with a little alteration in your diet, specifically the inclusion of cocoa flavanols, showed a research.

October 28, 201411:06 am

Youths are shunning their friends in favour of their figures, admitting they would cancel plans, for fear of ruining their diet.

October 27, 201412:52 pm

This is the first study of this kind directly linking maternal hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) to overweight offspring.

October 25, 201411:41 am

People, especially women, who develop kidney stones may be at increased risk of experiencing bone fractures, finds a research.

October 25, 201412:05 am

By: Michele C Hollow Each morning, Cali, an 18-month-old Rhodesian Ridgeback, patiently waits for the K-12 students to pass through the doors of the Calais School in Whippany, New Jersey. As they walk by, Cali sniffs each one. Cali is a cortisol detection dog, trained to detect the stress hormone our adrenal glands secrete when […]

October 25, 201412:05 am

Study finds that listening to music during a high-intensity workout leads to a significant increase in output.

October 25, 201412:03 am

By: Ishi Khosla With winters arriving, the flu virus is spreading rapidly. It is not surprising that the medical term for flu, comes from the Italian phrase ‘influenza del freddo’ — the influence of the cold. Flu is slightly distinct from the common cold. Colds develop slowly, whereas the flu tends to come suddenly and strikes […]

October 22, 201410:15 am

Living with smokers is as bad as living in smoke-free homes in heavily polluted cities such as Beijing or London, researchers said.

October 21, 201410:32 am

One child is affected every eight minutes when usually a well-meaning parent or caregiver commits an unintentional medication error.

October 20, 20145:58 pm

An ingredient in Viagra not only can enhance the pleasure between the sheets but can also protect your heart, a study has found.

October 18, 201412:06 am

The key feature of any addiction is loss of control. In food addiction, loss of control is manifested by either more frequent or larger meals.

October 18, 201412:03 am

Fitness age is determined primarily by your VO2max, measure of your body’s ability to take in and utilise oxygen.

October 18, 201412:02 am

Biologists have found that our skin is bristling with olfactory receptors.

October 17, 201410:26 am

Exercise can help you attain the body frame you wish for, but after a few weeks of it, you can lose interest in the regime.

October 15, 20141:10 pm

You don't always need to go to the gym to shed few inches. Here're three easy workout that you can try at home.

October 15, 20149:46 am

Indians are more likely to absorb radiation from mobile phones due to their low body mass index and the less fat content in their bodies.

October 14, 20143:27 pm

Researchers found that those who regularly drink fruit juice have significantly higher blood pressure than those who have it occasionally.

October 14, 201411:43 am

Due to its holistic properties Tulsi is widely used in many ayurvedic and naturopathic medicines.

October 13, 201410:31 am

People who live close to the coast are more likely to meet physical activity guidelines than inland dwellers, found a study.

October 13, 20149:55 am

Be it aspiring actors, students or athletes or obese people, Snap Fitness health club, gets clients with different needs.

October 11, 20141:37 am

By: Kenneth Chang Artificial sweeteners may disrupt the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, causing metabolic changes that can be a precursor to diabetes, researchers are reporting. That is “the very same condition that we often aim to prevent” by consuming sweeteners instead of sugar, said Dr Eran Elinav, an immunologist at the Weizmann Institute […]

October 11, 20141:34 am

Grace Silva of Dartmouth, Mass., has a form of thyroid cancer that is considered untreatable, but she responded well to a drug

October 11, 20141:33 am

Even having one or two meals with the family was protective, reducing the risk by about 33 percent. The study appeared in The Journal of Pediatrics.

October 11, 20141:32 am

Recent studies have found correlations between children’s aerobic fitness and their brain structure.

October 10, 20149:23 am

A research study has found that grapefruit juice not only helps in losing weight but also lowers glucose level.

October 9, 20142:40 pm

An Indian-origin researcher has identified epigenetic protein changes caused by binge drinking.

October 9, 20142:35 pm

Sleep problems like insomnia being reported among the elderly are more likely because of bad sleep quality and not their duration.

October 9, 201411:47 am

As beginners to this ancient yet currently trendy practice, one tends to make some major mistakes.

October 8, 20143:41 pm

Awareness may continue even after the brain has shut down completely, according to a medical study.

October 7, 20144:42 pm

Just five units of alcohol could diminish a man's opportunity to produce children, says a new research.