Friday, Dec 19, 2014
December 18, 201410:54 am

The quick service restaurant has now introduced an option with one of the hottest naturally grown chillies called Bhut Jolokia from Assam.

December 18, 20147:23 pm

Interestingly, when it comes to South India food, the Mappila dish is but the tip of the culinary iceberg.

December 16, 20141:56 pm

It's the time to gorge on cakes, chocolates and cookies. The Christmas week is about to begin.

December 15, 20143:59 pm

In a conversation with Indian Express Online, celebrated chef and cookbook author Nita Mehta opens up on fitness and tells us why Samosa is healthier than pizza.

December 15, 20142:28 pm

Christmas which is also synonymous with cakes and cookies, is round the corner. Here're 5 Christmas goodies you can dig your sweet tooth in.

December 12, 20145:19 pm

Bhopal's Rita Mathur was declared the winner of the sixth season of LG's Mallika-e-Kitchen 2014, the amateur chefs cooking competition.

December 12, 201411:12 am

Paneer Capsicum is my “exotic in minutes’ recipe. This one is bound to impress.

December 11, 20143:45 pm

McDonald's is planning to simplify its menu and maybe even the number of ingredients it uses in its food as it fights to hold onto customers.

December 11, 20143:40 pm

While a few extra drinks might be brushed off as holiday cheer, they can actually signal a problem in young adults.

December 11, 20141:46 pm

With an experience of over 11 years, Chef Anirban Sinha specialises in Western, Scandinavian and Italian cuisine.

December 10, 20144:11 pm

I remember many a major fuss in my mom`s kitchen over some ingredients during winter time.

December 9, 20143:31 pm

The problem is that our regular Aloo Gobhi preparation does not go well with our party menu. Here's the recipe of restaurant style Aloo Gobhi.

December 9, 201410:15 am

Seventy-seven-year old Sher Khan could well be called the father of street food in this Jammu and Kashmir summer capital.

December 5, 201412:17 pm

This simple yet so beautifully tasty dish that it reminds me of the warmth of my mother’s cooking.

December 2, 20142:40 pm

  Gulkand Shahi Tukda Portion- Serves 4 people INGREDIENTS Milk (5 cups) Rose gulkand (50 gms) Cardamom powder (1/2 tsp) Saffron (few leaves) Sugar (1 1/2 cups) Ghee (1 cup) Bread (8 slices) FOR THE RABRI (Thick Sweet Milk Cream) Milk (2 litres) Sugar (75 gms) Cardamom powder (1/2 tsp) Saffron (few leaves) Almonds (10 […]

December 1, 20144:35 pm

Who doesn't love Makki ki Roti with Sarson Ka Saag in Winters. Here's a variation for Makki lovers.

November 28, 201411:56 am

Breakfast has to be the most important and nutritious meal to kickstart your day with. Today we bring you the recipe of banana pancakes.

November 27, 201411:53 am

It may not have the global reputation of Dal Makhani or the ancient connect of the Channa Dal (guguni), yet there is something endearing about Panchratna Dal.

November 26, 201410:37 pm

Nando’s does not just serve chicken they make it. They carefully blend and marinate the chicken and cook it the same way every time.

November 26, 20141:26 pm

It's very difficult to say no to this sweet and creamy delight, even in winters.

November 25, 20144:14 pm

This dish can also be served with a side portion of sprouted black grams and soaked yellow lentil salad.

November 21, 20145:27 pm

Nando's, a chain of casual dining restaurants based in South Africa, has opened its third franchise of Flame Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken restaurant in Connaught Place.

November 21, 20143:42 pm

High in carbohydrates, it’s not too good for your waistline though.

November 20, 201412:59 pm

Addictive. Potent Drug. Sinfully Spicy. Unforgettable. Here is a slice of the simple yet unabashedly exotic Maharastra’s cuisine.

November 20, 201410:31 am

It happened. And we didn’t even have to sacrifice to Great Cthulhu. Holy Smoke,which just raised shutters in Gurgaon, gives us the meaty mainstay we have been waiting for. The space is explicitly carnivorous, from the butcher hooks hanging from a faux rail to the monumental bar supported by moulds of very real goat carcasses […]

November 17, 20141:45 pm

Eggless fruit and nut cake will give you the much-needed energy and a health boost in winter season. Check out the recipe.

November 17, 201411:54 am

Weather-defying treats await at this cafe that conjures images of sun-drenched, beer-soaked cookouts.

November 17, 201412:10 pm

When two popular restaurants spread their wings in the city, how high and far do they fly?

November 14, 20143:52 pm

So you thought tomatoes can only be used for gravy base. This recipe will pleasantly surprise you.

November 14, 20147:30 pm

After a few moments of wait, we were directed to sit on the first floor of one of its many enclosures.

November 13, 20144:05 pm

We all know about American cocktails such as Bloody Mary, Margarita, and so on but do we really focus on cocktails from other continents?

November 13, 201412:19 pm

For most part of the glorious independent India, Naan, remained a delicacy that was made in royal households and those of nobles.

November 12, 201412:05 pm

Looking for a quick breakfast recipe? Check out this recipe for an easy-peasy nutritious breakfast snack.

November 10, 20141:47 pm

A classic Chinese preparation, today Spring Rolls is one of the most popular snacks in India. Noodles give an edge to this preparation.

November 10, 201410:51 am

Why, in spite of its global presence as early as the medieval times, it’s often referred to as the Indian sweet dish?

November 7, 20141:44 pm

Welcome to the fabled Golbari restaurant that has made its mouth-watering signature dish - spicy Bengali mutton curry aka Kosha Mangsho - a hot favourite among locals and tourists alike.