Thursday, Oct 30, 2014
October 30, 201412:13 pm

What is your earliest memory of (good) train food? Mine is the hot thali that would be served to First Class passengers from the pantry.

October 28, 201412:06 pm

What better way to ease up on your tummy post the festive season than with some truly exotic and healthy beverages?

October 27, 201412:41 pm

You can't go wrong with potatoes. So if you have unexpected guests at home, roasted potato wedges will save the day for you.

October 25, 201411:16 am

The grill seemed predominantly non-vegetarian as I decided to convert my hara bhara kebabs into hara bhara kebabs on a stick!

October 25, 201410:55 am

Much to its presence in Rajasthani homes, and restaurants, today, Laal Maas was once the privy of only the kings and hunters.

October 25, 201410:23 am

The researchers deep- and pan-fried raw potato pieces in four different refined oils - olive, corn, soybean and sunflower - and reused the oil 10 times.

October 22, 201412:35 pm

Want friends and family eating out of your hands? Treat them to a festive platter this season.

October 20, 20141:34 pm

So, if you have milk powder at home, you can easily turn it into Mawa and make those delicious, soft and sweet Gulab Jamuns.

October 20, 201410:25 am

Love pasta but hate to add those extra kilos around your waist? Cool it down and reheat it again.

October 21, 201412:26 pm

Progressive methods are much used, with several dishes finished table-side, coming in a surreal array of textures and service styles.

October 19, 20141:00 am

As children, Diwali meant a world of rituals. In our home, it began with extinguishing all the lights as soon as evening fell. In the darkness, a single diya was lit in the puja room, following which the whole house was lit up to draw in Goddess Lakshmi. As with every ritual, there were rewards. […]

October 19, 20141:00 am

The homemade mithai the Michelin-starred chef grew up with, and recreating those for his friends and family.

October 20, 201412:52 pm

I am dreaming. And I wake up with this craving for chocolate brownies. I go to the fridge; pick up a chocolate and eat it. I still want brownies.

October 16, 20145:53 pm

. On World Food Day, check out five interesting recipes prepared from leftover food.

October 16, 20141:35 pm

If tomorrow India has to choose a national sweet dish, the most likely contender should be the ladoo.

October 16, 201410:06 am

Mumbai-based ice cream brand Natural opened its first store in Greater Kailash II on Wednesday.

October 15, 20141:25 pm

Both mint and melon are refreshing and re-energise you for the day ahead. If you are in a hurry to reach office, this cocktail is quick to make and can be easily gulped.

October 15, 201411:22 am

Given that it’s Ocktoberfest, a European bistro, which specialises in all things Bavarian, seemed a logical dining option.

October 14, 20144:39 pm

Malapua is an pancake served as a dessert or a snack. It's popular in Bangladesh, Orissa, West Bengal and Maharashtra and Nepal.

October 13, 20143:27 pm

The vegetarian version of Biryani a Mughali cuisine, comprises of rice, spices and vegetables. However, it's not easy to master the fine art of making Biryani.

October 10, 20141:12 pm

I have been looking for a beetroot recipe for long. The only way I had used them till now was in salads.

October 10, 20149:06 am

The brand has been making ice creams using only fruits, dry fruits, chocolates, milk and sugar, with no preservatives or stabilizer.

October 9, 201411:22 am

The popularity of the Moradabadi Dal among the masses is said to be through the eat street of this city.

October 8, 20144:11 pm

A popular Bengali recipe, Kakrar Bhaja is super-easy to make. So, if you are craving for a crab, here's what you need to do.

October 7, 20144:42 pm

If you are looking for a light vegetable option tonight, you can try making Dahi Arbi. Here's the recipe.

October 6, 20144:08 pm

If you want to cook a restaurant style paneer butter masala for your guests this weekend, here's the recipe.

October 6, 201412:39 pm

Camino in GK-2 makes all the right moves with its tapas bar concept and a palatable soundscape

October 3, 201410:34 am

We recommend, you try this crispy, tasty and healthy recipe as soon as you get into your kitchen.

October 3, 201410:00 am

One of the best examples of Portuguese deep-seated culinary influences in India is its popular export Alphonso mangoes.

September 29, 20143:15 pm

Besan ladoo is an all-time favourite in any puja season. So, you can make it in Navratri as well. All we need is besan, ghee and sugar to make it.

September 29, 201410:45 am

Try this special Kalakand recipe, all the way from Jhumri Telaiya, this Navratri.

September 29, 20141:17 pm

While green dots dominate menus at Indian restaurants during Navratri, we bring you foods from other cuisines.

September 26, 201411:14 am

A South Indian flavour for the Navratri potluck! It's very simple and always a hit specially amongst north Indians.

September 25, 20143:01 pm

Want a quick light, nutritious snack? Try making the tasty Oats Upma.

September 26, 201412:37 pm

In Delhi, the festival is on till Friday at the coffee shop Machan, Taj Mahal Hotel, with Argentinian dishes as part of the buffet for lunch.

September 25, 201411:56 am

One created for an ‘insulted’ Nawab, another for the ‘toothless’ and yet between the two iconic dishes they have inspired over a dozen more varieties of kebabs