Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015
January 28, 20154:05 pm

Are you fond of veg kebabs? Then the recipe for Smoked Mushroom Galouti Kebabs is just perfect for you. Enjoy the smoky flavour to the hilt.

January 27, 20154:11 pm

Over the years this fruit still maintains its status as one that is affordable to all and can be consumed raw or ripe.

January 23, 20153:20 pm

Signature cocktails that raise the art of mixology to new heights and world cuisine leaves you spoiled for choice.

January 23, 201512:52 pm

One of my distinct memories of food during childhood is rows and rows of mangodi drying in the sun on the terrace. But I never liked them.

January 22, 20156:53 pm

If you are in Mumbai and planning to have a get-together with your gal pals, maybe you can consider Two One Two Bar & Grill's latest lunch menu.

January 22, 20155:55 pm

It is said that Akbar, who was a staunch vegetarian, loved his Mirch Ka Salan not only for its unique taste, but also for the flavour integration that the dish had.

January 22, 20151:26 pm

While the intense discussions about global challenges will raise the temperatures, it is the food by Taj that is expected to provide some much-needed relief.

January 21, 20155:23 pm

Moong Dal Ki Goli is made with split green lentils grounded to a paste, cooked and made into small balls.

January 20, 20156:04 pm

Try making Stuffed Gajar Paratha this winters. One, it's high on nutrients. Two, you will get another option for breakfast.

January 16, 20151:28 pm

One of the fondest memories of food that I have is a breakfast of halwa-poori. Mmmmm… aate ka halwa and plain poori.

January 16, 201512:10 pm

On the second day of the Pongal festivities, we bring to you the best of Pongal delicacies.

January 14, 201512:13 pm

Kathi Rolls, wraps made of soya granules, make for a perfect breakfast or evening snack and it's super-nutritious.

January 14, 20157:22 pm

This barfi made up of sesame seeds, jaggery and dry fruits is a perfect Lohri recipe and is good for your health too.

January 9, 20151:25 pm

Harisa, one of the most celebrated cuisines of Kashmir, is a delicacy the locals relish for nearly five months in a year.

January 9, 201511:56 am

I first had Baingan Patiala at a local restaurant in Udaipur and immediately fell in love with the preparation.

January 8, 20151:24 pm

Not sure what to make for lunch today? Try this quick recipe at home.

January 8, 201512:53 pm

No meal in India is complete without this quintessential flatbread. But have you ever wondered when and how this meal essential originate?

January 7, 20152:56 pm

Chef Satyabir Singh Tyagi, Chef de Cuisine at Baluchi, The Lalit New Delhi brings with him over 18 years of culinary expertise in Indian cuisine.

January 6, 20155:46 pm

A good plate of Golgappa is enough to refresh your senses and make you feel happy about life.

January 5, 201512:13 pm

Ever thought why drinking white wine leaves some women upset and depressed at times?

January 2, 20152:15 pm

Quite affordable, but it surely isn't the place for people who don't like to eat heavy.

January 8, 20151:36 pm

There is something exotic and delicious about waking up to the aroma of banana in the oven. And I felt like treating my family to this beautiful aroma this morning.

January 1, 201512:40 pm

It is said that soldiers would break the dough into chunks and leave it buried under thin layers of sand to bake under the sun.

December 30, 20144:42 pm

Tasty, healthy and flavourful - Aloo Methi ki sabzi is a must-have in winters. Here's the recipe.

December 30, 201411:58 am
Restaurateur Zorawar Kalra, talk, interview, lifestyle

Restaurateur Zorawar Kalra talks about bringing Farzi Café to Mumbai and taking Masala Library global.

December 30, 201412:25 pm

From green dots to dhansak, a look at the food trends that dominated 2014.

December 26, 20141:50 pm

Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor inaugurated the National Street Food Festival at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium complex.

December 26, 20141:51 pm

From Delhi's chilli momos to idli-sambar and dosas of Tamil Nadu, satisfy your appetite with the variety of dishes.

December 25, 20143:25 pm

From organic food to ancient grains, tapas to molecular gastronomy, Food and Beverages (F&B) in 2014 was a mélange of the old and the new.

December 24, 20146:05 pm

Kerala's Christmas cuisine is probably the only thing that is yet to get a makeover, despite the passing of time.

December 26, 201412:41 pm

6th National Street Food Festival organised by NASVI from December 25-28 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium comes at an apt time.

January 8, 20151:36 pm

How can Christmas be complete without a home-made dry fruit cake!

December 24, 20146:16 pm

Kabir Ahuja of Arthur’s Theme said the restaurant serves turkey all year around.

December 29, 20145:53 pm

Making pizza on Tawa is fun and is as delicious as its microwave version.

January 8, 20151:28 pm

It's the time to get into kitchen and put together some of the yummiest Christmas delicacies.

January 7, 20152:07 pm

Chef Ishika Konar comes with over eleven years of varied culinary experience in western cuisine with specialisation in Italian cuisine.