Tuesday, May 26, 2015
May 23, 20155:06 am

As three new bars open in Mumbai, Talk gives you a lowdown on what to expect.

May 23, 201512:05 am

Gastronomica takes its diners on a food voyage around the world through ways uncharted.

May 22, 201511:06 am

I usually stay away from salad dressings. A simple sprinkling of lime juice and some salt and pepper does good for me.

May 21, 20156:03 pm

Summers is the perfect time to experiment with salads. The Spinach and Orange salad has just the right nutrients to keep our body healthy in the sweltering heat.

May 21, 201512:49 pm

What could be better than some fresh, easy to make and healthy salads, to beat the heat. We bring you 5 colorful salads.

May 22, 201512:19 pm

If Maggi gets banned in India, we would definitely miss it for sheer nostalgia and some of these interesting renditions.

May 19, 20151:23 pm

It's Mango season and it's time to indulge in all things mango.

May 18, 20156:26 pm

'The Taste of Summer' festival which is being held at at three outlets of the Foodhall premium lifestyle food superstore brings to you delectable recipes craft out of the golden delicacy.

May 18, 20156:27 pm
The Project, food, food review, delhi food, EDM, talk, delhi talk

The Project is a new restaurant in Deer Park. If Captain Planet ever decided to run a restaurant, this would be it.

May 15, 201512:36 pm

For the best guacamole, you need to use ripe avocados.

May 13, 20156:04 pm

An easy-to-cook veggie, Herbed Beans with Potatoes, served with hot chapatis is an ultimate treat.

May 12, 201512:05 pm

Stomach problems abound, it is not advisable to eat roadside chaat. So the best thing you can do, if the craving to have a delicious chaat sets in, is to make Paapri Chaat at home.

May 13, 20155:07 pm
talk, mumbai talk, food review, food festival, The Lebanese food festival, food, Lebanese food, Maher Omran

Syrian chef Maher Omran on how Lebanese food borrows from several cuisines.

May 13, 20155:06 pm
talk, delhi talk, food, food review, Lutyens Cocktail House, Lutyens Delhi

A new eatery recreates Great Britain in the heart of Delhi.

May 8, 201511:37 am

If you intend to combine both health and taste in your evening snack, this easy-to-make recipe could come to your rescue.

May 6, 20152:48 pm

Strawberry is juicy, refreshing and has just the right mix of nutrients and anti-oxidants.

May 5, 20152:30 pm

If you are one of those who like cheese in everything, this rendition of dosa is just perfect for you.

May 5, 201512:00 am
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The decision to stay off beef comes from the belief that there's no market for beef in India.

May 4, 201512:13 pm
talk, delhi talk, food, Afghani food, Kabul chefs, Inter-Continental, ITC Maurya, Indian Express, Chef, Chef Hashim Shirzad

Afghanis love their rice and don’t spice their meat, yet as these chefs from Kabul reveal, they have people queuing up

May 1, 20153:41 pm

Even cheap wine can taste great for some people if it comes with a higher price tag, says researchers.

May 1, 20152:02 pm

There is nothing like the taste of fresh homemade bread.

April 29, 20153:02 pm

This is something you would be in a mood to rustle up around weekend time, especially when guests are coming over.

April 28, 20154:01 pm

Stuffed with mozzarella cheese and sweet corn, this makes for a perfect breakfast. Pizza Packets can even be packed for lunch.

April 25, 201512:00 am
talk, mumbai talk, food, food at home, R Chef at Home, Hopping Chef, fine dining, Nasir Shaikh

Fine dining experience at home goes a few notches higher with chefs from five-star hotels dropping in to rustle up a meal while other services bring gourmet food to the doorstep.

April 24, 201511:09 am

One evening while having coffee with my neighbour, I said “I need some new inspiration for pasta sauce”. She asked me if I had basil? I said yes. Then she asked me if I had vodka. “Vodka?” I asked her, surprised. The only alcohol I had seen being used in pasta sauce till then was […]

April 22, 20156:09 pm

Easy to make and super refreshing, this smoothie is a must-have this summer.

April 21, 20153:50 pm

As the mercury rises sharply, it's time to revive your friendship with the icy cold treats.

April 20, 20151:15 pm

At the just-concluded Delhicious Week, on our special request, Chef Praveen Kaur shared a quick dessert recipe with Indian Express Online.

April 20, 201512:37 pm

The recently concluded ‘Delhicious Week’ was all about the food flavour of the capital.

April 20, 20154:06 pm

With a menu that screams comfort food, one needs to reserve a spot at the new Social hangout

April 17, 20155:47 pm

If you planning to host a party, this could be a great options. Ice cream is the surprise ingredient which makes it so creamy.

April 17, 201511:50 am

It's "tadka marke" (pile on the gravy) time at the Indyaki restaurant in west Delhi, where a Punjab Express food fest is on till the end of the month.

April 17, 201511:30 am

What I love about roasted butternut squash soup is the slight caramelised flavour that roasting brings.

April 16, 20152:19 pm

Robots and machines might just take over your kitchen as you relax on your couch after a long day at work.

April 15, 201511:56 am

This is the perfect tool for the lazy kind or for those short on time as it caters to all the predicament of preparing for a cooking session.

April 15, 201511:22 am

For their culinary treat, the traditional sweets' space has now been taken, albeit slowly, by new generation offerings like abar khabo, dilkhush and paradise.