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January 21, 2017 2:10 am

The story of the typewriter in India told through street typists, hacks outside courts and much-loved writers

January 21, 2017 2:04 am

A snapshot of Kathmandu’s hot zone is not designed to please the armchair tourist

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January 21, 2017 2:04 am

"Almost all the characters in my novels and their stories basically come from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana."

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January 20, 2017 1:14 am

The century-and-a half old corridors and lawns of the Diggi Palace was brimming with festival enthusiasts and book lovers.

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January 19, 2017 7:51 pm

Released in 2016, the One Indian Girl was the 'most borrowed' and the ‘most wished for’ book by Indians in 2016.

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January 19, 2017 4:49 pm

The book cover will be officially launched on January 20 at the ongoing Jaipur Literature Festival 2017.

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January 19, 2017 4:24 pm

The writer had earlier kicked up a controversy in the past by accusing Tipu Sultan of being a religious fanatic.

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January 19, 2017 1:54 pm

The five-day event that has been themed on "The Freedom to Dream: India at 70".

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January 18, 2017 12:36 am

The hotel grounds will also be a site for installations and photo booths by artists Subodh Gupta, Jagmohan Mathodia and photographer Rohit Chawla.

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January 16, 2017 1:31 pm

But while the great "demon" king, the Pandavas' unknown brother and "jealous" cousin have had their say, what about a calamitous woman long-perceived as a cause of the war that destroyed Lanka?

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January 15, 2017 2:40 pm

Not only does Karan Johar write about his sexual orientation and about how he lost his virginity, but the dark side of Bollywood also find sufficient mention.

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January 15, 2017 1:55 pm

In the fiction category, romantic comedies remained a favourite, especially among the school and college going crowd.

January 15, 2017 12:01 am

A new Sanskrit book in parallel text throws open possibilities of intuitive accessibility.

Gulbadan: Portrait of a Princess at the Mughal Court, Rumer Godden, Speaking Tiger Books, book review, indian express book review, indian express
January 14, 2017 2:00 am

The latest is her biography of Babur’s daughter Gulbadan, which drops the sentimental “rose” from the original title: Portrait of a Rose Princess at the Mughal Court.

The Emergency: An Unpopular History, Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr, Har-Anand Publications, book review, indian express book review, indian express
January 14, 2017 2:01 am

Particularly interesting are the general and railway budgets of the 70s, which suggest that in part, the Emergency was a reaction to an economic downturn.

The Three-Body Problem, Cixin Liu, Head of Zeus, book review, indian express book review, indian express
January 14, 2017 1:40 am

How safe is it to invite a stranger into your home? Cult sci-fi which has taken a decade to travel from China to India addresses the alien outreach question.

Up Campus Down Campus The Adventures of Anirban Roy in JNU, Avijit Ghosh, Speaking Tiger Books, book review, indian express book review, indian express
January 14, 2017 1:43 am

A negotiation between nostalgia for the 1980s in JNU and a heartfelt affection for the university.

Goras and Desis, Goras and Desis: Managing Agencies and the Making of Corporate India, Omkar Goswami, Penguin Portfolio, book review, indian express book review, indian express
January 14, 2017 1:43 am

The evolution of Indian capitalism seen through the lens of the managing agency, whose spirit lives on in the malik’s sense of entitlement.

January 14, 2017 12:21 am

Bandra-based Underground Bookhouse, part of Bombay Underground, is curating a travelling zine festival

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January 12, 2017 3:11 pm

The 44th edition of the World Book Fair, which began on January 6 and will continue till January 15, has more than 2,500 stalls this year.

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January 11, 2017 12:18 am

A new book highlights the role of Bombay in the Freedom Struggle and its relationship with the Mahatma

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January 10, 2017 8:41 pm

Tintin has indisputably earned his place among the great figures in world literature.

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January 10, 2017 4:22 pm

Parents and children bond over books at the World Book Fair in Delhi.

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January 8, 2017 1:19 pm

"New Delhi World Book Fair will have 'Manushi' as the Theme of this year, which will focus on writings on and by women; and will exhibit the rich tradition of women writings from ancient times till present," the organisers said in a statement.

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January 8, 2017 11:16 am

The book covering topical grounds and popular incidents from the contemporary context is an updated edition of two similar books that were launched earlier.

BJP leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee and LK Advani. Express archive photo by Mohan Bane on 03.04.1999
January 7, 2017 11:45 am

"He didn't know who was behind it, but he was convinced of the plan. He had earlier been asked by an RSS honcho to become India's President, and leave the PM's role to Advani," the book contends.

Jungle Book, The Case of the Missing Tiger Cub, The Case of the Missing Tiger Cub-Kalpana Subramanian and Prashant Miranda, Rainbow Raghavan-Jungle Book, Indian Express
January 7, 2017 1:31 am

The book makes a nifty case for conservation and the need to make children aware of India’s prodigious wildlife, without being preachy

The Bad Guys: Mission Unpluckable, The Bad Guys: Mission Unpluckable-Aaron Blabey, The Bad Guys: Mission Unpluckable review, Indian Express, Bad Guys
January 7, 2017 1:26 am

In Mission Unpluckable, Blabey’s monsters attempt to establish their bona fides by liberating the inmates of a modern, mechanised chicken farm, rattling the cages of a inhumanly consumerist society.

Indica, Indica: A deep natural history of the Indian subcontinent, Indica-Pranay Lal, Pranay Lal, Indica: A deep natural history of the Indian subcontinent-Penguin, Megasthenes
January 7, 2017 1:11 am

Geography lessons would have been fun had they been designed in the manner of this lucid and accessible history of the landmass of South Asia

The Trespasser, Tana French, The Trespasser-Tana French, Dublin Murder squad series, French, Indian Express
January 7, 2017 12:58 am

Irish novelist Tana French returns with another nuanced installment of her Dublin Murder Squad series

Kohinoor, Indian diamond, India-England, Britain, Kohinoor-Britain, Kohinoor diamond, Kohinoor: The Story of the World’s Most Infamous Diamond, Shashi Tharoor, Indian Express
January 7, 2017 12:39 am

There is only one argument for letting the Kohinoor remain where it doesn’t belong, in the Tower of London: it is a shining example of colonial loot

shakespeare, hamlet, shakespeare hamlet, shakespeare hamlet wrong date, shakespeare wrong date, William Shakespeare, Gary Taylor, James I, Elizabeth, indian express, indian express news
January 2, 2017 7:25 pm

A case of the wrong dates and the wrong sovereign.

January 1, 2017 12:04 am

Why science fiction, once a shining literature of hope, now slouches towards apocalypse.

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January 1, 2017 1:28 pm

While the book largely reproduces the lectures by academicians, there are some additions including an introduction by Professor Janaki Nair, references of other texts on the topics covered, as well as photographs taken during the movement at JNU.

December 31, 2016 12:46 am

The foundations of liberal democracy became more fragile than ever globally in 2016. But, there was still reason for hope in these times

Memoirs of Roads, Calcutta from Colonial Urbanization to Global Modernization, Sumanta Banerjee, Oxford University Press, kolkata, kolkata book, book on kolkata, indian express book review
December 24, 2016 1:08 am

A book that brings Kolkata to life in strange and striking ways, with the affection of a besotted lover.