Eminent Malayalam, Malayalam author  M P Veerendra Kumar, Moortidevi award, Malayalam author to be awarded, Moortidevi laureate C Radhakrishnana, indian express news
February 23, 2017 10:26 pm

The book also highlights environmental concerns over "fragile mountain ecosystem" and calls for action over lack of water resources and waste disposal systems.

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February 23, 2017 6:46 pm

The poem is inspired by filmmaker Shoojit Sircar's latest short film "#ReleaseThePressure".

rickshaw puller author, rishaw walla author, punjab rickshaw puller author, punjab rickshaw puller book, 'Rickshaw tey Chaldi Zindagi' (Life on a rickshaw), Life on a rickshaw book, indian express, indian express news
February 23, 2017 11:50 am

In the 14-chapter book, the 40-year-old author from Amritsar writes about interesting encounters with passengers.

February 23, 2017 11:42 am

In the book, Rajbir has compiled his encounters with interesting passengers which he describes as “unforgettable” people who came in his life.

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February 22, 2017 10:02 pm

The theme for this year's Festival is Folklore and Oral Literature of India.

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February 19, 2017 12:08 am

Surat-based Savi Sharma was the publishing phenomenon of 2016. This month, she is ready to set new sales records with her second novel.

February 19, 2017 11:55 am

There’s only one way you can find out if you have it in you to overcome obstacles: by trying hard.

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February 18, 2017 5:25 pm

Ved Prakash Sharma has 176 novels to his credit and has also written scripts for about half-a-dozen Hindi movies.

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February 18, 2017 5:07 pm

The poets, who will participate at the 35th edition of the fair, are from at least 10 linguistic backgrounds.

February 12, 2017 12:01 am

American short story writer George Saunders on sitting with the story for his first novel for 20 years, the timeliness of its release in Trump’s America and how kindness will counter xenophobia.

Book with flying letters art. Vector Illustration
February 12, 2017 12:00 am

The English language and its glorious capacity to assimilate.

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February 11, 2017 5:18 pm

Ashok Vajpeyi once again voiced his concerns at the Delhi Literature Festival that began here on Friday

The Four Legendary Kingdoms, Matthew Reilly, Hachette, book review, indian express book review
February 11, 2017 1:11 am

In such a combat, all Jack has is his courage, wit and special forces training to take out the competition, avoid literal pitfalls in labyrinthine mazes, and unravel the mysteries of the four legendary kingdoms.

The brother, Joakim Zander, Head of Zeus, book review, indian express book review
February 11, 2017 1:10 am

Five years later, she’s in New York when she hears something that shatters her world — Fadi, now a battle hardened ISIS fighter has been killed in Syria by a US drone-strike.

The Terranauts, TC Boyle, Bloomsbury, book review, indian express book review
February 11, 2017 1:08 am

What happens when eight scientists are thrown together for an experiment that is both an adventure in discovery and a great publicity stunt

Lincoln in the Bardo, George Saunders, Bloomsbury, book review, indian express book review
February 11, 2017 1:08 am

Set in a purgatory-like realm, George Saunders’s first novel is a strange, long journey to redemption

Hegel’s India: A Reinterpretation with Texts, Akash Singh Rathore, Riminia Mohapatra, Oxford University Press, book review, indian express book review
February 11, 2017 1:08 am

Reading Hegel is always challenging. But an anthology of his work on India highlights how, even in his most prejudiced criticism, he could shine a light on unusual questions.

palestine writer, palestine writer controversy, crime in ramallah, crime in ramallah palestine writer, indian express, indian express news
February 10, 2017 4:05 pm

"I don't know what to do. If I go back, I will be arrested, and if I stay here, I can't stay far from my home and family,'' he said.

Eat Well, Look Great, Shvetha Jaishankar, Book on Heath and diet, Book on Health living, India news, National news, India news, national news, India news, National news, India news
February 9, 2017 12:32 am

Former beauty queen Shvetha Jaishankar on what models can teach us about healthy eating and living

Evolution of Economic Ideas: Smith to Sen and Beyond, Vinay Bharat Ram, economic thought, lifestyle news, book reviews, latest news, indian express
February 4, 2017 10:26 am

An enterprising glimpse into the fascinating world of economic thought.

PIL, Public Interest Litigation, Courting the People, PIL book, Anuj Bhuwania, lifestyle news, book reviews, latest news, indian express
February 4, 2017 12:19 am

The PIL has benefitted the bourgeoisie, lawyers and judges, apart from the poor for whom it was intended.

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February 2, 2017 5:10 pm

LinkedIn announced the top 10 most overused buzzwords and phrases by Indian professionals.

February 1, 2017 6:35 pm

The first look of the book, scheduled to hit stands in June, was on Tuesday released by publisher Penguin India on Twitter.

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February 1, 2017 11:58 am

The bulk of the book, Soha said, was about her and her life.

reading, reading habit, children, children's reading habits, enjoy reading, books, enjoy books, indian express
January 31, 2017 4:17 pm

Fifty-eight per cent of those surveyed said they either loved reading for fun or 'liked it a lot'.

Historian John Keay, Joh Keay author, Alexander Gardner, Alexander Gardner biography, Alexander Gardner life story, books
January 29, 2017 6:08 am

In Kashmir, he became a local celebrity and Commissioner Cooper was the first to get Gardner’s story, but he was older and may have forgotten many of them,” reflects the author.

Alan Hollinghurst, Writer. Express photo by Oinam Anand
January 29, 2017 12:00 am

British author Alan Hollinghurst on his next novel, how music shapes his work and his mingling of the past and present.

Jallikattu Jallikattu ban, ban Jallikattu, Jallikattu protest, marina beach protest, tamil nadu protest, tamil nadu Jallikattu, hindi protest, anti hindu protest, animal cruelty, Pon Radhakrihshnan, indian express news, indian express opinion
January 29, 2017 12:00 am

A 1940s Tamil novella can explain why jallikattu inspires such passion.

Author Mei Fong during the Jaipur Lit Festival. Express photo by Oinam Anand. 19 January 2017
January 29, 2017 12:21 pm

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Mei Fong, 44, on the fallouts of China’s one-child policy and why journalists need to remember, more than ever, what their job is.

Economics without Tears: A New Approach to an Old Discipline, Ashok Sanjay Guha, Penguin Portfolio, book review
January 28, 2017 12:45 am

Though economics is the only social science to depend heavily on math, almost as much as some of the pure sciences, the book is an eerily easy read.

TALES OF YOUNG GANDHI, Janhavi Prasada, Harper Collins, book review, book review indian express
January 28, 2017 12:45 am

The human side of the man is often missed or replaced by a certain economy of reverence, which extends to remonetised currency notes.

Warisha Farasat, Prita Jha, Splintered Justice: Living the Horror of Mass Communal Violence in Bhagalpur and Gujarat, Three Essays Collective, book review
January 28, 2017 12:50 am

Examining the state’s shameful record in the 1989 Bhagalpur and 2002 Gujarat riots

Pankaj Mishra, Pankaj Mishra book, Age of Anger: A History of the Present, book review, indian express book review
January 28, 2017 12:44 am

To make sense of the toxic anger around us, Mishra asks us to look at the “advent of a commercial-industrial civilisation in the West in the 19th century”; and the droves of “alienated young men of promise” it left in its wake.

Nepal Schools, India and Nepal School, India Nepal School, India Nepal School funding, India Nepal investigations, Latest news, India news, National news
January 27, 2017 4:27 pm

The focus is on the languages, literature, culture, society, politics, performance traditions, music, identity, media of the northeastern as well as national and international elements.

Novelist Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni on why she writes about women and on her books that will  soon become movies *** Local Caption *** Chitra Devikurna at the OSIAN CINEFAN (Paromita''s story)..Express Photo by Paroma Mukherjee - 16/07/08.New Delhi
January 27, 2017 4:10 pm

Writing about women has been very important for the McDavid professor of Creative Writing at the University of Houston and many of her books have women protagonists.

Ruskin Bond , author ruskin bond, ruskin bond stories, ruskin bond short stories, ruskin bond essays, ruskin bond writings, ruskin bond news, literature news
January 27, 2017 10:14 am

Not revealing more about his autobography, Bond said that he would continue writing short stories for children.