Tuesday, Mar 31, 2015
March 31, 201512:17 am

With Forgetting, Devashish Makhija brings together a collection of 49 stories of varying scale, texture and tonality.

March 31, 201512:10 am

Artist Anjolie Ela Menon talks to Pallavi Chattopadhyay about veering towards public art and combining fantasy and reality.

March 31, 201512:00 am

Aneeth Arora brings to the ramp alter egos as she juxtaposes Princess Pea with a military-inspired range.

March 31, 201512:01 am

The AIFW finale was an extravagant story of the crafts of India, told by 25 designers, in their signature styles.

March 30, 20157:23 pm

Allowing workers to choose the slot of hours they want to work in is good for their well-being, says a study.

March 30, 20155:17 pm

“Pens and Palette”, a poetry session was conducted by an emerging group of poetry enthusiasts- Poetry Couture in association with Delhi Art Foundation.

March 30, 20153:25 pm

Aditi credits her friends with persuading her to participate in the beauty pageant.

March 30, 20151:55 pm

Brown fat is considered "good fat" or "healthy fat" because it burns calories to help generate heat for our bodies and expend energy.

March 30, 201511:36 am

If you thought you can trick yourself into eating less if you use a smaller plate, you are wrong, warns a new study.

March 30, 201512:00 am

With Black Tulip, Kiran Nagarkar revives the personal touch and humour that’s intrinsic to a heist thriller.

March 29, 20151:00 am

Psychedelic colours in nature nearly always look stunning on the creatures that sport them.

March 29, 20151:00 am

The government has moved from the business of bandobast to handing out bans.

March 29, 20151:00 am

Feluda is 50. It has been half a century since he stepped out of the pages of Sandesh into the chill of Darjeeling.

March 29, 201512:09 am

On Day Three of the Amazon India Fashion Week, Namrata Joshipura lent mystery to ramp with a collection that shimmered.

March 29, 201512:00 am

Storyteller, designer and founder of AHF, Rajeev Sethi, talks about the new kid on the block, the Sasian Journey.

March 29, 201512:00 am

How the milkshake brand Keventers began, lost their land and now return to claim a new space in the city

March 28, 20151:19 am

Some individuals may experience minimal intestinal damage, and this goes away with a gluten-free diet.

March 28, 20151:16 am

Each piece told the story of this modern-day princess — her castle is embroidered on her skirt and the metallic belt is cut out like her palatial home.

March 28, 20151:09 am

A historically rich and exceptionally diverse visual record of Mizoram.

March 28, 20151:04 am

Amit Aggarwal presented his first autumn-winter collection on the ramp under his prêt label, AM.IT.

March 28, 201512:58 am

Two stories of Partition introduce the work of a major writer from Pakistan to an English-speaking audience.

March 30, 20151:18 pm

The documentation of the Kafkaesque Indian labour laws meant to protect the elite worker.

March 28, 20151:02 am

Kiran Nagarkar revives the personal touch and humour that’s intrinsic to a heist thriller.

March 28, 201512:34 am

On Thursday night the duo gave a lesson on sustainable fashion, one that the industry desperately needs to learn.

March 27, 20157:28 pm

That hookah is less harmful than cigarette is a popular misconception that may have serious ramifications for the youth.

March 27, 20157:24 pm

Researchers have developed a wearable device for the visually-challenged people that can help them avoid a collision.

March 27, 20155:59 pm

The idea behind the one appointed hour every year is to sit and reflect. Reflect on our every wasteful move.

March 27, 20151:21 pm

High-fat diet can affect brain health and promote changes in your behaviour, including increased anxiety, impaired memory.

March 27, 201512:53 pm

What I love about this recipe is the use of crushed coriander seeds. I love their flavour and also the visual impact they add.

March 27, 201512:31 pm

Malini Ramani and Rina Dhaka took to the stage to present their collections with a recurring naturalistic theme.

March 30, 201511:35 am
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A world of its own, from debates on bans to the bun in the oven, clearly these days your life is an open Facebook.

March 26, 20157:18 pm

People are hardwired to fall out of love and move onto new romantic relationships.

March 26, 20152:32 pm

If you mostly stay indoors, get your Vitamin D levels checked, for you might be prone to many deadly diseases.

March 26, 20151:29 pm

Drinking raw milk, instead of pasteurised milk, can increase your risk of getting food-borne illness by over 100 times.

March 26, 201512:06 am

Rajesh Pratap Singh opens the fashion week in Delhi with a collection that romances ikat with wool.

March 25, 20153:52 pm

The scientists used embryonic stem cells, proteins involved in lung development, growth factors and protein mixture in a Petri dish.