Saturday, Sep 20, 2014
September 20, 20141:13 am

Jackfruits are rich in protein, starch (carbohydrate), calcium, vitamins A, B, C, copper and potassium.

September 20, 20141:04 am

Telomeres shorten and fray as a cell ages, although the process is not strictly chronological.

September 20, 20141:04 am

Low-fat dairy products, including yogurt, and even fatty ones may lower the risk of diabetes.

September 19, 20144:19 pm

Look for other ways to find the perfect match rather than just looking around to see who’s nearby.

September 19, 20143:43 pm

Some people find happiness in the present moment, a lot others find it in the selfie moment.

September 19, 20143:10 pm

A Doordarshan anchor was fired on Friday morning for reading out Chinese President Xi Jinping's name as Eleven Jinping.

September 19, 20141:38 pm

You often over-estimate the quantity of coffee you want to gulp, and end up having guilt pangs about discarding it. Fret not, for we give you four amazing tips for making the best use of the coffee waste. 1) Use it to bake cake: If you are baking a cake, you can use leftover coffee […]

September 19, 20144:25 pm

People from all over the world take souvenirs of those gorgeous potteries with unique designs and paint on it back home.

September 19, 201411:02 am

As the festival season approaches, the challenge of finding the best gift for your loved one will eat up your peace of mind.

September 19, 201410:08 am

Take a break from the heavy dinner tonight, and go light with the mind-blowing Vegetable Minestrone Soup.

September 18, 20145:58 pm

YouTube channel Old Delhi Films have come up with a thought-provoking video on the self-imposed rules that Indian women follow in public.

September 18, 20144:38 pm

Yoga practice may yield significant mental health benefits for people with bipolar disorder, a survey study suggests.

September 18, 20144:24 pm

Leaders in powerful positions often fail to listen properly and take into account the perspective of others.

September 18, 20142:30 pm

As Chinese President Xi Jinping’s wife Peng Liyuan attend a yoga class with school students, here's listing five extremely beneficial yogasanas (and practices) that India is known for:

September 18, 20142:05 pm

The usage of bottlegourd and papaya to tenderize meat for kebabs and curries first began in Rampuri kitchen, and also the use of varq.

September 18, 201412:36 pm

Artist B Ajay Sharma courts his long-drawn fascination for death and dying in a new body of work.

September 18, 201412:04 pm

Bassist Dr Das of UK-based outfit Asian Dub Foundation on his solo project that debuts in Delhi today.

September 17, 20145:33 pm

Got a throbbing or pulsing sensation in one area of the head? Forget pills and go between the sheets to relieve migraine symptoms.

September 17, 20145:19 pm

Having an understanding partner at home is just as important as having a supportive boss for a satisfying work experience.

September 17, 20144:28 pm

There is a close association between schizophrenia and increased rates of tobacco smoking.

September 17, 20144:02 pm

Global numbers indicate that 30% of Indian travellers prefer outdoor activities followed by cultural activities.

September 17, 20143:02 pm

Ten Days couldn't have released at a better time, when women security is one of the nagging issues we are facing today.

September 17, 201411:59 am

A laugh riot from the beginning to the end, the spoof video will surely be the funniest thing you would watch today.

September 17, 201411:06 am

DogSpot, a portal for pet lovers, has announced the launch of wag tag, an identification tag for canines.

September 17, 201410:24 am

The group describes the programme as a "learning" and "inspiring" experience.

September 17, 201412:59 pm

A painters’ retreat in Dhanachuli has artists turn to nature to find their protagonists.

September 16, 20144:49 pm

Shimla is now offering an Italian thin crust, hand-rolled wood-fired pizzas laced with an assortment of organic herbs grown in its kitchen garden.

September 16, 20144:40 pm
laxmi thumb

Acid attack victim Laxmi will walk the ramp at the third edition of India Runway Week (IRW) here Friday.

September 16, 20144:25 pm

When people think of men who abuse their partners, they often think of violent people who they have never come across.

September 16, 20142:55 pm

People with high levels of psychopathic traits lean towards non-romantic sexual fantasies with anonymous and uncommitted partners.

September 16, 201412:54 pm

Check out six good things that could happen to you if you replace some of your photos with a supermodel’s at Express LOL.

September 16, 201410:47 am

Here’s is the recipe for a basic fruit cake ‘baked’ in a pressure cooker.

September 16, 20149:53 am

Are there any symptoms of addiction to wanderlust? Here're some points that are common in people who share the love for travelling.

September 16, 201410:53 am

Tina Chandroji’s canvases are an altar to deities and details, offering an exhibition that recognises the god in small things.

September 15, 20146:20 pm

Before buying new clothes, shoes, cosmetics and other accessories find out what they are made of.

September 15, 20143:39 pm

What should consumers be looking for? Which features should they consider before purchasing a water purifier?


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