Sunday, Apr 19, 2015
April 19, 20151:00 am

There is a bomb outside my balcony, the fuse of which has just been lit.

April 19, 20151:00 am

The life of lokshahirs, Maharashtra’s fabled people’s poets, is at the centre of the National Award winning film Court. On the trail of one such Dalit bard, Sambhaji Bhagat, you come face to face with a rebel and his cause.

April 19, 20151:00 am

The Kolkata which inspired Gunter Grass was a place where you could reach out and touch life.

April 19, 201512:28 am

With a menu that screams comfort food, one needs to reserve a spot at the new Social hangout

April 19, 201512:04 am
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In her new book — Wanderers, All — author Janhavi Acharekar presents a charming contrast of time.

April 18, 201510:28 pm

DJ Nic Thompson talks about the future of djing and electronic music in India.

April 18, 20153:58 am

A book that raises designer concerns about architecture, but gives little direction about its future

April 18, 20153:52 am
Book review

Siddharth Chowdhury makes a comeback with a collection of short stories that capture the essence of middle-class life in hypermasculine cultures.

April 18, 20153:44 am

A racy entertainer on everything you needed to know about money, except how to make more of it

April 18, 201512:43 am
By understanding why we eat the way we do, we can eat a little less, eat healthier and enjoy it a lot more.

By understanding why we eat the way we do, we can eat a little less, eat healthier and enjoy it a lot more.

April 18, 201512:00 am
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A book on the life of Dhirendranath Ganguly chronicles the filmmaker’s contribution to Bengali cinema .

April 17, 20157:30 pm

When you withhold information, an emotion or an important conversation, it's anything but medicinal.

April 17, 20155:47 pm

If you planning to host a party, this could be a great options. Ice cream is the surprise ingredient which makes it so creamy.

April 17, 20152:13 pm

While you really want to slap the first two boyfriends hard, the third and fourth irritate you no end.

April 17, 201512:09 pm

There is no cure for haemophilia, only management, say doctors.

April 17, 201511:50 am

It's "tadka marke" (pile on the gravy) time at the Indyaki restaurant in west Delhi, where a Punjab Express food fest is on till the end of the month.

April 17, 201511:30 am

What I love about roasted butternut squash soup is the slight caramelised flavour that roasting brings.

April 16, 20154:04 pm

When happy, our bodies produce chemical signals that are detectable by others who smell our sweat and instantly share our happiness.

April 16, 20152:19 pm

Robots and machines might just take over your kitchen as you relax on your couch after a long day at work.

April 16, 201512:19 pm

There is a definite gap between what we want in our life, and what we are doing to attain it.

April 16, 201511:17 am

Houseboat owners are now ready to receive guests after sprucing up their vessels with paint and polish.

April 16, 201511:10 am

The automated treadmill uses sonar technology to tell exactly where the runner is on the treadmill.

April 16, 201510:57 am

A wristband that records motion throughout a 24-hour cycle may be a great aid in treating depression, says a study.

April 15, 20153:34 pm

Aggression in dogs can be result of a number of reasons, including owner’s temperament.

April 15, 201512:59 pm

An injection of stem cells into the eye may soon slow or reverse the effects of early-stage age-related disorder that causes vision loss.

April 15, 201512:52 pm

Facebook can either help people recover from mental health problems or make their symptoms worse.

April 15, 201511:56 am

This is the perfect tool for the lazy kind or for those short on time as it caters to all the predicament of preparing for a cooking session.

April 15, 201511:22 am

For their culinary treat, the traditional sweets' space has now been taken, albeit slowly, by new generation offerings like abar khabo, dilkhush and paradise.

April 15, 201512:40 pm
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High temperatures don’t have to be low on style.

April 14, 20152:27 pm

You don't need great cooking skills to make this one. You just need some basmati rice, green peas, paneer to churn out this very yummy and simple pulao preparation.

April 14, 201512:13 pm

Wool has been perceived as a winter wear fabric, but the myth was broken with the launch of Cool Wool collection.

April 14, 201512:01 pm

A new strategy called high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T 1-hour algorithm could help physicians treat patients with suspected heart attack faster.

April 13, 20157:19 pm

Timothy Everest, the Welsh bespoke tailor and designer spills the beans about his design philosophy, the bespoke label and potentials of Indian market at global platform.

April 13, 20156:43 pm

Trained dogs can sniff out prostate cancer from urine samples with over 90% accuracy, scientists have found.

April 13, 20156:35 pm
High blood pressure is highly age-related and affects more than 1 billion people worldwide.

Love to eat out often -- Take care because this may not go down well with your blood pressure, says a new study.

April 13, 20156:27 pm

Infectious diseases experts have announced fresh guidance for healthcare facilities looking to establish precautions for visitors of patients with infectious diseases.