Tuesday, Sep 02, 2014
September 2, 20145:21 pm

All participants were classified as obese based on body mass index and just over half of the participants were black.

September 2, 20143:17 pm

It may be possible to train the brain to prefer healthy low-calorie foods over unhealthy higher-calorie foods.

September 2, 201412:34 pm

Blessed with a tropical climate, Thailand uniquely offers a graceful blend of antiquity with modernity.

September 2, 201411:28 am
To help ensure you’re looking your best for your selfie, professional make-up artist, Sarah Jagger, reveals her top tips and make-up essentials so you can capture a flawless look whatever the occasion.

A new anti-selfie mobile app will track your face in real time and twist it in funny ways.

September 2, 201410:55 am

Researchers have developed an "electronic nose" that can sniff the highly infectious bacteria that causes these diseases.

September 2, 201410:36 am

"Energy" drinks which are so popular during physical exercise among children and younger adults can cause heart problems

September 2, 201411:40 am

Dualist Inquiry releases a new EP on his recently-launched record label.

September 2, 201411:48 am

Artists reflect on how paper can act as a depository of memories and feelings at an exhibition.

September 2, 201411:54 am

Attempting to understand and decode the roots behind fear and shame, Priyanka Chhabra’s short film dissects these subjects.

September 2, 201411:30 am

Pandavani exponent Teejan bai who performed in Delhi yesterday continues to sing her way to empowerment.

September 1, 20146:03 pm

Even if you are addicted to your own car or a motor bike, take a day off from them and take metro instead.

September 1, 20141:05 pm

The facial features of an individual can reflect whether or not a person is experiencing atrial fibrillation.

September 1, 201412:40 pm

While Manipur is known for its fish dishes, Nagaland is better known for its bamboo and meat fare.

September 1, 201412:15 pm

The city's relaxed and laidback attitude is the perfect getaway after many tiring weeks of preparations and celebrations .

September 1, 201411:48 am

Indians swear as much by their pakoras as by the noodles. So making a noodles pakora is not a bad idea.

September 1, 20141:46 pm

From playing the role of powerful antioxidant to a product of anti-ageing, the fruit can help in many ways.

September 1, 201410:23 am

Wine makers have reasons to cheer as researchers have discovered a system that prevents "stuck fermentation".

September 1, 201410:10 am

Hollywood celebrities like Emma Stone and Jamie Chung have been proudly flaunting pink pouts.

September 1, 20141:57 pm

A new mobile app brings us closer to our rich heritage by collating a list of museums in the city

September 1, 20141:54 pm

Pakistani author Eiynah on her anti-homophobia children’s book My Chacha is Gay.

September 1, 20141:41 pm

Love it and use it. Or dump it

September 1, 20141:28 pm

Designer Masaba Gupta on her inspirations for prints and her take on bridal wear.

September 1, 20142:41 pm

Musicologist and bureaucrat KL Pande bridges the gap between Bollywood and Indian classical music through Raagopedia

August 31, 20144:46 pm

Air India needs to put up content on their site that no one is interested in.

August 31, 20141:00 am

Cacti belong to the larger group of plants called succulents which also have water retention properties and have fleshy and plump leaves and stems.

August 31, 20141:00 am

Veteran historian S Muthiah says awareness about heritage is on the rise in Chennai today.

August 31, 20141:00 am

People who understand digital medium have figured out that internet is designed to make continuous copies of everything.

August 31, 201412:00 am

Are twins similar because they are treated similarly?

September 1, 20142:53 pm

Sifting through a series of complex issues, a documentary distils the essence of organ donation in India

September 1, 20142:46 pm

At the end of your meal you can pick between the dessert of the day or from a range of waffles.

September 1, 20143:09 pm

In Ian Mc Ewan’s new novel, the protagonist is thwarted by reality and the limits of morality.

September 1, 20143:12 pm

The Portuguese superstars who spiced up life on the Malabar Coast.

September 1, 20143:02 pm

For UR Ananthamurthy, Sanskrit and bhasha, town and country, ancient and modern, were simultaneous realities.

August 29, 20145:29 pm

We shall now use our crystal ball to tell you what ice-rhyming challenge might be next.

August 29, 20145:20 pm

Five-year-old Violet who was born with an unformed left hand also has a bowel condition known as Hirschprung's disease.

August 29, 201410:26 am

The kadhi tastes best when made with sour yoghurt. To make your yoghurt sour, keep it out of fridge for a couple of hours.


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