March 25, 2017 5:07 pm

Ace fashion designers like Rajesh Pratap Singh and Rohit Bal will be giving makeovers to youngsters using handloom on the TV show “Get The Look #GlobalIndia”. The NDTV Good Times show will also have designer Sanjay Garg, Monica and Karishma and Gaurang Shah. Thirteen youngsters will be stepping out and making fabrics like Khadi, Banarsi, […]

Amitabh bachchan,amitabh bachchan for virat kohli, amitabh bachchan supports virat kohli, amitabh bachchan takes a dig at australian daily,
March 25, 2017 4:57 pm

He even urged his fans and followers not to leave the treatment mid-way.

gulzar, gulzar art show, gulzar nature, gulzar art pieces, gulzar nature art work, gulzar poetry, gulzar nature poetry, gulzar art poetry, indian express, indian express news
March 25, 2017 4:43 pm

"Lyrics is commissioned work, it is my profession. But poetry is my statement to life. Something that I feel, I know, something that I have acquired from life, that is my statement, my poetry," said Gulzar.

March 25, 2017 3:48 pm

When the levels of iron are high it leads to damaging every organ and tissue.

tumour, 200 year old tumour, tumour london, tumour discovered, world news, health news, lifestyle news
March 25, 2017 3:43 pm

Childhood brain tumours may be prone to heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and early death.

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March 25, 2017 3:31 pm

Replace light-intensity physical activity with brief periods of vigorous exercise.

March 25, 2017 3:26 pm

As many as 74 per cent users believe that adding the Aadhaar verification as a check has increased the authenticity.

The Rise of Sivagami, Anand Neelakantan, The Rise of Sivagami book review, Anand Neelakantan book review, baahubali, bahubali, rajamouli
March 25, 2017 3:25 am

The story arcs of these three characters are, unfortunately, the least interesting.

The Architecture of Hasmukh C. Patel, The Architecture of Hasmukh C. Patel book, The Architecture of Hasmukh C. Patel book review, Catherine Desai books, Bimal Patel book review
March 25, 2017 3:19 am

Architect Hasmukh Patel’s painterly and sculptural treatment of his many public and private commissions has been brought together in a generous book

murder in mahim, murder in mahim book review, Jerry Pinto, jerry pinto books, jerry pinto book review
March 25, 2017 3:09 am

Jerry Pinto’s foray into crime fiction is a story of rage and sorrow and the slowly ebbing virtues of friendship and empathy

sheela reddy, sheela reddy books, Mr. and Mrs. Jinnah: The Marriage that Shook India , sheela reddy book review, Mr. and Mrs. Jinnah book review, lifestyle, Mohammed Ali Jinnah story, young Parsi heiress, Ruttie Petit story
March 25, 2017 2:55 am

The story of the unlikely romance between Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the young Parsi heiress, Ruttie Petit

green coffee, unroasted coffee beans, green coffee benefits, green coffee health benefits, green coffee effects, green coffee extracts
March 25, 2017 2:46 pm

The beverage may boost metabolic health, but it can be useful only when consumed as part of an overall diet and exercise plan

Paula Sengupta, Tabo Monastery in Spiti, Stupa of Boudhanath in Kathmandu, Manjunath Kamath,The Man, The Word, The Tree, The Text, Indira Gandhi National Center, Omanthai checkpoint, Renu Modi of Gallery Espace, A Tale of Two Cities,Theertha Yatra, Jagath Weerasinghe, Indira Gandhi National Center, India news, National news Art news India, India Art news, Latest news, India news
March 25, 2017 12:15 am

Eleven artists from India and Sri Lanka respond to the scared cities of Varanasi and Anuradhapura, replicating their rhythm and complexities in their work 

March 24, 2017 8:49 pm

This one is definitely not for drunkards!

March 24, 2017 7:47 pm

Enjoy the goodness of spaghetti and clams with this recipe.

March 24, 2017 5:26 pm

Deepika Padukone is a stunner and this is no news. The actress who kept a low profile after the release of xXx: Return of Xander Cage is back at mesmerising the fashion connoisseurs. Take a look.

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March 24, 2017 4:09 pm

Undernutrition lowers the body's immunity, making it easier for the bacteria to attack an individual and makes the fight against tuberculosis more difficult.

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March 24, 2017 3:48 pm

150 minutes of weekly exercise improves mobility impairment and health-related quality of life.

amish tripathi, the shiva trilogy, scion of ikshvaku, sita, ram chandra, amish tripathi book, amish tripathi author, indian express, indian express news
March 24, 2017 3:25 pm

Banker-turned-writer Amish Tripathi's upcoming book narrates the story of Hindu goddess Sita.

apj abdul kalam, books for the weekend, Pathways to Greatness, Always Hungry?, Upon a Bright Red Bench, Welcome on Board, books, indian express, indian express news
March 24, 2017 3:14 pm

Here's an interesting combination of fiction and non-fiction for this weekend.

March 24, 2017 2:06 pm

Through their crisp 15-20 minute segment, the speakers inspired the audience and helped them explore their identity and change mindsets in the rapidly evolving society.

World Tuberculosis day, China, China health, china tuberculosis, China TB, World TB day, China against TB, china news, indian express news
March 24, 2017 2:26 pm

World TB Day 2017: Usually, TB attacks the lungs but other organs such as the brain or the kidneys can fall prey to the disease too.

World Tuberculosis Day, World Tuberculosis Day 2017, World TB Day, tuberculosis in India, India tuberculosis, Indian Express, India news
March 24, 2017 12:30 pm

WHO data shows India has the most number of TB cases among the six countries that account for 60 per cent of total cases worldwide.

Healthy lifestyle, lifestyle, healthy life, health, health study, benefit of healthy lifestyle, way to live a healthy life, indian express
March 24, 2017 3:14 pm

It’s hard to delink this extensively documented, but poorly understood mind-body connection.

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March 24, 2017 10:28 am

The caricature of an Indian woman, with her quintessential sari-covered head was apparently quick to catch Geetanjali Dhillon's attention, not only because of the bright pink colour, but also because of the steely eyes staring back at her.

March 24, 2017 2:46 pm

Deepan Sivaraman’s ambitious production, The Legends of Khasak travels to Jaipur this weekend. A look at the unusual actors who make up the cast of the play

Chefs Sriram Aylur (left) and Srijith Gopinathan Nirmal Harindran; Fisherman’s Catch from chef Aylur’s Quilon ; chef Gopinathan’s signature Spice Pot (top right)
March 24, 2017 3:34 pm

Michelin-starred chefs Sriram Aylur and Srijith Gopinathan talk about the unacknowledged potential of Indian food and their shared love for coconut.

March 23, 2017 9:33 pm

All you need is a little bit of patience.

make up, make up videos, makeup hacks, beauty blenders, weird beauty blenders, egg to apply make up, boiled egg to apply founadation, fashion trend, bizarre fashion hacks, fashion news, latest news, indian express
March 24, 2017 12:04 am

Certainly, this is not the weirdest make-up blender alternative.

March 23, 2017 7:12 pm

Even acclaimed skydiver Maja Kuczynska who has made a name for herself with stunning choreographed routines - floating and spinning around like a leaf in the wind - tried her moves here.

Ajmer Sharif dargah, Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti dargah, Pakistani journalist, writer Reema Abbasi, reema abbasi book, Sufi, Sufi music, Historic Temples in Pakistan: A Call to Conscience, Ajmer sharif history, india art and culture, indian express
March 23, 2017 6:41 pm

Pakistani author Reema Abbasi on tracing the history of Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti, being called a heathen and the cultural appropriations of Sufism.

March 23, 2017 5:23 pm

One year of targeted exercise can decrease harmful sclerostin, a protein made in the bone, and increase IGF-1, a hormone associated with bone growth.

March 23, 2017 5:15 pm

People in certain occupations may legitimately fear losing their jobs to robots and software that can work for cheaper and for longer hours than any human.

March 23, 2017 5:00 pm

The analyser consists of an optical attachment that can connect to a smartphone and a disposable device onto which a semen sample can be loaded.

March 23, 2017 4:44 pm

Rice, being the staple in the region, has its presence in a majority of the main course dishes.

March 23, 2017 3:44 pm

The 24-year-old actress says she chooses her outfits as per her mood.