Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015
January 27, 20154:11 pm

Over the years this fruit still maintains its status as one that is affordable to all and can be consumed raw or ripe.

January 27, 20153:43 pm

Limit screen time and caffeine for your kids at bedtime if you want them to get quality sleep and perform better in life, says a study.

January 27, 201510:46 am

In search of a foolproof method to tighten your abs? Learn the right moves.

January 27, 201510:36 am

The Jaipur Literature Festival 2015 in three acts

January 27, 201512:59 am

Floral motifs were common to most of Michelle Obama’s outfits, while Modi went all out with safa

January 26, 20159:12 pm

American theatre practitioner Phillip Zarilli has been using Oriental art forms to train stage actors for decades.

January 26, 201511:47 am

Miss USA Nia Sanchez was crowned first runner-up, while Diana Harkusha from Ukraine was named the second runner up.

January 26, 201512:38 am

Pakistani writer Bilal Tanweer on the changing role of the writer, importance of knowing regional languages and why the personal is political.

January 26, 201512:32 am

Sanjay Garg’s eponymous clothing line makes its retail debut in Mumbai.

January 26, 201512:24 am

The North East Project collaborates with independent design labels to promote artisanal tribal textiles.

January 26, 201512:00 am

MasterChef India co-judge, Ranveer Brar, talks about his journey with food — from working at a kebab stall in Lucknow to five-star kitchens in the country and abroad.

January 25, 201511:18 am

US President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will be in New Delhi for three days during Republic Day.

January 25, 20151:01 am

Reclusive artist Anju Dodiya on experimenting with her sense of self, being influenced by swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman and seizing the moment.

January 25, 20151:01 am

But it’s time we stood under a tree and thought about it a bit.

January 25, 20151:00 am

People are suddenly going back to their time-lines and posting the first-ever profile picture they ever posted on Facebook.

January 25, 20151:00 am

On January 28, Pandit Jasraj turns 85. He represents the last of a generation of classical vocalists.

January 25, 201512:59 am

She wrote about her thoughts and experiences with life while dealing with an illness

January 24, 20156:35 pm

The Indian-origin British author, who was born in Trinidad narrated what his mother had to say to him.

January 24, 20152:59 pm

All the information Moro has penned down has been collected from friends and people close to Mrs. Gandhi and family.

January 24, 20151:19 am

A recent study found that moderate drinkers have a lower risk of heart failure than either heavy drinkers or abstainers.

January 24, 20151:13 am

Preserving the entire animal after it was killed has occupied an important place in the food market today.

January 24, 20151:04 am

There is evidence that working out on a completely empty stomach prompts the body to burn more fat and potentially stave off weight gain.

January 24, 20151:00 am

Researchers have found that by writing and editing personal stories, one can identify obstacles that stand in the way of better health.

January 24, 201512:00 am

A debut novel looks at how easily enemies are created by a distorted version of history

January 24, 201510:11 am

This novel is of the new century where time is here and now, places ever-changing, and writing an act of dare

January 24, 201512:00 am

Akhil Sharma talks about the tragedy at the heart of his critically acclaimed second novel and calls it a love letter.

January 24, 201512:00 am

The event with the tag-line “Beach is the new ramp”, will bring together resortwear, swimwear and beachwear collections.

January 24, 201512:00 am

Writer Romesh Gunesekera on his experiments with fiction and the hope of long-lasting peace after elections

January 24, 201512:00 am

In Amit Chaudhuri’s Odysseus Abroad, time is a collage of quotidian moments, recording the lilts and cadences of ordinary life.

January 23, 20158:39 pm

If you haven't travelled in last year, you can thank 2015 for its extended weekends, after New Year's, Republic Day long weekend is here!

January 23, 20157:25 pm

In an interaction with Mihir Sharma and Amrita Tripathi on his latest book 'India Shastra', he spoke at length about what forms the essence of his book.

January 23, 20155:08 pm

According to a year-long survey involving 200 men in Turkey, overweight men with obvious bellies can last an amazing five minutes longer during sex than slim men.

January 23, 20153:20 pm

Signature cocktails that raise the art of mixology to new heights and world cuisine leaves you spoiled for choice.

January 23, 201512:52 pm

One of my distinct memories of food during childhood is rows and rows of mangodi drying in the sun on the terrace. But I never liked them.

January 23, 201512:06 pm

Ashwin Sanghi narrates how his work was rejected several times by publishers and distributors.

January 22, 20156:53 pm

If you are in Mumbai and planning to have a get-together with your gal pals, maybe you can consider Two One Two Bar & Grill's latest lunch menu.