Tuesday, Sep 30, 2014
September 30, 20145:27 pm

Finding time to work out during hectic professional life is difficult but what if ten minutes of your time can help in gaining a positive effect on your fitness and health.

September 30, 20145:09 pm

The collection has been titled “Masaba Lite” and will be available at all her outlets in Delhi, Kolkatta starting, Wednesday.

September 30, 20142:02 pm

YouTube channel Old Delhi Films has come up with a brilliant video - Stupid reasons to smoke.

September 30, 20142:46 pm

After three albums, the band is ready for their first India tour.

September 30, 201412:31 pm

Scientists have received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to use "Tumour Paint", a product derived from scorpion venom.

September 30, 20142:44 pm

As Geet Ramayan completes 60 years, a look at what made this collection of songs a milestone in light classical music.

September 30, 201411:15 am

If you are looking for a vacation spot where you can sit back and soak yourself in the surroundings, then you are at the right place.

September 30, 201411:29 am

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian flaunted a sexy yet classy look in a sheer black jumpsuit when she arrived at a show for Paris Fashion Week.

September 29, 20145:59 pm

Have you ever noticed or cared to think how this garbage is disposed off? What is the price you pay for your laxity at home?

September 29, 20144:12 pm

If you have not tried Instagram's new app for a high-speed selfie to woo your girlfriend, you are definitely missing out on some great action here.

September 29, 20143:15 pm

Besan ladoo is an all-time favourite in any puja season. So, you can make it in Navratri as well. All we need is besan, ghee and sugar to make it.

September 29, 20142:28 pm

Have you seen personal relationships becoming a burden and even falling apart? It’s a new normal in this present-day world.

September 29, 20141:05 pm

In her latest show, artist Archana Hande challenges the stereotypes of Indians that were perpetrated by the British.

September 29, 201411:34 am

I just saw Orkut's grave. And it's not a nice feeling.

September 29, 201410:45 am

Try this special Kalakand recipe, all the way from Jhumri Telaiya, this Navratri.

September 29, 20149:52 am

We know how certain flavonoids found in red wine, blueberries and dark chocolate may play a role in forming memories. Add the bubbly beer to it.

September 29, 201412:27 pm

For the uninitiated, a kitty operates along the same principles as the now reviled chit fund. It’s held once a month, each member has to pool in the agreed amount and host an evening.

September 29, 201412:32 pm

Artist Deepjyoti Kalita’s first solo at Latitude 28 deals with the concept of modern-day relationships and expression of love in contemporary times.

September 29, 201412:21 pm

Taking a break from constantly playing for the dance floor, DJs and producers are forming electronic music bands this season.

September 29, 201412:29 pm

Kathak exponent Shovana Narayan on a new production that retells episodes from the life of Gautam Buddha.

September 28, 20141:00 am

Boisterous in school, she turns painfully bashful at home. There is no laughter, no pranks, and no friends either.

September 28, 20141:00 am

What is true of these non-traditional learners is also increasingly true for the classroom.

September 28, 20141:00 am

One evening, she got out on the balcony, and there he stood. Alone, with something in his hand. Where had he come from?

September 28, 20141:00 am

For Pillai, 45, a play has never been a tool to impress. “Too many people come to watch plays with preconceived notions. I like breaking those ideas, forcing the audience to think," he says.

September 28, 20141:00 am

That elephants obey our commands — how that bloats our egos, and helps us forget the pain and distress inflicted during the “training” process, on what is essentially a peace-loving beast.

September 28, 20144:37 am

The garba in Gujarat is an opportunity for young men and women to meet, mingle and fall in love — no matter what their caste or religion.

September 29, 20141:17 pm

While green dots dominate menus at Indian restaurants during Navratri, we bring you foods from other cuisines.

September 29, 20141:08 pm

Veteran fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger on the label’s 10th anniversary in India and what the country has taught him.

September 29, 20141:11 pm

In her latest documentary, Renuka George pays tribute to late rudra veena exponent Ustad Asad Ali Khan.

September 29, 20141:36 pm

When a whimsical visit to the Kumbh Mela became a transforming experience.

September 29, 20141:28 pm

Simranjit Singh Mann’s daughter pieces together the turbulent years of her father’s imprisonment on charges of sedition and conspiracy.

September 29, 20141:20 pm

Katherine Armstrong's Fields of Blood charts the complicated relationship between religion and violence across a wide arc of history.

September 27, 201412:55 am

Cooked apples also known to relieve diarrhoea, dysentery and colitis.

September 27, 201412:51 am

PCBs have long been identified as hazardous, but not every contaminant is so risky, Dr Schnoor emphasised.

September 27, 201412:50 am

Researchers have found that endurance workouts change athletes’ saliva composition, that may adversely affect their teeth.

September 26, 20142:46 pm

High levels of calcium in blood, a condition known as hypercalcaemia, can be used by doctors as an early indication of certain types of cancer.


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