Friday, Aug 01, 2014
July 30, 20148:01 am

It was a narrow escape of sorts from Saharanpur for the family.

July 29, 20141:04 am

Communal clashes in Saharanpur over fresh construction work on the plot had resulted in the deaths of three people.

July 29, 201412:58 am

Saharanpur: Police say man who ’instigated’ violence identified, to be held soon

July 28, 20148:49 am

DAY AFTER: Curfew, shoot-at-sight orders remain; Some blame ‘outsiders’

July 27, 20145:11 pm

UP Minister Azam Khan blames RSS for Saharanpur clashes. Also allegations were made against PM Narendra Modi.

July 26, 20146:58 pm

BSP demands CBI investigation into the rape and murder of a young woman in Mohanlalganj, Lucknow.

July 26, 20146:05 pm

Rahul Gandhi appeals for calm in UP while Congress slams BJP for communal flareup.

July 16, 20149:15 am

The CBI last week announced it would exhume the bodies that were found hanging from the mango tree.

July 16, 20141:59 am

Several rounds were fired in the air and police later detained 15 people in connection with the violence.

July 12, 20142:21 am

Three days ago, the CBI said it wanted a second autopsy on the bodies, which could be exhumed any day now.

June 29, 20148:03 pm

Light to moderate rains and thundershowers occurred at isolated places in the state in the last 24 hours.

June 28, 20145:09 pm
Azam Khan said that the muslims were lured by 'false promises' by BJP.

He said, "in the near future, people will be forced to pay Rs 150 per kilogram of onions as the government has been inactive on this count."

June 28, 201411:46 am

Police rushed to the spot and admitted the injured to the hospital where five of them succumbed to their injuries.

June 23, 201412:16 am

The police said the two belonged to the same community, but their families were against their marriage.

June 22, 20149:46 pm

A man allegedly killed his neighbour's wife following a dispute regarding the construction of a septic tank.

June 23, 201412:13 am

CM orders probe, says stern action will be taken against those involved.

June 21, 20141:32 am

No provision has also been made for the Kanya Vidyadhan scheme, which was launched for unprivileged girl students.

June 17, 201411:09 am

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said, "the Ministry of Home Affairs is concerned over the prevailing 'Law and Order' situation in UP.

June 16, 20148:08 am

Party spokesperson Chandra Mohan said the attacks were 'an attempt to discourage BJP workers in UP.'

June 16, 201412:10 am

Mulayam also asked the ministers to ensure SP’s win in the byelections.

June 15, 20142:14 am

The three-member team comprised a physician, a surgeon and a gynaecologist. No forensic medicine specialist was in the team.

June 15, 201412:19 am

The only Dalit family of a Pratapgarh hamlet moves out after 5-yr-old son has his penis cut off for relieving himself near OBC owner’s flour mill.

June 10, 20143:20 am

Banerjee had on Saturday said that rape of one of the girls was not confirmed by forensic experts and that property could be a motive behind the murder.

June 10, 20142:31 am

In a recent meeting, HYV head Yogi Adityanath, a BJP MP, set a target of at least one lakh volunteers in each district by September-end.

June 9, 20143:13 am

Five bottles of beer were recovered by the team from around the Eucalyptus trees, apart from “spot evidence” such as imprints of feet.

June 9, 201412:51 am

According to officials, militants, believed to be two in number, attacked and injured the constable with an iron rod and snatched his service rifle.

June 8, 201410:50 am

Every time they step out, say the women of the village, it is with the fear of being teased, the shame of being seen, and the discomfort of counting hours.

June 5, 20141:28 pm
Muzaffarnagar riots (Source: Indian Express Archives)

A case was registered against 110 people in connection with the case and three persons were arrested.

June 3, 20141:38 am

At the rape crisis centres, medical, legal, and police aid will be provided to women who are victims of rape and sexual assault.

June 3, 20141:32 am

A resident of Poothi village says his 16-year-old daughter was allegedly abducted by two Yadav men from their home when he was out with his wife.

June 3, 20141:27 am

Earlier, the Centre had asked state to explain why stringent provisions of the SC/ST Act were not slapped on the accused.

June 1, 20149:21 pm

75-year-old Chaudhary alleged that Varanasi was facing long power cuts since Modi won Lok Sabha election from here.

May 26, 20142:40 pm

Modi spoke to Cabinet Secretary Ajit Seth and asked him to take an overview of the situation to ensure timely assistance to the injured.

May 20, 201412:27 am

They were fleeing after shooting lawyer Sanjiv Malik in Kheri Gani village in Budhana Tehsil, a villager said.

May 14, 20143:52 pm

Mob pelted stones at the accused's house as the accused and victim belong to separate communities.

May 13, 20141:42 am

While Mulayam is expected to get a major share of Muslim votes, Jamali is believed to have got a good number of Muslim votes in several polling stations.

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