Saturday, Dec 20, 2014
December 20, 201410:12 pm

The deputy collector rank officers have been told to resume the office by December 26.

December 20, 20149:39 pm

It was 5 per cent higher than 2008 assembly polls when only 61 per cent of electorate had cast vote.

December 20, 20149:27 pm

The AAP had made an impressive debut in last Delhi polls, garnering 28 seats in the 70-member House.

December 20, 20148:11 pm

The final phase of elections in Jharkhand saw a voter turnout of 70.42 percent without any casualties suffered by security forces.

December 20, 20148:17 pm

Congress accused BJP of raking up the controversial deal just before the elections to meet its political objective.

December 20, 201410:11 pm

Recently, RS had been stalled over the conversion row with the opposition demanding PM's statement on the issue.

December 20, 20146:10 pm

Mufflerman campaign is inspired by Arvind Kejriwal, who was often seen with a muffler during his campaign last year.

December 20, 20144:49 pm

The Congress minister had attacked Nirmal Singh when he was talking to a group of people in the area last evening.

December 20, 20143:09 pm

The discontent within the Shiv Sena has forced Thackeray to talk tough against BJP.

December 20, 201410:04 pm

Shah refused to comment on the ‘ghar wapsi (reconversion)’ campaign of RSS affiliates

December 20, 20141:11 pm

Twenty-eight Maoists were killed, 158 arrested and 142 surrendered in first seven months of the 2014.

December 20, 201411:27 am

Hemant Soren has managed to go toe-to-toe with the BJP's might, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at them.

December 20, 20147:32 pm

Altogether 208 candidates, including 16 women are testing their luck in this phase.

December 20, 20144:56 am

As the Speaker asked members to make their zero-hour submissions, the front row turned into a huddle.

December 20, 20144:10 am

Venkaiah Naidu promised the House that the government will come out with a response to the matter.

December 20, 20144:07 am

The Opposition, however, stuck to its stand that no debate can happen him.

December 20, 20144:02 am

Lok Sabha passed a resolution condemning the bail granted by a Pakistan court to 26/11 mastermind Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi.

December 20, 20143:42 am

Why the Santhal Pragana Tenancy Act is sacrosanct for the region and any bid to amend it is a political issue.

December 20, 20143:37 am

In 2002, then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee had announced from the ramparts of Red Fort that elections in J&K will be free and fair.

December 20, 20143:34 am

Is official No. 2 in party hierarchy

December 19, 20148:46 pm
Amit Shah

Shah was in Palakkad to review the membership campaign and work out strategies for the coming elections for the local bodies.

December 19, 20148:31 pm

"Even we have a problem with coalition government and I am trying to end this," said the Jharkhand CM.

December 19, 20148:06 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit his Parliamentary constituency Varanasi on December 25.

December 19, 20143:14 pm

Nitish Kumar blamed BJP for shifting focus from government's failure using "diversionary strategy".

December 19, 20142:40 pm

The AAP has been demanding fresh polls ever since it quit the government in February last year.

December 19, 201411:45 am

Polling will begin at 7 AM and end at 3 PM in all the 16 constituencies.

December 19, 20143:20 am

A senior Congress leader from the district said they 'would wait and watch how things progress'.

December 19, 20142:02 am

Minister asks her juniors not to answer House queries on their own.

December 19, 20141:54 am

The blooper was pointed out by BJD MP Tathagata Satpathy as the discussion was nearing its end.

December 19, 20141:50 am

Mamata says no party untouchable, calls Mitra’s arrest political vendetta as she avoids PM

December 19, 201411:42 am

With the PM silent and Naidu sticking to his stand, the House descended into chaos.

December 18, 201410:15 pm

Sonia Gandhi was admitted to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for treatment of lower respiratory tract infection.

December 18, 20144:11 pm

"We are the only party fighting a battle against BJP, who are trying to bulldoze TMC," said Mamata Banerjee.

December 18, 20147:07 pm

For the fourth day in succession, Congress and other opposition parties demanded presence of the Prime Minister in the House

December 18, 20143:31 am

MP Hanumantha Rao made an 'unparliamentary' remark.

December 18, 20143:12 am

Twice after it was adjourned, Rao was first asked by Ansari to go back to his seat when he entered the well around 12.15 pm.

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