Monday, Apr 27, 2015
April 27, 20159:57 pm
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The cutoff score for eligibility for JEE (Advance) is 105 for general category students.

March 11, 20157:55 pm

Minister Smriti Irani today said students are "sensitive" and their patriotism should not be questioned.

March 4, 20156:26 pm

The DEO added that studies of students will not be affected even if their schools were to be de-recognised.

March 2, 20154:07 pm
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The examinations started from 10:30 in the morning. On Monday, students appear for their first examination paper on English.

January 29, 201512:00 pm

"The number of students from Maharashtra opting for medical courses is negligible," he said.

December 31, 20144:52 pm

Here's re-looking at the what kept the University, teachers and students busy in 2014.

December 30, 20141:24 pm

UIIC is all set to conduct its online written examination 2015 for the post of Administrative Officer (AO).

December 29, 20144:10 pm

The association asked Shevgaonkar to continue and cautioned the Ministry against interfering in the IIT system

December 28, 201412:22 pm

The tests, this year, were conducted on November 16 and November 22.

January 27, 20157:11 pm

Thanks to new platforms, the maker community is using robotics and 3D printers among other tools to engineer cool innovations.

December 18, 20141:15 pm

A comprehensive guide on one of the most coveted and competitive exams of India.

December 16, 20146:42 pm

KV students will not have to take examinations for Sanskrit in this academic session

December 15, 20144:29 pm

The offer by Google is one of the highest salary packages offered at IITs across the country.

December 14, 20149:59 pm

850 schools from 32 cities participated in India’s first ever inter-school competition for crosswords.

November 17, 20144:15 am

The spokesperson said PM Modi believes that children should know as many languages as possible.

November 7, 20144:59 am

The objective is to help both students and faculty gain wider exposure through various exchange programmes.

September 23, 20141:44 am

OBC and general candidates should either be in the top-20 percentile or secure at least 75 per cent marks.

September 23, 20141:37 am

The state will also make government schools as accountable as their private counterparts to ensure equality.

September 8, 20143:08 pm

India is one the many countries that stands far away from achieving the EFA's 2015 goal.

September 8, 201411:54 am

Figures revealing increase in number of literates in the country from 2001 to 2011 speak volume about the status of female literacy.

September 5, 20147:36 pm

The worrying trend is that there is an imbalance between GER at Primary and GER at Sr Secondary.

September 2, 20149:34 pm

A few schools in Rajasthan objected to the order, fearing that personal information of students could be used for non-academic activities.

August 24, 20141:39 am

Microbes are beneficial to us, but research suggests they may also be influencing our behaviour for their own evolutionary success.

August 24, 20141:28 am

Natural hazards, including seabed abrasion and shark bites, account for less than 10 per cent of all faults.

August 24, 20141:13 am

Created to study relationship between man and tech, HitchBOT travels 6,000 km.

August 23, 20144:29 am

President asks the institutes to explore how quality of education can be improved .

August 17, 201412:05 am

With health experts yet to come to terms with the Ebola epidemic in Africa, here’s how some other pandemics spread in recent times.

August 17, 201412:05 am

Africa has seen so far 20 Ebola outbreaks, and all others were beaten by tactics that failed this time.

August 17, 201412:04 am

A 3D model by bioengineers comes closest to mimicking the mind.

August 17, 201412:02 am

In the light of Ebola, is it wise to offer unproven drugs? If so, who should get them first?

July 27, 20141:56 pm

BTech students can complete their course in eight years, while a five-year dual degree course can be completed in seven years.

July 7, 20144:33 pm

As many as 1,122 candidates were declared successful in the 2013 civil services examinations.

June 20, 20146:46 pm

His reaction came in the wake of Narendra Modi government increasing railway passenger fare by 14.2 per cent.

June 5, 20144:49 pm

Delhi University has decided to deduct 2.5 per cent from aggregate of aspirants with Informatics Practices in their class XII exams.

May 20, 20141:47 pm

Girsl outshone boys in all the states and UTs, with 100 percent results in Puducherry, Goa and Daman and Diu.

May 10, 20144:20 pm

The largest team ever from India comprising of 15 participants and 3 junior observers to compete at Intel ISEF 2014.

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