Tuesday, Jan 27, 2015
January 25, 20154:24 am

Man held in Nepal, cops say case solved.

January 25, 20151:31 am

Police also said that he might have been suffering from “castration anxiety”.

January 24, 20157:23 pm

The court has framed charges against Yadav under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

January 24, 20153:33 am

Police have registered a case of murder after ruling out suicide.

January 24, 20153:25 am

Woman carrying bomb, cop killed; police suspect blast aimed at helping prisoners

January 22, 20154:40 pm

Phoolan Devi was shot dead from a close range by three masked gunmen in front of her Ashoka Road residence.

January 21, 20156:52 pm

The court today allowed the petition of Cyberabad Police and granted it 10-day custody of Salman.

January 21, 20154:23 pm

Judging by the injuries, the man was possibly attacked using a blunt a blunt object.

January 21, 20151:22 am
rajesh sharma murder victim

Rajesh sharma was killed Saturday, victim of an alleged revenge attack by an aide of a gangster.

January 21, 201511:14 am

Delhi Police made it clear that it will probe if IPL angle was related to the death of Sunanda Pushkar.

January 20, 20153:21 am

Cop among two held for killing undertrial who was being taken to hospital.

January 20, 20151:33 am

Four men and 34 porters broke open the lock at the customs station and loaded 257 logs.

January 19, 20159:37 pm

The court adjourned the case for a day so that Mohiuddin's lawyer could file a reply.

January 19, 20159:38 pm
Sunanda Pushkar, Shashi Tharoor

Sources said Tharoor will be questioned about the happenings of January 17, 2014 when Sunanda was found dead.

January 19, 20159:57 am

According to sources, the 19-year-old was in love with a Muslim girl.

January 18, 20157:35 pm

The culprit threw acid on her neighbour Janardan Paswan and his three family members following a quarrel.

January 18, 201512:16 am

During a search operation inside the jail, the police team recovered two pistols from the barracks.

January 18, 20154:41 am

Court sources said that victim was cross-examined for over four hours, spanning two consecutive days, by counsel for accused.

January 16, 20158:26 pm
crime, rape

Police said the whole truth will be out in a couple of days once boy's condition becomes stable.

January 16, 20158:13 pm

Laltlanchhuaha’s relatives said he did not work in [the victims’] house or under them.

January 15, 201512:54 am

The 13-year-old girl was allegedly raped and murdered by unidentified persons.

January 13, 20157:52 pm

He was arrested on charges of morphing the face of Muslim League leader and Industries Minister P K Kunhalikutty on Aamir Khan’s semi-nude pose in the poster of film P K.

January 13, 20152:24 am

Villagers were shocked and angry at the way he cut down the five victims in their own home.

January 11, 20159:20 am

He has had no criminal record until now.

January 11, 20153:08 am

Neighbours caught the accused before policemen arrived and took him into custody.

January 11, 20152:03 am

He was engaged in manufacturing and transport of bombs to different locations.

January 10, 20151:36 pm

Neighbours caught the accused before police arrived and took him into custody.

January 10, 20156:04 am

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said he is troubled and pained by the fresh findings in the death of Sunanda Pushkar.

January 9, 20159:25 pm

Delhi Police, which has registered a case of murder in the death of Sunanda Pushkar, is planning to question Mehr Tarar, the Pakistani journalist over whom she fought with her husband Shashi Tharoor before her mysterious death last year. A questionnaire is being prepared which will be sent to her via email and replies will […]

January 8, 20158:57 pm

According to reports, cache of explosives, bomb-making material and circuitry were recovered from them.

January 7, 20151:16 am

The matter was brought to police notice when the girl was spotted crying near Muzaffarpur railway station.

January 7, 201510:38 am

Police has registered a case of murder against unknown persons in the Sunanda Pushkar murder case.

January 6, 20159:21 pm

Man arrested in connection with rape cum murder case of a 22-year-old commits suicide in jail.

January 6, 20156:48 pm

The incident was earlier said to be a case of gangrape and murder but later was concluded as double suicide.

January 6, 20154:16 pm

"I continue to assure the police of my full cooperation," said Congress MP Shashi Tharoor.

January 7, 201512:18 pm
Sunanda Pushkar, Shashi Tharoor

‘Homicide’ only in final report, police claim; doctors say can’t use word in forensics.

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