Friday, Aug 01, 2014
July 30, 20148:31 pm

Medical examination of girls confirms they were sexually abused.

July 29, 201412:31 pm

Police have arrested three accused, including two minors, and launched a manhunt to nab the others.

July 28, 20144:55 pm

An inspector was granted bail after Mizoram Narcotics dept obtained an arrest warrant against him for supplying meth.

July 27, 20147:59 pm

"We want to meet the Chief Minister, but it seems he is not ready for this," said the victims' family.

July 26, 20146:22 pm
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) spokesperson Sanjay Singh addresses a press conference in New Delhi on Monday. (PTI)

Seven named persons, including Anant, and 12 unidentified persons were listed as accused in the FIR.

July 26, 20142:14 am

Kochi police said they had recovered CDs containing video footage used for blackmailing the high profile victims.

July 25, 20143:18 pm

Ashok was beaten to death on the spot while his four other family members sustained injuries in the incident.

July 21, 20145:50 pm

The analysis of DNA collected from the personal belongings will be used to identify the accused.

July 21, 20142:28 pm

Pirbahore police station in-charge Nisar Ahmad confirmed it saying the woman who was arrested three days ago went missing.

July 20, 20142:43 am

CBI started the process to exhume the bodies as the rising river level threatened to submerge the graves.

July 18, 20141:01 am

CM orders probe; she is arrested for abduction, murder of two youths

July 15, 20148:58 pm

During the examination of the family members, CBI found a series of loopholes making the investigation difficult.

July 15, 201410:16 pm

Justice Anant S Dave recuses himself from hearing a bail plea filed by former minister Maya Kodnani.

July 14, 20146:23 pm

SC stays executions of two of the four convicts since the death sentence of other convicts has already been suspended.

July 13, 20146:13 pm

The other three are thought to be members of an armed criminal gang that has most recently called itself Bru Democratic Front of Mizoram.

July 12, 20145:51 pm
Bangalore Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar said at a press conference on Sunday that the skating instructor had been arrested on the basis of pornographic material found on his computer.

Manoj is absconding and the police is conducting raids to nab him.

July 12, 20142:45 pm

The four missing persons have been identified as - Bakar Ali, Saddam Ali, Ataur Rahman and Rahul Amin.

July 12, 20142:41 pm

Sumit was kidnapped on February 7, 2008 from Naya Gano area in Shamli district.

July 10, 201412:03 pm

An eighteen-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a youth at gunpoint in Bhensaheri village.

July 10, 201410:42 am

Bombs hurled at ex-MLA’s brother; his gunners shoot one of the two attackers.

July 6, 201410:17 pm

Three students were arrested for allegedly raping a 23-year-old teacher in Muzaffarnagar.

July 5, 20148:40 pm

The clash took place after two youths from separate communities got into a heated argument over a seat in a bus.

July 5, 201411:18 am

Assam tops the list jumping to 17,449 in 2013 from 13,544 in 2012.

July 4, 20144:06 pm

Amit Shah's counsel sought an exemption on the grounds that he was engaged in political work in New Delhi.

July 3, 20149:06 pm

SC commuted the sentence on the ground that the case does not fall within the realms of "rarest of the rare category".

July 3, 201412:05 am

The road ahead for her is full of court hearings, school classes and, she hopes, a new life.

July 1, 20142:38 pm

The SC bench said an accused could not be kept inside the jail for an indefinite period after the chargesheet was filed.

July 1, 20142:01 am

Pinky used to abuse the minor and also prompt Sunil in raping the victim.

June 30, 201412:24 am

Roshan was shot dead three days before he was to record his statement in the murder case of his brothers Girish Raj and Satish Raj.

June 29, 20141:57 am

The militants also set ablaze a motorcycle and a four-wheeler before dispersing, the police officer added.

June 27, 201410:59 am

As many as seven cases of gang rape registered from lank village during last year's riots.

June 24, 20149:57 am

Police is likely to ask Preity Zinta about the exact spot where the alleged incident took place inside Wankhede.

June 24, 201412:49 am

Three special teams had been formed to nab him, said Inspector A Balaji.

June 24, 201412:26 am

The showdown between Asaram Bapu and his aide-turned-opponent Amrut Prajapati, who was murdered in Rajkot

June 23, 20149:16 pm

He had been sent to a remand home in a molestation case on June 9 this year, lodged at the Taluka police station.

June 23, 20147:41 pm

I saw Salman holding a glass but it was full with a colourless liquid like water, said the Manager.

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