Wednesday, Nov 26, 2014
November 26, 201410:23 pm

The incident happened on Wednesday afternoon in West Singhbhum district.

November 26, 201410:21 pm

Dattatreya also informed Lok Sabha that these provisions were likely to be opposed by trade unions.

November 26, 201410:18 pm

Four panchayats in paddy-growing Kuttanad region have been hit by the H5 strain of avian influenza.

November 26, 201410:12 pm

Congress had 11 councillors in the 21-member general board of Chotila municipality.

November 26, 201410:03 pm

There have been suggestions that Aparna’s comments are reflective of the inter-family power struggle.

November 26, 20148:54 pm

Accompanied by cops, women raided several liquor bhattis and traders in the vicinity.

November 26, 201410:02 pm

He said India is in the forefront of global efforts to fight the menace of black money for automatic exchange of tax information.

November 26, 20148:11 pm

The Panigate police station in Vadodara has registered a case of house break-in by night and theft against "unidentified persons".

November 26, 20147:55 pm

After the revelation, police detained Jalpa and Patel on Wednesday.

November 26, 20147:53 pm

Sarma however announced he would not contest in any election till he was absolved in this case by the CBI.

November 26, 20147:43 pm

SBI is the first government bank in the country to launch Shariah-based equity and equity-related instruments.

November 26, 20149:22 pm

Vaiko will also cut a cake in Erode at 7.30 pm, coinciding with the time of birth of Prabhakaran, partymen said.

November 26, 20147:08 pm

"We definitely have an input about this and their possible attempt to carry out some act of sabotage," said Guwahati SSP.

November 26, 20146:59 pm

The new rules are expected to bring in more clarity on various sexual harassment offences punishable under the law.

November 26, 20147:41 pm

BJP had promised to bring back black money from abroad within 100 days of coming to power.

November 26, 20146:04 pm

National Panthers Party accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of violating the model code of conduct.

November 26, 20145:30 pm

Government of India closely monitors foreign military presence in India's neighbourhood.

November 26, 20148:25 pm

Heron is a medium-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle developed by Malat division of Israel Aerospace industry.

November 26, 20145:33 pm

Congress accused Centre of running a "treadmill government" which "seems to be moving" but is "doing nothing".

November 26, 201410:11 pm

The bill was passed amid stiff resistance with Cong alleging that it was aimed at keeping the largest opposition party out of the selection process.

November 26, 20147:21 pm

Omar was cautious in his reaction to the historic turnout in the first phase of elections in the state.

November 26, 20143:25 pm

The Prime Minister emphasised that nowhere in the world are collective efforts more urgent than in South Asia .

November 26, 20143:01 pm

The centre is aimed towards conducting cutting-edge research on all aspects of the Indian gold industry.

November 26, 20142:22 pm

The CBI had in August this year searched the residence of Sarma in connection with the Saradha scandal.

November 26, 20143:37 pm

Mistry tried to raise the matter during Zero Hour but Deputy Chairman asked him to give notice first.

November 26, 20149:45 pm
PM Modi in Fiji

As we remember the horror of the terror attack in Mumbai in 2008, we feel the endless pain of lost lives, said Modi.

November 26, 20141:44 pm

The Speaker, however, agreed to look into the demand to hold discussion at the earliest.

November 26, 201412:51 pm

Vasan resigned from Congress on Nov 3 complaining lack of democracy and autonomy in the state party.

November 26, 201412:39 pm

An Animal Husbandry estimate showed that 2.80 lakh birds including chickens have to be culled.

November 26, 201412:33 pm

Vasant Prabhu's unforgettable images of the foreigners assassinated by the Taj poolside were splashed across dailies.

November 26, 20144:03 pm

It urged the state governments to give incentives to every family with a girl child so as to battle the menace of female foeticide.

November 26, 201411:40 am

Sania said that she faced a lot of controversies in her career because she is a woman.

November 26, 201412:27 pm

Government plans to ban sale of loose cigarettes and raise minimum age of those who can buy tobacco products to 25.

November 26, 201410:34 am

Modi is likely to raise the 26/11 issue at the SAARC summit in the presence of Nawaz Sharif.

November 26, 20149:29 pm
Narendra Modi, Nawaz Sharif

The 18th SAARC summit starts in Kathmandu today. Addressing the summit, PM Narendra Modi said that good neighbourhood is an universal aspiration.

November 26, 20149:07 am

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