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Chinese shares tumble; on track for worst day in nearly two years
February 7, 2018 9:45 am

Market crash and after: Rising bond yields, Fed rate hike fears give Wall Street the flu, Sensex sneezes.

The allocation for health is small in India’s annual Budget
February 6, 2018 9:57 am

Regulation and strict protocols are essential if the health cover scheme proposed in the Budget is to succeed, one of the world’s most celebrated public health policy experts tell The Indian Express.

Inquiry against Orissa HC judges: the back
February 6, 2018 9:42 am

Besides the elevation of one of the members of the original inquiry committee, the in-house panel was forced to halt its proceedings in June 2017 after the name of a senior Supreme Court Justice cropped up in the course of the probe.

In Yameen vs court in Maldives, a battle to control and subvert the Constitution
February 6, 2018 9:43 am

The Indian Express explains the history and context of the extraordinary crisis currently playing out in the Indian Ocean archipelago

MRI machines, MRI machine death, MRI machine accident, How MRI machine works?, India news, indian express explained
February 7, 2018 2:20 pm

Two doctors, two staffers at Mumbai’s BYL Nair Hospital have been charged with causing by negligence the death of a man in the hospital’s Radiology unit

Attirampakkam, archealogical site in Chennai, Attirampakkam artefacts, Chennai excavation sites, Acheulian industry, out of Africa thoery, Indian Express Explained
February 5, 2018 10:21 am

Last week, a study in Nature reported evidence from Attirampakkam that suggests early humans may have left Africa much earlier than has been believed so far — a potential breakthrough in our understanding of the evolution of the human species.

Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin, DMK President, tamil nadu protests, tamil nadu 1965 protests, Tamil Nadu protests, India news, Indian Express news
February 5, 2018 6:45 am

A fluid political context of both threat and opportunity, and fears of a Hindi-Hindu-Hindutva invasion have led to resurrection of the subnationalist narrative of Tamil linguistic pride and Dravidian cultural identity

arun jaitley, finance ministry, fiscal deficit, financial year 2019, fy2018 19, economy
February 2, 2018 11:08 am

Union Budget 2018: The most anticipated event of the Indian financial calendar is over. What political and economic message has the Budget sent out? The Indian Express cuts through the fog.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to present Union Budget today
February 1, 2018 11:34 am

UNION BUDGET 2018: As Finance Minister Arun Jaitley rises to present the last full Budget of the NDA government, here’s a route map to negotiate the Budget speech.

Punjab Farmers, Tubewells, Manpreet Singh Badal, Amarinder Singh, Indian Express
February 1, 2018 7:27 am

One in every four farmer respondents across all regions of the country said low prices of crops was their most pressing problem.

Union Budget 2018, PM Narendra Modi, PM Modi and Budget, Arun Jaitley, 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, Budget Session, BJP, Hindutva agenda, Indian Express
January 31, 2018 11:18 am

CSDS Mood of the Nation Survey, 2018: Here's what Indian voters have to say on the state of the economy, employment and financial conditions.

super moon, blood moon, bluue moon, lunar eclipse 2018, indian express
February 1, 2018 9:42 am

There hasn’t been a lunar trifecta like this in many years, and the next won’t occur in a hurry either.

lok sabha, narendra modi, simultaneous elections, simultaneous polls, Lok sabha, narendra Modi, Ram Nath Kovind, simultaneous elections, simultaneous Lok Sabha Assembly polls, Election Commission, lok sabha elections, general elections
January 31, 2018 11:42 am

Simultaneous polls: President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have both pitched strongly for simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and the state Assemblies. Commentators have noted in recent weeks that the escalating clamour for “One Nation, One Poll” has coincided with speculation about a snap Lok Sabha election.

January 30, 2018 8:45 am

How do these elite regimes control the export of weapons and transfer of weapons technologies? Why does membership in them matter to India? How far is the NSG for India now?

sensex, bse, nse, nifty, sensex friday feb 23, march derivatice, stock exchange, share market, indian express
January 30, 2018 8:45 am

What experts have flagged is the surge in Indian stock markets over the past year, even as growth has declined — a sharply different scenario from the United States and Europe, which have seen strong economic rebounds — and the risk of outflows in case of a sharp correction.

cancer treatment, cancer cure, colon cancer, what is colon cancer, Indian express, Indian express news
January 29, 2018 3:41 am

Scientists have long known that it is possible to achieve a desired effect in certain biological processes by introducing nitric oxide from outside the body in specifically chosen concentrations.

Tiger count in Telangana, Tiger census, Telangana Tiger population, Tigers in India, Tiger population in India, Wildlife Conservation in India, Indian Express
January 29, 2018 12:28 am

The study has suggested the installation of mitigation structures — under- and over-passes for wildlife to pass — before roads are built or widened.

January 29, 2018 12:15 am

What happens at the meeting of the Fed’s Open Market Committee on January 31 will matter to the Indian economy almost as much as Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s Budget on February 1.

January 26, 2018 12:41 pm

What is the Rajput ‘army’ that can defy the Supreme Court and bring state governments to their knees over a film? Why are they angry, and why are both the Rajasthan BJP and Congress wary of taking them on? The Indian Express explains

January 26, 2018 12:42 pm

The absence of a single authority often translates into an absence of accountability. Basics like sanitation, roads, housing, and even parking, suffer. And every once in a while, a tragedy like Bawana happens.

January 26, 2018 12:41 pm

The tensions between religion and science which Satya Pal Singh has tried to ignite have a long history.

ASEAN, Republic Day, Davos, WEF, Act East policy, india economy, Indian Express
January 26, 2018 8:43 am

From the unsure engagement of 40 years ago to Prime Minister Modi’s decisive shift to ‘Act East’, India-ASEAN relations have come a long way. An important chapter in the emergence of a shared trade and geostrategic vision will unfold over today and tomorrow.

Fifth Column: Broken promises
January 24, 2018 7:46 am

What is this refinery, and the political tug-of-war around it?

S K Murmu was hit by a sniper fire from across the LoC in Tangdhar sector in Kupwara district. (Representational)
January 24, 2018 7:42 am

Violations of the 2003 ceasefire on the Line of Control and exchange of fire along the International Border, which spiked sharply around the middle of November, have now resulted in more casualties on both sides — among civilians and in the two militaries — than at any other time in the last 14 years.

January 24, 2018 7:45 am

Four-and-a-half years after Yasin Bhatkal was picked up, Delhi Police Monday announced the arrest of Touqeer, ‘Phantom’ of the IM. The Indian Express profiles India’s first homegrown terrorist outfit

Bellandur fire in Bengaluru
January 23, 2018 1:17 am

Smoke on the water, flames in the foam — The Indian Express describes the extraordinary harm chemical pollutants, thoughtless development, and a builder-politician nexus can do to lakes

January 23, 2018 1:18 am

Narendra Modi will address the World Economic Forum today, the first speech by an Indian Prime Minister in Davos since H D Deve Gowda’s in 1997. India and the world were very different places back then. What are the similarities and differences in their situations separated by over two decades?

jobs, private sector jobs, private sector, freelance jobs, freelancing, contract jobs, temporary jobs, indian express, education news, c-suite jobs
January 22, 2018 9:47 am

The study does not provide the full picture of the country’s jobs situation, as the big unorganised sector — which was impacted severely by demonetisation and the implementation of GST — remains uncaptured.

Doklam, Doklam standoff, Doklam crisis, india china, sikkim standoff, chinese border, china economy, indian army, bhutan GDP, modi, indian express, opinion
January 22, 2018 6:39 am

It has been assessed that the Chinese had reached seven steps on their 10-step escalatory ladder in Doklam; it is important that India addresses Doklam’s diplomatic fallouts expeditiously.

January 20, 2018 10:43 am

One of the earliest cases was in 1953. The EC had to decide whether MLAs of the Vindhya Pradesh Assembly should be disqualified for appointment as members of the district advisory council

January 19, 2018 8:17 am

What explains this sudden drop? Why is it that while there’s little to separate the genders while in school, the girls seem less prepared for real-world situations?

January 19, 2018 8:17 am

A Bench of Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra and Justice A M Khanwilkar and Justice D Y Chandrachud heard — and participated in — a discussion on films, books and plays that have triggered controversy in the past.

January 18, 2018 8:36 am

Thirty-two of the world’s 100 most dense cities are in India.

January 18, 2018 8:37 am

The e-way bill system, now being tried out by 10 states, becomes mandatory from February 1. What is this system, how will it work?

January 18, 2018 8:38 am

In 2007, I-T accused Pune businessman Hasan Ali Khan of dodging taxes of Rs 34,000 crore. Only a tiny fraction of that claim has been confirmed. Khan has now asked for a quick trial pleading he is grievously ill.

Supreme court, Sc judges crisis, SC judges meet, Dipak misra, CJI, Supreme court CJI crisis, CJI dipak Mishra, Supreme court senior judge, Justice Chelameswar, Justice Ranjan Gogoi, Kurian Joseph, powers of CJI,
January 17, 2018 9:42 am

What makes top Supreme Court judges expressing dissatisfaction with procedures, including how vital cases are being allocated, a key moment.