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Explained: How the new handball rule could have helped Manchester City

The laws of the game specifically state that 'handling the ball involves a deliberate act of a player making contact with the ball with the hand or arm'.

Explained: Rise and fall of private airlines

The troubles that grounded Jet Airways have taken down several private players in Indian aviation earlier. A short history of hope and distress in a highly competitive market over the last 30 years

Recalling the 2004 Supreme Court order that EC invoked in NaMo TV case

The EC had said last week that the Chief Electoral Officer of Delhi had “confirmed... that there has not been any pre-certification of the content being displayed on NaMo TV/ Content TV”.

Fact Check: Before ‘Oumuamua visit, did an interstellar object hit Earth?

Oumuamua was the first known object from outside the Solar System to do a fly-by of Earth.

Explained: Why Sudan is on the boil

For the past four months, Sudan has been rocked by countrywide protests, leading to a military intervention last week which ejected Bashir from power, thereby ending his brutal 30-year rule. The protests have earned praise for employing peaceful methods.

Five things to look for in Mueller’s Trump-Russia report

Barr on March 24 sent a four-page letter to lawmakers detailing Mueller's "principal conclusions" including that the 22-month probe did not establish that President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign team conspired with Russia.

Explained: The case against BJP candidate Sadhvi Pragya

BJP’s Bhopal candidate is facing trial under terror charges for the Malegaon 2008 attack in which 6 people were killed. She has also figured in investigations into several other cases of alleged Hindutva extremism.

Exit Ayodhya architects, enter new-age Hindutva

The choice of Sadhvi Pragya is an attempt by the BJP to consolidate its core Hindutva base by lending its support to a person it believes is the “victim” of the Congress-led UPA’s plot to script a narrative of “Hindu terror.”

Explained: Caught in London, is Julian Assange headed to the US to face trial now?

Supporters hail Assange as a free-speech icon who has invited the wrath of a vengeful US for exposing misdeeds that have embarrassed the superpower. They fear he will be sent to that country to face trial and will probably be punished for his heroism.

Telling Numbers: In three decades, one in five Indians will be aged 60 yrs or more

With life expectancy growing, an ageing population has become a worldwide trend, and older persons make up a growing share of the population in virtually every country.

Tip for Reading List: The Novel That Lifted Notre Dame

Various editions of Victor Hugo’s novel, published in 1831, were occupying five of the top-10 positions, including first and second, in the Amazon France bestseller list on Wednesday evening.

Explained: What Supreme Court said on petition to disqualify tainted candidates

In September 2018, a five-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court said that it was not within its powers to disqualify politicians facing criminal cases from contesting elections.