Friday, Dec 19, 2014
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PK review: What keeps this movie afloat is Aamir Khan

PK review: Aamir Khan plays PK not only to his strengths, but adds something new: we’ve seen his earnestness several times before, but not artlessness.

December 12, 20146:12 pm

Amelia lost her husband while on way to hospital to deliver Samuel. She loves him but, seven years later, still hasn't got around to giving him a birthday party.

December 12, 20145:06 pm

And so it ends. After five films, 13 years and at least 17 Academy awards, the tale of Middle Earth on the big screen has drawn to a close.

December 12, 20147:10 pm

Lingaa movie review: Like all his films, it is basically three hours of Rajini Saar doing his thing. And it is three hours of full-on 'masti' and 'mazaa'.

December 12, 20143:07 pm

A father gives up his life, a son is left moping, and a mother constantly crying. The ‘kabaddi boys’ are more ‘men’, and the treatment makes it banal and dull.

December 12, 201410:19 am

Main Aur Mr Riight Review: Varun Sobti gets the hungry-actor look right, but the smiley Shenaz Treasurywala needed to be deeper.

December 5, 20146:22 pm

A RECENTLY departed father, an unstoppable mother, four middlingly successful children, their neighbourhood past flings and one week at the family home.

December 5, 20145:45 pm

Ridley Scott's Exodus is as epic in scale as the director likes them, with horses, swords and men in togas.

December 5, 20142:36 pm

'Sulemani Keeda' gives us a couple of struggling script-writers that makes us smile. But the film takes the 'slacker' part of its title (slacker comedy) a bit too seriously.

December 7, 201411:02 am

‘Bhopal : A Prayer For Rain’ plays out like a much-delayed requiem for the thousands that were killed and maimed that night.

December 7, 20143:33 pm

Action Jackson movie review: Ajay Devgn doesn’t need to stoop this low: so what if he can't dance, he can keep a straight face while delivering a joke.

November 28, 20146:49 pm

There are a lot of risque jokes, plenty of abusive language and a plot that seems suspiciously like it was made up as the film went along.

November 28, 20146:45 pm

We know how it's all going to end, and perhaps even how it's all going to start. Still it's one of those films which -- even if by commercial design, to milk the maximum out of a successful franchise -- takes a pause to give you an idea of what lies in the interrgenum.

November 28, 20146:27 pm

Zed Plus turns out to be a mildly engaging but overall patchy attempt at political satire from the man who gave us the memorable Doordarshan serial Chanakya.

November 30, 20146:59 pm

Ungli is empty, and left me collecting my jaw from the floor, where it lay through the film.

November 21, 20148:50 pm

Even if the story was a little better, there is something quite pathetic about wrinkled, greying men on the wrong side of 40 behaving like their selves from the right side of 20.

November 21, 20148:45 pm

This is far from Fuqua's own Training Day and Washington's other impressive body of work, but The Equalizer is a good reminder of what we may be missing.

November 21, 20142:06 pm

'Happy Ending' piles up many more as it goes along, making the film a series of been-here, seen-this moments, and a wasted opportunity.

November 14, 20146:57 pm

Boyhood could very well have been called Girlhood. But it may be no coincidence that Linklater went with the first name.

November 18, 20149:53 am

Kill Dil movie review: This isn't one of those films that slides after a promising start. This begins badly, plods away the way it began, and ends worse.

November 14, 201411:15 am

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but there is little to recommend this fairytale told countless times before.

November 7, 20144:32 pm

'Nightcrawler' is no 'Taxi Driver', and Lou while a reflection of our full and empty times isn't really a product of it.

November 7, 20145:33 pm

'Interstellar' has everything - an Earth-bound story of loss and longing, a space-bound story of endeavour and enterprise, and even an audience-bound message of preserving our planet.

November 7, 20145:26 pm

The Shaukeens movie review: Three dirty old men 'leching' at a pretty young thing is what ‘The Shaukeens’ sets out to show.

November 7, 201412:52 pm

‘Rang Rasiya’ feels like a choppy costume drama marred by false notes and static ‘acting’ .

November 1, 20142:45 am

The story is about three estranged friends, who also happen to be filmmakers, being approached by a younger filmmaker to meet a producer, who has agreed to finance the portmanteau film.

November 1, 20142:39 am
Brad Pitt

Pitt is taking up from where he let off in Inglourious Basterds, without that film’s delicious touch of irony.

November 1, 20142:26 am

The beauty of Gone Girl was how it made it all seem plausible when suddenly it didn't.

October 31, 20145:19 pm

There are patches which feel well –observed, especially when they are based in Mumbai’s swish spots—pretty people talking about London flats, and well-attired investment bankers in their offices with a view.

October 31, 20146:23 pm

Movie Review Super Nani - Within a second of the film starting, I was clutching my ears, looking for something to stuff them with.

October 26, 20142:50 pm

At nearly three hours, ‘Happy New Year’ is a long showreel of what Khan the director and Shah Rukh Khan the superstar can do, which is this : put on display rippling eight ( or is it twelve?) packs whenever you get the chance.

October 17, 20148:07 pm

By the time a government report came out confirming Webb's story, the film notes, it was lost in the excitement surrounding the President Clinton-Monica Lewinsky affair.

October 17, 20148:09 pm

When reminded of his avarice, Hank notes, "Everyone wants an Atticus Finch till there's a dead prostitute in the tub." Deep? Still trying to figure out that one.

October 17, 20148:10 pm

There was a time when Cameron Diaz would have breezed through this role. There was a time when Jason Segel could have winged it with her.

October 17, 20147:57 pm

Rhea tries for perkiness but comes off as a weak link, her foul-mouthedness is more forced than natural. Anupam Kher is over-the-top.

October 10, 20147:42 pm

"GOD works in mysterious ways," says Chloe (Thomson) right at the beginning of Left Behind. Indeed. Otherwise what explains this dud of a film.

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