Friday, Aug 01, 2014
In 2012 came '21, Jump Street' was based on a late 80s cop show. (Source: Reuters)
22 Jump Street movie review

In the end, the problem with doing the same thing, however ironically served up, takes the film down.

August 1, 20144:27 pm

Besson's first action film in a long time -- shot in his familiar hyperkinetic style -- is more fictional science than science fiction.

July 31, 20144:41 pm

Hercules would be little more than a series of wars and body pile-ups strung together -- even if Ratner does manage to surprise once in a while.

July 25, 20143:45 pm

This may be the best work from director Wes Anderson.

July 25, 20145:24 pm

“We know that a Salman film is created solely to display his ‘andaaz’ designed to send his fans into a swoon.”

July 18, 20146:23 pm

Begin Again is almost hopeless in the cliched characters and story plots it trots out.

July 19, 20149:07 am

The sequel of the 2012 ‘Hate Story’ gives us a new vengeful woman. She’s been wronged by, who else, a man. And she will stop at nothing to get back at him.

July 18, 20142:27 pm

So here’s finance whiz Amit Sahni ( Das) telling us what he likes in his ideal girl

July 18, 20141:20 pm

A remake of the surprise Tamil hit of the same name, the film proves a point. That successful horror doesn't need stars, it needs a solid script, and atmospherics.

July 18, 20141:04 pm

Age and a lifetime have no place in an animation, even though Up spared both a thought.

July 11, 20146:06 pm

"TELL me," whispers one human to another in the film, "doesn't the ape make your stomach crawl?" That question, my friend, is directed at you.

July 11, 20141:20 pm

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania review: The film scores with its likeable lead pair. Varun Dhawan still has raw edges, Alia Bhatt is vibrant and fresh.

July 4, 20145:06 pm

The film is faithful to a fault from the dialogues to the clothes, the setting and the food, even while skipping over some of the unpleasant details.

July 4, 20148:23 pm

The leads are enthusiastic but inept, though the girl has a little more promise than the boy.

July 5, 20149:37 am

Bobby Jasoos review: It works till the time Vidya Balan gets to lead from the front: the courtship with her reluctant suitor is one of the high points of the film.

June 30, 201412:14 pm

Ek Villain movie review: Sidharth Malhotra is watchable, he just seems so nice and wholesome all the time. It is Riteish Deshmukh who sweeps the stakes.

June 27, 201412:58 pm

In this one, a robotics inventor ( Wahlberg) in rural Texas picks up a battered truck hoping to trade it in.

June 20, 20143:45 pm

This film should have been called The Social Network Part 2. Or Twitter. Or Vine. Or, even, Facebook.

June 20, 20143:45 pm

The long-drawn out ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka is the backdrop of this tale of an unlikely couple, ‘With You, Without You’.

June 21, 20143:41 pm

Movie Review Humshakals: From past experience, you have to go into a Sajid Khan film wondering just how much of a dip there can be from the previous ones.

June 13, 20145:20 pm

Repeat director DeBlois and repeat cast of Baruchel, Butler and Ferrera place hardly a foot wrong in stepping up this Vikings and Dragons story.

June 13, 20145:08 pm

It is to Grace of Monaco's credit that it takes a chance with the amount of time it devotes to old men smoking.

June 13, 20148:54 pm

Movie Review 'Fugly': It begins with a hint of promise, and it could have gone down some paths less travelled. But it meanders, and loses its way.

June 7, 20141:40 am

It is a fascinating double portrait, and Prachi’s is the fresher voice because we don’t hear it, nor see her face reflected in the mass media.

June 7, 20141:36 am

Based on Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill, Edge of Tomorrow has just the right cast both in front of and behind the camera, who play to their strengths and have fun with their weaknesses.

June 6, 20144:44 pm

Edge of Tomorrow has just the right cast both in front of and behind the camera, who play to their strengths and have fun with their weaknesses.

June 8, 20143:14 pm

On the face of it, Ruhi Singh and Prachi Trivedi have nothing in common.

June 6, 20144:51 pm

Filmistaan movie review: There are a few enjoyable moments in the movie, but the potential is never fully realized.

June 7, 201410:09 am

Holiday: A Soldier Is Never Off Duty movie review: Akshay can still deliver a perfect roundhouse kick but he has been looking his age for a while now.

May 30, 20146:39 pm

There is absolutely nothing in Blended that you haven't seen before.

May 30, 20146:32 pm

Maleficent is Disney's version of the evil fairy of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, who cursed the princess to death-like sleep.

May 31, 20141:52 pm

Movie Review: Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi is a territory, stretched out to accommodate a film.

May 31, 20141:51 pm

Movie Review Citylight: The songs nearly ruined the film for me, but ‘Citylights’ gives us pause. And an actor who makes us believe, all the way.

May 23, 20146:39 pm

Boy looks at girl. Boy falls for girl. Girl's father growls. Boy scowls. Girl howls. And I'm left sobbing into my popcorn.

May 23, 20146:39 pm

Here is a film that not only underlines how "humanity has always feared someone different from it".

May 24, 20141:21 pm

Kochadaiiyaan movie review: Even Rajinikanth, the one and the only, can't pick up a film and run with it, if it has the oldest, creakiest plots cobbled together from many books.

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