Friday, Jan 30, 2015
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Khamoshiyan movie review: It does exactly what you expect

A lonely cottage, a beautiful girl, a fresh-faced fellow wrapped in a bunch of sufi-suffused songs which have already captured the airwaves.

January 30, 20154:22 pm

For a film that is about the joy of flying, ‘Hawaizaade’ fails to take off from frame one, failing to sprout any wings.

January 23, 20155:20 pm

The story is predictable, the jokes flat, and the action put there because, well, you can’t very well have a heist otherwise.

January 24, 20151:51 pm
Dolly Ki Doli

Sonam Kapoor is in almost every frame, and should have filled them all. But the treatment of the character shows up her limitations.

January 24, 20154:39 pm

Baby movie review: This is Akshay’s most credible performance in a long time, and reminds us the actor he can be.

January 17, 20159:31 am

A movie based on a childhood favourite book can usually never measure up.

January 16, 20158:15 pm

The film tells Turing's life in three chapters, which run parallel to each other.

January 16, 20157:34 pm

Without getting into the politics of this, Eastwood tells a straight-from-the-hip story of this sniper over four tours of war-torn Iraq.

January 16, 20155:55 pm

It gives us a close look at the withering away of Hawking's body under motor neuron disease or Lou Gehrig's disease.

January 16, 20153:43 pm
Crazy Cukkad

'Crazy Cukkad Family' promises a lot of fun cock-a-doodle-do, but delivers much too much cockamamie, instead.

January 19, 201510:10 am
Alone Movie review, Alone Bipasha, Alone review, Alone film review, Alone movie, Karan Singh Grover

Bipasha Basu starrer quickly becomes a tussle between the scenes that want you to be scared and the sequences where you are supposed to slurp at all the eye candy.

January 16, 201512:15 pm

'Aambala', which directly translates to masculine, is like film made by 'Singam' fame Hari Gopalakrishnan, who is known for making films with flying objects.

January 17, 20159:23 am

Eerily, Margaret also sees these eyes at times, randomly, on people she encounters in the midst of a painting spree.

January 9, 20156:01 pm

In Taken 3, Bryan Mills's (Neeson) ex-wife Lenore is found murdered with him holding the murder weapon.

January 11, 201511:30 am

Tevar review: It makes you a couple of promises : that it will be violent, vicious and crude; and that it will do nothing new.

January 2, 20156:32 pm

There are almost no heroes in this chapter of the war treated mostly as a postscript.

January 2, 20156:31 pm

The only one who lends her fears a sympathetic ear is Harry (Irvine), a dashing pilot stationed off the island in the village.

January 2, 20153:52 pm

Joy Sengupta is one of those dads who is never satisfied. His son comes second in class and in a race, and his world comes crashing down.

December 26, 20142:55 pm

So dinosaurs have company in mythical demons, and Pompeii's volcano meets Camelot's swashbuckling Lancelot.

December 27, 201412:44 pm

'Ugly' film review: It takes that darkness to an extreme, even more so that his first, unreleased 'Paanch': a little girl goes missing, and what happens subsequently (and consequently) does not just flow from the fear and anguish.

December 22, 201410:22 am

PK review: Aamir Khan plays PK not only to his strengths, but adds something new: we’ve seen his earnestness several times before, but not artlessness.

December 12, 20146:12 pm

Amelia lost her husband while on way to hospital to deliver Samuel. She loves him but, seven years later, still hasn't got around to giving him a birthday party.

December 12, 20145:06 pm

And so it ends. After five films, 13 years and at least 17 Academy awards, the tale of Middle Earth on the big screen has drawn to a close.

December 12, 20147:10 pm

Lingaa movie review: Like all his films, it is basically three hours of Rajini Saar doing his thing. And it is three hours of full-on 'masti' and 'mazaa'.

December 12, 20143:07 pm

A father gives up his life, a son is left moping, and a mother constantly crying. The ‘kabaddi boys’ are more ‘men’, and the treatment makes it banal and dull.

December 12, 201410:19 am

Main Aur Mr Riight Review: Varun Sobti gets the hungry-actor look right, but the smiley Shenaz Treasurywala needed to be deeper.

December 5, 20146:22 pm

A RECENTLY departed father, an unstoppable mother, four middlingly successful children, their neighbourhood past flings and one week at the family home.

December 5, 20145:45 pm

Ridley Scott's Exodus is as epic in scale as the director likes them, with horses, swords and men in togas.

December 5, 20142:36 pm

'Sulemani Keeda' gives us a couple of struggling script-writers that makes us smile. But the film takes the 'slacker' part of its title (slacker comedy) a bit too seriously.

December 7, 201411:02 am

‘Bhopal : A Prayer For Rain’ plays out like a much-delayed requiem for the thousands that were killed and maimed that night.

December 7, 20143:33 pm

Action Jackson movie review: Ajay Devgn doesn’t need to stoop this low: so what if he can't dance, he can keep a straight face while delivering a joke.

November 28, 20146:49 pm

There are a lot of risque jokes, plenty of abusive language and a plot that seems suspiciously like it was made up as the film went along.

November 28, 20146:45 pm

We know how it's all going to end, and perhaps even how it's all going to start. Still it's one of those films which -- even if by commercial design, to milk the maximum out of a successful franchise -- takes a pause to give you an idea of what lies in the interrgenum.

November 28, 20146:27 pm

Zed Plus turns out to be a mildly engaging but overall patchy attempt at political satire from the man who gave us the memorable Doordarshan serial Chanakya.

November 30, 20146:59 pm

Ungli is empty, and left me collecting my jaw from the floor, where it lay through the film.

November 21, 20148:50 pm

Even if the story was a little better, there is something quite pathetic about wrinkled, greying men on the wrong side of 40 behaving like their selves from the right side of 20.

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