Sikkimese filmmaker Karma Takapa’s Ralang Road is about a series of coincidences on a regular foggy day

In a shocking turn of events, Bigg Boss 11 saw the elimination of Lucinda Nicholas. With the padosis Mehjabi Siddiqui, Sabyasachi Satpathy, Luv Tyagi and Lucinda Nicholas failing in their secret task, the housemates got the chance to evict one among them. The yoga instructor from Australia kept a low profile through the tenure of the show.

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Since her wedding to superstar Dharmendra in 1979, the one thing that veteran actor Hema Malini has strictly steered away from speaking about in public is her equation with her husband's children with his first wife. She breaks her silence in her biography - Beyond Dream Girl.


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Even as the govt is making efforts to make Aadhaar mandatory for schemes and services, experts say that it is necessary put in place safeguards such as secure data security system for a successful unique identity programme.

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After Einstein's prediction and LIGO's detection, 16-nation European Southern Observatory announces first direct visual identification of the source of a gravitational wave.

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Scientists have developed an ultra-sensitive camera that mimics the eye of the mantis shrimp and can potentially improve early cancer detection.

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Vadodara: Man stabs neighbour to death over Rs 100, nabbed by police
Vadodara: Man stabs neighbour to death over Rs 100, nabbed by police

The accused, Nazim Pathan (35), stabbed the deceased Manhar Variyani (57) multiple times with a sharp weapon, police informed. 

Vadodara Techie held for online laptop fraud
Vadodara Techie held for online laptop fraud

Police said that the accused used to purchase old laptops online, format them and install latest software and post an ad for selling them on the same site

Woman gangraped by auto drivers in Vadodara

A 25 year-old woman from Maharashtra was allegedly gangraped by two auto drivers near the railway station area in Vadodara