Thursday, Oct 02, 2014
October 2, 20146:12 pm

The Gujarat Vidyapith had objected to images of Sudarshan Chakra and conch on the cover of the reprints.

October 2, 20145:33 pm

After the process of scrutiny and withdrawal, the list of candidates was finalised on Wednesday.

October 2, 20145:17 pm

Sminu has been lauded not just for her business acumen but her unrelenting efforts in making India accessible to all.

October 2, 20145:04 pm

There is not even a single geriatric specialist posted in the government hospitals in Chandigarh.

October 2, 20145:04 pm

Alok Ranjan, who confirmed receiving the letter from AWBI, assured to take steps.

October 2, 20145:01 pm

Sources said the three officers were on a maintenance sortie.

October 2, 20144:58 pm

The session was followed by the discussions with the Chandigarh Literary Society members and the audience.

October 2, 20144:30 pm

Last power tariff hike was announced in May 2013.

October 2, 20143:45 pm

Monika (21), who is a midfielder, started playing hockey in 2005 at Government School, Sector 44.

October 2, 20143:10 pm

At Nandanagar crossing, a few km from Gorakhpur junction, it was given the green signal.

October 2, 20143:00 pm

The Spice Traveller, a web-based show, by chef Saransh Goila cooks up a feast of Britain’s lesser-known food destinations

October 2, 20142:54 pm

Through the story of nurse Aruna Shanbaug, filmmaker Chetan Shah revisits the issue of passive euthanasia

October 2, 20142:52 pm

The lock of the room had to be broken to free the boy as the warden refused to hand over the key.

October 2, 20142:46 pm

The charkha hasn’t stopping spinning since Mahatma Gandhi advocated self-reliance. It continues to be a channel of peace, and sometimes a lesson in patience

October 2, 20142:43 pm

Shares place with IISc in the 276-300 bracket; last time, varsity was in the 226-250 bracket.

October 2, 20141:46 pm

At Screen Big Picture, Dia Mirza spoke about her early years as a actor and how the industry has started to respect women

October 2, 20141:35 pm

Tarun Tahiliani’s show for Sahachari had Mumbai celebrate like it’s the Nineties

October 2, 20141:29 pm

One of the largest public art projects near the Wagah border melds stories of migration, identity and harmony.

October 2, 201412:55 pm

The report also said that all her meals need to be carefully monitored.

October 2, 201412:47 pm

Directions have been sent to district presidents, councillors and MLAs to ensure cleanliness in their areas.

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