Saturday, Nov 01, 2014
November 1, 20149:47 am

In any other case, the rigorous imprisonment will not be less than three months and can be extended up to two years with fine.

November 1, 20149:56 am

As many as 1,82,000 jobs were created in these eight sectors including textiles, IT and automobiles during April to June 2014.

November 1, 201410:07 am

Mines Ministry has issued new guidelines on submission of applications for mineral concession proposals.

November 1, 20142:16 am

The Centre’s fiscal deficit in the April-September period crossed R4.38 lakh crore, or 82.6% of the full-year...

November 1, 20148:10 am

Petrol price was today cut by Rs 2.41 a litre, the sixth reduction since August, and diesel by Rs 2.25 per litre...

October 31, 20144:37 pm

Levying a wealth tax of 1.5 per cent on super rich could help attain the objective...

October 30, 201410:40 am

US Fed did reiterate its plan to maintain its benchmark short-term rate near zero 'for considerable time'.

October 30, 20144:31 am

Big labour reforms across the country are just a signature away...

October 30, 20144:27 am

India ranked a dismal 142 among the 189 countries surveyed for the latest (2015) World Bank’s...

October 30, 201411:44 am

In keeping with the pace it has gathered recently in implementing pending reform proposals...

October 29, 201410:07 pm

The unearthing of capital flight of "black" money Indians have allegedly stashed away in Swiss banks could add USD 30 billion...

October 29, 201410:00 pm

In a boost to cash-starved real estate industry, the Narendra Modi government today relaxed rules for FDI in...

October 29, 20143:32 pm

Drop in India's ranking because other nations performed much better, said World Bank.

October 29, 201412:36 pm

Nielsen survey shows concerns about economy and job prospects have eased globally from Q2.

October 29, 20142:03 am

SC slams Centre, tells it to list all with foreign accounts Slamming the government...

October 29, 20141:55 am

Private-sector power plants with a combined capacity of over 1 lakh MW, including plants of 36,500 MW...

October 27, 201410:57 am

Separate licences mooted for wire biz, supply to consumers.

October 26, 20142:55 pm

Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan plans to overhaul the exploration policy to attract investors.

October 25, 20142:09 pm

All’s not well with India’s PSU oil companies despite the spate of good news that greeted them recently like the diesel price...

October 24, 201410:18 pm

The government is aiming to improve India's ranking in ease of doing business index to 50th position in the next two years from the current 134th.

October 24, 20142:05 pm

India along with 20 other countries today signed an agreement to become founding members of the China-backed...

October 24, 20141:19 pm

New Delhi has asked WTO to amend the norms for calculating agriculture subsidies.

October 24, 201410:43 am

Puts spanner in govt’s plan for ARC to revive loss-makers

October 23, 201412:42 am

Banks, on their part, have held that their lending interests stand jeopardised by the latest judgement.

October 22, 201410:49 am

The Nokia workers’ union — the Nokia India Thozhilalar Sangam — fearing loss of further jobs at the Chennai plant...

October 22, 201410:45 am

India oil refiners’ payments to Iran, which continue to be stymied by sanctions on Tehran despite interim...

October 22, 20145:37 am

PM Modi called for complete synergy between the Digital India Mission, and the urban renewal mission.

October 21, 20141:57 pm

Even as Kerala government’s monopoly liquor distribution arm Bevco is busy downsizing its outlets...

October 21, 20146:05 am

The company's Ratnagiri plant gets gas from Reliance Industries' KG-D6 oil fields.

October 21, 20146:03 am
Coal India1

FM Arun Jaitley made clear the Centre’s intent to move towards denationalisation of commercial coal mining.

October 20, 20143:31 pm

The company's Ratnagiri plant gets gas from Reliance Industries' KG-D6 oil fields.

October 20, 20145:10 am

The country’s largest fuel retailer, IndianOil, operates over 23,900 pumps across the country.

October 20, 20142:02 am

Reviving agriculture and manufacturing is the new government’s key challenge.

October 20, 20141:08 am

Currently, India deals with black money and financial terrorism through several channels like the foreign tax division.

October 19, 20141:11 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday took bold steps to free the economy from the clutches of fuel subsidy by deregulating diesel and formalising the price formula for natural gas. 1. The diesel price stands deregulated to allow it to move as per market conditions, just like petrol. 2. There will be an immediate respite […]

October 19, 201412:32 pm

Latest data from the IMF show that Indian economy is set to be worth USD 2.05 trillion this year, increasing its size from USD 1.88 trillion in 2013.

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