Friday, Aug 22, 2014
August 22, 20142:06 pm

If confirmed, Subramanian's appointment will bring a second economist of international renown after Rajan.

August 22, 20145:20 am

Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Thursday made a strong case for lower taxes.

August 22, 20145:18 am

The 69th round of NSSO shows 66% of rural households had a pucca structure in 2012.

August 22, 20145:12 am

The decision of the government is reduction in diesel subsidy by 50 paise per month.

August 22, 20145:09 am

FDI is banned in multi-brand retail and the same applies to e-commerce also,” Nirmala Sitharaman said.

August 21, 201411:51 pm

Between fiscals 2009 and 2014, India's energy import bill surged at an average 14 per cent annually.

August 21, 201411:47 pm

In its annual report for 2013-14, RBI said monsoon will not have a debilitating impact on the economy.

August 21, 201411:04 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted a clutch of infrastructure projects including a metro for Nagpur.

August 21, 20143:57 pm

Arun Jaitley's comments follow launch of an investigation into Syndicate Bank MD bribery case.

August 21, 20145:40 am
At the Forex market, Indian rupee commenced at 61.06 but declined to a low of 61.15.

Currently, the state VAT applies to traders with a turnover above Rs 10 lakh in the case of most states

August 21, 20145:35 am

West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and MP have slashed the value-added tax on ATF.

August 19, 20143:20 pm

A July 23 notification has taken away Delhi ACB's power to prove central govt employees in graft cases.

August 16, 20142:52 pm

Finance Minister says current situation has to be reversed to achieve sustainable GDP expansion.

August 16, 201411:51 am

While unveiling his vision for economy, PM Narendra Modi promised to take through many of...

August 15, 201412:43 am

Rajan, specifically cited policy changes like the quantitative easing by the US.

August 14, 20145:21 pm

In June, wholesale prices rose 5.43 per cent year-on-year, their slowest pace in four months.

August 12, 20149:26 pm

Projecting a better growth outlook for India, global rating agency Moody's...

August 12, 20142:56 pm
Seasonal showers were trailing the benchmark average by 24% until July 25, picking up pace since July 10 when the deficit was 43%, according to the data by the India Meteorological Department.

Jitendra Singh said there was no scientific evidence of a drought this year.

August 12, 201410:34 am

India's industrial output is expected to expand for a third straight month in June.

August 12, 201410:26 am

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled visit to Washington in late September.

August 12, 201410:21 am

Sources said the ministry has listed out the changes in PSC norms for pre-NELP & NELP blocks in a note.

August 11, 20142:25 pm

Economists also predict that July inflation would be almost unchanged from a month earlier.

August 11, 20149:01 am

GAARs are intended to prevent businesses from reducing tax liability through legal loopholes.

August 11, 20148:52 am

Some of the changes to the SEZ scheme may be announced in the forthcoming foreign trade policy.

August 11, 20149:04 am

The Reserve Bank of India is planning to relax the restrictions under FEMA.

August 11, 20141:31 am

In December 2013, under Sharma, former commerce and industry minister, the Bali package was negotiated.

August 11, 201411:16 am

Lengthy registration processes and burdensome stamp duties could hinder the establishment of I-REITs.

August 8, 20142:47 pm

Just like his predecessor, PM Modi has imposed export curbs and cracked down on hoarding.

August 8, 201410:12 am

Chances are poor monsoon will not affect food inflation levels in any serious manner.

August 8, 201410:09 am

Rice levels at -2.9%, wheat -10.3%; Article 18.4 allows inflation-adjustment.

August 8, 201410:05 am

According to FY15 Budget, a total of Rs 7.8 lakh crore is to be transferred to states from the Centre.

August 7, 20149:00 pm

Ratan Tata had said on Wednesday there were no signs of industrial development in West Bengal.

August 7, 20149:35 am

Finance ministry is set to immediately release about Rs 25,000 crore to the states to make good their past losses on central sales tax (CST) revenue.

August 7, 20149:24 am

Still not much sign of industrial development in West Bengal, says Ratan Tata.

August 6, 20143:53 pm

HSBC Emerging Markets Index, a monthly indicator derived from PMI surveys, stood at 51.7 in July.

August 6, 20141:06 pm

Road ministry wants green clearances for road construction in areas up to 100 kms to be automatic.

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