Wednesday, Mar 04, 2015
February 23, 20151:37 pm
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For the first time in India, a financial sector regulator has had a police complaint filed against it on criminal charges.

February 22, 20152:34 am

The strike, if it goes through, would impact crucial fund transfers during the time of the presentation of the Union Budget 2015- 16 on February 28.

February 22, 20152:26 am

Rising NPAs: 11.6% of loan portfolios are considered stressed assets.

February 20, 20154:22 pm
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Banks readily borrow from RBI at the policy rate but then lend that money out at a high rate...

February 17, 20153:16 am

SBI said infrastructure financing is important in order to take the country forward on the economic front.

February 14, 20151:07 am

SBI chairperson Bhattacharya said that SBI is not facing any major scramble for loan restructuring ahead of the bank’s deadline

January 31, 20152:49 am

The Minister of state for finance said that banks must evolve business strategies and models as the economy grows.

January 31, 20154:23 am
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Biggest ever disinvestment, exceeds previous record of R15K cr made by CIL in 2010.

January 31, 20151:31 am

ICICI Bank MD Chanda Kochhar said the bank's fresh slippages stood at Rs 2,279 crore in third quarter.

January 25, 20151:52 am

99.74 per cent of all households in the country are now covered under the Jan Dhan scheme.

January 24, 20153:05 am

During the year-ago period, collection stood at R4.8 lakh crore.

January 24, 20152:58 am

The previous life-time high was $320.79 billion, way back in the week ended September 2, 2011.

January 19, 20151:31 am

While the legal hurdles for ECB to act are clear, the main opposition comes from Germany

January 18, 20152:58 pm

HDFC Bank is the lone Indian entity among the world’s 50 most valued lenders in 2014 with a market capitalisation...

January 18, 20151:33 am

The RBI governor defended his decision not to lower interest rates at his last monetary policy review.

January 18, 20151:16 am

Jaitley said the government wants to create better social security system for the labour force.

January 17, 20152:02 am

The move comes after the central bank last month permitted banks to recast infra project loans

January 11, 20152:35 am

It has been reported that the Govt of India may scale down their holdings in PSBs to 52 per cent.

January 4, 20151:16 am

The bankers were presenting a seven-point agenda to the Centre.

January 4, 20151:08 am

Staffers in these banks were sore at being ignored in the consultation process.

January 4, 201512:49 am
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Bankers’ Retreat: Stresses on the need for banks to fund infrastructure.

January 3, 20153:22 am

The Bill has provision of micro-credit, thrift pension collection, insurance and remittance of funds.

January 3, 20153:16 am

The radical recommendations have not gone down well with the department of expenditure in the Fin Min.

January 3, 20153:11 am

A separate holding company will help separate ownership and control in public sector banks.

January 3, 20153:03 am

Adhia admitted that although many committees had given their reports in the past, a concrete plan of action has not yet emerged.

January 2, 201510:00 pm

Gross non performing assets are now close to 4.5 per cent of total loans.

January 2, 20152:57 pm

Adhia also said that there was an urgent need for reforms in the psbs.

December 31, 20148:43 pm

For the first time, PSU banks will have a non-executive Chairman, giving operational responsibility to Managing Director and CEO.

December 31, 20143:08 pm

For the first time, PSU banks will have a non-executive Chairman, giving operational responsibility to Managing Director and CEO.

December 28, 20142:49 am

On farmers suicide, he said there was need to study this important and sensitive issue.

December 28, 20142:48 am

Earlier local taxi firms complained that Uber wasn't following India’s two-step verification for all e-comm transactions.

December 27, 20141:53 am

Acc to the Act, countries are required to sign agreement with the US for sharing of info related to US individuals & co.

December 15, 201412:53 pm

The Indian rupee slid further by 28 paise to 62.57 in late morning deals.

December 12, 20143:12 pm

The Reserve Bank of India will start talks with the government for an "appropriate timeline"...

December 6, 20143:26 am

At the end of the second quarter of the current fiscal, IBEL had assets of RUB 4.5 billion and paid-up equity capital of RUB 1.6 billion.

December 6, 20143:25 am

It has also decided to permit the facility of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) for the use of international cards at WLAs if the operator so decides to implement the DCC facility.