Tavleen Singh

Tavleen Singh

Tavleen Singh, a leading Columnist associated with The Indian Express. Find all Columns from Tavleen Singh here.

Is there a government in Kashmir?
Sun, Jun 25, 2017

Never before has a senior police officer been beaten to death in the way that Deputy Superintendent of Police Mohammed Ayub Pandith was outside Srinagar’s most important mosque last week. It really is time for Jammu Kashmir CM Mehbooba Mufti to be sacked.

Fifth column: A new India rises
Sun, Jun 18, 2017

What I found both fascinating and very scary was the extent of their hatred for those who subscribe to faiths that are not Indian in their origin.

Fifth column: Dangerous Smugness
Sun, Jun 11, 2017

It is true that some ministers have done reasonably well but not a single one of them so well as to explain the smugness that has settled over the Modi government.

Fifth Column: Summer in crazy town
Sun, Jun 04, 2017

Justice Mahesh Chandra Sharma gave several interviews last week on the day that he was retiring from the Rajasthan High Court. Not about the failure of our justice system to speed up the delivery of justice, but about his faith.

Fifth Column: Bad times ahead?
Sun, May 28, 2017

Why does Modi remain a ‘fascist’ monster in the eyes of such a large, vocal group of Indians?

Fifth Column: Three red flags
Sun, May 21, 2017

The third red flag I want to raise on this third anniversary is that there are no signs yet of the economic boom that people like me believed would happen as soon as Modi became Prime Minister.

Fifth Column: A media lynching
Sun, May 14, 2017

Arnab Goswami is breaking a journalistic rule that is definitely etched in stone.

Fifth column: Modernity or murder, Mr Modi?
Sun, May 07, 2017

It is hard to understand why a PM so passionate about making India a modern, digital, prosperous country has seemingly not noticed that hunting and killing Muslims on the pretext of cows and love jihad does not sit well with modernity.

Fifth Column: Why PM Narendra Modi continues to win
Sun, Apr 30, 2017

Every time a new electoral defeat happens, venerable opposition leaders say exactly the same thing they have been saying since the Modi era began.

Fifth column: A new jihad in Kashmir
Sun, Apr 23, 2017

So if peace is to be restored, what we need is a strategy for war.

Fifth column: Parivartan of the wrong kind
Sun, Apr 16, 2017

One of the reasons this column supported Modi was because he seemed to understand well the possibilities of creating millions of jobs through investment in tourism.

Fifth column: Is this Hindutva ?
Sun, Apr 09, 2017

If cow protection is their motive, why are they not rescuing cows abandoned in the streets of our cities?

Fifth column: Perverted privileges
Sun, Apr 02, 2017

At social gatherings, our honorable MPs behave like best friends and not political opponents.

Fifth Column: Hindus vs India
Sun, Mar 26, 2017

There is not a country ruled by religious men that allows normal human beings to go about the normal business of living joyfully, without the interference of morality policemen.

Winning was the easy part
Sun, Mar 19, 2017

With his uncanny knack for keeping his finger firmly on the pulse of Indian voters, he knows that what they really want is a different India.

Fifth column: Political pundits. Really?
Sun, Mar 12, 2017

In Gujarat in 2002, both Hindus and Muslims died, but we called it a pogrom and the demonisation of Narendra Modi began.

Fifth column: Anti-national nationalism
Sun, Mar 05, 2017

In India our political leaders have in 70 years of glorious independence not been able to provide the vast majority of our citizens with the most basic public services.

Fifth column: The cost of casteism
Sun, Feb 26, 2017

The Prime Minister is right when he says India cannot move forward until UP does. But forgets that in 2014, this state gave him the 73 seats he needed to get a full majority.

Fifth column: Sasikala goes to jail
Sun, Feb 19, 2017

Sasikala went only after trying to portray herself as a martyr.

Fifth column: Beyond black money
Sun, Feb 12, 2017

The fact that demonetisation was handled so inefficiently should tell the Prime Minister that administrative reforms are almost more important now than economic reforms.

Fifth column: A letter from rural India
Sun, Feb 05, 2017

On paper all kinds of anti-poverty schemes were available in the village, but had made little or no difference.

Fifth Column: Ballot box feudalism
Sun, Jan 29, 2017

Since the Prime Minister sees black money as one of our biggest problems, we must hope that in pursuance of his search for it, he will start inquiring into the finances of our political dynasties.

Fifth column: India’s eternal time warp
Sun, Jan 22, 2017

There were as many Indian participants at this year’s annual meeting of the World Economic Forum as there were Chinese, but nobody noticed India at all

Fifth column: Poverty, glorious poverty
Sun, Jan 15, 2017

The question we should all really be asking is why India remains one of the poorest countries in the world with such a profusion of leaders who love poor people.

Fifth column: Change at last?
Sun, Jan 08, 2017

The government of India is making tireless efforts to support those states who are doing well.

Happy new year?
Sun, Jan 01, 2017

Modi is lucky to have such an uninspiring bunch of opponents but he must remember that any one of them will defeat him if this year does not bring signs of real reform.

Fifth Column: Not right but wrong
Sun, Dec 25, 2016

The RSS has long been described as right-wing or, since the ascent of Donald Trump, the alt-right.

Rahul Gandhi’s moment
Sun, Dec 18, 2016

Rahul’s doting Mummyji continues to believe that her son will one day lead India.

Fifth Column: Murmurs of trouble
Sun, Dec 11, 2016

In his digital dreams Mr Modi sees a billion Indians becoming enthusiastic participants in a cashless economy in the near future.

Fifth column: Plastic patriotism
Sun, Dec 04, 2016

Nationalism and patriotism come naturally when they are not decreed by people arrogant enough to believe they have a right to dictate such things.

Fifth Column: Method or madness?
Sun, Nov 27, 2016

The consensus among opposition is that not only has PM Modi behaved like a power-crazed dictator, but he also has revealed himself for the first time to be a hopeless administrator.

Fifth Column: Black or white?
Sun, Nov 20, 2016

The truth is that even if every last little black rupee becomes shining and white, there is no guarantee that India will achieve her dreams of prosperity.

Fifth column: Lessons from America
Sun, Nov 13, 2016

We must hope that once he becomes President, a wiser, more serious man will emerge to enable him to tackle grim international problems that are complex and terrifying.

Fifth Column: A time to speak out
Sun, Nov 06, 2016

The violence we have seen in Kashmir in the past three months was never about Burhan Wani’s death, it was always about something uglier and more insidious, but we ignored it.

Fifth column: Happy Diwali
Tue, Nov 01, 2016

Retroactive taxation was the last nail in the economy’s coffin and one of the biggest mistakes of the Modi government was to not rid us of it in its first Budget.

Fifth column: Meaningless jingoism
Sun, Oct 23, 2016

It shamed me to watch Karan Johar appear on national television last week to plead abjectly for his film.