Surinder S. Jodhka

The writer is professor of sociology at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Because caste didn’t go away
Mon, Apr 24, 2017

An ‘upgraded’ National Commission for Backward Classes expands policy framework on caste, but it must also acknowledge its evolving nature

Lessons of 1984
Mon, Nov 10, 2014

The violence must not be divorced from the larger context of that time.

Gurdwara as arena
Mon, Aug 04, 2014

HSGPC is a response to perceptions of SAD dominance over the SGPC.

Diversify this
Mon, Jun 02, 2014

The question of representation should not be reduced to one religious minority.

The purposes of ‘tradition’
Mon, Oct 15, 2012

Khaps are a cover for the crisis of patriarchal authority in northwest India