Suhas Palshikar

The writer taught political science at Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, and is chief editor of 'Studies in Indian Politics'.

The Karnataka lesson
Wed, May 16, 2018

For BJP, reliance on PM could become a limitation. For Congress, electoral discourse must go beyond identities

Citizenship rights, not burka
Sat, Mar 24, 2018

Why the Harsh Mander-Ramachandra Guha debate must continue — and expand.

Gorakhpur to Delhi
Fri, Mar 16, 2018

BJP’s Opposition has scored a moral victory. Much hard work is needed to turn it into material success

Discontent powers vote for change
Mon, Mar 05, 2018

The Northeast verdict indicates a major shift in the nature and structure of the politics of Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland. The coming polls in MP, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan will, however, present a different set of challenges — fighting anti-incumbency, the BJP will be defending rather than attacking.

A general overstepping
Wed, Mar 07, 2018

Army Chief’s statements on the Northeast are problematic in terms of prudence, politics, principle.

Do we want to keep the Republic?
Fri, Jan 26, 2018

Creating it was an act of audacity. Maintaining it is proving to be a daunting task

Caste adrift
Thu, Jan 04, 2018

Violence at Pune, Mumbai speaks of distorted political economy, communities failed by political leaderships

Decoding the BJP’s victories: Trends of continuity with some significant change
Tue, Dec 19, 2017

BJP has gained in voteshare, widened its base among Dalits and even Muslims — but it has lost seats. The Congress has gained seats, but it has retreated among traditional supporters and the poor.

Lampooning Rahul
Fri, Dec 08, 2017

It speaks about the new Congress president. It also mirrors the level of politics, issues at stake

Polls apart
Fri, Nov 24, 2017

The proposal for simultaneous elections goes against basic principles of the parliamentary system and the Indian Constitution.

The mandate, the mirror
Tue, Oct 10, 2017

The first past the post system has served India well. Arguments for change must tread carefully.

Where freedom has gone
Mon, Aug 21, 2017

As a society and as individuals, we are quick to succumb to the temptation of being unfree.

Tank or no tank
Thu, Jul 27, 2017

People, including students, do trust the armed forces. But JNU VC’s suggestion should concern us all. The broader debate may be imagined as consisting of two parts. One concerns the idea of nationalism, the other concerns the idea of the university.

A vacuum in the Valley
Wed, Jul 12, 2017

If Kashmiriyat wanes, what could take its place? Amarnath yatra attack raises a grim spectre.

If the fury fragments
Mon, Jun 19, 2017

Farmers’ protests threaten the BJP’s rise. But local character, lack of ideological vision limit their potential.

The Hindi imposition
Thu, May 04, 2017

Making its dominance official disregards history, does disservice to the cause of promoting the language

After the meteoric rise
Thu, Apr 20, 2017

... must come sustained groundwork. But AAP is stuck in an excess of rhetoric, contradictions

When BJP equals Congress
Fri, Mar 31, 2017

That a party can induct anyone, and that anyone can join any party, speaks of a crisis of the polity

BJP versus who
Sat, Feb 25, 2017

Maharashtra civic elections signal a deeper restructuring of political competition in the state

‘BJP win not surprising, NCP didn’t have much of a chance anyway’
Fri, Feb 24, 2017

While we may have a difference of opinion on people like him, he would have brought in a lot of resources for the party.