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Shailaja Bajpai

Shailaja Bajpai has been writing about television since 1984. "Far too long," in her own words. But she has also watched it change, grow, grow and grow into what is today... the elephant in the room and any conversation on any subject. In her case, it would be true to say that you have to pay her to watch television!

Telescope: Only navel-gazing
Thu, Feb 22, 2018

Indian TV needs to look out at the world more, be less insular.

Telescope: A lack of entertainment
Thu, Feb 15, 2018

TV is falling behind the streaming services.

TOP of the class
Thu, Feb 08, 2018

In Parliament and outside, the PM remains the consummate campaigner

Telescope: It happened in Kasganj
Thu, Feb 01, 2018

Hindi channels’ coverage was more sober, balanced than that of English channels.

Telescope: PM Modi’s master class
Thu, Jan 25, 2018

But was he probed well enough in interviews last week?

Telescope: Judge, jury and prosecutor
Thu, Jan 18, 2018

News did what it does best during SC crisis — impugn motives, pass judgement

Telescope: No Oprahs in India
Thu, Jan 11, 2018

India’s TV shows are limited to voyeurism, myth and lazy formula.

Telescope: Believe it or not
Thu, Jan 04, 2018

In the last week, there was news on news TV

Telescope: What happened to Arvind Kejriwal?
Thu, Dec 28, 2017

IN 2017, Arvind Kejriwal’s place as the darling of the TV camera has been taken over by another Yogi, Adityanath. After he became UP CM in April, he has been the reigning king of Hindi news TV. PM Modi, beware.

Telescope: Are you serious? Rahul Gandhi isn’t, says Times Now, because he went to the movies
Thu, Dec 21, 2017

What “moral” right did RG have to watch a film, that too, Star Wars? Was it, perhaps, to learn from The Resistance a thing or two about defeating the First Order? Or is this an interest Modi and Rahul share?

Telescope: A wedding to the rescue
Thu, Dec 14, 2017

But for the Italy diversion, the Gujarat campaign was a grim sight.

Telescope: Blame it on Babur
Thu, Dec 07, 2017

For some, the demolition of the mosque was his fault. And Rahul is Aurangzeb.

Telescope: Secret mission of Ivanka Trump
Thu, Nov 30, 2017

News channels tracked the First Daughter’s visit, couldn’t figure out why .

Karni Sena, the new celebrity
Thu, Nov 23, 2017

Must TV channels give so much air time to the threat-throwing group?

Telescope: Yes to toilets, no to bedrooms
Thu, Nov 16, 2017

Question ahead of Gujarat polls: Isn’t Hardik Patel entitled to privacy?

Telescope: The fog on screen
Thu, Nov 09, 2017

One year ago, it was on TV that the prime minister took us all by surprise.

Telescope: A dog named Pidi
Thu, Nov 02, 2017

Everyone is talking about him. He’s bow-wowing viewers everywhere.

Telescope: Gabbar Singh returns
Thu, Oct 26, 2017

Rahul Gandhi in Gujarat and Rajasthan’s proposed ‘media gag’ got the channels interested.

Telescope: A tutorial for UPSC
Thu, Oct 19, 2017

A question for KBC: Why has current affairs replaced Bollywood on the show?

Telescope: Losing sight of the nukkad
Thu, Oct 12, 2017

Why can’t channels invite cinema’s finest, a la Kundan Shah, to make TV shows?

Telescope: Bleeping out b**f
Thu, Oct 05, 2017

Food shows are a feast for the eyes, even if they need a little bit of censoring.

Falling on deaf ears
Thu, Sep 28, 2017

Footage of women being harassed does nothing to shame the perpetrators.

Miles to go
Thu, Sep 21, 2017

Indian TV is not good enough to have an award of its own

Bashful Rahul Gandhi, feisty Nimki
Thu, Sep 14, 2017

Congress vice president could borrow some telegenic spunk.

Telescope: Asking the wrong questions
Thu, Sep 07, 2017

This is the moment, perhaps, to ask why India’s world ranking on press freedom is falling.

Telescope: One Baba, extra large
Fri, Sep 01, 2017

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh overshadowed the resolution at Doklam

Telescope: Prime time gaalis and golis
Fri, Aug 18, 2017

People’s real problems seldom make it to the evening gladiatorial contests.

Telescope: Making common cause
Thu, Aug 10, 2017

Varnika Kundu took on her stalker, united otherwise warring news channels

I say tomato
Thu, Aug 03, 2017

Most news channels ignore the vegetable, while Nitish turns a shade of red

Ladies at Lord’s
Thu, Jul 27, 2017

In the last few weeks, the women in blue have hit the men out of the TV headlines like Harman hit the ball out of the ground and Australia out of the Women’s Cricket World Cup and all the drama that went with that.

Telescope: At her expense
Thu, Jul 20, 2017

In the guise of entertainment and news, a lot of talking down to women. During the IIFA Awards, star scions of Bollywood guffawed at their own witticisms at the expense of Kangana Ranaut louder than the assembled audience.

Telescope: A yatra, a blind alley
Thu, Jul 13, 2017

After Amarnath attack, a question: Is it only politicians who play politics?

Shalom Namo’ste
Thu, Jul 06, 2017

Why can’t TV news simply say ‘Modi in Israel’?

The Modi-Trump meeting, in detail: 5 hours, 3 hugs, 2 handshakes
Thu, Jun 29, 2017

The Modi-Trump meeting, in detail: Not bad for two gentlemen whom we saw perched rather uncomfortably on the edge of their seats in the White House where Times Now had claimed they would meet for “5 hours, one to one”.

Patriotism games
Thu, Jun 22, 2017

India lost to Pakistan on the cricket field. But that’s not all

Telescope: Partial Views
Thu, Jun 15, 2017

Less coverage of issues like farmers’ protests makes these seem unimportant