Sunday, Dec 21, 2014

Pratik Kanjilal

The writer is Associate Editor.

The Lucknow Boy Returns
Sat, Dec 20, 2014

In the sequel to his autobiography, Vinod Mehta brings the world of the media to life with a refreshing lack of tact

ISRO GSLV launch: Breaking down news, To Each Their Own
Sun, Dec 21, 2014

Times Now, CNN-IBN, IBN7, NDTV, Headlines Today and Live India followed the event closely, using Doordarshan’s footage from Sriharikota.

Breaking down news: To Be or Not To Be
Sat, Dec 13, 2014

When conversion is in the reverse direction, it’s a homecoming, a wapasi to a prior and authentic state

In Fairy tales at Fifty, Upamanyu Chatterjee serves up characters who are cruel and vile
Sun, Dec 07, 2014

Fairy Tales at Fifty leads with the story of the pauper, Angulimala, a young runaway constantly in need of sexual conquest, which is incomplete if it does not end in murder.

Breaking down News: Bamboos of the Gods
Sat, Dec 06, 2014

Political histrionics and the case for ancient India’s scientific achievements

Breaking down news: Sites of Change
Sat, Nov 29, 2014

Technology is set to alter the human discourse and it’s billed as progress

Leila Seth’s new book talks of the need for speedy justice
Sun, Nov 23, 2014

Justice Leila Seth’s new collection of essays gently reminds that urgency was not a stranger to the UPA.

Breaking Down News: Code Masala
Sat, Nov 22, 2014

The Lutyens channels on Twitter are about fun and games, not news

Robert Serious, Come Quick
Sat, Nov 08, 2014

In the lull before Modi’s Varanasi visit, Vadra struck.

Breaking down news: Hands up
Sat, Nov 01, 2014

Black money has left everyone red in the face

Stacking the Odds: When was the last time the bookies got the Nobel right?
Sun, Oct 26, 2014

The last time the bookies got the Nobel right was in 2006 when Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk won.

Season’s Greetings
Sat, Oct 25, 2014

This Diwali, the PM went up north. Not since George Fernandes has a leader attracted so much attention with a Siachen visit.

Stormy Weather
Sat, Oct 18, 2014

With Hudhud failing to strike as hard as predicted, TV channels scrambled from coast to coast looking for a scoop.

Mirror Image
Sat, Oct 11, 2014

Indo-Pak conflict: Never before have civilians been targeted so aggressively.

Aye captain, nay Captain: In book publishing, piracy is still rampant
Sun, Oct 05, 2014

There’s a variety of devices and channels in the market, but piracy is still rampant, and it is accepted — by everyone other than publishers — as part of the landscape.

Cleanliness is Godliness?
Sat, Oct 04, 2014

From Madison Square Garden to Mandir Marg, Narendra Modi has made a clean sweep.

More Bizarre Than Usual
Sat, Sep 27, 2014

On TV, this was Narendra Modi Week, starting in Mars orbit and ending in NYC.

The Nation is Watching. So What?
Sat, Sep 20, 2014

Kolkata, police entered the campus of Jadavpur University and beat up students protesting for the safety of women.

Book review: Naseeruddin Shah’s autobiography is all about drugs, sex and acting
Wed, Sep 17, 2014

Naseeruddin Shah’s memoir is a blisteringly honest account of his life and the foibles of the creative community.

Sat, Sep 13, 2014

All of Kashmir is swarming with intrepid reporters.

EP Unny’s The Making of Fort Kochi is an easy to read history book
Sun, Sep 07, 2014

An ancient Greek text writes about a flourishing trade between Malabar and Europe in the time of Christ.

To Sir With…
Fri, Sep 05, 2014

The prime minister’s speech caps 100 days of the NDA government but how rehearsed was the Q&A?

What’s the Flight Plan?
Sat, Aug 30, 2014

On love jihad and the failure of airline journalism.

Book Review
U R Ananthamurthy: Against the Current
Mon, Aug 25, 2014

Pattabhi Rama Reddy’s rendering of Samskara launched the parallel cinema in Kannada.

Feeding Frenzy
Sat, Aug 23, 2014

The media is on a fairly strict, leak-free diet that puts an edge on hunger.

Labour Pains: The debate around workers and their rights in India
Sun, Aug 17, 2014

It is like India’s clock stopped in the 1960s, and even liberalisation was the echo of a chime from long ago.

Shelflite: Overwhelming Yuddham
Sat, Aug 16, 2014

Book: Odayan: Yuddham Authors: Suhas Sundar and Deepak Sharma Publishers: Pop Culture Publishing Pages: 92 Price: Rs 200 One of the joys of reading Suhas Sundar and Deepak Sharma’s sequel to Odayan, Yuddham, is the Kalaripayattu sequence between the protagonist, the anti-hero Odayan, and the man who hunts him, the assassin Ambuttan. In a revenge […]

Breaking down News: Dial P for Promise
Sat, Aug 16, 2014

When Mr Disintermediation chose to make direct contact with the audience, with no bulletproof glass or TV journalists intervening.

Listen to the Shahar
Sat, Aug 09, 2014

The city is a big, noisy place, and what began as a single-volume anthology has burgeoned into two.

Call of the Wild: The idea of India pervades the writings of Hugh Allen and Jim Corbett
Wed, Sep 17, 2014

Rupa Rainlight has reissued The Lonely Tiger (1960), the solitary book of Hugh Allen, David Davidar’s favourite shikar writer.

Conspiracy Theories
Sat, Jul 26, 2014

From airstrikes to airplane tragedies, newsrooms are inviting experts, if only to thram them.

Raise a Toast
Sat, Jul 19, 2014

When media goofs up, it looks silly but real life blunders can be in deadly earnest.

The Colour of Money: How does a financial system driven by Islamic scholars work?
Wed, Sep 17, 2014

Harris Irfan’s Heaven's Bankers (Constable & Robinson) is the first inside job on the rather opaque world of Islamic, Sharia-compliant finance.

The Gaga Newsreel
Sat, Jul 12, 2014

Housewives wanted stable market prices as always, one of them thought of the kitchens of the poor.

Trading @ Lightspeed
Sat, Jul 05, 2014

High frequency trading should be illegal, believes Michael Lewis. Ironically, it was born out of market regulation

The Surprise Package
Sat, Jul 05, 2014

In which Modi speaks English, Sai Baba is declared Muslim and Tapas Pal becomes world infamous in India.