Meghnad Desai

Meghnad Desai

Meghnad Desai loves to cook, watch and write about old Bollywood movies and shuttles between London, Delhi and Goa. He pursues controversies on economics, history and anything else which catches his attention. He is also a British parliamentarian sitting in the House of Lords. He has written over 25 books, over 200 articles in learned journals and hundreds of newspaper columns in UK and India.

Out of my mind: Self-goal heroes
Sun, Jul 24, 2016

Not just the Arunachal switch but the choice of Sheila Dikshit for the UP are warnings to the BJP.

Out of my mind: Changing guard
Sun, Jul 17, 2016

Over the centuries, the Conservative Party has upheld the existing order and resisted ideas of rapid change.

Out of my mind: Big gamble
Sun, Jul 10, 2016

The origins of the Brexit vote, indeed of the need to call the Referendum, lie in the recent past of the Conservative Party.

Out of my mind: Modi’s challenge
Sun, Jul 03, 2016

Modi has now recognised the challenge Swamy poses. He has moved to contain him. But this is not the end of the story, just the end of the beginning.

Out of my mind: Making history
Sun, Jun 26, 2016

The notion that joining a multi-country union is loss of independence is hard to credit. But ultimately that is the message the people have given.

Out of my mind: The last state
Sun, Jun 19, 2016

No party aspires to radically transform UP, modernise its social structures or promise to bring it up to the average. Each wants power for its own sake.

Brexit or not
Wed, Jun 15, 2016

Europe is an issue that has split Britain’s Labour party. Now it is the turn of the Conservatives

Out of my mind: Getting there
Sun, Jun 12, 2016

When Jawarlal Nehru became prime minister, the Cold War had already started and the Americans presumed that as a democracy India would be in their camp.

Out of My Mind: What is the Rajya Sabha for?
Sun, Jun 05, 2016

The election process to the Rajya Sabha is highly predictable. In most states, parties know how many of their own nominees can be elected.

The next thousand days
Sun, May 29, 2016

Having lost Delhi in overconfidence and Bihar in a tactically bad campaign, Assam has restored the nerves. Modi is a winner.

Out of my mind: Endgame
Sun, May 22, 2016

It was clear a few weeks ago that the BJP could emerge as the single largest party in Assam. This is one more brick in its status as the sole national party.

Out of my mind: A fractured politics
Sun, May 15, 2016

Never before has anyone questioned an Indian Prime Minister’s educational certificates.

Out of my mind: Old and new terrorism
Sun, May 08, 2016

Modern terrorism, especially of the jihadist variety, is directed against civilian targets where, by causing collateral damage, a notice is sent to the powers that be that there is an ideological and political war on.

All elections together. Why not?
Sun, May 01, 2016

The Congress has the problem that it is still furiously in denial about its defeat. On the idea of simultaneous elections, it again stirred up Uttarakhand.

Out of my mind: The United Nations of India 
Sun, Apr 24, 2016

The Canadian government has after 102 years apologised to the Sikh community in Canada and around the world for turning back the Komagata Maru.

Out of my mind: Early days
Sun, Apr 17, 2016

Last year, at a conference in Delhi, Akhilesh Yadav announced that Mulayam Singh Yadav was to be the prime ministerial candidate for 2019 and invited Rahul Gandhi, who was present, to be the deputy PM candidate.

Out of my mind: A is for Assam
Sun, Apr 10, 2016

The heirs of Periyar will fight out their perennial Mahabharata.

Out of my mind: Article 356
Sun, Apr 03, 2016

Federalism and democracy are the twin pillars which have to be honoured.

Out of my mind: Nationalism as politics
Sun, Mar 27, 2016

This year is crucial for the Congress. If it fails to retain either Assam or Kerala, the death knell will begin to sound.

Out of my mind: Crony socialism
Sun, Mar 20, 2016

Most tax payers in India don’t have enough money to have trousers or coats with pockets.

Out of my mind: Understanding Donald Trump
Sun, Mar 13, 2016

No one can quite figure out Donald Trump. He is popular when he should not be, he is racist, virulently anti- Muslim, and has openly favoured torture.

Out of my mind: The gamechanger Budget
Sun, Mar 06, 2016

The tricky task for the Finance Minister was to gauge where the economy was heading.

Out of My Mind: We Indians
Sun, Feb 28, 2016

The surprise is that with the rise of the BJP in power, ideas and attitudes which were less known or heard are now centre stage.

Out of my mind: A self goal?
Sun, Feb 21, 2016

Not every story should need the PM’s Twitter. But by the time someone in authority takes control, the cause is long lost.

Out of my mind: The right way for India
Sun, Feb 14, 2016

India has failed to industrialise the way its South East and East Asian neighbours have done.

Out of my mind: The New National Party
Sun, Feb 07, 2016

The victory of the Mahagathbandhan (MGB) in Bihar is colouring the hopes and strategies in this year’s elections.

Out of my mind: Netaji will always remain a promise never fulfilled
Sun, Jan 31, 2016

The release of the secret files concerning Subhas Chandra Bose has again brought the debate about his death back in focus.

Out of my mind: Beer, beef and buses
Sun, Jan 24, 2016

Over time, the Centre has weakened, though it has financial clout. The states have become more powerful.

Out of my mind: The way ahead
Sun, Jan 17, 2016

BJP government has faced an unprecedented Opposition for reasons which are well known. The Prime Minister has to show that much has been done and more will be done.

The strange death of Indian Communism
Sun, Jan 10, 2016

From the Fifties to the Seventies, there was serious debate on how imminent the Communist Revolution was in India.

Out of my mind: A new Parliament for a new India
Sun, Jan 03, 2016

China's National Assembly has 2,987 members. As the largest democracy, India should expect no less.

Out of my mind: Opportunity not crisis
Sun, Dec 27, 2015

Sharad Pawar tells a story of how during the brief regime of Chandra Shekhar, he was involved in a genuine act of reconciliation.

Out of my mind: An unparliamentary democracy
Sun, Dec 20, 2015

Parliament has been turned into a general purpose complaint akhada.

Out of my Mind: Power failures
Sun, Dec 13, 2015

Urban governments in India are abject failures. The elected representatives jostle to control access to land as a surefire way of looting the gullible.

Out of my mind: A religion for the nation
Sun, Dec 06, 2015

There has been an endless quest for a single book, a single faith to bind the vast and varied lands of India together.

Out of my mind: A festival of intolerance
Sun, Nov 29, 2015

The only thing the governments at the Centre and in states need to do is to protect people's right to free speech and save them from violent attacks.