Meghnad Desai

Meghnad Desai

Meghnad Desai loves to cook, watch and write about old Bollywood movies and shuttles between London, Delhi and Goa. He pursues controversies on economics, history and anything else which catches his attention. He is also a British parliamentarian sitting in the House of Lords. He has written over 25 books, over 200 articles in learned journals and hundreds of newspaper columns in UK and India.

Out of My Mind: The wounds of history
Sun, Jun 28, 2015

The Partition is a wound that has not healed. It still incites passion.

Out of My Mind: A serious lapse
Sun, Jun 21, 2015

Narendra Modi may well echo Macmillan’s words after what has happened in the week preceding today’s Yoga Day.

Out of My Mind: An unholy alliance?
Sun, Jun 14, 2015

This is the logic of the Yadav alliance in UP/Bihar which has brought together the RJD, JD(U) and Samajwadi Party.

Out of My Mind: Globalisation zindabad
Sun, Jun 07, 2015

Why are many of the sports so badly governed?

Out of my mind: An alphabet for India
Sun, May 31, 2015

S is for Swachh Bharat but not Sakshi Maharaj. We need more of the former and much less of the latter.

Out of My Mind: Akela Arvind Party
Sun, May 24, 2015

But how do you explain the fear of using the power you have won?

Out of my mind: The Jekyll and Hyde Parliament
Sun, May 17, 2015

The idea was that parties behaved like reasonable angels in power and villainous devils in opposition.

Out of my mind: Surprise! Surprise!
Sun, May 10, 2015

David Cameron is easily under-estimated. When I was in Delhi, I was told that PM Modi has visited France & Germany but not the UK as he had been told Cameron was a busted flush. Yet he also was among the first to congratulate Cameron.

Out of My Mind: Losing the Plot
Sun, May 03, 2015

What is striking is lack of visibility about what government is doing to relieve farmer distress.

Out of My Mind: Playing with lives
Sun, Apr 26, 2015

The AAP went on with its rally because that is one activity its leader enjoys the most.

Out Of My Mind: Rest in peace
Sun, Apr 19, 2015

Now lo and behold, poor Babasaheb is being claimed by the BJP/RSS as a great Hindu!

Out of My Mind: Idealism is not enough
Sun, Apr 12, 2015

AAP is of course not a political party in any ordinary sense.

Out of my mind: Speaking of Nigeria
Sun, Apr 05, 2015

Nigeria needs India’s attention and respect. Giriraj Singh notwithstanding.

Out of my mind: Being a Hindu
Sun, Mar 29, 2015

No one should be surprised that many Dalits left Hinduism. Indeed the puzzle is that so many remained.

Out of My Mind: The irrelevance of being Rahul
Sun, Mar 22, 2015

Being the president of the Congress party used to be just a temporary job.

Out of My Mind: Atal Lal Bahadur Modi
Sun, Mar 15, 2015

There is continuity with the UPA but without its policy paralysis.

Out of my mind : What are we afraid of?
Sun, Mar 08, 2015

The world will think India has some secrets to hide which are worse than what is already known.

Out of my mind: A house of illusions
Sun, Mar 01, 2015

Every country which is rich today was once poor and agrarian. It got rich by using land for industry.

Out of my mind: Secular, not socialist?
Sun, Feb 22, 2015

How many of us are aware that the Election Commission requires every political party to affirm that it is socialist?

Out of My Mind: Now deliver
Sun, Feb 15, 2015

In a democracy, it is the electorate which plays this role.

Out of My Mind: Now What?
Sun, Feb 08, 2015

History luckily does not repeat itself. Not exactly anyway.

Out of My Mind: Prime Minister and POTUS 2
Sun, Feb 01, 2015

What has happened over last few days is an extended replay of that close rapport for next pair of PM and POTUS.

Out of my mind: Dilli Door Ast
Sun, Jan 25, 2015

It was from Rajani Kothari, that we learned to think of Indian politics on its own

Out of my mind: The politics of luck
Sun, Jan 18, 2015

Just consider the ways in which lucky breaks have come his way.

Out Of My Mind: Hold your head high
Sun, Jan 11, 2015

It took some time before the Charlie Hebdo protest became a political issue.

Out of my mind: The man who came back
Sun, Jan 04, 2015

Mahatma Gandhi is that rare example in modern history of a truly global person.

Out of my mind: Tanks on the lawn
Sun, Dec 28, 2014

PM Modi came to power promising inclusive development and a major plank of his promise was social harmony.

Out of my mind: A better parliament for all
Sun, Dec 21, 2014

The operating procedures of the Indian Parliament were laid down in colonial times and have not changed.

Out of my mind: The idea of Pakistan
Sun, Dec 14, 2014

It is a distant dream and, more than that, they know in their hearts they will never have it.

Out of my mind: Hard work forever
Sun, Dec 07, 2014

On the centenary of the First World War, where are we now? Asia has emerged as an economic miracle.

Out of my mind: Bombay dreams
Sun, Nov 30, 2014

Murli Deora was the last link with the Congress past of powerful middlemen in South Bombay.

Out of my mind: Fast forward to the past
Sun, Nov 23, 2014

There is a romantic idea that once all Indians spoke Sanskrit and India was a land of milk and honey.

Out of My Mind: Steady and sure
Sun, Nov 16, 2014

In an ideal world, the ministries would be rationalised. There should be a few super ministries with a small number of Cabinet ministers.

Out of my Mind: Charisma is not enough
Sun, Nov 09, 2014

The only explanation seems to be that while Obama could campaign to win, he had no idea about implementing policies.

Out of my mind: The Chinese gamble
Sun, Nov 02, 2014

On that long border on the roof of the Earth, the Chinese army is stronger and better resourced than the Indian Army.

Out of my mind: Snow White and the dwarves
Sun, Oct 26, 2014

But what the Congress has shown is that Dynasty does not work. It took three generations for the Congress to run out of talent. With the Shiv Sena, the memory of Balasaheb is the only asset.