Indira Jaising

The writer is former additional solicitor general of India. She also represented the gas tragedy victims.

Stuck between 4 and 3
Wed, Jan 11, 2017

The SC verdict on the RPA is about reasonable restrictions on free speech. But appeals to identity by persecuted groups should not be seen as a violation of the principles of secularism

A Leader Among Lawyers
Sat, Sep 10, 2016

Shyamala Pappu fought for the rights of the aam aadmi

These acts of transfers have not inspired confidence in the judiciary
Thu, May 05, 2016

One institution alone cannot be expected to hold the flag of democracy high, but the judiciary succumbing to the expediency at the end of the day could prove to be one too many.

NJAC verdict: Arun Jaitley’s ‘tyranny of the unelected’ argument is of no relevance
Mon, Oct 19, 2015

The judiciary exists for the people of the country where each counts for one. Justice is a personalized dispensation to one solitary individual or a collective with a common interest such as a group of SC/ST or religious minorities.

No, prime minister
Thu, Apr 09, 2015

PM has talked down to the judiciary. His reference to ‘five star activists’ intimidates.

Bhopal gas leak tragedy: Disaster in progress
Wed, Dec 03, 2014

Bhopal is a reminder that crime knows no borders, punishment does.

‘When I tried to move away,he kissed my arm,repeated he loved me… Asked me to share room’
Mon, Dec 16, 2013

"The woman was a stenographer... The judge asked me to stay at the hotel and work all night."

Is this not what Section 354 is meant for,My Lord?
Mon, Dec 16, 2013

I have put forth the details — indeed they have shocked and shattered most of us.

What workplaces owe women
Thu, Nov 28, 2013

The law is clear on how to handle sexual harassment. But our most important institutions have been slow to catch up.

Ten months later
Fri, Oct 25, 2013

The system is as tilted against women as it was before December 2012.

Complainant in the dock
Mon, Sep 17, 2012

The sexual harassment law was passed,but lack of debate has left flaws